Red Velvet Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cheesecake


The best of two worlds just collided!

Red Velvet Cake meets Cheesecake!

In this fabulous new recipe for Red Velvet Cheesecake!

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Ok ok so red velvet cheesecake is not so “new”~ I’m sure many of you have seen it here or there floating around the net; after all I shared a version of this 2 times before in both of my past lives!

But as always 3 times a charm here at Gretchen’s Bakery and you have not seen a version this good believe me!

A simple building on recipes project that will require 3 recipes to get to this amazing end result!

I never said being awesome was easy! But it is surely worth the effort!

So first the red velvet cake for the bottom layer and the cubes to fold into the cheesecake batter.

The cheesecake batter as I will show in the video below and if you are feeling extra special like me, the cream cheese buttercream icing to pipe on top!

Let’s get to it!

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Red Velvet Cheesecake
First prepare thered velvet cake in the same size pan you will bake the cheesecake.
Once it is baked and cooled reserve 1 layer for hte base of the cheesecake and the other layer will get cut into 1" cubes and reserve 1 cup of those cubes for the garnish for the end, the rest will get folded into the batter
Prepare the pan again for the cheesecake batter
You will notice in the video I used a 3" tall cake pan for the cheesecake (which I almost never do) and it was really unnecessary here! 8"X2" cake pan is fine and a larger pan to make the water bath (I use a 10" pan for that)
Grease the pan and line it with a parchment circle
Preheat oven to 350°F
Serves: 1-8" cake
  1. Smooth the cream cheese with the granulated sugar until well combines, be careful not to whip on high or incorporate too much air.
  2. Add the eggs one at a time along with the vanilla extract and be sure to stop the mixer and scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl from time to time.
  3. Add the heavy cream last and mix smooth.
  4. Fold in the cubed red velvet cake
  5. Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for the first 30 minutes then turn the oven temperature down to 325°F for the remaining 40 or 50 minutes or until it is done CLICK HERE FOR MORE
  6. You can leave it in the oven to cool down with the oven, or remove and cool on the counter. Once it is cool refrigerate until set & cold (usually overnight)
  7. Unmold as shown in the video, attach the cake base and then garnish as shown
Cheesecakes must be kept refrigerated at all times and can be stored in an airtight container or covered for up to 10 days.

Freeze wrapped well for up to 2 months




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  1. It looks like there should be a video attached but I don’t see it. Am I reading the post incorrectly? Thank you.

  2. Hi Gretchen. I came across your Youtube channel recently and am a great fan! Such great cakes and pastries from a true chef! Living in Europe I bake metric so please a word of advice from a pro: How accurate do I have to be if the converted amount is like 312 g sugar. Wouldnt 310 g do too? I’ve been told to always stick to a recipe but such minor adjustments should be okay…? Thank you for your thougths.

    1. Hi Great thanks!! When i comes to 2 grams~~ for sugar is literally a couple grains, not a big difference, in measuring baking powder or soda or salt or very light powdery stuff- BIG difference

  3. Hi Gretchen, this looks super yummy!! I have a question, wouldn’t 3-8 ounce packages of cream cheese be equal to about 3 cups, not 1 1/2? Just wanted to make sure for those who are measuring it out by cups. Thanks for the recipe!! I love these two things together!

  4. Red velvet Cheese Cake looks yummy Gretchen
    Can I skip the egg in cheese cake in the above receipe instead can flax seeds powder be used if yes please give the measurement for the above receipe

  5. This looks so fantastic. I just printed the recipes (already have the Swiss Buttercream recipe from long ago) and I can’t wait to try this out. So yummy for an adult party. Not sure I’d put that much effort into a kid’s cake. The red cake yes, not the cheesecake. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  6. Hi this looks yummy, don’t have a blow torch, just a spring foam pan, how would I prepare for 9in springfoam pan. Do I put a pan of water in oven while baking? Please respond want to make this weekend
    Thanks, Dee

    1. Hi Dee, I do not use springform pans since if you are going to use a waterbath you run the risk of them leaking click here for more.
      Many people wrap a heavy band of aluminum foil around the base to prevent that, again, why I do not use them!
      But you can easily get the cheesecake out of a regular cake pan CLICK HERE TO SEE skip forward to 5:10 in the video to see it

  7. Hi Gretchen,

    Am making your Red Velvet Cheesecake for Christmas. (YUMMM!) I’ve made your Red Velvet Cake before and love the recipe. My question is on this RV Cheesecake assembly. Did you trim your bottom layer RV Cake (as in taking a bit off the top)? It just looks thinner in your finished picture than what the layers typically bake up to. Would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Thanks as always for another terrific recipe! I just KNOW it’s going to all be delicious!! 🙂

    1. Hmm, interesting question since I have no trouble with the bottom layer getting dry? Perhaps I am not understanding your question?

    1. yes the cheesecake has no flour in the batter and the red velvet cake can be made using a Gluten free Baking Mix like Bobs Red Mill or King Arthur

  8. hi i plan to make this cake but i have a question here in cheesecake your using heavy cream instead of sour cream that you normally use in other cheesecake recipies is their any special reason.

    1. Hi Great, sometimes I just change it up between heavy cream and sour cream. Sour cream will give it a slight tang, where the heavy cream adds richness and creaminess without that tanginess (it is your option)

  9. Hello gretchen! I am planning to try out this recipe but a mini version that serves enough for 6 people. (Size 6″) May i know how much ingredients should i use and to which temperature and how long should i bake the cake in the oven? Need your reply asap! Thankss!

  10. Gretchen, I usually make your NY Vanilla cheesecake and love it! Can I pour that recipe on the red velvet cake layer and get the same results (different taste). If I DON’T add the RV cake cubes to the cheesecake batter what can I expect or what should I do to compensate?
    Thank you dear girl!

    1. I dont usually pour the batter on the cake and then bake, I always add the baked cake after. You can forgo the chunks of RV sure, it will be fine

  11. Hi Gretchen , This recipe looks so good ! I’ve been looking for a dessert for our Christmas Party. What I want is small bites. So my question to you is could I make cake pops / cake balls out of this ? If so how would I do that ? I sure hope you have a Solution, thanking you in advance Carol

  12. I made the cheesecake per your instructions, however it has cracks in the center. Anyway to prevent it for next time?

    1. usually the water bath when baking will prevent this, but also a slow cool (letting it cool in the oven after baking for an hour with the door slightly cracked) too much whipping when mixing could also incorporate too much air and cause cracking when baking

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