Peaches- Peaches classified 2 ways, You may have heard the term Yellow Cling Peaches most commonly found in cans or preserves. Then there is the Freestone. The names (Clingstone and Freestone) refer to how easily the flesh of the peach separates from the stone. The Clingstone is true to its namesake, the flesh clings stubbornly to the pit. Whereas the Freestone’s flesh is easily separated from the stone. Freestone peaches are the ones most often found in grocery stores during the summer in the USA. Their flesh is juicy, sweet and flavorful which makes them ideal for baking and cooking.
Be sure to always use either fresh or frozen peaches for baking applications. Canned peaches are processed with heat and preservatives so not only does it change the nutritional value of the fruit, but sugar is also added which will throw off the entire balance of your recipes.

Again I am an advocate on the frozen peach which has never disappointed in taste and/or texture. The ease of use is also ideal, as you are saving time and labor from peeling and pitting yourself.

1 pound (454 grams) = 3-4 medium peaches = 2-3 cups sliced or chopped

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