Sno Balls Copy Cat Recipe


The Hostess Sno Balls !

Another one of my favorite childhood treats!

I loved these more than Devil Dogs when I was younger (Ok I love them even still today! But I try to make wiser choices in my old age!)

However, now that I can make them homemade? This could get dangerous!

Homemade marshmallow covered in coconut and a little chocolate cake filled with buttercream tucked neatly inside.

I was almost shocked at how perfectly these came out; I mean they look exactly like the real thing!

I say “almost shocked” because well, the bottom line is that if you have all the right tools and all the right ingredients with a step by step tutorial as I’m a bout to show you, you cannot go wrong!

The only thing that will be shocking to you, is how easy these are to make!

Hostess I’m sorry to say it, but we just don’t need you anymore.

Sno Ball Snack Cake Copy Cat Recipe
This is a building on recipes projectso be sure to prepare the chocolate cake & buttercream recipe in advance before beginning
I have listed ¼ recipe buttercream and even that will be more than you need, but it is difficult to make a smaller batch in my opinion you can never have too much buttercream! It freezes great!
You will notice I have coconut listed in the ingredients below for either sweetened flake or unsweetened. I actually used BOTH kinds mixed together and found this to be far superior than just the one or the other ~ you can use whichever you prefer
Prepare the chocolate cake discs in advance by piping buttercream into them, then freeze until you are ready to insert them into the marshmallow
Serves: 8 Sno Balls
  • ½ Recipe Chocolate Cake baked in a ¼ sheet pan
  • ¼ Recipe Buttercream
  • Cold Water ⅓ cup (80ml)
  • Plain Gelatin Powder 1 Tablespoon (12g)
  • Granulated Sugar ½ cup (100g)
  • Light Corn Syrup ½ cup (120ml)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoons (5ml)
  • Sweetened Flake Coconut or Unsweetened Coconut 2 Cups
  • Coconut Oil 4 Tablespoons
  1. Prepare a silicone sphere mold with a coating of coconut oil and then press approximately 2 Tablespoons coconut into each cavity
  2. In a small sauce pot bloom the gelatin in the water.
  3. After 5 minutes turn on the heat and add the sugar to the gelatin.
  4. Melt the sugar and dissolve the gelatin over a low flame, do not boil.
  5. Transfer entire contents to a mixer bowl fitted with a whisk attachment, add the corn syrup and whip on high speed until it is to resemble marshmallow.
  6. It will be cooled or slightly warm to the touch, white, fluffy and have almost tripled in volume.
  7. At this point you are to work quickly as the gelatin will begin to set once it gets cold.
  8. Transfer the entire mixture toa Pastry Bag fitted with a straight tube or a coupler with no tip inserted.
  9. Pipe the marshmallow into the prepared sphere molds almost to the top then place a filled chocolate cake immediately into the marshmallow
  10. Once the marshmallow has set at room temperature you can unmold the sno balls and serve or store in an airtight container for up to 1 week
Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week

A note about the Flexipan Molds.

I have the super expensive ones you can see, as I linked to them above.

There is a much cheaper version but they are MINI’s! Like 2ounce capacity. Click here for the mini version 2 ounce capacity silicone sphere mold

UPDATE! Here is a cheaper company for the 3ounce capacity silicone sphere mold

As I show you in the video there are other options since I know not many people are going to invest in such an expensive item to make these novelty cakes.

You can of course use muffins tins; or go for a larger family sized Sno Ball Cake instead of the individuals and you can purchase the Wilton Ball Pan Mold and this will work perfectly!

Alternatively you can go the really super cheap NO INVESTMENT ROUTE and use a standard kitchen bowl for molding the entire cake!

Get creative! Use what you have around the house! I hate investing in new tools that I will only use for certain applications!  Just clutters the kitchen!

Just remember if you are not using the flex mold you will have to line whatever molds you are using with plastic wrap or you will NEVER get those suckers out!

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  1. Hi Gretchen! Did you mean 4 drops of coconut oil? I think 4 T is too much. Haha.

    Thanks for everything– linda

    1. Hi Linda the coconut oil if for greasing the molds, 4 Tbs is probably overkill, but just use whatever you need to get them slick so the coconut can stick

  2. Snowballs were always my favorite since I was a kid, but I always liked the pink color, not that it makes a difference in taste. I was just wondering for nostalgia sake, could I color the marshmallow pink?

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