Orange Crunch Cake


Orange Crunch Cake is one of those recipes that is so good, yet no one knows about it!

I explained in the video below that there were several recipes like this, that when I owned my bakery it was always mind boggling to try to figure out just why not many people would buy it and ultimately some were discontinued from lack of sales.

I actually wrote an EBook on the subject called Bakery Days with some funny stories about some really awesome recipes that just did not stand the test of time! (Yes recipes included!)

But I have revived this recipe for you guys and I know you are going to love it!

This cake is so light, with a pound cake type structure, loaded with orange flavor and sweet crunchy wafer cookie coating!

What is not to like!??

I always surprise myself when I am completely enamored by a cake that is NOT CHOCOLATE! (But I confess, I did drizzle some melted chocolate ganache over top of my slice! hehehe)

If you do not have a bundt pan you can make this recipe in a loaf pan instead, or into cupcakes or even into cake layers!

This recipe is super versatile and I can’t wait for you to try it!

Oh by the way, I used Wafer Cookies for the crunch – but any crispy cookie coating will do!

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Orange Crunch Cake
I am using a 6- Cup capacity Bundt Pan here, grease generously with Pan Grease
Serves: 1 Bundt
  • Unsalted Butter 12 Tablespoons (170g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1½ cup (300g)
  • Eggs large 3 (150g)
  • Buttermilk ¼ cup (60ml)
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice ½ cup (120ml)
  • Orange Zest approx 2 - 3 Tbs
  • Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon (5ml)
  • Orange Extract or Grand Marnier *optional 1 teaspoon (5ml)
  • Salt ¼ teaspoon
  • All Purpose Flour 1½ cup (190g)
  • Cake Flour ¾ cup (90g)
  • Baking Powder 2¼ teaspoons (11g)
  • ½ package Wafer Cookies
  • ¼ cup Orange Marmalade
  1. Cream the softened butter with the granulated sugar until light and fluffy (about 5 minutes)
  2. Sift both flours with the baking powder and salt.
  3. Combine the eggs & extracts together
  4. Slowly add the egg mixture while mixing on low- medium speed, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl often to incorporate well.
  5. Add the ⅓ of the sifted flour mixture and mix just to incorporate
  6. Combine the buttermilk with the orange juice and zest and then add half of this liquid to the creaming mixture
  7. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl and then add another ⅓ addition of the flour
  8. Add the remaining buttermilk/ juice mixture then the last of the flour, mixing just until combined between each addition.
  9. Pour into a generously greased bundt pan
  10. Bake in preheated 350° F oven for approximately 45 minutes or until it is done it will be springy to the touch when pressed gently in the center or when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out with moist crumbs
  11. Cool slightly then turn out onto a cooling rack
  12. Brush with melted orange marmalade and then press the crushed wafer cookies into the entire outside of the cake.


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  1. Dear Gretchen,

    Thank you for the super recipe.
    I have just made it and, as usual, it proved to be a great success.

    However, I just have one query regarding the ingredients. You have written evaporated milk in the list of ingredients and buttermilk in the instructions.

    I presume either will do, but I just wanted to be sure.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Soreya Thanks! Yes either will do , however I did update my error (since ive caused great confusion) to read just buttermilk- refresh your browser and it will get updated

  2. I don’t understand why this cake didn’t remain popular at your bakery. After all of the chocolate deserts I consumed over the holidays, and don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate, I think a citrus cake would be a welcome treat!
    Perhaps it was the public’s fascination with decorated layer cakes and cupcakes that caused this yummy cake to be ignored. I’m definitely trying your recipe. I love a good bundt cake, and there are some lovely new bundt cake pans that could add extra visual interest to the cake. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Hi Gretchen,
    I want to bake this amazing recipe in layers, so you mention that we can but I want to know what size of pan would be the best, a 2-6″ or 2-8″ ?? Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  4. Hi,
    just this weekend I bake (again) my orange cupcakes. I have to admit I use your vanila cupcake recepie with the twist and they are the best (moist, delicious).
    My seecret twist on your vanila cupcakes recepi is to replace the buttermilk with one ts of orange bloosom water, 1/3 of the butermilh is replaced with fresh orange juice and the other is sourcream.
    Belive me is so tasty, you do not need any icing, but usualy I fill them with some whole orange marmelade, ice them with some whiped chocolate ganshe and drizeled with some dark chocolade ganache. I call the jaffa cupcakes.
    You give us so many great recepies, so here is mine for you.

    1. it IS Yummy! I hope you try it!
      Unsalted Butter 12 Tablespoons (170g)
      Granulated Sugar 1½ cup (300g)
      Eggs large 2 (150g)
      Buttermilk ¼ cup (60ml)
      Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice ½ cup (120ml)
      Orange Zest 3
      Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon (5ml)
      Orange Extract or Grand Marnier *optional 1 teaspoon (5ml)
      Salt ¼ teaspoon
      All Purpose Flour 1½ cup (190g)
      Cake Flour ¾ cup (90g)
      Baking Powder 2¼ teaspoons (11g)
      ½ package Wafer Cookies
      ¼ cup Orange Marmalade

  5. Gretchen, you’re a godsend! I love all your recipes and this is a new favorite.
    I desperately need your advise and expertise regarding the pans.

    I need to make 8 to 10 bundt cakes, 40 mini bundt cakes, and scads of petit fours, in different flavors, for my daughters wedding in May. I’ll be using the Mississippi Mud bundt, and this Orange Crunch bundt, and your superb Tropical Carrot Cake (bundt) but I would like to expand the flavors for the guests.

    1. Can you recomend which of your recipes work best for baking in a bundt pan, mini bundt pans and petit four pans?

    2. Would any of your sponge cake or chiffon cake recipes work in a bundt pan?

    I have read the “What is Cake?” on your blog, and I get the concepts you discussed regarding the types of batter. But I’m stimied on the pans to bake them in.

    thanks a billion.

  6. My family loved this cake. It has a great texture and mild flavour. It was quite easy to bake and it’s something different to the usual chocolate. The only complaint was the size. Mine turned out rather small. I added some caster sugar to the orange marmalade though, as it was rather bitter. I think I’ll bake it for my in-laws over eastern again. Thank you for this great recipe!

  7. Saw this amazing recipe and wanted to bake this. The recipe says 2 eggs and in brackets says 150 gm.. Please confirm whether to use 2 eggs or 3 eggs for this

  8. Very allergic to dairy and borderline diabetic so I used coconut oil and xylitol and let it beat for about 20 mins keeping the sides of the bowl scraped down. I added a couple of tablespoons of flour before adding the eggs, since coconut oil does not do well with liquids, no matter how long you beat it this idea came from your greasing reipe). Instead of buttermilk I used almond milk and cider vinegar. No crushed up cookies. Everything else was following your recipe.

    The flavor was beyond belief. I think that this was the best-tasting cake I have ever made. My husband took the left-overs with him for lunch, so it’s completely gone in 1 day.

    I might try chopped nuts, like pecans or raw cashews as the coating but I doubt it because the flavor was perfection with just the orange marmalade. Maybe I’ll make orange marmalade with Xylitol, then this cake will be totally guilt-free.

    By the way, there was none of the sugar discomfort after eating this cake. Usually my husband and I feel like sleeping a few minutes after eating sugar, but that did not happen with the Xylitol.

  9. Hi Gretchen,
    I made this cake, and it’s really amazing as always, the only change I made is that I used flaked almond instead of the wafer cookies because I didn’t have wafer, and it turned out very delicious.

    Thanks so much Gretchen for sharing this recipe and for all the effort you are doing for us, you are really so sweet.


  10. Sorry I need the size of the bundt pan in inches or centimetres. Those people also don’t understand what is 6 cup or 12 cup capacity bundt pan.

  11. Hi Gretchen, I would like to bake this cake in an 11×15 pan for a two layer sheet cake? I would like to use oil instead of butter….if yes how much and what filling would you recommend.

    Thank you

  12. Hi Gretchen ! I was wondering if I could make this cake, a plain vanilla flavor …substituting the orange juice with more buttermilk.. And adding more vanilla.. I’m making a 3 tired cake.. And loved the consistency of this cake.. It’s so delicious!

  13. Ohh and one more question ? For a 10″ 8″ 6″ tired cake how many times should I make this recipe? Thank you in advanced! ❤️

  14. I don’t know how I’d manage without your baking tips and recipes. You’re the best. I want to make this cake for my son who loves orange flavored cakes, and I plan to double it for a 12-cup bundt. I’m not sure what wafer cookies are though. I’ve seen them in the stores with a creme filling. Is that what I need or some other type of wafer cookie.

  15. Gretchen, I have used your yellow and white cakes for the birthday cakes that I make for friends and loved ones. I have tried many cakes over the years, and your cakes are always the BEST! I am wanting to branch out, and this orange cake sounds yummy. I would like to make a layer cake, using the orange marmalade and vanilla wafer cookies as filling in between the layers. Would you think that this cake will be good with a basic buttercream frosting? Any ideas and / or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. sure try the flax egg replacer
      1 egg =
      Ground Flax Seeds 1 Tablespoon (8g)
      Hot Water 3 Tablespoons (45ml)

      Combine ground flax seed with hot water and whisk smooth

      Let stand for at least 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes to thicken to a paste

      1. Thank you for your reply.
        Approximately how many cupcakes will this receipe make. We dont get cake flour, what quantity of all purpose flour should I replace it with?

  16. Hi Gretchen

    How many cupcakes will this recipe make? I made your tropical carrot cake for my work colleagues yesterday and it was a great hit. Thank you very much again for all your kindness

  17. Thank you very much Gretchen. But sorry I didn’t quite get it. Does it mean that these cupcakes will or won’t dome enough? Or to frame my question more precisely, how will these dome compared to if I bake your buttermilk chocolate cake into cupcakes, same, less or more?

    1. The orange crunch cake will probably not dome for you (I havent made them into cupcakes so I am speculating) but the chocolate cake is a great recipe for nice beautiful domed cupcakes

  18. Hey Gretchen
    Tried making this receipe in cupcake with 3tbsp flaxseed n 9tbsp hot water.
    Though cupcakes sink while cooling.
    What could have gone wrong?

    Thanks for guidance

    1. While I haven’t made this cake into cupcakes nor have I tried it with the flax replacer, I wouldn’t suspect anything to go terribly wrong it’s possible you just overfilled the cupcake molds?

  19. Hi Gretchen
    All my family love citrus flavour cake. I made this cake with vanilla icing on top, because I don’t have wafer and taste delicious. Usually cake I made last for 2-3 days, but this cake gone in a day. Thank you for all yummy recipes, tips and the video. Looking forward to try your Lemon Meringue recipe next week.

  20. Hi Gretchen,

    I love all of your recipes. You’re the best! If I double this recipe and bake it in a 12-cup bundt pan, do I still bake for only 45 minutes at 350 or do I increase the baking time? Thanks!!

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