Mango Mousse Cake

Mango Mousse Cake

This particular Mango Mousse Cake is quite the project I must say!

I often wondered if many of you will actually take on such hefty Building on Recipes tasks; but I think my reaction at the end of the video will be enough to convince you to DO IT!!

You will not regret the time that goes into this cake.

Mango Mousse Cake

Much of it can be prepared in advance so the day you are to build the cake, you already have everything at your fingertips. Yes that is the beauty of Building on Recipes!

I mentioned that the lady fingers are an optional part of this cake, since you can simply ice the entire cake with whipped cream and that’s that.

But once I dug into the cake at the end, I decided that those lady fingers really made such a nice delicate addition that I think you will be happy to include.

You can also spike up your simple syrup with some mango puree or even a bit of Coconut Rum or Alize if you are feeling BOLD!

The lady fingers can be frozen for up to a month so if you plan this well in advance the day of assembly will be a breeze!

So go ahead and get some base recipes in the freezer so you can build this Mango Mousse Cake in no time once summer hits!

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Mango Mousse Cake
Because we are building on recipes prepare everything except the whipped cream in advance.
The mango mousse can be prepared up to 2 days ahead
½ Recipe of white cake is sufficient since I only used 1 normal layer of cake cut into 2 thinner layers. I wanted to really showcase the Mango Mousse here and avoid having too much thick cake
Serves: 1 - 8" Cake
  1. Prepare the base recipes as per the instructions on each
  2. Build the Mango Mousse Cake as shown in the video below.
As with all highly perishable whipped cream and /or mousse desserts - store cake in the refrigerator at all times for up to 5 days in an airtight container.

There is a 1 - 2 hour window to leave cake at room temperature during an event, but all leftovers must be refrigerated promptly.

Cake can be frozen (without the whipped cream icing) for up to 1 month

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  1. You are such a great teacher and really so generous in sharing your lovely recipes!
    Want to make this cake in a 10″ cake pan.
    Could you please tell me if I should use 1 and a 1/4 of each recipe?

    1. thankyou so much! I would do 1¼ off the mousse recipe but really just 1 time for the cake , unless you want your layers to be bigger/thicker? I did not though thats why I only used ½ recipe for the entire thing as shown here

  2. Hi Gretchen, greetings all the way from sunny Singapore all year round. Just want to say a big thank you for your sharing in cake baking . I learn a lot by watching your video which makes it visual. My 3 year son has been watching your baking video together with me since he was 2. And your laughter makes him laugh as well. Love you to the max. One question, how to prevent the mangoes from oxidization? Do you have any tips ? Sometimes I encounter it oxidize and sometimes it won’t .

    1. Hi Thanks! I am so happy your son likes to watch too! For the mangoes you can (and I shoudl have- shame on me) glazed them with some melted apple (or apricot) jelly Watch the Fruit tart video and you will see what I mean

      1. Dear Gretchen , tks for your reply. I will check out that video . What I did was to apply some lemon juice on the cut mango. I was worried that it will affect the sweetness of the mango but it works well so far. After that I quickly put on a mirror glaze.

  3. Hi Gretchen,

    I would love to use this recipe however I have a few questions in regards to the recipe. Is it possible to use the mango mousse to frost the cake instead of using whipped cream? I recently baked a cake and made whipped cream but the cream was melting really fast as it is summer right now and I don’t have air-con in my house, making it really difficult to work with the cream. So is it possible to use mousse as a frosting instead of whipped cream? I just don’t want my cake to turn into a disaster if I try using the whipped cream again and it melts away.
    Also do you have any other alternative suggestions to using whipped cream to frost this cake and still taste just as good?

    With whipped cream, what happens to it if you put it back in the fridge after whipping it? Does it turn back into a more liquid consistency, making it impossible to frost with?


    1. Mousse is typically not used as a frosting. Especially not the mango. If you think you had trouble with the whipped cream melting the mousse would be a disaster.
      Im not so sure why you had such bad problems with the whipped cream have you tried MY RECIPE CLICK HERE
      You have to ice your cake as soon as you whip the cream, dont wait

      1. I want to bake this cake for Saturday next week but I’m also quite busy so I’ll have to do the different stages at different times. I’m thinking of making mango mousse (store in container), baking the cake (cut in half, cover with sugar syrup then wrap in cling wrap), and have the mangoes all peeled and cut on Thursday, then make the whipped cream and assemble the whole cake on Friday so it’s all ready for Saturday. Is it okay to start making components of the cake 2 days before I actually need it?

        You said to ice the cake as soon as I whip the cream, but in your video you put the cake in the fridge after adding the mouse and filling the sides with whipped cream before taking it out again in 20-30 minutes to finish icing it. So does that mean it’s okay to put the remaining whipped cream in the fridge while my cake is in the fridge to set as well?

        1. Yes you can do all of the above mentioned, no problem, good thinking ahead- I like you planning!
          **Whipped Cream- some people have problems with whipped cream “melting” immediately so I advise that it is wise to always use it as soon as it is whipped (however I think the people having those sever issues there is something else at play- like quality or fat content in the cream itself)
          I never have those issues with my whipped cream, as you saw in the video. If you have no issues then great- so as I demonstrated.

  4. Hello Gretchen, This is Karen Smith (’91). I think that we were in high school together in Somerville, NJ. I love your channel on YouTube. I am so happy for your success. I am also a pastry chef. My daughters have been trying to get me to start one too. I have been following your show for awhile. I wasn’t sure if it was you until I watched the mango mousse video and I happened to see your full name in the opening credits. Congrats again. Are you still in New Jersey? I would love to see you if you have time. Take care. 🙂

  5. HI.

    Since you mentioned to use 1/2 of the whipped cream recipe, should I also 1/2 the Stabilizer Recipe or use the full Stabilizer Recipe?

  6. I made this last summer for my house and work. Big hit! Followed all your instructions to the letter and both cakes looked perfect. Too bad I can’t post pics to show proof.

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    I got “volunteered” to make the wedding cake for my brother’s wedding. Unfortunately for me the bride has fixated on your mango mousse cake as the one recipe that she really wants. (I made it for her birthday a few months ago.) I read your comments to Rachel above, so I know I can make everything in advance. But I will need to transport the ingredients for 2 hours in a hot car on the day *before* the wedding. Temperatures outdoors will most likely be over 25C/80F. I can bring a handmixer and a piping bag. No clue whether the venue has a refrigerator. Help please?

    Scared amateur baker in over her head here… I have made birthday cakes, but never a 3-tiered cake for 50 people.

    1. HI! Im not clear whether you plan to bring just the ingredients? And make the entire cake there? Or bring the cake already made there?
      At any rate you must find out if it has refrigeration because with out it, this would be a disaster. You really need it for a cake like this.
      You are talking whipped cream with the mousse filling, highly perishable (im hoping you talked her into a buttercream icing since I would never attempt whipped cream in those conditions)

      Will be easier to build the cakes at home, at your leisure since you can freeze the filled mousse in the cake layers (no icing) for even up to a week before, then thaw the cakes and ice them the day (or even 2) before you are to leave for the event.
      You can stack the cake there watch this video here for how to build a 3 tiered cake

      Another option is to bring the frozen (filled with mousse) but un-iced cakes in coolers on the drive, they will thaw to perfect icing state as soon as you get there, and you can then ice them on the site. But you WILL Need refrigeration for this cake no matter what way you decide to go.

  8. Hi Gretchen,

    I made this for my grandmother’s 92nd birthday and it was a huge hit. Everyone loved the presentation and the way all the flavours blended together.

    Even though it a project, it wasn’t too difficult with some planning.

    I have reviewed the mango mousse and ladyfingers recipes. Spoiler alert: both were lovely.

    People, please make this. If not for anyone else, make it for yourself. And then I challenge you to keep yourself from eating it within two days. Now that’s the hard part!!!

  9. I made this cake for my wife’s birthday and everyone loved it! It definitely is worth the time to do. You won’t be disappointed.

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