Strawberries– Once again I am an advocate for freezing my berries. Of course you cannot always use frozen berries for all baking applications such as Fresh Fruit Tarts and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and garnishes. Nor can you use frozen strawberries inside cake fillings as the moisture content will break down your cakes and cause a soggy slice. Strawberries are 85-90% water content in their fresh natural form, so the freezing process tends to break them down and creates a more liquid mass.
But in most cases whether I am making a Strawberry Compote for the Strawberry Sponge Cake or mixing strawberries into my muffins and scones, I do prefer the frozen form. Just keep in mind that extra liquid- which is not really “extra” at all, it is simply a breaking down of the fibers that keep its structure can add liquid to your recipe that the fresh ones would not.
Frozen strawberries tend to be sweeter than fresh strawberries, especially during off season months. You can buy strawberries already frozen in the supermarket, or you can freeze fresh berries yourself during their peak. Either way, in my opinion you are getting the best “tasting” strawberry because they are frozen during their peak, which when it comes to any type of produce PEAK SEASON is the KEY.
So do not be turned off from this frozen product, as I find that the ugliest strawberries (which always get turned into frozen during manufacturing as they cannot be sold in the market due to aesthetics) will be the best tasting berry!
1 U.S Dry Pint = 1 pound = approx 2 cups sliced = approx 305g (hulled berries)

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