New York Style Vanilla Cheesecake

New York Style Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake

It turns out this has become one of my most sought after recipes.

I cannot say that I am surprised, even with all the other cheesecakes I have made this one tops the list

The most creamy, decadent, purest cheesecake you will find~ the New York Style Cheesecake.

New York Style Vanila Cheesecake

I actually included this recipe variation a few months ago when I shared the luscious lemon version of this exact recipe, but I guess you vanilla peeps are like me when it comes to chocolate~ only the real thing will do!

So here is the original New York Style Cheesecake recipe from my past life only this time it has an authentic graham cracker crust.

Of course you can leave the crust off (as I sometimes do) and the fresh strawberry topping is completely optional as well.

For those who want the chocolate version click here!

Now you all know me and my aversion to spring form pans.

I always bake my cheesecakes in regular cake pans and the video instruction attached (although it is for the lemon version) explains every detail from the mixing to the baking to the un-molding of this cake.

Pay no mind to the lemon ingredients in the video tutorial, and substitute with the original ingredients as listed below

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New York Style Vanilla Cheesecake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Prepare the 8" cake pan with pan grease and a parchment paper circle
First prepare the graham cracker crust with the recipe below
Serves: 1- 8" Cheesecake
  • Softened Cream Cheese 3- 8ounce packages (678g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1¼ cup (250g)
  • Eggs large 5 (250g)
  • Vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons (Or 1 vanilla bean scraped of its seeds)
  • Sour Cream ½ cup (114g)
  1. Cream the softened cream cheese on low speed and add the sugar.
  2. Add the eggs and extract slowly and scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl as needed to avoid any lumps.
  3. Add the sour cream and mix smooth.
  4. Pour batter onto cooled graham crust and bake cheesecake in a water bath at 350° f for the first 30 minutes then turn the heat down to 325°for another 30- 40 minutes
  5. Turn off oven and let cheesecake stay in for an additional 15 minutes.
  6. Cool completely and chill overnight before removing from pan.
  7. Top with fresh strawberries if desired
Cheesecakes must be kept refrigerated at all times.

Store for up to 1 week or freeze (minus the strawberries) for up to 2 months wrapped well


5.0 from 3 reviews
Graham Cracker Crust
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
You may use any cookie you like for the crust or you can omit the crust all together
Serves: 1- 8" crust
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs 1½ cups (150g)
  • Granulated Sugar 2 Tablespoons (28g)
  • Unsalted Butter 5 tablespoons (70g)
  1. Melt the butter and add to the graham cracker crumbs along with the sugar
  2. Combine until it resembles damp sand
  3. Press into the bottom of the prepared pan and freeze while you prepare the cheesecake batter




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  1. Looks delicious….One of the keys to making a good cheesecake is to not overcook it. I love your explanation in your lemon cheesecake video on how it should jiggle like jello but not be liquid. I made cheesecake for Christmas 2 years ago and overcooked it. It was so dry and not many people ate it. More recently I made a cheesecake and used a thermometer to test (and it still jiggled). I immediately took it out the oven. The cheesecake was MUCH IMPROVED and disappeared fast. I learn so much from you. Thank you.

    1. Gretchen, I’m getting ready to make this cheesecake and have one question. I’m using an 8 inch pan that is 3 3/8 inch tall because I want a taller cheesecake. I’m entering this in the State Fair. Do I need to adjust the recipe to compensate for a taller pan? Do I need to add more eggs or cream cheese? Thanks in advance.

      1. Sorry for the late reply. The recipe here will fill a 8″ X 2″ tall pan, so if you wanted a taller cheesecake yes you will have to increase the recipe. By about 1/4 more (you cannot just increase 1 or 2 ingredients though ie: eggs, cream cheese, youhave to increase the total recipe by 1/4 – be careful on your math that is where most recipe fail in our calculations

  2. So I’m in the store today and I’m thinking “I’d like some cheese cake.” I bought the cream cheese, sour cream and yes even some vanilla bean paste. After all is put away I get on the computer and there’s Gretchen’s Bakery on my FB newsfeed with her New York Style Vanilla Cheesecake…coincidence? or just Gretchen’s magic….hmmmmm

  3. Afternoon Miss Gretchen! I’ve watched a few of your cheesecake videos now and each time you mention you prefer not to use a springform pan. Is it a personal preference or does it interfere with the final product somehow? Thank you for another wonderful recipe!

    1. Hi Thanks! I should probably write a blog post about this! thanks for the idea! But in a nutshell: I think they are tedious and they should be called “spring a leak pan” not spring forms. Wrapping with all the foil? Water still leaks in. I have always used cake pans for cheesecakes even back to my school days at the CIA

  4. I made your cheesecake several years ago and it was the first time making one without a crust AND in a cake pan. Oh my my my my, it was fantastic. I actually prefer it without the crust. Thank you for all these amazing recipes.

  5. I Loovvee cheese.but can’t hv it a lot coz I gain weight very quickly 🙁 n never exercise 🙁 . I had made Dis when u posted lemon cheesecake …of course without lemons in it…n it was yumm…..ty for posting.

  6. Oh wow! My family loves cheesecake!!! Now I don’t know which has to come first on my only free weekend, cheesecake or Christmas cookies??? Plus, I’m still waiting for the recipe of your hazelnut mocha dacquoise, Miss G. I hope it is in your to “re-post and re-film” list. I really regret not saving or printing it out

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    I’de really like to try your cheese cakes, but, here in Germany, I can’t get block cream cheese. Would you be able to suggest an alreternitive please? Would Philidelphia or Mascapone be suitable?

    Many thanks

  8. Gretchen,
    What makes this a New York Style cheesecake vs. a regular cheesecake? Is the NY version drier, creamier or no difference at all? Thank you.

    1. If you are referring to my recipes here, no difference. I posted that Regular cheesecake a couple months ago as an answer to those asking for my NY style cheesecake, but some people don’t trust the “new Gretchen’s Bakery” LOL so I had to post this one – which is the Original one I posted several years ago. In my opinion the other one is so much better! Way creamier and lighter, don;t get me wrong both GREAT! But the one I posted a few months ago was my Ultimate Cheesecake! And why I posted it instead of this one, anyway….*sigh* they are both great and both similar. You choose

  9. Hi, Gretchen I love the New York Cheesecake you had posted just last year. I unfortunately did not write it down and I would really like that recipe. I believe it called for whipping cream 1/2 or whole cup I am not sure. Can you you please post that recipe. Thanks Shonda

  10. I made this yesterday for my dads birthday topped with homeade blueberry jam & whip & it was so good !! Next time I make this I’ll try it with your applie filling, a steusel biscuit topping & caramel. Thanks so much for your recipes. Will be trying your eclairs next.

  11. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. My question is that I would like to use this cheesecake with the addition of baileys Irish cream and I’m not quite sure how to go about it any suggestions. I always make a cheesecake for each holiday and the request is for the baileys. I do have one recipe but yours are so much more creamier and tastier. Gotta go with the best

  12. Hey ! My name si Cédric, i’m living in Aix en Provence Near Marseille in the South of France. Sorry for my English.
    Thank you for your recipes, you are so sympathetic and your instructions are very good. Thank you also for your videos.
    I Made your Cheesecake recipe and all my Friends loved It
    I Wish you a mery christmas and your familly too.
    Viva Gretchen’s Bakery!!!!

    Bye Take care


  13. Hi, Gretchen! Did you use to own Woodland bakery last year? If so, would you happen to have that vanilla bean new york style cheesecake recipe still?

    Or do you have a recipe without sour cream?

    1. Hi Julie yes I sold my bakery last year, but this was the original recipe I have been sharing for Cheesecake since my start 5 years ago here on youtube. You can use heavy cream in place of the sour cream if you prefer

    2. Thank you!!! I loved that recipe and I couldnt remember what had changed. I have learned a lot about cheesecake baking because of your very helpful videos and recipes. You’re a great inspiration. 🙂

      (Sorry for the late reply haha)

  14. Hi Gretchen!
    I’ve been making your New York Cheescake recipe for a couple of years now with resounding success and lots of yummy noises. I usually top it with a chocolate ganache or fruit compote. This time, with a suggestion from a previous reply I made a Bailey’s cheesecake. An obvious choice for topping this awesome cake was the ganache but I’ve developed a chocolate allergy in the last year and can’t use that anymore. What else other than chocolate, do you think would make a good topping for the baileys version? It needs something. It looks so plain and sad without a topping. Coffee was my first thought but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Suggestions?

    Thanks for your awesome website and for sharing your talent with us.

  15. Hi Gretchen
    I have been trying out baked cheesecake recipes over the last few weeks. I am going to try your advice on ordinary cake tins. One of the problems I have is the cost of Philadelphia Cream cheese in my country. 3 packages would make a very expensive cake in RSA. Is there a method of adapting the ingredients to make a smaller cake or can I substitute for at least one of the packages of cream cheese.
    I wish you many blessings this New Year.

    1. HI Rosalind, there is not much to substitute the cream cheese with when making a cheesecake, you can however make a smaller cake thus cutting the ingredients Quantity in half so the cost will be less

  16. Hi gretchen hope ur doing fine :))) im making this tonight and i want to make sure everything will come together, question.. here in my country large eggs weigh appx 65 grams with egg shell. In your written post says 5 large eggs 250 grams which means u weigh them without their eggshells? Sorry for my bad english just want to be accurate. Thanks in advance!:)))

  17. Hello my dear , I would like to know how can I freeze the cheesecake with out the pan do I cool it first in the pan then put it in the fridge then when it’s cold I remove it from the pan and then freeze it ?

  18. Hi Gretchen! I have been making your cheesecakes quite often and they always turn out tasty! I have had a problem with them though. After they have cooked instead of cracking the have large air bubbles. I have tapped the pan on the table and I didn’t over beat it. I am not sure why it continues to bubble. Do you happen to have a solution for this problem?

    1. Hmm, well you did everything I was going to ask you to do! Usually tapping the pan removes any hidden bubbles and overwhipping will surely put them there, but since you are doing everything exactly right, Im stumped!!

  19. Thanks to your recipes, Gretchen, I can be a star at cake club! This month our theme was “beer” so we all made cakes flavoured with beer. I knew someone would be making a Guinness chocolate cake and wanted something different. I found a recipe for an amber ale carrot cake that sounded good…but I wanted to do something to take it over the top. I made this New York Style cheesecake (which by the way turns out every time thanks to your great video instructions and tips) as well as your cream cheese icing and then sandwiched the cheesecake between the carrot cake layers, “gluing” it together with the cream cheese icing. I then frosted the entire cake with more cream cheese icing, added finely chopped walnuts on the sides and of course, carrot decorations on top. Talk about a mile high cake! The cake club ladies loved it! Thanks again Gretchen.

  20. Hey Gretchen,

    I love your recipes and have been following you from the early years. I wanted to know if I could cut this recipe in half and use it to make mini cheesecakes? If so, how do I cut the eggs in half since you use 5? Can I use 2? Thanks in advance!

  21. Are your cheesecakes very soft? I have made them quite often and the middle is like a baked custard and the sides are much firmer.

    1. Well, I have made it and it seems to be soft compared to other cheesecakes. Would you say it has a softer consistency than other cheesecakes?

    2. Maybe it could have used longer. Although, it did jiggle like jello. I had made 3 cheesecakes last night 2 of them had a crust made out chocolate chip cookies. These two were the ones I thought were too soft. No complaints about the other one. Is it possible that the crusts had something to do with it?

      1. Hmm,Ive had same results with and without crusts and my crusts for cheesecakes are almost always out of cookies too.
        However- if that is what you experienced, we will have to say YES! it is possible!

  22. Hi gretchen I’ve just made the New York cheese cake and turned out brilliant .Its the 3rd time I’ve made it and always goes done really well with my family and friends . Thank you for the tips and recipes x

  23. Hey Gretchen if I want to make this white chocolate cheesecake,how much melted chocolate should I put in it-thankyou

  24. Hi Gretchen,
    This is the best cheesecake ever. I’ve made it a few times I’m making it again at weekend is the sour cream to be at room temperature.

    Now I’ve read the comments I might even try the other one your moms recipe. Is that also a New York style one. The reason I ask our friends are coming and they love NY style cheesecake.

    Thank you very much I love everything you make X.

  25. Hi Gretchen. I want to try this. But I’m afraid that I may not get it correctly the first time. I was thinking trying it first on a 6″ cake pan then just use a 1/3 of the ingridients such as 225g of creamcheese instead of 678g. Will that work? thanks.

    1. Sure you can divide the ingredients to make a smaller recipe! Just be careful on the math! Double and triple check yourself! 9 times out of 10 it is a math error that causes failure in a recipe!

  26. Wish to bake in a 6 inch round pan which is only 2 inch deep… Then what would be the baking time? And should I use 1/3rd of the ingredients or 1/2?

  27. And I wanna make it crestless so should I use 1/2 of the ingredients then for a 2 inch deep pan? And baking time please..Sorry it would be crustless… Typo mistake :p

  28. Gretchen is there a way to bake this without the water bath. also I’m trying to make a baklava cheesecake at what point would I add the phyllo pastry to the cheesecake. My phyllo is in a crinkled spiral form. Any and all tips would be appreciated. Thanks so much

  29. Gretchen have you ever had your biscuit base come out of the oven following the pre bake in a buttery puddle in the bottom of pan?

      1. Sorry about being persistent but i love to understand and hate when things dont go as planned. I suspect that as both of my ovens are fan assisted that this is causing various problems, even though i have adjusted the temps. Do you see any problem with turning the temps right down and baking for longer and keeping an eye for the ‘wobble’. I also noticed that my batter when poured into the tins contained air bubbles and from what i can see in the videos your doesnt. Could this be because even though i am beating the mixture slowly i am using whipping blades instead of the K blade? I noticed that a well repected cheeecake baker in New York actually seperates the egg whites and whips these to soft peaks and folds into the mixture – how does she get away with no cracks or rising?

        1. ah yes, I do not ever use the convection fan when baking cheesecakes. So that is a good possibility (and probable cause) yes to lower temp and longer baking absolutely
          And yes to the whipping blade, this is NOT the attachment you want to be using.
          The method you are talking about with the separating whites is an Italian method for cheesecake. My Italian cheesecake will crack somewhat but not severely I feel it is characteristic of an Italian cheesecake

          1. Great Gretchen i will give another try. I have also just noticed that your recipe for this cheesecake says to stick the crust base in the freezer. In your other recipes you blind bake the crust (as i just assumed i would do for this – i know you always say “follow the recipe” lol). What is the reason for the different approaches?

          2. I was always a “bake the crust” kinda gal, but someone suggested to freeze it instead, so I tried it and liked it! Its really just preference, I honestly did not see much difference either way, maybe just a more golden or toasty tasting crust if you bake it vs freeze

  30. Hello Gretchen,

    I was wondering how to make a coffee cheesecake from your vanilla coffee cake recipe? Also, I often see sour cream and heavy cream in a cheesecake recipe. What does the addition of heavy cream do? Thanks, and by the way I happen to enjoy your chit chat! You make things fun. Diana

    1. thanks Diana! You can add coffee paste to the cheesecake recipe sure, 3-4 Tablespoons instant coffee granules dissolved in a little water to make a paste
      The cream adds body, smoothness, tangy if you use sourcream, richness fat=flavor Yumm!

  31. Hello Gretchen,

    I am yet to make this cheesecake. It looks delicious. Can I make this cheesecake in cupcake pan with the liners on? If yes, do I have to do the water bath ? If no , do you have any other recipe that I can bake in cupcake liners?

    Thanks in advance

    1. yes this would be fine and the water bath is not 100% essential for cupcakes the bake time is so short it will be fine

  32. And also I don’t have stand mixer. I have the electric hand whisk. If I use the whisk will I incorporate more air bubbles?


  33. For some reason your recipes come up blank when I get ready to print.
    Any idea what might be causing this?
    I have no problem with other items I print.

    1. Hmm, Im not sure I would say it may have something to do with your settings? Since no one else has mentioned this nor do I have any trouble with the print option. Perhaps try to use a difference browser and see if it still happens. (and thankyou for the PayPal pledge! 🙂

  34. Hi Gretchen,

    This cheesecake looks delicious. I would like to make it for Mother’s Day. Please let me know how you glazed the berries. Thank you!!!

  35. Hi Gretchen,

    Love the site and the videos. Everything I’ve made so far has been great and doesn’t last long with 4 girls around.

    I was wondering about the difference in baking time and temperature directions between the above instructions and he video. Is one better than the other or are they 2 different paths to same result?


    1. Hey thanks! I sometimes contradict myself in videos versus when I then write the blog post, I should have mentioned that the written blog is always correct, sometimes in videos I say things either by accident or later when I write the post I have a “second thought” that is a better idea than the video – so that said- Always trust the written post! thanks!

  36. Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for always inspiring us with new and interesting creations. I need a 4″ cheesecake for a topper on another cake. I made this recipe yesterday. I was not sure how long to bake it, so I went with the jiggle method, starting at 20 minutes and increasing in 5 minute increments. At 35 minutes it didn’t jiggle any more. I did use a water bath when baking. Today when I cut into it, the top and sides are cooked perfectly, but the center is still very soft and creamy. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey thanks and you are welcome too. Hmm sounds like you did it exactly perfect. You can add a bit of cornstarch next time to see if that helps and also leave the cheesecake in the oven once you shut it off, to cool down with the oven then chill overnight

      1. What if I made it in a super muffin pan? Would I still need a water bath? The 4″ was a little larger than I wanted. Thanks.

  37. Hi. Thanks for this recipe. It’s always a huge hit when i make this. I’m planning ro change the cake pan to 9inches. What temperature and how long should i bake it for?

  38. gretchen, I just wanted you to know I made this cheese cake for my husband yesterday and it came out fabulous. The thing I am most proud of and have to thank you for is the technique of getting the cake out of a cake pan. I was so nervous about that as I also forgot to put some parchment paper down on the bottom of the cake pan. But I did have a small torch and used that to release the cake tonight. I am in my sixties, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If I knew how to post pics of it I so would. thank you. I am looking forward to trying your German chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday as that’s his favorite cake of all time but he only gets it on his birthday. Enjoying your desserts one pound at a time. hehe

  39. Gretchen, I have baked cheesecakes in both regular pans and springform. My trick for springform pans is to place the pan inside a baking bag before you fill it. The water doesn’t leak in, and Wahoo, no watery cheesecakes! Love, love your recipes! Many thanks!

  40. Gretchen, thanks so much for this fabulous cheesecake recipe. it was my first time making a cheesecake and I chose a great one too. It turned out great and I followed your directions perfectly. I will never make any other recipe.
    Thanks again,
    Michelle H.

  41. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for all of the amazing recipes! Your cheesecake with mascarpone and lemon zest was perfection. How come you switched over to sour cream? Can you repost the mascarpone version? I hadn’t made it in a while, and then it disappeared off of your site! Help!

    Also, have you considered a cookbook? You have the best recipes.


    1. Hi Thanks, I dont remember ever using mascarpone in my cheesecakes, maybe someone else. But you can certainly use that in place of the sour cream. Perhaps you are thinking Italian Cheesecake, but again, no Mascarpone there either
      I did write a cookbook though! CLICK HERE! and thanks again!

  42. I’ve always used your cheesecake recipe and I and everyone else loves it. So I go to my IPad to make one for a client, read all the recipe and don’t think a thing until parts says leave in oven for 15 minutes–oven turned off. Wait a minute, I remember to leave in oven for an hour. So I continue as you posted. Then I read all 114 comments to find out you changed the recipe!!! Now I’m hoping it’s as good as the other—or else I’m screwed, after I brag how great this recipe is. Why did you change the recipe and most of all will my client be disappointed? Since the cake is not for me I won’t get a chance to taste.

    1. Hi Margie, the bake time is variable – in the past I never leaved my cheesecakes in the oven (with it shut off) for any amount of time – in a bakery setting that is just not possible, but as I gravitated to helping home bakers I did incorporate some more “home style” ways of doing things. So as long as you are baking your cheesecake “Until it’s Done” CLICK HERE FOR THAT VISUAL your cake will be perfectly baked. Leaving a cheesecake in an oven that is turned off is not going to bake it any more, it is simply a way of allowing it to cool down very slowly without shocking it and possible cracking of the top.

      But to answer your main question as to “why I changed the recipe” in the first place.
      That original recipe you are thinking of was from many years ago when I still owned my bakery and first started my YouTube channel/ blog. I have had problem after problem with partnerships and the bakery business in general especially after I sold it and the lawsuit that then followed. I had to shut down everything that I worked years to build and restart as Gretchen’s Bakery in early 2015 and all the recipes while they are of course still mine, were released with different names, hence the NY Cheesecake becoming Strawberry Cheesecake.
      With all the changes and physical moves from place to place, not to mention computer crashes and other various fun stuff that has happened since the start of my YouTube channel/blog I have lost so much.
      So please don’t think this was something I did just to annoy people or make things difficult. It was (and has been) the best I can do since all of this craziness started happening years ago.
      I worked very hard to replace my recipes and believe me that was not by my choice. I could have simply shut it all down, after all that would have been easier, but I did not. I replaced everything with slight changes (not disastrous ones) and in my opinion actually gave me the chance to make things BETTER.

      So to go back to your concern that your cheesecake will be disappointing? The recipe is great, so as long as you baked it until it was done (according to the video and How to Know When Your Cheesecake is baked skip to 4:05 in the video for cheesecakes) it will be great.

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