Salt- Ah salt. Good old NaCl. Something so simple and unadulterated, found in nature so readily is going to get very tricky in
3 , 2, 1…..

Remember the old days when salt on your grocery list meant a can of Mortons Iodized Salt?
Well, now it’s not so simple.

Salt has come “en Vogue” if you will within the last 15-20 years, wow has it been that long? I’m dating myself.
At any rate, salt is no longer just plain old salt. Not to mention since it is not produced in a factory, well it is packaged there of course, but it is not chemically devleoped, it is found in nature, it is difficult to “control” its consistency as far as where it came from, who manufactured it and how.

Check out this blog written the SmittenKitchen she writes Not all Salts are Created Equally

Salt in a pastry recipes is a background note to enhance all the other flavors which it does so well.
In my recipes I use regular old table salt, yep the Mortons Iodized in a can will be fine.

If you are of the Kosher Salt genre, (which I am faithfully at home when cooking and baking), you may have heard to double the amount of salt in a recipe when you are using Kosher. I do not do this, generally speaking I have not had any major issues when subbing in Kosher for regular table salt.

Salt- 1 teaspoon= 6g

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