Mint Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Mint Layer Cake

Two more flavors that go hand in hand like Lemon & Coconut is the all time favorite~ chocolate & mint!

Today I present to you the very simple, very elegant, very delicious~ Mint Chocolate Layer Cake!

Chocolate Mint Layer Cake

With my best recipe of Chocolate Cake and Minted (green of course!) Buttercream & creamy minty bits of Junior Mints candy, this cake is going to top your favorites chart I guarantee it!

A few York Peppermint Patties to finish the decorating job and you my friend have a professional style bakery cake that will have your friends wondering if you quit your day job and bought a bakery! LOL

There are many different minty candies you can use if you are not a fan of the Junior Mint, or perhaps you just can’t get them?

Mint Oreos can be crushed into this filling as well as Andes Candies.

How about The Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints?

Get creative! You don’t have to do it exactly like I do here! That’s the beauty of Building On Recipes!

Make it your own!

Mint Chocolate Layer Cake
Prepare all recipes in advance as this is a building on recipes project
Serves: 8" cake
Finished cake can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 days, covered well.

You can store it for 1 week in the refrigerator and up to 2 months in the freezer


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    1. Hi Thanks, I am not “taking anything down” and making them private, they are private from the start- meaning THEY ARE NOT DONE YET so …. but thanks! Give me some time, Im trying my best to get everything done!

  1. I made this cake when you posted it before. I made it for my son’s bray and drove 350 miles to deliver it. It is now his favorite cake ever.

  2. Gretchen , this cake looks delicious, I am going to try it this week and maybe freeze it for the holidays, that’s if I can stop myself from eating it . LOL No promises!!

  3. Hi Gretchen , I m big fan of yours. Really like the way you make the videos. It makes the difficult things easy one. Your vanilla sponge cake has turned fantastic, whenever I have made it. Can you please give the recipe of egg less sponge cake? I tried few but not really happy with the taste. Shall wait for your reply
    Thank you. ..

  4. Gretchen,
    STOP eating in front of me!! If you can, please toss a bite throgh the screen. Are you trying to get me mad about your recipes? Sure, you‘ve gotten me.
    Questions: do I have to chop or break the candies if I use thin mint instead of junior mint? Is it ok to use liquid coloring? I am going to make this cake for PTA meeting night.
    By the way, can‘t wait your gingerbread house video…. my daughter and I built it every year, somehow, my gingerbread pieces never get perfect matched sizes/ thicknesses after baking….. hope to learn it from you.

    1. hahaha! I know what you mean! I takes all my power not to go for the whole piece!
      Thin mints will be harder candy so yes to fine chop them and yes to liquid – fine
      My gingerbread house will be coming up NEXT Thursday!

      1. I heard “Oooo…. and wow!” as the mint chocolate cake placed on table everytime. I made two cakes alredy. People asked me the recipe and I said “go to and find all great recipes there, plus baking lessons/ tips/and all.” Someone even asked if it is free, I told them: pay Gretchen a million and she will come to bake you a cake …….hehehe!
        Oh, I also made your pumpkin cake for thanksgiving, with cream cheese frosting, dressup with storebought pumpkin candies and pipe colored frosting for vines and leaves, crumbled Oreo cookies (no cream filling) as mud….simple and cute, kids liked it. When someone asked me where I got the idea, I said “Miss Gretchen.”
        Thank you, thank you, thank you. XOXO

  5. Hi,
    The link for the chocolate cake is broken

    I was wondering if you could do a post about storage and expiry dates (how long to keep) these kind of cakes
    Ganached cakes
    Buttercream cakes
    Swiss meringue buttercream
    Thank you and you are great.
    Hope you get a Tv show as you have a lot of charisma

      1. Am I understanding correctly that this cake with the ganache and all the mint candies freezes fine? I’m considering making it for a JrMint lover, but it has to be made a week in advance due to travel so I’d want to freeze it. Will the patties still be just like fresh?

          1. Thank you. I made it and it is in the freezer. 🙂 That filling is so delicious with the crushed junior mints in it.

  6. Hey Gretchen, love the new videos and the great music very cool, I’m wondering do you or will you have a spice cake recipe? I’ve search all recipes but have not seen one. Just wondering if I missed it or maybe you have not posted one yet. Thank so much for all your great recipes and advice on so many things you have made me fall in love with the art of baking!

      1. Ok great and thanks! I’m sure it will be great there has not been one recipe I have not liked….keep on dancing every time you take a bite that sure makes me laugh….

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for making this cake on your new website! I’m so happy you decided to make a new video for it, and I’m looking forward to making it very soon!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. What kind of peppermint extract are you using? I can not quite see it in your video, but want the same kind you use.
    Thanks so much for creating your videos!

  9. I made this wonderful cake yesterday for my nephews birthday and it turned out extremely well. The only problem was my ganache turned out too thick, not sure what I did wrong.

  10. Gretchen, Thank you so much for posting this chocolate mint cake. My 9 yr. old Granddaughter will be so happy when I make this for her Birthday come August. Her favorite candy is thin mints, junior mints, peppermint patties anything mint and chocolate. This recipe looks so very easy. can’t wait to make it. i am always looking for something different to bake hope you keep coming up with great ideas. I love cheese cake.

  11. I see you use 2- 8″ cake pans but you have 3 layers of cake. Did you cut one in half and use one whole or cut them both and not use one piece? Could this be done in 3-6″ pans?

    1. Yes I often bake my cake in 3-7″ pans lately (Im preferring smaller cakes) BUT most recipes and pretty much ALL of mine will yield 2- 8″
      So if you prefer the 3 layer style then you can divide the batter into 3-7″ pans like I did, OR just use 2 thicker layers of 8″ OR torte both 8″ layers and get 4 layer cake! Its really what ever you prefer, just keep in mind whatever pan you use fill half way with batter & you are good to do

      3-6″ sure, again fill half way with batter and you will definitely have some extra batter

  12. Hi-Everything is perfect so far. I was curious if you double your buttercream recipe for the chocolate mint. 1 recipe for the filling and another for the icing?

  13. Does the food coloring have to be gel? Can it be oil based or the liquid coloring instead? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  14. Would your cake be just as fine if I used a box chocolate cake or a different chocolate cake recipe like a sour cream chocolate cake? The chocolate cake recipe posted has too many complicated ingredients in it that I won’t use before it expires.

  15. Gretchen I made this cake but used Andes Mints because my grandsons favorite. It came out looking exactly like yours. I will post on your instagram. You are my inspiration. You give me my passion , creativity and confidence. I have been following you for awhile when you had your bakery. Love it more now that you have expanded access to videos. I can’t tell you how I am in complete amazement of you. I love you silly personality that comes through the camara. Thank you for sharing your talent and teaching us to have that talent. Be looking for me on instagram !!
    Kathleen Banuelos ❤

  16. Hi Gretchen, I am super excited to make your Mint Chocolate Layer cake. My question is, can i substitute regular butter for unsalted butter. The recipe calls for 12 tablespoons and 2 cups of unsalted butter. I only have 1 pound of unsalted butter. And if so, where should I substitute it? In the frosting or cake? Thank you, will be eagerly waiting your reply.

    1. Hi Great! You can use shortening as a substitute for the butter in the frosting OR you can HALVE all the recipes and make a smaller cake so you can follow the exact ingredients as listed

  17. I made this cake for Christmas dinner. I used Andes mints, chopping them for the filling and cutting them on the diagonal for decorating. It was delicious and I got many complements on it.
    Thank you for these great recipes. I will be baking more I am sure!

  18. Dear Gretchen.sorry if this is not the right place to ask my question, i also tried fb .. i loved that oreo cake that you made a looooong while back. I had it saved on my phone at one point, but i don’t have that phone anymore. Its an oreo cake with chocolate mouse and whipped cream and crushed oreos. Then you sort of changed it, and gave it a different name… BUT i would loooove you find the old recipe. Can you help me with a link maybe?!!! Or maybe even the recipe iffff you’re not too busy


    Monique Meyer

  19. I made this cake for my mint/chocolate loving daughter’s birthday a couple years ago, everyone LOVED it. I was thrilled with the results, my cake looked just like the picture. Thanks Gretchen for your wonderful recipes and most of all thank you for your wonderful videos showing us how to make a cake that looks like it came from a bakery.

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