Stabilized Whipped Cream for Icing Cakes

Whipped Cream

I am always surprised to see which recipes / videos really take off (like this Stabilized Whipped cream for icing cakes!) and the ones that I think are going to be EPIC Viral videos never do much of anything!

I guess I often overlook the more basic things like making a Whipped Cream that can hold up just a tiny bit better at an event than straight up whipped heavy cream for icing

Whipped cream for icing cakes sometimes needs a little help to maintain its integrity if you are expecting your desserts to hold up for more than a few hours or at maximum 2 days.

With the help of a little gelatin, you can achieve this.

Now of course whipped cream is the most non-cooperative ingredient to ever work with in the pastry kitchen since it really needs to stay in the refrigerator at all times and starts to melt and weep the minute after you ice your cake with it!

But this stabilizer will surely give your whipped cream creations a slightly longer window to help increase the beauty and integrity of your whipped cream creations.

For those of you who do not use gelatin, you may substitute agar agar in the same quantities or simply leave it out of the recipe and you will still have Whipped Cream, just not as stable

One note about those using a Hand Beater for this recipe- while it can be done of course (it just takes a little longer) but be careful with the gelatin stabilizer with the hand beaters, they do not work quick enough to get the gelatin distributed fast enough and can result in tiny bits of gelatin throughout, I would probably suggest to use a hank whisk and do it by hand- get someone to hold the bowl for you while you whip in the gelatin mixture as fast as you possibly can whip!

*For those looking for a vegetarian substitute for the stabilizer CLICK HERE for Ultra Gel Corn Thickener

4.9 from 9 reviews
Stabilizer Recipe
  • Plain Powdered Gelatin 1 teaspoon
  • Cold Water 1-1/2 tablespoons
  • Boiling Water 1-1/2 tablespoons
  1. Bloom the gelatin in the cold water.
  2. Let stand about 5 minutes.
  3. Add the boiled water to the gelatin mixture and stir to dissolve.
  4. Use immediately in the recipe below
4.9 from 9 reviews
Stabilized Whipped Cream Recipe
If your stabilizer starts to get gelatinized while you prepare the whipped cream, you simply rewarm in a microwave or on the stove top gently to melt.
Serves: 3¾ Cups
  • 2 cups Heavy Cream
  • ¼ cup Granulated or Confectioners Sugar (adjust to taste if you like sweeter or less sugar)
  • The entire stabilizer recipe from above
  1. First prepare the gelatin stabilizer from above. reserve.
  2. Using a cold bowl, whip and heavy cream whip the cream and gradually add the sugar.
  3. Whip to soft - medium peaks and then add the melted stabilizer all at once (see video demo)
  4. Continue to whip for a few seconds longer until desired consistency.
  5. Use immediately on your cakes and desserts
Always refrigerate any cake or dessert that is made with whipped cream as it is highly perishable.
4.9 from 9 reviews
Stabilized Whipped Cream with Jell-O variation
Prep time
Total time
Any flavor Jello-O Pudding but it must be INSTANT Jell-O pudding not the cooked type
Be wary of the sugar free instant pudding mix, which is actually the one I like using, it's just that the weight will be much less (28g per entire package!!) So you will still use half package to 2 cups of cream but the weight will now be 14g
Serves: 3½ cups
  • Heavy Cream 2 cups (480ml)
  • ½ Package (48g) Instant Jell-O Pudding mix
  1. Combine the heavy cream & the instant Jell-O Pudding mix together and whip to desired peaked consistency

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  1. How long will the stabilized whipped cream hold up? I was thinking of using it on a coconut cake. Will it last a few days in the frig?


    1. Whipped cream cakes will last up to 3 days in the refrigerator but not because it will go “bad”. It is simply that the first day is always the best, after that it will noticeably begin to loose its beauty and integrity

  2. Hi Gretchen,
    Can you refrigerate the gelatin stabilizer? If so, for how long? Love your site.


  3. Great recipe, easy to make, but after one day in the fridge the whipped cream on top of my cake had cracked.

  4. I am making a wedding cake consisting of two each 12, 9, 6 and 3 inch layers. The stabilized whipped cream filling will be placed between slightly frozen cake layers the day of the wedding. My thought being that would help hold the cream longer. Two questions: will it be okay to make the filling the day before and how much heavy cream should I use for this size cake?

    1. It is OK to make it the day ahead when it is for filling (icings not so great- the air is what breaks down the icing in whipped cream so inside the cake it is protected more) I would do 1 quart for the filling on the 12″ / and another quart between the other cakes

  5. Hello there ,,,i have a problem with gas oven ,,,i have made sponge cake but it did not pretty
    please help me
    if we use 170 ,,,in electric oven ,,,but in gas oven we can not use 170
    thank you

    1. Im not sure how to help you, it sounds as if you have to make sure your oven is calibrated properly- try an oven thermometer first to check that the actual 170 is really 170

  6. Hi Gretchen,
    I made the stabilized whipping cream and it looked like sour milk what did I do wrong?? I made the gelatin the way you did I could it have been to hot? Thank YOU

    1. Oh no, sounds as if the gelatin set the cream before it got whipped all the way in, this has happened to some. Its not likely that a small amount of gelatin like this would be so hot to curdle that larger amount of COLD cream. Its more likely that it didnt get mixed in fast enough, causing it to set immediately. Im sorry this happened to you 🙁
      YOu can always warm the cream mixture and break down that gelatin- however Im not sure it will whip properly again (but its worth a try rather than throwing it out!) $$$
      Otherwise you can just warm the cream to melting and make ganache out of it

      1. Thank You Gretchen!!
        I believe your right. I probably didn’t add it quick enough because I didn’t want to over whip the cream,but I put the unsuccessful whipping cream on the ice cream cake and ate it anyway.. Its too expensive to throw is out, so I am anxious to try it again soon!! Thank You again!

  7. Hi Gretchen,
    I often get request for the icing that is sold on cakes in the grocery stores is that buttercream with heavy cream added?? It tastes like buttercream but fluffier..

    1. That is more of an American style buttercream where it is mostly shortening and sugar. The recipe I used at my bakery required a huge cube (50lbs) of fondant added to tons of confectioners sugar and shortening! (I dont have the recipe to share anymore though- I do plan to work on a recipe though in the near future- it is also a slightly crusting buttercream) stay tuned!

      1. Hi, cakes in Hong Kong do not uses overly sweet buttercream, can you show me how to do it without too much icing sugar added?

  8. Hi Gretchen,

    I’m making a wedding cake and layering it with the stabilised whipped cream and raspberries. The cake will be coated with a crusting buttercream. Will I still need to put it in the refrigerator or will it be OK for 24 hours on a table?

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes.


  9. Hi Gretchen, I wondered where you had gone to. I’m so pleased you are back. All the recipes I saved have disappeared and I wanted to make a special cake for a Christening I am going to in a couple of weeks. I was just checking my junk mail and there you were. Obviously now no longer in junk and every recipe will be saved again. Your recipes have all been wonderful and I look forward to seeing lots more. Thank you x

  10. ? Went to a party. This lady made cupcakes for. The frosting was super light airy.

    It was extremely stable for a July day. A 90degree hot humid day. I brought home a cupcake left it out all night and the next day it was the same.
    Flavor was nice, not to sweet. It was not sugary. Did not taste like there was any fat in it. It was smooth, bit of texture. Light flavor.
    She would not share the recipe. Now I know she works at a grocery store, but I have never had any of there frostings that tasted like that. Do you have any idea of what the recipe would be. I was wondering a packaged whip cream base! I was going to try with a dream whip??? Your thoughts?

    1. …my guess is that it was a frosting with egg whites as a base. They are light, fluffy, and not fatty. They can be made with pasteurized eggs or meringue powder to make them safer. Once you have stiff peaks you fold in a syrup (often flavored or spiced).

      1. Donna, I think it is a frosting made like the supermarket cakes but instead of regular shortening – high ratio shortening was used. It’s creamy and very smooth and does not have that greasy taste like the regular shortening nor the granular texture from the sugar.

  11. Your stabilized whipped cream is fabulous solution for icing. I wondering if it’s posible to do the same with agar-agar, and how we kan do this?
    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks! Yes you can, agar is to be treated differnetly though it has to be added to HOT liquid so you can heat of a small portion of cream add the agar and then add all to the main whipping cream

  12. You look awsome as always but where is my sexy redhair i have a crush on you .

    Hopefully I will met you soon

    jorge from Monterrey, Mexico

  13. I’m so glad to see that your back!!!!..whatever you have gone through, it’s ok because you are moving on, back in action!!

    I have questions about both icings. The Swiss buttercream, in the video it looks a little yellowish at the end, I guess from the butter or the light , in the pics and other previous vids they were Snow White. Do you think the light was the reason y it didn’t look white in the vid?

    When you used the flavored gelatin in the whipped cream, does it gives the whipped cream a different flavor. Like you used the vanilla flavored and I saw a pic of pistachio on the right. So does the whipped cream now become vanilla or pistachio flavored?

    1. Hi Thanks! Yes the lighting was definitely what could have caused that color difference since I have not changed the swiss buttercream recipe

      as for the flavor in the stabiliZer- the Knox- plain gelatin is flavor-less, however some people say they taste the “taste of it” taste is always a personal thing. I do not find it has a off taste is such a small quantity.

      For the vanilla- pistachio, strawberry etc – YES it will take on that taste and this is why you will choose the flavor that best suits your dessert

  14. Question: when I first saw your post for stabLized whipped cream and a mention of Jello I thought you used the same as I did. Pint of heavy cream, 1/3 c confections sugar and 2 tablespoons of Jello instant vanilla pudding. Have you ever used this?

    1. yes I have 2 recipes here, with one being exactly as you mention (In the video – its at the end – a sort of bonus)
      I realize I never wrote it down on the blog- its only in the video- thankyou for bringing that to my attention- I will update now

  15. I would be making a raspberry stabilised whipped cream soon and would like your advice on the amount of raspberry. Firstly, should I put raspberry juice or puree. If correct me if I am wrong but a puree will be much stronger in flavour but would add lesser liquid than raspberry juice to the whipped cream which is good because of the gelatin and stability of the whipped cream. At the same time, raspberry might have enzymes that break down the gelatin and this can be avoided by cooking the raspberries which can be achieved by making it into a puree using your method. Please guide me. Secondly is the amount of raspberry juice/puree (whichever you recommend). How much do you recommend for this whole recipe of stabilized whipped cream? Please help me, I will appreciate your help. Thank you!

  16. My stabilized whipped cream had tiny bits of gelatin. I put the gelatin in cold water and let it get slushy. Then added super hot water and mixed. Added it to my whipped cream and it had the tiny bits of gelatin in it. What went wrong?

    1. SOunds like it started to re-solidify too quickly before it got whipped in-
      the gelatin has to be added so fast while whipping on HIGH SPEED to be sure it doesnt get that chance to resolidify
      Did you use a hand beater ? or a stand mixer with a whip?

      1. Hey Gretchen,

        I am frm Qatar. Doin superb work. Keep satisfying us like dis… :)-

        I also had the same problem…Bits of gelatin…I wanted to get stabilized whipped cream…bt ofcourse afraid of gelatin chunks…Have read on net about using corn syrup as a stabilizer…Wil it really hold the cream???

        Please help me :::l-

        1. I have not used corn syrup as a stabilizer. I feel it wouldnt work (but again I have not tried it)
          If you go for the gelatin method just be sure to pour it in when it is still very warm, and you are whipping it in FAST

  17. Hi Gretchen

    It is so great to have you back. I have been searching for all your recipes but they seem to have disappear. Especially the Oreo Cheese Cake and the Best Chocolate Cake please I need them.

    Keep up the great work

  18. Hi love you video’s and work you are great, I have learned so much from you. I am new at decorating cakes and have a question. You said you can make you buttercream roses ect and freeze them but when you use them on your cake do they soften up and able to eat as if I hadn’t froze them?

  19. I have been ask to do a humidor cigar box, what is the best way to make a lid for this oblong cake? Should I use a square cake drum covered in fondant? Any ideas would. Be helpful thanks love wat you

    1. For box tops I use a cookie. I use gingerbread cookie or sugar cookie dough which I roll out to a size about 2″ longer and 2″ wider than the top I am making. I put the rolled dough on a cookie sheet. Then I place the pattern on top of the dough and cut through the dough with a knife. I do not remove the extra dough. The extra dough around the box top helps keep the cookie shaped correctly and helps it bake evenly. I let the cookie bake just a bit longer than usual. I recut the cookie while it is still hot and remove the extra edge. When it is cooled, I coat the cookie with melted white chocolate coating to make it a little stronger and so that the decorating icing does not soften the cookie.

  20. Hi Gretchen. I love your stabilized whipped cream using the non-flavored gelatin, but am wondering if you have ever used flavored gelatin instead? I want to make a lemon flavored stabilized whipped cream and would love to get it extra lemony, using lemon juice and zest instead of vanilla. But if I used the flavored gelatin, it would give it even more lemon flavor. Since there is sugar in the flavored Jello, I wasn’t sure if it would work and if so, how much I would need to use?

    1. HI there I have tried Jello-O Gelatin and I find it is way too sweet for this. But if you watch the video to the end here I use Jell-O PUDDING and I think they make lemon

  21. Hi Gretchen,
    I have an old recipe of yours for Carmel Butter Pecan Bars. It calls for 1 cup of honey. Can I substitute con syrup instead? Thanks.

  22. Hi Gretchen,
    Here I go again trying to make the stabilized whipped cream for a marble cake. I watched your video 3 times and my question is how much hot water did you add to the gelatin after it bloomed? Thank You again, Karen

  23. HI Gretchen,

    I made stabilised whipping cream and had a tough time with it when making some decorations like few flowers and leaves. The cream began to weep colour. I used Americolor brand of gel colours and used Elle & Vier whipping cream.

    Please help me to understand what i did wrong and how I can prevent this from happening again. I am feeling nervous about using stabilised whipping cream in my cakes.


    1. Hi There, Im sorry this happened to you, and honestly I never use whipped cream for making flowers, I do very simple borders and rosettes with it, but nothing else for the reason you mentioned.
      I am not so sure YOU did anything wrong, it is the nature of whipped cream.

      1. Yes, there is too much fat. I have not had much luck colouring any frosting that doesn’t have a pretty significant amount of powdered sugar in it. They will stand a slight tinge, but are prone to separation.

  24. Hi gretchen I love your recipes they always work! Keep doing amazing recipes! I’m from the UK and we don’t have heavy cream here. Can I substitute it with double cream or whipping cream?

    1. Well Im not sure- do you have a recipe for marshmallow frosting that requires this stabilizer?
      I guess Im just confused by your question- how will you make it, so I can comment better

  25. Hi gretcheni wanna try this mixture folding or mixing with cream you think it will work this way best or shall i whip cream chees together with whipping creme prior to adding gelatine?thanks

    1. Hmmm, those are two very different ingredients. Whipped cream so soft and cream cheese so tough.
      I would whip out the cream cheese as much as possible to get it very fluffy and airy like the whipped cream.
      Then fold then together

  26. Hi, just wondering if I use white chocolate jello pudding and add vanilla extract would that take away from the yellow tinge that the vanilla jello pudding gives? Lastly does the jello recipe set firmly or is it still whippy and nice once refrigerated?

      Plain Powdered Gelatin 1 teaspoon
      Cold Water 1-1/2 tablespoons
      Boiling Water 1-1/2 tablespoons

      Bloom the gelatin in the cold water.
      Let stand about 5 minutes.
      Add the boiled water to the gelatin mixture and stir to dissolve.
      Use immediately in the recipe below

  27. Hi Gretchen, I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake frosted in whipping cream. How long can the cake stay out using the stabilized whipped cream? Thanks!

  28. Hi Gretchen

    I’m going to use this recipe for the croquembouche for my friends wedding. I’m curious to know how the Jello recipe compared to the gelatine recipe. Was there a big difference?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Well the Jell-O imparts flavor and makes it more like a mousse texture, whereas the gelatin is a very slight stabilizer that will just help to support the whipped cream structure a little bit longer than if you had left it out

  29. Gretchen,

    If I wanted to make chocolate whipped cream with chocolate instant pudding how much choc. instant pudding do I use?

  30. Hi,
    I’m going to make a 12″, 9″,6″ tiered cake with whip cream filling (4 x 1/2″ layers each) , buttercream icing on the outside covered with fondant. Any tips to make the cake sturdy and not fall apart.
    I need to refrigerate the whip cream but I cannot refrigerate fondant 🙁 what do I do? My aunt hates buttercream and she has a fondant decoration on mind.

      1. Thanks a lot Gretchen! I will fill and ice cake the day before, leave it in the refrigerator. Cover it with fondant on the event day and place it back in the fridge with not so cold temperature I guess. Thank you.

  31. Hello!
    I am new to this site so be patient with me 🙂 I made cakes covered with fondant but never with other icing…
    I’m making chocolate raspberry cake with cream cheese frosting for my mother’s birthday (this filling is without butter). I will make this cake one day before the celebration..but I have a question which icing is better on this cake for frosting and staying firm? And for decorating the cake is it possible to make buttercream roses on stabilized whipped cream or any other icing..
    This is the recipe for filling in this cake:
    For Frosting:
    3 cups heavy cream
    16 ounces whipped cream cheese, softened at room temperature
    1 cup white granulated sugar
    2 cups frozen or fresh raspberries
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Do I need to add butter for more firm texture or gelatine? Or if I double the recipe and in one half add the raspberries and other half leave for icing the cake?
    Oh, and another question do you know which cream cheese do I need to use if I don’t find the right version? Can I use mascarpone?
    I’m from Slovenia and I’m struggling with my English here…I hope you understood me 🙂
    Thank you very much!

    1. HI Welcome! You will find a ton of information here so I hope you dig in!
      First, I have 2 Buttercream Icings Swiss Meringue Style & American Style the swiss will get more firm in the refrigerator, and is best served at room temperature so it is not “hard”.
      It is possible to make roses out of whipped cream, however I do not do it (others have with success) but don’t be fooled that this stabilizer is a “magic” cure all – since whipped cream is still whipped cream, highly perishable and not the greatest for taking to shapes (such as roses)
      I can’t really comment on other peoples recipes since I have not made it and don;t know how it should be when it is finished.
      I don’t know what the texture, firmness is to start out so to comment on what to add to make it different, I just cannot.
      Again to make suggestions for substitutions in other peoples recipes…same thing. I cannot know whether something will work or not unless it is tested- which I have done with my recipes here.
      Read about (and watch the video for ) Cream Cheese Icing here to understand that cream cheese in other countries is not the same as what I find here in the US.
      For those who get the “softer” cream cheese- I recommend to add it last rather than first, but I explain all that in that blog post.
      Good luck! and thanks for coming to Gretchen’s Bakery! I know you will love it here!

      Also click : Substitutions for more info on ingredients

      1. What about your cream cheese icing? Can I use this for frosting and decorating the cake?
        Thank you very much for your help 🙂

  32. Hi gretchen,
    My buttercream always get runny n crunchy . The icing sugar that i use doesn’t dissolve with the butter properly. How can i fix it? And get smooth n silky buttercream for my cake.

  33. Hello miss Gretchen,gud day!I’m always keep track on your blog. I’m very fan viewing your videos. I got more tips and techniques on how to bake cakes and making icing. Through your videos I learned and got more interested in baking even though I’m only a plain hausewife. I don’t have any background either,hehe…but hope this time you can help and teach me more….I got a problem when evrytime I make my Swiss meruinge buttercream it’s always runny it can’t hold long…it can hold if I refrigerate it but evrytime it’s out in the fredge it’s very runny…think it’s our weather here in the Philippines it’s very miss Gretchen what should I do? What is the remedy in this case?and also in my ganache…..thank you in advance miss Gretchen! God bless!!! More power!!!

  34. Hi Gretchen

    I have a request. Can you please make a video of over whipping the whipped cream like you did for overwhipping the egg whites ? Thanks

  35. Hi, Gretchen, Great work!! Just a quick question, how stable is Non-dairy whipped cream and the stabilizing will work on this also?

    Your Kenyan Fan

    1. Hi Thanks! Im not sure what you are asking? You want to put the stabilizer into the non dairy whippeed topping?
      If that is what you are asking- It doesnt need it, non dairy whip is made to be stable already

  36. This works beautifully. I made a chocolate cream pie topped with this, traveled with it and looked as fresh as new the next day. Leftovers stayed whipped a week. Followed directions exactly

    1. on the video, you used 4 cups of heavy cream. what if i will be using less than 4 cups of heavy cream, do I need to decrease the amount of stabilizer too?? thanks a lot… 🙂 Happy Holidays…

  37. Hey Gretchen! Planning to make your chocolate cake, torte them and make a naked chocolate cake. I’m only gonna fill three layers and leave the top bare. How much whipped cream do you think I’ll need? Thanks for the help!

  38. Hi Gretchen! So I’m making a 3D beer mug cake (covered in fondant) and the client just asked for strawberry shortcake! Since the mug will be paneled with fondant, I’m not concerned of the weight of it. What concerns me is leakage out the sides of the cake. Was going to make a whipped cream buttercream instead of stabelized whipped cream. Any tips on having the strawberries not exude a ton of juice? Im thinking since they are not in season I can use that to my advantage….

    1. Im not sure what “whipped cream buttercream” is? But I will recommend to use buttercream as a base for the crumb coat, and the dam to hold the filling in as well.
      CLICK HERE as I wrote about this in particular in a blog post

  39. hello Gretchen,
    my name is tunrayo from Nigeria. I am having difficulty getting the correct reciipe of a moist vanilla cake like yours for a 12″pan without joining two cakes. kindly assist.

  40. Hi Gretchen…I love ur recipes n hav tried strawberry chiffon cake was awesome…
    I want to make a cake for my daughter’s birthday for first time …serving 30 to 40 guests…
    Which icing would you suggest butter icing or stabilise whipping icing as a base icing …
    (M going to do fondant decoration)

  41. I’m a Pastry Chef, in The Thousand Islands. You can also stabilize a whipped cream with Agar Agar, which I always have on hand for my Mock Whip Frostings, that I use on 99% of my wedding, and all occasion, cakes. I think it works better than gelatin.


  43. Dear Gretchen, your idea of stabilizing whip cream is great.
    Can you share a recipe for Black Forest cake?
    Thank you,

    1. yes some people do, I do not But go for it! 9Just remember its still whipped cream the stablilizer isnt magic, its just a helper) I do not like fighting with whipped cream to make roses (just my preference)

    1. Some have had this same trouble, it is really necessary to add the cream FAST while whipping FAST- Im finding hand mixers are not fast enough to grab those gelatine molecules and whip them through fast enough before the gelatin grabs the cream molecules and starts to set them!

  44. Hi Gretchen,

    Good day to you. I’m Anthonia & I have been following you on youtube at your Cake Boss site. I’ve enjoyed all your videos and have learned a lot from you. I’m so glad that you are now able to interact with us more here. I have followed your video on youtube by halving the portion but didn’t do that with the stabiliser ingredients and it was a huge flop. I really made a booboo with this and my booboo stabilised whipped cream wasn’t stiff enough for me to pipe nor could it retain its shape at all.

    I’m not sure if I can upload any photos here to show u but if not, I’ll emailing you so you can have a look at it. I need some advise on how to create a stiff enough whipped cream decor to pipe certain cake decor.

    I would sincerely appreciate any input you can give at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks & God Bless You Gretchen

    Yours sincerely

  45. How long will the recipe using the instant pudding mix stay good for…(I used the instant white chocolate pudding mix…it taste amazing)!!! Just forgot to ask how long it will last

  46. Hi Gretchen, I have read that once you make stabilized cream, you need to use it immediately. I was hoping to make it tonight, refrigerate it and pipe it tomorrow. What are your thoughts?

  47. Hi Gretchen~


    Is it ok to use whipping cream with a stabilizer to frost a cake? I plan on refrigerating it overnight and serve the next day.


  48. Could this recipe be mixed/folded in with your cream cheese icing recipe? I love the taste of cream cheese icing, and the light, fluffy texture of the whipped cream icing…the best of both worlds!

  49. Hi Gretchen, which of the two recipes will hold up better? I am thinking of making the Gelatin. And will the 3 3/4 cups be enough to cover the entire cake? Also, how long can I keep the cake refrigerated with the cream?

    1. The Jell-O version is definitely stronger, but I use the gelatin version all the time with no problems.
      Im not sure what size your cake is- so Its hard to say how much you will need. But 2 cups of liquid cream whipped will ice 1- 8″ cake
      Storage info is listed on the recipe here (typically no longer than 3-4 days)

  50. hi
    can i use the whipping cream as a filling and a buttercream of ganache for the crumb coat and then cover it with fondant? and after I cover it with a fondant can I put it in the fridge?
    thanks in advance

  51. Do you know the comparison in FAT content between Swiss Butter Cream and this whipped cream icing? Much less or more? I know it probably doesn’t make any sense at all, talking cake and caloric content, but anything that is going to still taste good and be much lighter, I want.

  52. This was the first time I ever made whipped cream & watching your video made it easy. I used your gelatin recipe, it was delicious & man was it hard not to eat ALL the whipped cream at once with a spoon. Can this also be piped?

  53. Can I use the stabilized whipped cream to ice the cake, and then butter cream for piping and decorations on top of the stabilized whipped cream?

  54. Hi Gretchen! Love your videos!!! I have a question … can I use your stabilized whipped cream with the traditional italian cooked yolks when making tiramisu? I have to make a traditional tiramisu for an upcoming test and my whipped cream isnt holding! HELP!!

  55. Hi Gretchen! Can you please do a video for stabilized whipped cream with agar agar? I’ve searched and there is not even one video out there for stabilizing whipped cream with agar, and most written recipes are not very specific and/or were written without being tried beforehand. So a video would be very helpful for us vagatarians… Thanks!

  56. Hi

    I want to try black forest icing using emborg whipped cream bottle…Is it worth a try..cos my beater isn’t working good..

    If so wat is the right time to do the icing..baking for a house party

  57. Planning to use instant pudding with whipped cream as a faux bavarian. Wondering how long can the cake be kept out of the fridge? Assuming since it still has heavy whipping cream , the cake has to stay refrigerated most of the time. Please clarify. Having a kids party at the park

  58. Hi Gretchen, I have a question about tinting the colour of the stabilized whip cream. Can this be done and if so is it finicky ?

    1. Gretchen, do I just add my Americoler to the whipped cream or to the cream before whipping… Or do I need to add colour flow?
      I just want to do it correctly the first time. Thank you so much

  59. Can I add the stabled whip cream to Italian butter cream. Frost a cake and cupcakes and leave on table 1 -2 hrs before serving.

  60. I have tried this recipe a lot of times. It’s soooo good!
    Would like to know if I can put fondant ribbons on it. Will it stay?

  61. I’m so glad to see that you made this video! I thought about doing the Jello and whipped cream combined, but I didn’t know how it would turn out. So glad to see that it would’ve been okay. Thanks again, I sure enjoy your videos and all of your posts! 🙂

  62. I live in the UK but grew up in the US and still love the lightness of Cool Whip, which we can’t buy here. Is there a way to make a lighter more aerated whipped cream?

  63. Dear Gretchen;
    Your recipes are wonderful and it is SO NICE of you to share your secrets and talent…… I love that this site is by a chef who is formally educated in baking, has the experience to back it up, and the kindness to share!!!! THANK YOU GRETCHEN.

  64. I made the whipped cream/jello version, and it was fabulous! The only thing was that it didn’t allow a lot of the strawberry flavor to come through, so I added a little bit of strawberry extract. Excellent!!! Thank you so much again!! : )

  65. can you answer a few baking questions for me. first, do you ever use cake enhancers? if so when you do add it to the batter? also I frequently frost my cakes with whipped cream instead of butter cream (family preference) I am having a hard time with the consistency I find that when I am using whipped cream its almost like it doesn’t completely stick to the cake I am frequently trying to cover certain areas mostly the sides (like patches I am frequently trying to cover) of the cake. I am not sure I am making myself clear hard to explain. I should of taken a pic for you to see. I was hoping for some tips. I am making a strawberry shortcake using your awesome vanilla cake…I want it to be perfect for a special friends birthday. many thanks.

    1. Hi Sure
      1-No I do not
      2- the only time the whipped cream would be hard to stick is if the cake underneath (or whatever you are trying to “Stick” it to) has alot of moisture ? Condensation?

  66. Hi Gretchen I LOVE this recipe. I wonder if cover the stabilzed whipped cream with Marzipan, will it hold for 1-2 hours? Is it ideal to use it for a wedding cake? Thanks.


  68. Hi I was wondering if the recipe can be double insted of two cups. I can add 4 cups of heavy whipping cream and two packets of gelatin? Thank you for the recipe I love it!!

  69. hi Ms Gretchen. I’ve been reading some of your recipes & watching some of your video tutorials. I came across this stabilized whipped cream video of yours and will try it this friday. Will it be okey if i’ll add chopped mangoes to the cream during whipping? will it affect the whipped cream? bec. i’m going to make mango chiffon cake for a friends bday. thanks for sharing!

  70. Hi Gretchen,

    I would like to make a cookies n cream cake. Can I use your white cake recipe along with the whipped cream icing? Also, can I add crumbled oreo cookies into the whipped cream?


  71. Hi Gretchen,

    I want to use this whipped cream frosting to pipe on cupcakes. Which cupcake recipe would you suggest? The vanilla cupcake recipe has butter and since it’s whipped cream piping , I have to refrigerate and the cupcake will be hard.

    What combination would work?


  72. Hi Gretchen! Love your videos. How long will this stabilized whipped cream keep in the fridge? I have some extra left over after decorating a cake. I’d like to be able to eat it during the week with fresh fruit. Thank you for sharing your recipes!!!

  73. Hi Gretchen, we don’t have the Jell-O pudding in our country, has this got gelatin in the Jell-O pudding mixture? I’m just not sure what I can replace it with?

  74. Hey Gretchen,

    I decorated a cake this weekend and my buttercream (not whipped) ran at room temperature. Would it be unorthodox to use gelatin as a stabilizer?

  75. Hi Gretchen.
    If I want to show off leave a cake out of the fridge is it better to cover it with butter icing or should I use whipped cream?

  76. Hello my beautiful spirit!
    I’m making a 14″ naked cake, will doubling both the whipped cream and naked cake recipes, suffice?

  77. Hi Gretchen, I’m in Australia and I use thickened cream to decorate. I understand that thickened cream already has stabilisers. Can I still add your stabiliser to the thickened cream or is it not required? Thanks.

    1. HI there! I am not too familiar with thickened cream, but if it is just the cream you are used to using for whipping? then yes go ahead and add the stabilizer

    2. Hi Felicity, I am in Australia too and I still use the stabliizer with the thickened cream… it is too hot here in sydney and I found t works well

  78. Hello Gretchen, thank you so much for sharing you tips and tricks. They are so helpful. Keep up the good work and please continue to post.

  79. Hello Gretchen.

    I was wondering whether I could add 1 x 8 Oz of cream cheese into the end product.

    The reason is because I want something isn’t too sweet or tedious to make like a SMBC. Since cream cheese requires refrigeration so why not use stabilized whipped cream.

    Suggested method could be adding 1/3 of the stabilized whipped cream into the pre-whipped cream cheese and folding the other 2/3 into it.

    It should work right?


    Fan from Singapore

    1. adding cream cheese here will just deflate your whipped cream and give you whipped cream cheese soup, you can whip the cream cheese to fluffy & airy and FOLD In the whipped cream for more of a mousse

  80. This recipe looks great – can I make this the night before, store it in the fridge and frost cupcakes the following afternoon or will it change in consistency? Also I am going to drizzle caramel over the whipped cream – should that be a last minute thing (will the caramel change the texture of the whipped cream, maybe dissolve it)?

    1. Thanks! It is best to make whipped cream just minutes before you are to use it on cake or cupcakes.
      It will deflate overnight and you will have to rewhip it anyway, so its a waste of time to do it the night before.
      Just be sure your caramel is not hot or you will melt the cream

  81. Great tutorial. I am making my first 2 tiered cake for my sisters shower and then 3 tiers for her wedding and am trying to figure out my timeline. How far in advance can I make the cake and freeze it? If it’s done 3 days prior will it have a freezer taste?

    1. Thanks for the link. One other quick question at what point should I use a dowel going through all tiers? In your tutorial for 3 tiers you don’t mention it.

  82. Would I be able to use this recipe with gel food colours and use it to make a basket design on the cake? My mom wants me to make this for my grandma but she doesn’t like buttercream cause its to sweet…

  83. Hi gretchen, i’ve tried this twice and both failed. When i pour the gelatin into whippy cream it divided into two parts, the solid part and liquid. The solid looks like butter, but tasteless and its so hard it cant be used for icing. The liquid part looks like diluted milk with sweet taste. Where did i do it wrong ? Thank you !

    1. the gelatin solution has to be added VERY FAST while the cream is whipping fast, otherwise as soon as the gelatin touches cold cream that is not whipping fast it will set it instantly causing lumps

  84. Hi Gretchen,
    I am Nandita ,
    I like your recipes. I love to make bakery products. Thank you very much to sharing your experience with alll

  85. Thank you so much, great video!! Now I know why the gelatin lumped in my whipped cream. I always wondered about vanilla pudding in whipped cream and now I know.

    Thanks again,

  86. Hi Gretchen

    As a person who loves to bake….I just happened to find your web sit on line
    and am just blown away that some one would be so kind and generous to give away there secrets and to help people free of charge…. so I allways failed when it came to making sponge cake so I tried your technique and it came out perfect as I am more a person who is a visual learner am so so excited to see more of your videos .
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

  87. Hola Gretchen,

    Hope you are doing well. I was confused with the ingredients amount on the video of blooming the gelatin because you used the whole packet of gelatin, 3 tbsp of cold water and I dont know how much you used of hot water, but on the ingredient list you used less amounts of ingredients. Is the written ingredients cut in half? I don’t know if it makes a difference in how much gelatin is used to heavy cream amounts. Thank you for your time.


  88. Hi Gretchen,

    I am back again to my trusted website. I plan to use this whipped cream with strawberries as a filling on the vanilla sponge cake with SMBC frosting from your website for my son’s birthday party. I plan to fill and frost the cake prior evening before the party. I believe I would need to keep the cake refrigerated. how many hours before the party do I let the cake sit at room temperature as I am using SMBC as a frosting? also will this whipped cream hold up during that time? Thank you very much for this amazing website.

    1. YAY! welcome back! yes to refrigerating the cake take it out an hour before serving so it comes to room temperature for best taste and yes the whipped cream will be fine for several hours inside the cake!

  89. Gretchen, your site is absolutely AMAZING! I am not a professional pastry, but just someone who loves to bake for family and friends. Even though I have developed a pretty good skill set over the years, I am always looking for ways to improve, and you have given me that! Thank you so much for all of the insider tips and tricks, not to mention the wonderful recipes! You are a very generous person person to share all of these things with the non-professional world! I LOVE your website and will be back often! Thanks, again 🙂

    1. YAY! thank you for the BEST comment all day! ( i needed this! its been a rough day! LOL) Thank you for the acknowledgment I truly appreciate it!

  90. Hi Gretchen! Came across your site and your recipe here and I have a few questions. I’ve been requested to make a strawberry shortcake cake covered in fondant, and I like your yellow cake and whipped cream recipes. I’ll be filling the cake with the whipped cream filling and crumb coating with a strawberry buttercream before covering the cake with fondant. My question is, how long, if at all, should I let the cake sit in the fridge. I’m worried the whipped cream will droop inside the cake, since i’m putting fresh strawberries layered under the whipped cream, or is it best to use a strawberry instead, or no whipped cream at all, and just use buttercream for it all?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again! Your recipes look great.

  91. Hello, I am planning to make a layer cake and fill/frost it with stabilized whipped cream. I plan to add an edible image/sugar sheet to the top of the cake. Could you offer some parameters on how to best achieve this? I have information on attaching the sugar sheet to buttercream (attach image to freshly frosted cake; not more than 6 hours ahead of serving) and regular whipped cream frosting (frost cake up to 6 hours in advance and refrigerate, but attach sugar sheet no more than 30 minutes prior to serving) but not for STABILIZED whipped cream. Can I frost and attach the sheet ahead of serving? Should I attach the sheet to a freshly frosted cake or one that has been refrigerated for a few hours? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes sure, never place sugar sheets directly onto whipped cream, the whipped cream will melt the sugar sheet and it will be unrecognizable.
      Add a thin layer of buttercream to the sugar sheet before placing it onto the cake, (or if that feels too difficult a thin layer on top of the whipped cream where the picture will go)
      Once the sheet is protected by a layer of buttercream, you can refrigerate it all day if necessary

  92. Hi! I’m new to your blog 🙂 I was wondering if I could ask some fresh sweetened raspberry juice to make this raspberry mousse (like done here Could you offer me some guidelines on how to do so? I would like to make this for a birthday cake that might be stored outdoors. Do you have an estimate on how long this would last outdoors on a typical summer day? Thanks so much!

    1. Sure you can add raspberry puree to whipped cream and then it is not realllly technically a MOUSSE but more of a raspberry whipped cream.
      I do add storage info on all my recipes in the Notes section in the ingredient/method section

  93. Hi Gretchen,
    What do you think about whipping “heavy whipping cream” from the store that has a stabilizer mixed in and then draining it of its water overnight in a cheesecloth? Is that as stable as the gelatin version? I do not have time to buy the vegetarian option.

    1. Hmm, Ive never heard of this before. Im sorry I cannot comment on that. You can leave out the stabilizer though- I make whipped cream without it all the time.

    2. I have done it before and it is a very stable consistency. Just not sure how it compares with the gelatin version.

      Can I put sprinkle flakes on whipped cream?

  94. If I add some strained raspberry puree (juice), will that affect the stability? I would like to use the raspberry whipped cream as a filling for the cake layers and then frost with the original stabilized whipped cream. Thanks so much ^_^

  95. Also, I forgot to ask- if I use agar agar, instead of gelatin in the stabilizer, will I let the agar bloom for 5 min or 10 min (in cold water?)? Also, will I follow the exact directions for making the stabilizer with gelatin, or will I have to modify it? If so, how should I create the stabilizer with agar?

  96. Hi ms gretchen… Ive been browsing all day for a nice stabilized frosting without using butter…i came accross this page and viola! I found what im going to use for my strawberry cake. My question is, can i also use this frosting to make my cake like a mirror finished? I learned that using gelatine makes a mirror glazed frosting. Or mind if u can give me an easy way to make my strawberry cake with a mirror glazed finished? Thank you very much ms gretchen. Am looking forward for your reply the soonest possible time.
    @the cake will be out tomorrow eve.

    1. YAY GREAT! Welcome to my blog!! 🙂
      I would not recommend to use the whipped cream under mirror glaze since the mirror glaze is poured on WARM and will surely melt the whipped cream.

    1. Im not sure it is possible actually, it has to be added to a HOT liquid and we do not want whipped cream to be HOT- so….
      I think so many people are relying on this stabilizer to be some magical fix for whipped cream- but it is not magical. It simply gives it a bit more “structure” since that is what gelatin does, it BINDS a recipe. I use whipped cream for icing cakes all the time and never use the stabilizer and I have no trouble. So you can just leave it out if you are against boiled animals bones in your cakes (which I am – yuck!) 🙂

  97. Hi Gretchen,
    I’m a bit confused on the addition of adding sugar-free jello to the whipped cream. I see that you use 1/2 package of regular instant jello – so that will be 24g – to the cream.
    But you also use 1/2 package of sugar-free instant jello – at 14 g? Why not use almost the entire package of sugar-free so it will be closer to the 24g, like you use with the regular version.
    Thank you in advance for the clarification.

  98. Thanks for the good information. I’m looking for advice for frosting cakes for my son’s rehearsal dinner in another town, and this is most helpful!

  99. Hello Gretchen!
    its me again, an I am back for another answer from the boss!
    does the stabliser effect the taste in any way? and also, thank you so much for reccomending the mini grahm cracker crust shells! it is baking right now, and I think it will be the best ones. I made homemade mini crusts, and underneath the shell, i put a strip of pstry paper, and it worked!!! s happy!!!

    anyway, thank you so much!

    1. awesome! yeah nothing wring with premade shells! I used them all the time in my bakery for the mini Key Lime Pies. Some people may be sensitive to gelatin, I think it is really gross (being that is is made from animal bones- so I think I may be sensitive to it just for that reason- and why I rarely use it) but others may never notice anything.

  100. Am in Nigeria and we use powder whipping cream and mix it with cold water how can I get it stabilize for 2 days on my cake or to take for long hours 6hrs more

  101. Looking for a chocolate whipped frosting recipe. Made one with cocoa powder which tasted like whipped hot chocolate, then tried one using Hershey’s syrup which was better but not like when I used to use Betty Crocker frosting mix with 2c heavy cream. Ideas?

  102. Hi Gretchen! I’m making a sweet 16 cake. The client would like a diamond impression on one of the tiers and she isn’t fond of the super sweet crusting bc. Can I use a stablized whipped cream or smbc and achieve the same effect? It’ll be a 3 tier cake and I’m located in Atlanta GA.

    1. You really can’t make impressions in whipped cream- you can draw lines in it sure_ but not really quilting effects if you know what I mean

      1. Yes I understand what you mean. Do you any suggestions on making a flavorful, not so super sweet crusting bc, to make quilted impression? I hope that’s not asking too much. ☺

  103. Hi Gretchen,
    Please do a recipe for “mock cream”. My grocery store uses this when they make their cakes and it stabilized so well! Please make a recipe

  104. Hey Gretchen,
    Is it ok to freeze a cake with this stabilized whipped cream? Or will bad things happen when the stabilized whipped cream thaws in the fridge after?

    1. Not great to freeze the whipped cream, although it has been done, but it does change the consistency slightly upon thawing

  105. I have yet to try this but if you were to take a look at my banana pudding cake you Wil notice that I actually mixed my whipped cream with homemade pudding. I was worried about the heat of where I was selling this cake. Would this whipped cream be able to withstand heat of 80ish for about 8 hrs? How about 90?

  106. My go to recipe when I quickly want something light for cupcakes or angel food cake, is to use a box of Dr.Oetker mousse powder and substitute the milk for heavy or whipping cream. I whip it in my mixer with the ball until stiff. The available flavours are limited so sometimes I add an extract to the vanilla one. People always ask me for the recipe. It pipes nicely. I don’t flowers or anything. Mostly just a swirl or rosette.
    I am going to try yourJello pudding powder recipe and see how it compares to the Dr.Oetker.

  107. Gretchen I was asked to use a lower sugar cake recipe for a one year olds birthday. I plan on using the whip cream stabilized as filling and covering in thin layer buttercream plus fondant. They did not specify cake type so im assuming white or yellow. Do you have any suggestions? Youre the only one I trust and I don’t know you hahaha. Thank you so much in advance you have changed my cake life!

  108. Hey Gretchen.
    I hope you’re okay.I made the whipped cream it wasnt really firm but it came out still. Probably because i used 30 % and a hand beater. My question is can i freeze the cream amd use it in a week or 2 maximum?

  109. Hi Gretchen, I’m searching for a bakers cream that is not real cream but tastes great. I pour my still warm runny cream, 400g into one liter of cream just as the cream starts to thicken. The cream is sweetened. Funny thing is that it comes from The US and is exported to many countries. If you know by what name and who would be the supplier, I would be very grateful. I tried it twice with real cream but it curdles and stays soft.

    Many thanks

  110. Hi Love your recipes always easy and work really well so thank you 🙂 I just wanted to ask is it possible to colour whipped cream if so when to add colour? is it possible to add after whipped and as required?
    Finally are gel colours recommended for this?

    1. Great thanks! Yes to colors gel paste is what I always use, but an oil based works great since whipped cream is primarily fat. But add it just before it is fully whipped, since if you add it after, you will run the risk of over whipping to get the color mixed in

  111. Hi,
    When I do whipping cream icing as after sometime my icing pipe get runny icing. This is happening because my body temperature is bit higher and because of that icing get bit warmer and that spoil my icing.

    Please advise to avoid such problem and get perfect icing

  112. Hi Gretchen, I want to say I love your channel and recipes! I really want to make a homemade chocolate cake for my birthday this weekend, but I don’t want thick buttercream. is there a chocolate variation of stabilized whipped cream? Thanks!

  113. Hi.gretchen.i want ot make a minnie cake with mousse filling anf i was thinking frosting it with whipped cream and also decorate the minnie face by pipping colored whipped cream.will it be good?or should i use italian buttercream for the frosting and decorating?also can i stabilize whipped cream with cornstarch or not?

  114. Hi Gretchen,

    Could you please advice how many gelatin sheet should I use for 1 cup heavy cream? (note: 1 sheet = 4 gram)
    Thank you.

  115. Hi Gretchen
    I’m doing my science fair project on seeing how long the whipped cream with Jell-O can ‘hold up’ versus the regular stabilized whipped cream. Thanks for the awesome recipe; it made everything much easier!

    1. Hi Gretchen

      My first time here. I am Hamiza from Malaysia. I had used gelatin twice for my whipped cream but there were tiny bits of gelatin throughout which had caused my frosting to be ugly. Thanks for sharing your tips here (was looking everywhere for the solutions before) and will sure to improve for my next frosting.

      1. the key to adding the gelatin is to add it while it is whipping very fast – since gelatin will firm up any cold liquid it touches instantly it must be done fast and I also heat the gelatin before adding

  116. Thanks so much Gretchen! My Mike loves a specific birthday cake: a square white cake with chocolate frosting. He came from a family of 13 Irish kids and needless to say a birthday cake was a special treat of their very own. So I decided I wanted to elevate to whipped cream filling but was worried it would not be stable enough for a few days in the fridge. I picked your easiest gelatin method and went with the sugar free instant pudding which is what we eat. It came out fantastically! He absolutely loved it! My only suggestion is to add a little powdered sugar since the pudding is slightly salty.

  117. Dear Gretchen thank you for sharing the recipe, i want to ask whether this recipe can combine with cream cheese frosting ? Thank you.

  118. I am confused because I looked at other recipes that say whipped icing will hold its integrity at room temperature…like grocery store bakery whipped icing…I have never tried it, but have a request for a birthday cake with whipped icing…I don’t want to prepare something that will break down if it is not refrigerated

    1. whipped cream is whipped cream made from highly perishable heavy cream. By addin the gelatin stablizer this doesnt change the fact that it is still whipped cream, so it does need to be refrigerated. The stabilizer merely helps it maintain it’s integrity, color, will prevent it from falling as fast as non stabilizer cream.
      Grocery store whipped cream is not whipped cream at all, it is called “topping” usually a non dairy topping too.

  119. Hi Gretchen, I would like to make a rosette cake and wanted to know if it would be ok to use the stabilized whipped icing..

  120. Hi Gretchen, I really want to try a sweeter version of this. Do you have a sweeter version of this? How much powdered sugar should I add?

    I have to mention I have been a fan since your crumb boss days. I had a preemie baby that I had to breastfeed every 2 hours including at night and your videos helped keep me awake. Thank you!

  121. Gretchen, I have a friend who wants a whipped cream icing. As has been mentioned, it is very difficult to decorate. Can you put a coat of SMBC (your recipe) OVER the stabilized whipped cream icing? I’m talking about icing the entire cake in stabilized whipped cream and then another layer of SMBC over it. Or maybe the SMBC would just slide off. I probably need to make a test cake and try it.

    1. It’s nearly impossible to ice buttercream over whipped cream. Whipped cream is soft and billowy and buttercream is thick, so you would basically be swirling the whipped cream into the buttercream as you try to ice one over the other. Big mess. Leave the whipped cream for the filling and the buttercream for the icing if you want to incorporate the two into one cake

  122. What is your opinion about using piping gel or constartch instead of gelatin? Which would hold up best for piping?

  123. Hi! I’m planning to use a non-dairy whipped cream for a wedding cake, so that it can be out longer (cake has to be set up at 10 am for an afternoon reception). Will there be a problem with that? How long can non dairy keep its structure? Also wondering how long sugar-glazed fruit can stay out of the fridge. Thanks – I appreciate any thoughts!

    1. Sure – Im not too familiar with the non dairy toppings, (perhpas the brand you are using has some recommendations on the label?) at any rate it will definitely last longer than real cream, that being said it is still going to be delicate and would do best in refrigeration as long as possible, But you already stated the time you have to set up and hopefully the reception isn’t going to be too long after 12?? Fingers crossed! And lets hope it is also air conditioned room!
      AS for hte fruit glazed, that is nothing to worry about, the glaze seals it and regular fruit can really stay at room temp for half a day, the glaze just makes it pretty. (I use jelly though, melted jelly that then thickens back up as it cools)

      1. Thanks so much for your quick response! Unfortunately, no, it’s outside, in the equatorial sun (but under shade, which does cool things down). I’m going to try once more to persuade the bride to go with buttercream, but she doesn’t like all that sweetness, so I’m not sure what other option I have!

  124. Hi Gretchen, If I use Stabilized Whipped Cream with Jell-O variation to fill cream puffs can it sit out at room temp for 3 hrs?

  125. I have to Thank you for all the tips. You really helped me make a beautiful cake for my hubby. I have never made a whipping cream frosting. My hubby wanted a German Choc lawyered cake for his 62nd birthday. So I made a german choc cake with the whipping cream as center filler lawyer ( I used the one that called for the choc pudding as the stabilizer) and a Ganache as the top frosting, then added the coconut and Nut as garnishment. It turned out so very beautiful, and hubby was so happy said it was amazingly good!

  126. Hello Gretchen, I need to add whipped cream to a mascarpone and lemon curd mixture for an icing. Should I stabilize it first? I always rely on and appreciate your advise. eileen

  127. HI, my daughter is wanting stabilized icing for her cupcakes at her wedding, it will be inside with AC. I told her that it will only look good for a couple hours and that they would need frosted (1M swirl) that same day. Any suggestions?

    1. I agree with you completely, only addition I would say is to set them out just an hour or two before, not the whole time the reception is happening

  128. Hi Gretchen! Love your vids. as always <3
    Um, can I use this for my melon cake as an Icing? Cuz if I just use average whipped cream to my sponge cake, it melts…
    If I use this whipped cream, will it avoid melting? 🙂 Hoping for your reply!!!

    1. HI Thanks, yes you can use this for sure. When you say “melting” that tells me there is HEAT, so be sure everything you do with whipped cream is COLD COLD COLD.

  129. Hi! I’m planning to make a Cookie Monster ice cream cake and was wondering if I could use stabilized whipped cream to create his fur. How does it pipe? Any experience using it with a grass tip?

  130. I just wanted to thank you so much for this video and recipe. I have been using it since 2015 to make whipped cream for cakes and cupcakes and fruit desserts and everyone raves about it. I finally got smart and bookmarked it, which saves me time from having to search the web for your page. ;D We have diabetics in our life and this recipe allows them to enjoy cake without worrying about it raising their blood sugar too much. It is perfect and turns out perfect every single time. Again, thank you!

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