Russian Piping Tips Updated Review

Russian Piping Tips Review

As you may well know the Russian Piping Tips hit the scene several months ago and they have gained momentum ever since!

It seems every person and their grandmother is selling Russian Piping Tips these days!

I shared my experiences in sorting through all those different sets of tips and vendors here on my original Russian Piping Tips Review along with a video showing the different tips in the smaller set that I bought with a not so great vendor through Amazon.

Since then I have been offered many more tips and sets through dozens of vendors asking me to do more reviews and to try out their Russian Piping Tips.

I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time to find a vendor for you all that I could deem reliable and who carried a quality set; since my first go at it was a bit hectic and I want to spare you the trouble.

I decided to go with It’ since they seemed to offer the best quality of the Russian Tips that I have seen, complete with a website that shows you exactly what each tip will look like once it is piped with buttercream.

Additionally they include the coupler that fits these larger style tips and if you read my original review you will know that was one thing I listed on the “cons” list when buying from the vendor I chose.

The Tri Coupler is a really nice addition to the set that also comes with a Silicone Pastry Bag (and this is new to me! Since you know me and my Arrow Thermo Bags) but the silicone bag they include is very durable and reusable. 3 Disposable plastic bags are also included but they are slightly small for the size of the Russian Tips, but hey you can never have too many pastry bags in my opinion; so I’ll just be using those for something else.

So hopefully you have read both reviews and ended up here so you can head over to to buy the tips (Currently they do not offer International Shipping~ HOWEVER you can email Chris direct at to arrange a PayPal payment and he will personally ship to you Internationally! Woohoo! It pays to know people in high places! LOL

Click here for the Amazon Page to by the Russian Piping Tips from ItsAllGoodMart to grab your set of tips

Then you can get to making beautifully decorated cakes with minimal skill like my Almond Cake with Raspberry Cream Cheese Icing!

And don’t forget the best Buttercream Icing Recipe to use with these tips is right here too!

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    1. grrr! I know!! He has to update his coupon code! I contacted the seller, he has not yet replied to me! Im sorry for this 🙁

      1. Sorry for the coupon delay. The original promo ended and a new one will start at 1pm ET 7/11/2016 and run until 7/31/2016 at midnight. Thanks for your patience!

  1. Gretchen, I bought tips from Amazon when you first presented them. I love them and no on in my area seems to have seen these tips or the technique. I just jumped on this offer as I love the idea of more tips. Thanks again for being you!

  2. Gretchen, great review and these tips look amazing! There’s so many of them, I’m curious which ones do you use most often?


    1. HI Gary thanks! Ive been partial to the Tulip tip for some reason! Even after I made a big stink about not getting the rose one! LOL (by the way I finally got the rose one!)

    1. Hi Trisha, sorry about that, it seems the vendor has placed an expiration on that code 🙁
      If you email him he may still extend you the discount just tell him you were brought from Gretchen’s Bakery

  3. I have some of the Russian tips and was excited to try them with your buttercream recipe. They wouldn’t hold up and just made little pointed lumps, pretty, but not what I wanted. I thought maybe I had done something wrong so I tried again and this time didn’t use quite all of the cream. Same thing. I tried refridgerating it. Then it was grainy and when it was smooth was too mushy AGAIN. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Im not so sure it is the buttercream as much as it takes some technique for these tips, a very fast squeeze of the bag and a quick pull up will do the trick. Try to chill the buttercream slightly before using (not to the point that it is too cold to pipe) but just a chill perhaps your hands are hot and cause the buttercream in the bag to melt, this will pose a problem for piping with this tip so you can also try gardening gloves to prevent that heat transfer

  4. Hi Gretchen. Do you know if the vendor is offering a discount code this year? I had a few of these tips and I loved using them. The ones I had were not well made and it seems like they didn’t have a coating on the inside of the tips. I washed them about 6 times before the black film stopped coming off. I would love to have some that are well made. The others I just tossed for fear of trace elements of who knows what lol. When I did try them I used three different colors in a piping bag and it made the flowers look so beautiful. I spread my buttercream out on plastic wrap and layer it with a layer of each color. Twirl the ends and put it in my piping bag. Also do you know if there are piping bags that are sealed down the center for adding two different colors without mixing them? Maybe I should think of coming up with a patent on a tri sealed bag. Thanks for the great website! Peggy

    1. Hi Peggy! I’m not sure if they would be offering a discount. If so it would probably be through Amazon.
      AS for the piping bags I think Wilton sells them that way. I do Amazon searches for all that stuff though, its the easiest way to find all the vendors selling things and possible discounts too

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