Russian Piping Tips Review



I finally did it!

I got on the bandwagon of a current trend way sooner than my usual 3 years wait! LOL

These Russian Piping Tips just looked too enticing to pass up and I am so glad I got them.

I did a quick video tutorial (below) that shows you visually how to pipe with them since I found that the pressure and quickness with which you work is the key to making these flowers have definite shape and structure.

I bought mine on Amazon and I decided on the smaller set of 7 versus sets of 25, 27 and 29.

You will see there are tons of vendors who also jumped on this bandwagon, and you will see various sets with different nozzles and really random amounts in each set.

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the way these vendors are selling them, so this is the first thing that can trip you up.

Just be sure to really pay attention to what you are buying, these nozzles seem to be different in almost every set I see.

This is the exact set I bought~ the set of 7 tulip flower nozzles.

I am happy with it for the most part, it was only $13.99 and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime,  however I am slightly disappointed that I did not get the rose bud tube.

Instead mine came with an oversized grass tip.

“Meh” It’s Ok.

But I would have preferred the rose bud tip.  My fault for not paying closer attention.

If I had to do it again I would buy this set (CLICK HERE) for more money though (but if you have Amazon Prime you get free shipping and  A 25% OFF DISCOUNT CODE ZIIV86ZC good through July 31, 2016) You get 27  tips and that includes the rose tips! as well as a tri-color coupler and some pastry bags too!

So other than the initial confusion from being overwhelmed by which set to buy, I really enjoyed using these tips.

I do have a Pros & Cons list though, since as soon as I started I got glaring insights right away.

#1 – CON: The tips are really large and you will have to dedicate a pastry bag (or a few pastry bags!!) specifically for these tips.  I did not want to cut my existing pastry bags with larger holes so I opted to use disposable pastry bags.

#2- CON: The tips are not marked, so from a tutorial standpoint it is difficult since I know many of you will want to know which tips I used and I have no idea! You will just have to match them up with the chart (below) as I show you each one in the video I also made (below)

That’s really all I came up with for the CONS though, so 2 negatives isn’t really bad especially against all the PROS:

#1 – PRO: Works great with my American Buttercream Recipe I tried using the tips with my Swiss Meringue Buttercream & Italian Meringue Buttercream recipes too and it was really difficult to keep the shape of the flower, the meringue buttercream are just too soft, billowy, silky for this application.  Now I may get some disagreement here, and please enlighten me to your results with those buttercreams. It’s just in my testing here I did not get good results. But the American Style!? Oh yeah!

#2 – PRO: No real decorating skills are required! This mean you can create beautiful cakes and pastries and everyone will think you are an amazing cake decorator! LOL

#3 – PRO: Easy to use with just a short amount of practice, like literally 1 minute and you can get the hang of the pressure needed (I mention & show this in the video)

#4 – PRO: Easy to Clean, they are stainless steel and of good quality.

For those interested in buying a coupler to fit these tips CLICK HERE


russian tips 2

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  1. Thank you so much Gretchen. I was just looking at all the sets on eBay wondering which ones to get. Your post is not only well timed, it is also an enormous help. Much love xx

  2. WOW those are really nice and TY for taking the time to “try them out & and get frustrated for us”. By the time I get to decorating, I just want it all to go good lol.. Have I told you lately how awesome you are? Well, you ARE!!! TY TY Again!

  3. I have a larger set and mine are numbered. Mine also fit the large coupler I already owned and I think it is Wilton. I also purchased a secon set, ( I really don’t know why) these tip are a little smaller and they also have numbers on them but I don’t think they fit my coupler. There must be many sizes and varieties! Thanks foe the video!

  4. Thank you , you have mad my decision easier. I have been looking at all the different Russian Tips out there. I was getting so confused and really had no idea what to purchase. You have been a great help. Thank you

  5. Thank you for taking the time to give us the ordering details for your tips. I went to buy them a couple months ago and the vendor I was using was so expensive I decided against them. I just purchased the $19.99 set and know I will love them!

  6. I bought my set of Russian Tips several months ago and truly have NOT had time to do more than tear open the package, get some ABC in a bag and play for 2 minutes or so. Was not really happy with the results and understand it was my icing consistency. I was REALLY hoping you would show how to load the bag in order to get a different color center as in the photo of the pink & yellow flower and the yellow & green. Perhaps that may come in the future?? Hint ..hint…. 🙂 🙂

    1. It is very easy to do two toned flowers, and there is more then one way to do it. You can simply smear one color around just the outside of your piping bag leaving the center portion clean, and then place the second color down the middle so it is surrounded by the first color… or do one color on one side of the bag and the other color on the other side of the bag. You can also do a plug, which involves using plastic wrap to arrange the colors you want, rolling them up and then placing that tube down into your piping bag. You can also use gel color and a paint brush to stripe your piping bag, which gives you a different two-tone effect. There are videos on how to do this all over the internet, I suggest searching for it and trying the technique that looks most comfortable to you.

  7. Gretchen, I do so much appreciate your tutorials, I bought the same tips you did 2 weeks ago but I have not used them, with your insight and recipe for it, I’m thrilled to get started, thank you so much for your time and dedication to your followers

  8. I purchased the larger set (29 piece) and I love it. I did have to work on the consistency of my buttercream. As you pointed out in your video, an American style buttercream is a must with these tips. I use a large 18″ disposable bag without a coupler with mine. My tips are not numbered either. I use mine with just one color buttercream and I have also used them by putting buttercream in smaller disposable decorating bags, cutting the tip off of the decorating bags and placing 2 or 3 of these down in the larger bag to create a multi colored flower. I plan on purchasing more. Thank you for sharing all of your tips, tricks, and techniques. I always point new bakers or those asking for recipes to your website.

    1. Another way to get different color in the middle is: tear off a section of plastic wrap. Spread the color you want on the plastic (wipe a damp hand onto table/counter to hold plastic in place) about 4″x4″ or 4″x6″. The color you want in the center then is put down the middle of your outside color. Spread it to reach both ends keeping it in the center (not side to side). Now roll your plastic over & pull back then take the other side & pull over & roll it (like a jellyroll). Twist ends in opposite directions. Cut 1 end off & insert into your piping bag. Squeeze as Gretchen instructed. 1 thing to mention b/c of the pressure you use to pipe it is important not to cut you bag tip to high up on your tip. Only go up maybe 1/4 of what you would normally cut for these large tips. Closer to the end the better. (Regular tips we cut 1/3 – 1/2 way up the tip).

  9. I’m very tempted to buy these. I developed arthritis in my thumbs and have had to give up piping. The best bag position seems to be 90 degree, like you use for these tips. But i’ve heard that you must use stiff icing. Is that true?

  10. Global Sugarart has a wonderful video on YouTube showing how to use these tips. It includes how to make a two toned flower. Ordered my tip set from Amazon and can’t wait to try them. Just in time for Mother’s Day!!

  11. Hello Gretchen. Thank you so much for all the great lessons and ideas! I have to say though, this time and this info was a killer! I was up all night watching Russian videos (in Russian, I have no clue what they were saying) where they were using those amazing Russian piping tips. The other amazing thing was I feel pretty certain they were making and using 7 min. icing for the piping. I remember my mom making that stuff once in awhile when I was a kid and not really liking it that much but the texture seems like it might be light and interesting for these piping tips.
    Thank you again. I’ve become the official birthday cake baker for the family!

  12. I purchased the 23 pc Russian Tips from the same seller and I love it!! I’ve been looking for a coupler that will work with my Large Ateco Tips and My New large 23 PC Set Russian Tips and
    If anyone is wondering The Large 23 PC Russian Tips/Nozzles WILL WORK with The Large Plastic Ateco Coupler 404 $5.10 on Amazon, I use a large 18 inch bag.

  13. I have no problem using these with my IMBC, they hold up just fine. I personally wouldn’t use the buttercream recipe you used here, because all those bubbles in the finish on both the cake coating and in the flowers ruin the look for me, but to each their own. I have a different set of 7 tips, with two rosette tips included, that I only paid about $12 for on Amazon. I like these for use as filler flowers in a floral wreath design, or on cupcakes, but I personally feel like they need other larger buttercream flowers around them to really make for a finished look. I have also used a few of the Russian tips as centers for my flowers with some success. Something like a 127 or 180 tip. The larger sets of Russian tips come with quite a few petal tips, so I do believe that some of these are intended to be used as centers, and not just stand alone flowers. I think they look the best and least manufactured when one sticks to more muted or botanically accurate color schemes, and if they are piped in two-tone or three-tone variegated colors. Otherwise they can look a bit cheesy or manufactured to me. These are just my thoughts based on my experience with the tips I own.

  14. Hey Gretchen!

    I went to Candyland to pick up some supplies today and guess what they had displayed on the front counter?? 🙂 They just got them in about a week ago and are selling them in sets of 7 or individually. Here’s the best part…Ateco is making them! AND – they actually number and mark them. I bought just one to start and see if I like them. Excited to try it! Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

  15. My set from Amazon just arrived. I can’t wait to experiment this weekend! Thanks for doing the research for us!

  16. Gretchen,
    I also received my 11 piece set today! I’m hoping to get to try it out today. My set did come with the rose in two sizes. My reason of commenting today is two fold. One is to thank you for your continued tips and recommendations, but mostly to thank you, not just for myself, but for so many of us that would rather not just slap some store bought icing and sugar stamps on a cake and call it decorating, but produce not only a lucious cake but a artistic beautiful decorated cake to not only share but help make an occasion a special event!
    The day you get to heaven, there will be rejoicing for not only a great master baker, but for one of the most unselfish professionals I have ever heard of in any field. So secondly, thank you so much for sharing so much, which includes all you knowledge, time, energy and cost. As far as I am concerned, you already have wings! Happy decorating!

  17. Excellent excellent tip!!! You say you’re behind the times but if it wasn’t for you I would not have known about this. Thanks so much!! Great job as usual!!

  18. I was on the fence about ordering a set, but after reading you’re review I went for it. I got them last week and been popping tulips and roses in clusters of three and freezing them. I also found out that the tips can be used with the jumbo coupler.
    Thank you

  19. I bought a set of these and I really don’t know anyone could love these. They are a mess to use. They are not marked as far as number’s so you have no idea what you have. I have several times to figure these things are for. I also got them from Amazon and if I could get my money back I would. These companies are making a fortune and it is a rip off.

    1. yeah that was one of the things I noted here in my review- the lack of numbering and also that everyone seems to be selling a different set very confusing

  20. Hi. I bought my set on ebay. I think I got the set of 7 the most interesting tips. Long shippong to Poland but it was very cheap so ok. I was very excited and quickly got dissapointed. I watched a lot a lot of Russian videos and in all of them they use swiss or italian meringue and tulips look fantastic! My tulips collapsed 🙁 Didn’t keep form at all! Last weekend I have got the rest of buttercream I didn’t use for the cake. I was playing with tips. A little bit better but not fantastic. I don’t give up. I will try again but my enthusiasm dissapeard. Also more I was watching videos with them, more daub? trash ? ( I don’t know what is the proper word in English) they look for me. After all I think that petal flowers look more subtle, more elegant. But this i sonly my opinion 🙂 Cheers!

  21. Hi
    Can you help me please to find this Russian piping tips cake/cupcake ? i mean free photo that i can use them for me.


  22. I really want to know if you can use the Russian tips with Royal icing. Have you tried? I’m getting a set of tips this month. Any help and advice will be welcome. Particularly with a recipe for the R.I. to make these flowers. Thanks

  23. I bought the Wilton just add water royal icing for this and I have the same ones, do you think that it would work, I’m kinda new to decorating, are you even supposed to use royal using to cover a whole cupcake?

  24. Hi Gretchen. I love watching your videos, and I found this review shortly after getting my own tips.
    I did find a great meringue buttercream recipe that works really well for me with these tips. You can find it at and it’s called the “Easiest, Most Delicious Meringue Buttercream”. I prefer it to the American Buttercream. It’s less sweet and very buttery. It pipes well and keeps the detail without needing to be as stiff. It’s also super easy! You might want to give it a try.
    Love your site!!!

  25. Hi Gretchen,
    Love watching your videos, you are amazing girl! Thank, thank you, thank you…these tips are so confusing, there are hundreds. I finally bit the bullet and purchased some. Here’s my question, I’m making sugar cookie Easter houses with my grandkids. They are 8 & 3. They are learning to pipe with royal icing and are pretty good at it. With royal icing, as you know, can be piped onto parchment and popped off when dried and placed wherever. Buttercream crusts but never really dries well enough for a child to place where they want it. It has to be piped directly onto the baked goods. Have you tried using a stiffer mixture of royal icing? Btw….I have no clue what kind of flowers these tips are going to make. And I didn’t realize how large and thick they are! Certainly can’t use a 12″pastry bag, it will end up being 8″ after cutting the tip off to fit these bad boys! Thank you for all your baking insight and your humor.

  26. Hi all,
    I purchased a set on Ebay and tried them last night with American Buttercream, all butter/no shortening the first batch. These tips are so large that I had to make a second batch of icing to cover the other half of my cupcakes. ..more on that later. My first batch was a bit soft I guess. Kind of blobby. I am a true beginner, so although I won’t give up, I was at a loss as to what to do. Icing seemed so stiff in comparison to what I’d use to just frost a cake. So…since I had to make more icing anyway for the other half of my cupcakes, I used about a 1/2 cup of Crisco with the 1 1/2 cups of butter, softened slightly. These flowers held their shape better. My issue is this – these tips are so big! The flowers stand up so high and seem to overwhelm the cupcake! Where can I find smaller Russian tips that will work well, use less icing, and not be so large on the cupcake? Thanks so much! Loving the discussion here!

    1. Yes I agree that the tips are too big, I also wish they were smaller. I have not seen any smaller though

  27. We tried to use the Russian frosting tips and had terrible results. The frosting would not release from the bag, the bag kept splitting and it looked awful. We tried regular buttercream frosting ( Good Housekeeping buttercream frosting) and frosting from a can. Both turned out to be desasters! We tried spritzing them with water, another bad idea. Having a hard time with the cream releasing and adhireing to the cupcakes. Want to love these, but off to a rocky relationship. Please help.

  28. Hi Gretchen! I ordered this set (5 actually–for my family members, too), but I am interested in obtaining extra couplers. I reached out to It’s All Good Mart, but they only carry the kits so were not sure. Have you ordered extra couplers? If so, can you help me figure out which ones to order so that I get the right size? I did see somewhere that the large white Wilton couplers would fit; however, these tips are too large for that particular coupler. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. (I was so excited to get these kits that I never noticed the coupon code for the 25% discount. Boo hoo, especially since I ordered 5 kits.) Oh well, still very happy with my purchase.

    1. Hi Arline, no I don’t sell any of the Russian pieces. I think you buy the couplers though just do a general search for Russian Tips/ Couplers and see what comes up, sorry Im not a better help

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