Mirror Glaze Recipe Includes a Vegetarian Version


The Mirror Glaze Recipe that has taken the world by storm has just hit Gretchen’s Bakery!

Woohoo! I’m finally on time with a current trend! YAY ME!

I just had to get on board with this one, since well….look at that beautiful shine!

Olga Noskova’s viral Instagram pictures of her fabulous mirror cakes have created such a buzz about this not so new technique.

Mirror glazing has been around for decades (yep, I learned this way back when I was a youngin at the good ol’ Culinary Institute of America!)

However this is a slightly different recipe that has been trending and I have to say~ I LOVE IT!

So thanks to whoever shared this recipe (since Olga is keeping her exact recipe under tight lock and key) it is pretty much the same recipe I have seen being passed around the “net” which includes sweetened condensed milk and gelatin.

Now for the best news of all! I HAVE A VEGETARIAN VERSION FOR YOU!!

Yes that’s right~ Agar-Agar to the rescue since let’s face it, we all sort of close our eyes and pretend gelatin is not realllllllly what we all know it is 🙁

But I have included both versions since I know many will not get Agar and vice versa; so today we have a DOUBLE WIN!!

Mirror glaze for everyone!! Wooohooo!

Ok, so in addition to the mirror glaze recipe I have also created a new mousse dessert, the Chocolate Coffee Raspberry Mousse Bombe.

But don’t be confused ~ if you are here simply for the Mirror Glaze recipe, just grab it below and you can skip forward to 5:15 minutes in the video for the gelatin version and 7:42 minutes for the Agar version. Easy easy!

But for those who want to walk with me into Building on Recipes Land…… you my friends will not be sorry!

I will have you making these professional style Mousse Bombes in no time!

No Fear! Gretchen is Here! LOL (“Omg you’re so conceited………”)

Oh wait, a couple things before we get started.

You will need a few specialty things if you want to make them the same as me you will need the silicone molds and a few chocolate covered espresso beans.

Here’s a link to a cheaper Fleximold Sphere Mold

Gel paste food color for making vibrant colors and the gold luster dust and vodka (vodka is best since the alcohol gives this really cool water beading effect since the alcohol is constantly trying to evaporate out) but for those who are opposed to alcohol in all forms, you can simply sprinkle the luster dust over the mirror glaze at the end.

An instant read thermometer is helpful since you don’t want scrambled eggs in your Pate Bombe.

and last AGAR POWDER for all you Veg Heads! 🙂

And last but don’t forget to bake yourself a sheet of chocolate cake for the discs!

½ Recipe of my Chocolate Buttermilk Cake will be enough – bake the entire batter into a 12″ X 18″ pan and this can be done a week ahead of time if you want to get all crazy efficient like I always do! Click here for more about Freezing Cake Layers!

All of the recipes below are worked out to yield 18 individual mousses or 1- 10″ Entremet

5.0 from 22 reviews
Mirror Glaze Recipe ~ Gelatin Version
  • White Chocolate Couverture 8 ounces (220g)
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk ½ cup (140g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1 cup (200g)
  • Corn Syrup ¾ cup (245g)
  • Water 7 tablespoons (100ml)
  • Water (yes 2 measures) ¼ cup (60ml)
  • Powdered Unflavored Gelatin 4 teaspoons (16g)
  1. Bloom gelatin in first measure (100ml) of cold water.
  2. Combine the corn syrup, second measure of water and sugar in a heavy bottom sauce pot and bring to a boil
  3. Add the bloomed gelatin and the condensed milk and whisk smooth
  4. Pour the entire hot mixture over the chocolate and whisk smooth
  5. Pour through a strainer into a clean container and color as you like.
  6. Pour over cakes & pastries once it has cooled to 80 or 90°F
Fresh made glaze can be stored in the refrigerator in a clean airtight container for up to 10 days.

The mirror glaze will stay shiny for a day or two. I find it gets more dull when I put it in the refrigerator.

The glaze itself (when on a cake or pastry) does not need to be refrigerated, however the determining factor for this is the filling of the cake- as you see here I have mousse bombes so they must be refrigerated.

You can glaze regular cakes that are coated with buttercream with this icing too, and you can also substitute any chocolate for the white. However you can only color the white version

You can reuse the excess glaze by scraping up the drippings and storing for up to 4 days in the refrigerator
5.0 from 22 reviews
Mirror Glaze Recipe ~ Vegetarian Version
  • White Chocolate Couverture 8 ounces (220g)
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk ½ cup (140g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1 cup (200g)
  • Corn Syrup ¾ cup (245g)
  • Cold Water 7 tablespoons (100ml)
  • HOT Water ½ cup (120ml)
  • Powdered Agar 4 teaspoons (16g)
  1. Bloom agar in the HOT water (120ml), let stand 5 minutes
  2. Combine the corn syrup, the other measure of COLD water (100ml) and the sugar in a heavy bottom sauce pot and get it warmed to at least 150°F add the bloomed agar and bring to a boil.
  3. Allow it to boil rapidly for 1 minute, then remove from the heat and add the condensed milk and whisk smooth
  4. Pour the entire hot mixture over the chocolate and whisk smooth
  5. Pour through a strainer into a clean container and color as you like.
  6. Pour over cakes & pastries once it has cooled to 80 or 90°F
Fresh made glaze can be stored in the refrigerator in a clean airtight container for up to 10 days.

The mirror glaze will stay shiny for a day or two. I find it gets more dull when I put it in the refrigerator.

The glaze itself (when on a cake or pastry) does not need to be refrigerated, however the determining factor for this is the filling of the cake- as you see here I have mousse bombes so they must be refrigerated.

You can glaze regular cakes that are coated with buttercream with this icing too, and you can also substitute any chocolate for the white. However you can only color the white version

You can reuse the excess glaze by scraping up the drippings and storing for up to 4 days in the refrigerator
5.0 from 22 reviews
Raspberry Gelee
  • Raspberry Puree 1 cup (240ml)
  • Water ¾ cup (180ml)
  • Corn Syrup ¾ cup (180ml)
  • Granulated Sugar ¾ cup (150g)
  • Agar Powder 1 teaspoon
  1. Combine the agar powder and the granulated sugar, set aside
  2. In a heavy bottom sauce pot combine the water, puree and corn syrup and heat to approximately 150°F
  3. Add the sugar - agar mixture and heat to boiling while stirring.
  4. Once it boils - let it rapid boil for about 3 minutes then pour into a 1/8 sheet pan lined with plastic wrap.
  5. Cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator until set, then cut into discs or shapes.
5.0 from 22 reviews
Chocolate Coffee Mousse
For those who want to use the traditional gelatin in this recipe as well, you will simply use the same quantity in powdered gelatin as listed her for agar.
However gelatin must be bloomed in COLD water and NOT BOILED. You will just melt it and add it to the pate bombe similarly as shown in the video. Click here for more about gelatin
  • Chocolate Couverture 56-72% 6 ounces (170g) (approx 1 cup chopped chocolate)
  • Heavy Cream 1½ cup (360ml)
  • Granulated Sugar 2 Tablespoons (28g)
  • Eggs large 2 (100g)
  • Instant Coffee 1 teaspoon
  • Agar Powder 2 teaspoons
  • Hot Water ½ cup (120ml)
  • Coffee Extract 1 teaspoon (5 ml)
  1. Melt the chocolate and keep warm
  2. Whip cream to medium soft peaks and reserve in the refrigerator
  3. Bloom the agar in the HOT water let stand for 5 minutes, then bring to a boil in a small sauce pan and let boil for 1 minute to activate.
  4. Prepare the pate bombe with the eggs, sugar and instant coffee. Whip over a double boiler until 170°F
  5. Add the melted hot agar and then add the chocolate
  6. Whip all smooth and cool to 80 or 90°F
  7. Add a little of the whipped cream to lighten, then fold in the rest of the whipped cream
  8. Pipe mousse immediately into molds
  9. Assemble the rest of the cake as shown in the video
Freezing tips from a faithful Gretchenator:

I froze 2 dozen chocolate mousse bombes, with your mirror glaze recipe, on July 2nd  (I made 6 dozen total for the 4th of July and froze 2 dozen to enjoy later), and I removed 4 of them from the freezer today, and the mirror glaze still looks perfect.  I was very careful to place them in a container without allowing them to touch, then I placed a paper towel on top of the container, and pressed the lid on top of the paper towel, forming a gasket.  I kept these in the back of the freezer, buried under other frozen products so repeated opening and closing of the freezer door would not cause any sweating or freezer burn.   After a month in cryogenic suspension, they look and taste fantastic, just like the day they were made.

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  1. You are a saint! Thank you so much. The ingredients I used are exactly the same but the measurements were way off. You are truly a genius. I will be trying this sometime this week. I gather I do not have to put a coating on the cake before using this recipe. Thanks again Gretchen!

  2. Your recipe shows how much raspberry purée is used in the raspberry gelee but how much raspberry purée is used in the mirror glass recipe which is used to pour over cakes and pastries?

  3. Hi Gretchen! Can I substitute gelatin in the same amounts in the place of agar agar? But of course blooming it in cold water? Thanks. I don’t use agar agar enough to go out and buy it. Thanks!

    1. there are 2 recipes listed here ~~ 1 for gelatin and 1 for agar you can use whatever one you prefer I explain both methods in detail in the video as well

      1. Hello Gretchen,
        Am new to your page, excellent work I must say.
        Could you help me with options for corn syrup….. I look forward to trying this recipe.
        Thank you

    2. Ok, so for the coffee mousse and gelee, is it ok to replace the agar agar with equal measures of gelatin? Thanks so much! I love your YouTube channel and this blog. 🙂

  4. Hi Gretchen, I really like the one where you pour a little of the gold mixture into the mirror glaze and then dust lightly with the gold again on top. These look really attractive in my opinion. Can you please tell me if I can substitute dark chocolate instead of the white chocolate to make a dark chocolate mirror glaze?

    Thanks I really enjoy your recipes and it’s great that we are now starting to get into this type of dessert. Good on you Gretchen for stretching our imaginations.

    1. Thanks!! Me too! I liked that one the best! And I have to thank YOU all for supporting me to the point where I can now start to branch out and get more creative with my channel! to answer your question, Yes you can use any chocolate (I made some additional notes here on the recipe : Fresh made glaze can be stored in the refrigerator in a clean airtight container for up to 10 days.

      The mirror glaze will stay shiny for a day or two. I find it gets more dull when I put it in the refrigerator.

      The glaze itself (when on a cake or pastry) does not need to be refrigerated, however the determining factor for this is the filling of the cake- as you see here I have mousse bombes so they must be refrigerated.

      You can glaze regular cakes that are coated with buttercream with this icing too, and you can also substitute any chocolate for the white. However you can only color the white version

      You can reuse the excess glaze by scraping up the drippings and storing for up to 4 days in the refrigerator

  5. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for this AWESOME tutorial and decorating technique.
    When it comes to coloring the mirror glaze, which type of coloring do you prefer? I have found that there are basically four types of coloring – Liquid, Liquid Gel, Gel Paste and Powdered.
    Does one work better than the other?

    Thank you.

    1. Im a gel paste kinda gal when it comes to just about everything I color, BUT Im not a super duper decorator these days (im more focused on the recipes) so I can’t comment on what is “best” but I can tell you I use gel paste for everything.

  6. You did such a beautiful job on these!! I bet they are delicious too. Thank you for sharing this with such terrific instruction.

  7. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. Did you use regular gel colour to colour thisGa glaze or candy colour? and is this recipe enough to cover 6inch round cake?

  8. YAY! Gretchen, I’ve been hoping that you did a mirror glaze! And you did! I got so excited to see this I got a little teary eyed! I love your recipes and trust them 100% without a second thought! After researching this mirror glaze craz for the past few weeks, I was doubtful and wasn’t sure if it would turn out right. I’m definitely not worried about your recipe!m and will be using the recipe soon, and I can’t wait! Thank you!

  9. I have a mini bundt pan. Would this glaze work right over the little bundt cakes, or is it necessary to pour this over a base frosting (like buttercream as you mentioned)?

  10. You are just to cool…., you make the most beautiful things. Thank you so much for the sharing. I check my email daily to see what you have to view and make. Everything is great to try. I always get a WOW !!! after making. Thank you so much again

  11. Hey Gretchen,
    This recipe is perfect. I made a Mango entremet yesterday and used the recipe to glaze. It looked glossy and professional. Thank you for the detailed video recipe.

  12. Wow!! I loved this video! I loved both versions, but I really think I loved the second version better, the glittery effect throughout the glaze was fantastic. Girl, you are just too good! 🙂 Keep your awesome videos coming. I know I speak for a lot of your followers when I say that we are like your students. We greatly appreciate you taking the time and giving us detailed steps on how to make each recipe.

  13. Ohh I love this.. I loved the mixing colors. Looks Fabulous. .. you are so very talented.. thank you so much!!

  14. I am so excited to try this mirror glaze! Thank you for sharing another great recipe! Just to make sure I understand, this can be put on a cake that already has buttercream frosting on it And by itself without a coating of buttercream. Also, is the glaze sticky when it is on the cake? I have never tasted a cake with it before and not sure what to expect.

    1. Hi Gretchen! Quick question, where can I find Couverture White Chocolate? Is this sold in supermarkets? If so, what are some brand names to look for? Going crazy googling it to find, haha!

  15. I have a question. Can I take something els instead of corn syrup?
    I have only maple syrup.
    I don’t know where i can buy corn syrup.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing all these, u are indeed awesome. I love d chocolate mouse and d mirror glaze, I will give it a trial and show u d outcome.



  17. Hi Gretchen, can we use gelatin instead of agar for the Raspberry Gelee and the Chocolate Coffee Mousse? ?Thanks!!! I really like your blog and this recipe is amazing! Thanks again!!! Cheers

    1. Sorry for my stupid question Gretchen… I have read again all the instructions and it says clearly “For those who want to use the traditional gelatin in this recipe as well, you will simply use the same quantity in powdered gelatin as listed her for agar.” As always your instructions are videos are complete and well explained. I really appreciate the hard work you put in your videos and blog. I have been following you since 2011 when you were Crumb Boss 🙂 and I am still here!!! Regards from Spain.

  18. Hi Gretchen, Thanks a lot 🙂 i have been searching for a mirror glaze recipe, long time now.
    Thanks a lot again.

  19. I have been reading your blog and watching your videotapes for years without ever commenting about any of it until now. Recently, after viewing the masterpieces created by Olga Noskova and others that have been trending on the Internet, I grew interested in finding out how these chefs achieved these marvelous mirror finishes. So when I saw your most recent posting this morning that not only included information about how to achieve a mirror finish along with what sounds like a delicious recipe made into individual portions to boot, I felt that I had hit the big time. Thank you for posting this informative, delicious-looking recipe. I greatly appreciate it. I also especially enjoyed your tutorial on how to use Russian tips.

    1. HEY! thankyou!! I am so happy to hear from you and thankyou for sticking with me for all these years!! I do appreciate the support and I am so happy to know that my tutorials are helping!!

  20. Hi Gretchen!The bombs look fantastic! My question is, can I use gelatin instead of agar for the mousse and gelee? Thank you!

  21. Gretchen, I just want to say thank you for your wonderful tutorials. The instructions are always very easy to understand and the ingredients list easy to attain. Your enthusiasm is contagious and because of that, I am now brave enough to venture into specialty baking. Thanks again!

    I don’t have much extra money but I will donate to you because I know “things cost money,” and your videos are well worth it. Life is too short to eat boxed or packaged desserts.

    1. WOW! thankyou Cheryl!! What a wonderful message and I thankyou so much for your generous offer! I am so happy to have made you brave to tackle this stuff!! that is my #1 goal here to make you guys confident in your baking abilities!! YAY! thank you thank you thank you! (and you are welcome too!)

  22. Hi gretchen I tried the mirror glaze but when I pour it to my cake it got too sticky that each time I lift and transfer the glazed cake the cake spatula would stick to the bottom leaving a sticky glaze drippings on the plate. Thank you for sharing your recipes. More power.

    1. Hi Liz! Im sorry that happened, did you notice in the video I put each little cake on top of a smaller pedestal (I used a cookie cutter since my little cakes were, well….little) But you can use a smaller cake pan than the size of your cake, this allows the excess to drip off and you can then easily transfer the iced cake to the the serving platter

  23. Hi, couldn’t wait to try it, love the glaze that was the easy part, but I don’t have the agar and used gelatine instead not sure it working quite the same in all the elements. I’m just hoping it will set…but having said all that, each component tastes great.. Thank you for yet another wonderful desert.

  24. On my way to try the glaze. If I use buttercream on the cake will the glaze melt the icing? Is the buttercream just used for filling?

    1. Well, I just finished my glaze cake. Disaster but all disasters taste alright. First, I did not take the dome off my cake….lesson learned as the glaze ran off lol. Second, put the cake on a cake board before pouring glaze or put cake immediately onto a plate. Lesson learned….my cake broke in half. Third, do not try and cover a chocolate cake with glaze. Lesson learned….it’s hard to cover with the glaze without it showing through.
      I had fun and my family don’t care what it looks like. It tasted fine.
      I will try again another day and learn from my mistakes

  25. Hello! LOVED your video and recipe, I really want to try it, but the problem is that I can’t find powdered gelatin in my area here in Denmark.. and all the different measurements on the internet confuses me.. you wouldn’t know how many sheets of gelatin I’d need for your recipe, would you? I think the closest to an answer I’ve found so far is 1 teaspoon = 1 sheet, but I’m far from sure!
    I’ll look forward to your answer and hope you can help me.

  26. I am still a bit confused so just to be sure I’ll ask you, you seem to know more about it than me 😉
    I will need about 4 sheets of gelatin to replace the powdered gelatin in your recipe? 🙂

  27. Hi , firstly thank you for sharing your recipe 🙂
    cant wait to receive my mould so I can try it.
    can leave the sugar out ? as the white chocolate already sweet and plus condensed milk as wel. don’t like too sweet . thanku

    1. Great thanks and you are welcome too. I haven’t tried it with no sugar so while I will say yes I think it will be OK, I am not sure if the balance of ingredients will be affected negatively. I always like to try recipes the way the author wrote them, so I can see for myself if it really IS too sweet and then adjust from there if I find it to be. Alot of times we make judgments on recipes based on the way they look in written form but in actuality they are really great that way.

  28. I want to say THANK YOU for all the info on this new technique. I’ve been dying to try it for my friend’s birthday cake but I had so many questions (most of which you have answered). I wanted to ask though, how long does the glaze take to set up once it has been poured? I’m hoping to not refrigerate the cake once it it glazed so that it remains as shiny as possible. I plan on bringing the cake on a 3 hour drive in my air conditioned car so I’m trying to determine when I should ice it. I’m using a crusting American buttercream for my under layer if that matters. Any advice on set time or transport would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. -You’re newest fan!!

    1. Hi Great! thanks! and welcome!! Its sets within minutes, will be fine in AC in the car for several hours and yes to crumb coat the cake with buttercream! I found mine got a little more dull in the refridge but the ones that stayed out were great for the whole day and into the night! (obviously no mousse or a filling that has to be refrigerated) Share with me on facebook if you can!

  29. Ho gretchen, could u please help me with the substitute for eggs in the mousse. I want to make it a vegetarian recepie. Your help is very much appriciated. Loce tge way u made that n cant wait to try it myself.

  30. Hi Gretchen

    Do cakes coated with mirror glaze need to be refrigerated?

    I want to glaze a layered German chocolate cake as I don’t like buttercream. Can this cake be left at room temperature?


  31. Wow this is so great! Thanks for the vegetarian version, I had really wanted to try this for my mums birthday cake but was disappointed when all of the recipes i saw had gelatin as she is a (strict!) vegetarian. Will definitely be trying it! Also, would the glaze work on cookies? I usually don’t eat or make many cakes, but am always making cookies. Would they need to be iced with something else first? And does the glaze have much of a taste to it? Thank you so much!

    1. Not sure where you are from but in Australia we have vegetarian powdered gelatin. (Made from fish) not sure if you have it where your from

  32. Hi Gretchen,

    LOVE your blog. A few questions: 1. What size cake will this glaze cover? 2. How long will the glaze last unrefrigerated both on the cake or stored in a sealed container? 3. Can I pipe frosting or chocolate scroll work on to the glaze?

    Thanks so much for these tutorials. Keep up the good work!!


    1. Hi Thanks! I do add storage instruction on all of my recipes in the notes section after the method:
      from the post: Fresh made glaze can be stored in the refrigerator in a clean airtight container for up to 10 days.

      The mirror glaze will stay shiny for a day or two. I find it gets more dull when I put it in the refrigerator.

      The glaze itself (when on a cake or pastry) does not need to be refrigerated, however the determining factor for this is the filling of the cake- as you see here I have mousse bombes so they must be refrigerated.

      You can glaze regular cakes that are coated with buttercream with this icing too, and you can also substitute any chocolate for the white. However you can only color the white version

      You can reuse the excess glaze by scraping up the drippings and storing for up to 4 days in the refrigerator

      Yes to piping on the glaze

  33. Thanks for the vegetarian version of the mirror glaze recipe. I have been looking for this from long time. I have one question, do I need to coat the cake with buttercream before I glaze it or it is optional?

    1. Great! Since mirror glaze is like ganache, you will treat it the same, if your cake is rough you may want to crumb coat it to get it smooth so the final icing will lay smooth

  34. Hi your cakes look amazing, and I was wondering if you can give me some advice. I want to make a three tiered chocolate cake, covered in ganache and then your mirror glaze…..would you recommend stacking the cakes before glazing or glaze them as the final tiered structure…i’m not sure how well the cakes would sit on top of the glaze…Any advice? thanks so much for the vegetarian option!!

    1. Thanks, I will give it a go, great website and just found it recently, so many great tips!

      Can I ask one more question though, do you think the glaze will be too sticky to be able to tier cakes nicely?

  35. I didn’t much care for this glaze. I used it on petit fours. They were very hard to handle and just an icky-sticky mess… all over!

  36. It’s me again! I changed my mind about your glaze! The petit fours came out amazing , after all! It’s messy, but fun! Thanks!

  37. I think I’m missing something. In the instructions “9. Assemble the rest of the cake as shown in the video.” The only video I can see on this site is the one you ask people to subscribe. I have a pretty good idea how to assemble but would love the instructions just to make sure I got it right. My biggest question is molding and unmolding the the mousse from the silicone molds. Number 8 says “Pipe mousse immediately into molds” but no directions on preparing the mold.

    1. Hi Valerie the video is embedded here on the page just above the first recipe. If you still can’t see it CLICK HERE to go direct to youtube, but I did just check and the video is here for sure.
      The molds require no preparation whatsoever, they are silicone and the mousse gets piped right into them.
      I did mention (and you will see on the video) if you do not have those molds and do not wish to purchase them, I give you some various other options to make this cake (and you will see those WILL require some prep- again I explain it in the video) Sorry for the confusion

  38. Hi, must I coat the cake with buttercream or can I directly pour the glaze over a baked cake that has been cooled to room temperature?

    1. If you are using a layer cake it is best to crumb coat with buttercream, if you are using a molded mousse cake like I show here it is not necessary

  39. Dear Gretchen,
    I can’t thank you enough for the mirror glaz recipe, I made it and it’s really amazing, and I kept it in the fridge for two days now and it is still shiny, thanks again for your effort and al the marvelous things you are sharing with us.

  40. hi, any idea how to veganize this recipe? why is the condensed milk important? could it be replaced by almond cream or soy cuisine or sth like that? and would agave syrup work as well (in germany there is no corn syrup available 🙁 don´t kow why)?
    thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hi caro, I have not tried to use any of hte things you mentioned, if you do please let me know how it works! (i have not seen any vegan versions of this glaze) BUT agave would be fine

  41. Thanks for sharing recipe,specially mirror glaze vegetarian version.do we have to make it ahead of time and refrigerate it or we can make on same day, Pls let me know.
    And I have to make mirror glaze for 8,10,12 inch round cake.can u tell me how much glaze I need?
    Thanks so much

      1. Dear Gretchen
        I have tried vegetarian version but by mistake took 10 oz chocolate and 5 tsp agar powder
        I used candy color
        My glaze didn’t shine at all,looked like regular cake
        Can you please suggest me something?
        I really have to bake 3 tier on Sunday
        I appreciate it.

  42. Hi Gretchen, can I reduce the sugar quantity in the vegetarian glaze. I feel it might become too sweet and I don’t like if it is too sweet

    Venkata Burra

    1. sure go for it, I cannot say if it will come out the same though- since its not great to just play around with the ratios of ingredients in recipes but it is worth a try. That being said- I always try a recipe exactly as the author wrote it, since how can I know how it will taste until I try it? I was surprised at how NOT SWEET this recipe was. You may be surprised also

  43. Cant this glaze be used on top of white gan ache or chocolate gan ache cake or whipped cream cakes.do they have to be frozen before pouring like on an entremet cake

    1. yes to all (however I avoid using whipped cream as a base for pouring since it will have a tendency to slip and melt)

  44. Hi Gretchen, thank you for sharing your mirror glaze recipe. The cake looks so gorgeous! Do you have any idea what kind of oil used to create oil streak patterns on the mirror glaze? Thank you so much for your help!

  45. Hi Gretchen,

    I froze 2 dozen chocolate mousse bombes, with your mirror glaze recipe, on July 2nd (I made 6 dozen total for the 4th of July and froze 2 dozen to enjoy later). I removed 4 of them from the freezer last week, and the mirror glaze still looked perfect. I was very careful to place them in a container without allowing them to touch, then I placed a paper towel on top of the container, and pressed the lid on top of the paper towel, forming a gasket to collect any moisture. I kept these in the back of the freezer, buried under other frozen products so repeated opening and closing of the freezer door would not cause any sweating or freezer burn. After a month in cryogenic suspension, they look and taste fantastic, just like the day they were made. Thanks for this awesome recipe.

  46. hello
    i tried veg mirror glaze recipe but my glaze come out very thick with no shine.I used liquid glucose (it was very thick) .does this is the reason it comes like that??if i use liquid glucose that would be recipe..here in India consitency of liquid glucose is very very thick.Please guide what to do and how to do..

    1. Hmm thats a possibility since the “glucose” we use here in the USA is not glucose at all its corn syrup and it is much thinner, more liquidy. You can add a bit of water to it to thin it out (just a teaspoon at a time though)

  47. I made the glaze tonight. Two different colours, blue and yellow. Used it on an 8″ two layer white cake – yes I used a buttercream frosting under it. The sides were not as smooth as I would have liked, but I was only trying to see if I could make the glaze and have the top come out shiny. It did – looks wonderful and can’t wait for my sister to see it tomorrow!

  48. Hi Gretchen

    I live in the UK and have just made your mirror glaze. As we cannot easily get corn syrup I used golden syrup. Although everything worked perfectly the initial glaze was a very light brown because of the colour of golden syrup. As I coloured the glaze red it didn’t matter. If I needed a white glaze would your recipe for corn syrup substitute on your blog work OK.

    This is the first time I have made a mirror glaze and everything worked out great first time following your instructions so a big thank you.

    Take care

  49. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I was just wondering, for a two-layer 9-in cake, would one batch with the measuring above for the mirror glaze enough?I’m trying it out for a friend’s cake. Thanks!

  50. Hello Gretchen,

    Thank for sharing with us all of these wonderful tips, ideas and recipes. I made your German Chocolate Cake, and people who don’t even like chocolate cakes LOVED it! I have two questions
    (1) I want to make mini individual chocolate cakes and cover them with a chocolate mirror glaze, will it set and become hard, like chocolate cover strawberries, at room temperature or would it need to be refrigerated?
    (2) I saw a recipe that called for heavy cream verse corn syrup, what affect would that have on the glaze.

    1. Great! Im glad to hear it! The mirror glaze does not become hard, it stays tacky. It does not need to be refrigerated UNLESS of course your cake filling must be (like mousse etc)
      I believe the cornsyrup gives it that shine and pliability I cannot say what the cream would do- however these mirror glazes ARE essentially GANACHE RECIPE, Chocolate + Cream (or in this case condensed milk) so I cannot imagine it is going to be that different, however it is hard to say until you do a side by side comparison (keep me posted if you do)

  51. Hello gretchen!!
    I follow your recipe over the past 2 years. Me and my family love every recipe from your blog. A small query in place of chocolate can I replace caramelised white chocolate in the mousse recipe. If so, is it the same quantity.

    1. HI Great thanks! Im sorry but I do not know what caramelized white chocolate is?? If it is just chocolate then, YES (and yes same quantity)

        1. Oh, hmmm. I have never heard of that- but you cannot use that here. Since you need melted white chocolate for the recipe, not cooked

  52. So I was really worried that this was a hoax and you had to be a super baker to make it look good….it was sooooooo easy!!!!! I just threw it together to see how hard it was and my lil cake still looked cool!! My question is this…cutting it isn’t the easiest…it gets gooey and doesn’t cut smooth. Am I doing something wrong…is this fixable???? Want to do this for my bosses wedding cake so any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!

  53. Hi Gretchen,
    Thanks for the recipe!
    Followed your recipe twice to the letter (agar agar variant), but the glaze doesn’t seem to hold/stick. On my chocolate domes the glaze looks great when poured on frozen domes, but once put in fridge to unfreeze, almost all glaze drops off, and only very thin layer is left….

    Any ideas???

    1. Hmm thats so odd, since I did this recipe several times with the agar and had no trouble, the only thing I can suggest is perhaps when you take them out of the freezer before glazing there could be condensation? which would cause any glaze or icing to slip off and melt

  54. I have been baking for over twenty years, however I have really gotten into decorating cakes and doing custom designs. I am starting to branch out and start making the mirror glaze cakes as no one else here does them. Thank you so much for the recipe! I already have ideas coming to mind on what to start with!!!!

    1. that’s a good question. Im not the originator of this recipe (but any of them that you DO see are all very similar with the same ingredients listed) I will imagine it gives it some thickness, body, stability, pliability, elasticity and shine as well as flavor and fat since this is essentially a ganache recipe fortified with gelatine

    1. this particular french style pate bombe mousse requires the eggs, and sadly all of my mousse recipes require eggs in one way or another, BUT Stay tuned as I am in the process of transitioning my entire blog to VEGAN recipes!

  55. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you SO much for this very detailed posting on mirror glazing. I’ve been struggling with how to do an alien head cake for my daughter’s 13th birthday and I think this is going to be the perfect smooth, glossy icing for that. Two questions… I’ve been wondering if I could replace the water with tonic water so it fluoresces under black light, and also use Wilton Candy Melts instead of the Baker’s white chocolate (as they melt easily, smoothly and are already green colored). I’d appreciate your thoughts on if this might work or not. Thank you again! ~Khrys.

  56. Hi Gretchen
    I make the mirror glaze with gelatin. When i pour that to the buttercream coated cake, the glaze wont coat the cake.. in the end i can see the buttercream instead of the mirror glaze.. what’s wrong?
    Thank youu

      1. I use electric purple from americolor.. i just crumb coat the cake with buttercream. I put the buttercream coated cake to the fridge first before i pour the glaze. Am i wrong to do so?
        Thank you

  57. Hi! Saw your beitiful mirror glaze. Wanted to ask one question can i put this white chockate mirror glaze on top of choclate cake (milk choclate) as I am making a cake for my niece bday and i want it to go with the theme which is pink. Please advice me will it look nice and taste good. Thanks.

  58. Hi, for the vegetarian mirror glaze can I use anything else besides agar powder? like tapioca flour? Would this work and be a even substitute?
    Thanks for all ur reciepes!!

  59. Hiyee Gretchen!

    I would like to ask if its possible to coat the cake (mousse or buttercream based) in mirror glaze instead of fondant and stick fondant decorations on it. Will it be slippery? Alot of my clients dont like fondant =(( so Im racking my brain on how to substitute it.

    Thank you!!

  60. Hey there. I once tried mirror glaze from other recipe that use gelatine as gelling agent. Because I have no access to gelatin, I used agar (the same amount with gelatin). The glaze came out disastrous as it thickened a lot, turned rubbery. Reffering to meilleurduchef.com, when replacing gelatin with agar, the ratio has to be 1:0.3 (gelatin to agar). I would love to try your mousse recipe, but afraid to do the same mistake again. Should I reduce the amount of agar, according to that ratio? thanks in advance

      1. How cold was your whipped cream right before folding? May I cool pâte à bombe slightly warmer, around 45 celcius perhaps? I’m afraid to get lumps if the pâte à bombe-agar agar mixture is around 32 celcius (90 fahrenheit in your unit) while the whipped cream is still cold. Thanks in advance

  61. This is amazing and excelent! I am looking for a non chocolate mirror glaze, like transparent one, do you have any recipes? I need it for a pastry exam and cant find it. I’d appreciate it if you do. thankyou, love ur web

    1. I dont really do my cakes in terms of lbs… so I am having a hard time envisioning a 2lb cake. that being said if you can imagine a normal 8″ 3-layer cake it will be enough to glaze one of those

  62. Hi Gretchen. If i don’t want coffee do i just leave out or use your recipe for chocolate mousse. Also can i add liquor to this mousse recipe?

  63. Hello Gretchen!!
    Loving your recipes. I have to make a cake for my boy who turns 2 this december!!
    He loves mickey so making him a mickey mouse clubhouse cake.
    I wanted to cover my base 12inch square cake with mirror galze and then top with chocolate cake clubhouse.
    I was wondering how much of the glaze would I need for 12inch square cake? about 2inches height
    thanks in advace <3

    1. Hi Great thanks, I would probably triple the recipes so you have enough to cover it (as you know with all things we are pouring – like ganache & mirror, we need more than we actually need, to cover it sufficiently,but you can scrape up the excess and save it for another project)

      1. thank you so much for such a speedy reply 🙂 you ve got a follower for life now!!
        One more thing, is this glaze too sweet? Which one of your cakes pairs best with this as a topping?
        One that doesnt make the end product too sweet

          1. Yess I am making your chocolate buttercream cake but with mint fondant that I have made already!! I want to make a 2 layer cake so mirror glaze wont be a good idea so skipping it for next project.
            I am making your coconut lemon custard cake as base and chocolate cake as next tier. I want to get the cake done beforehand so can I make the cake a night before and then put it in refridge till the event (next day)
            and if I can then how many hours before the party should I take the cake out from the fridge?

  64. Hi,
    I was wondering if both the mirror glaze recipes result in the glaze being gummy when set? I’ve done a different recipe and it was too gummy to the point where you couldn’t enjoy the cake. Also any tips on how to almost eliminate the gummy consistency?

    1. I did not find this recipe (both versions) to be gummy at all, be sure to use all the same ingredients as I show here and you should be great!

  65. I love e everything I have seen u do.but I have a question.The mirror glaze is beautiful.but how does it taste.I would like to make one for Easter.Thank u very much

    1. Thankyou! I was thinking the same ting and I was pleasantly surprised! It tastes more like a mild ganache than a sugar glaze (as I was expecting) not to mention I am NOT a fan of white chocolate and this was very good

  66. Hi. I did a vegeterian mirror glaze and it tuned out very liquid. It didnt even stay on the cake. I followed all your steps. What did I do wrong that it didnt turn out well?

    1. Im sorry that happened, It’s difficult to say what happened though, since I always say that if you follow the ingredients exactly, measure correctly and mix exactly as I showed- it should come out the same way as I did it on the video.
      Double check your measure, re-watch the video to see if there could be something you did differently.

  67. Hi Gretchen, I have been following from last 4 years from now. Always loved all your recipes. I used this recipe to make a cake for a friends birthday. For your Gelee recipe, as mentioned, I used 1 teaspoon agar agar. But the gelee hasn’t set in the refrigerator(V live in Singapore, weather is super humid and hot). So I froze it and layered it in between the mousse. So after pouring the mirror glaze, I moved it from freezer to refrigerator. And after this the whole gelee melted and dripped off, I jus gathered it all and presented. Taste was super yummy. Everyone requested me to make it again. I am planning to use, 4tsp of agar agar instead of 1 tsp. Do you think that will help. Any other tips, pl suggest. Badly need your help. Thank you

    1. Hi There, I am finding that many people are getting different levels of agar strength and this is where the problem is. Since most of them are not marked as to the strength they are it is so difficult to determine how much to use since we all do not know what level we have, this is super frustrating. I will say yes to increasing by 3 or 4 as you mentioned since you had almost no result in firming from the first try.
      Im sorry this happened

  68. hi Gretchen,
    the recipe is really good. and i love how it turns out on cake.
    although i tried it and when i poured the liquid over my white chocolate it kind of curdled and turned grainy.
    what must have gone wrong??
    if you can help
    Thanks alot

  69. Hi Gretchen,

    I am wondering if this glaze would work on chocolates? Usually, I just make truffles but I want to try making some proper chocolates, tempered chocolate and all… I was thinking of pouring mirror glaze on them after they’re done and out of the mold.

    Also, if I stick to the white chocolate in order to have colored glaze, do you think the dark(er) chocolate from beneath will show through? And if yes, coating them twice in glaze could be a solution?

    Thank you for your awesome work and great recipes (everything I’ve tried so far worked perfectly!)! I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, you are an inspiration!

    1. I suppose it could work, but this glaze will stay tacky and chocolates are meant to be eaten with your fingers, so to me it seems a bit messy.
      I did not find any “show through” on my cakes and I had chocolate cakes underneath
      thankyou and you are welcome too! 🙂

  70. Looks delicious! I’m going to give it a try but i was wondering what i could use instead of condensed milk.. The cake has to be milk free

    1. You can make your own condensed milk from coconut or almond milk or they sell coconut condensed milk in some stores

  71. Hi Gretchen! I must have been living under a rock all of this time! I’ve just now discovered you and I’m in love! Will you be my friend? Anyway I am SO LATE to the mirror glaze party. My question is does the chocolate need to be tempered prior to adding the gelatin mixture or can I just whip up the gelatin mixture, follow the steps and then add it to my chocolate? I’m praying that the chocolate doesn’t need tempered because that’s another method I will have to learn in addition to tackling this miror glaze!

  72. Hi there, I have a question if you dont mind. I’m planning to make an entremet for my mom’s birthday. The entremet consists of chocolate cake base, agar dark chocolate mousse layer, agar banana mousse layer, peanut praline between both mousse layers, and coconut caramel glaze. I’m using agar because it’s really hot in here. I don’t want the entremet to melt under direct sunlight. Do you think it’s necessary to freeze the entremet right before glazing to set the glaze? Is it enough if I just chill it in the fridge right before glazing? Will ice crystals that forms during freezing ruin the texture of the mousse layers? Thanks!

    1. I like to freeze mine before glazing, but of you feel the refrigerator is sufficient then by all means go for what you feel more comfortable doing (I always freeze and have no trouble with it )
      PS your cake sounds amazing!!

      1. I know, right? What can possibly go wrong with chocolate, banana, peanut, caramel, and coconut lol. I’ll be also adding chocolate covered choux lattice attop of the entremet. Thanks again!

  73. can we use candiquik brand melt and make chocolate as converture chocolate
    also can we glaze whip cream cakes

    1. I have tried using Quick Melts in other recipes with Failed results. I have not tried it here, so you can and see, but I feel like it is not going to work. Let me know if you do.
      Because the glaze has to go on at least warm, or semi hot, the whipped cream will melt

  74. Hi Gretchen, Hope all is well. I have been reading reviews on different mirror glazes and one thing I kept seeing is that it’s better on individual cakes rather than bigger ones due to the difficulty in cutting and MANY comments on bad taste….either too sweet or very gummy………My questions are: How does this recipe taste? Does it cut easily and CLEANLY if using a warm knife? I trust you and your recipes always so I figured if ANYONE could answer these questions truthfully and knowledgeably: it would be YOU 🙂

    1. Hey there. I have not found any negative effects on larger cakes (but havent done one larger than 8″) I find this taste to be really good! I thought it was going to be YUCK! but actually loved it!
      Yes to cutting with warm knife for sure.

  75. I m awestruck with ur blog.
    wanted few suggestions n help:
    1. would like to make the mousse with out egg, so can I use egg replacer powder in that case.
    2. how much qty do I need of mousse, glaze n jelly if I m making a mousse cake of 9inch with the cake base to it.
    3. I would love to make this n send it to different city where my parents live.
    is it ok to make one day in advance n keep in the fridge.hope the gloss doesn’t go away.

    1. Hi Thank you! for Vegan Mousse CLICK HERE
      Double the recipes for 9″ cake
      I would not recommend sending cakes in the mail, would be disastrous, however if you mean to deliver it yourself sure, would be fine (I had no trouble with the shine in the next day)

  76. Hi there ! Thanks a ton for this agar based mirror glaze alternative !
    Would the glaze work with the regular white chocolate compound with more than 30% solids or does it need particularly only couverture?
    Keep up the amazing work and for giving us vegetarians yummy dessert options !

    1. I have tried baking with candy melts (specifically Merckens and Wilton brands) with terrible results. I’m not sure which brand you are using though, so I’d hate to say NO, but typically the compound chocolates do not work well in recipes, they are meant more for coatings
      CLICK HERE for a more in depth insight into What is Chocolate (the video explains the difference)

  77. Hi there. I came across your recipe while teething to find a vegetarian version of the mirror glaze, so thanks. Fyi, I found another one somewhere else that was vegan, and used full fat coconut milk for the sweetened condensed milk…

    Anyway, what I haven’t been able to find anywhere on the internet is suggestions or an opinion of making a mirror glaze on a square or rectangular sheet cake. I want to make this for my son’s birthday so I can make a Galaxy cake but I need a slightly bigger cake than 8 or 9 inch round and I was planning on just doing a single layer of a 9 by 13 cake. The one thing that I might have trouble with, I can foresee, is getting the glaze to spread and drip down the sides because I don’t have a turntable and I’m not sure what a rectangular cake could go onto without it breaking. Any suggestions or should I stick to an 8 or 9 inch square perhaps? Thank you so much.

    1. Sure thing! I would just go around the entire edge of the cake FIRST then dump the rest in teh middle and glaze outwards, the center will push the already iced edges even further for a clean covering

  78. I am hoping to make the pate bombes for a dinner party but am concerned about moving them after they have been glazed firstly to store them and then to plate. Do you use petit four boards under the bombes?
    I found your video very explanatory and hopefully all will go well for me though I guess there may be UK problems with glucose rather than corn syrup.
    Thank you

    1. yes I do! You are exactly right and thankyou and you are welcome too 🙂
      * I find glucose to be much much thicker so that could be your problem, thin it slightly with water SLIGHTLY!!

  79. Hi Gretchen, I am using the mirror glaze on mini cakes for a huge party, 120 to be exact. The cakes are iced with you swiss buttercream and your chocolate fudge icing recipe. How many days before can I put the mirror glaze on the cakes so they hold their beautiful shine.

    1. the shine will dull slightly in the refrigerator, so its best to wait as long as possible. Best to use on cakes that can stay out of the fridge too (if possible)

  80. I have a quick question. I’m going to be using the mirror glaze recipe for a double layer 9”x13” cake. Will the glaze be enough, or should I make extra?

  81. Hi Gretchen,
    I want to replicate your vegetarian version, but I had 2 questions for you:
    Can I use pectin instead of agar agar, I found it easily in store and unfortunately I don’t have the time to get it shipped. If yes, what qty. will I need?
    Secondly, can I use light corn syrurp instead of the regular corn syrup? Do I need to adjust the qty of any other sweetners in the recipe?
    It would be great if you could respond soon, as I need to make it tomorrow.
    Thanks a ton!

    1. While I have not tried using pectic, I suspect it will not work the same,agar is a straight sub for gelatin so I would stick to that unless you are willing to do a test with the pectin, if you do let me know your results. Light corn syrup is fine

  82. Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for the recipe with agar agar, I am pure vegetarian can you suggest me the egg substitute for chocolate coffee mousse?


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