Stuffed Turkey Cupcakes


Gobble Gobble!

Stuffed Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving this year!

Not only are these whimsical and cute, but they are delicious of course using my best recipes of cake and icing!

Choose whichever recipes you love; of course mine are chocolate cake!

With Mocha Buttercream filling and Fudge Icing you may forget about making that real turkey altogether and just serve these!

(That would be awesome by the way……)

These were really quite simple to pull together as long as you have some chocolate to make the feathers and a few M&M’s candies.

I made the beak out of fondant and the googly eyes I bought, but you can easily make the eyes out of buttercream too, just save out a bit of white before you flavor the entire batch Mocha!

I am on the fence with my red candy lips that I tried to double as that red turkey neck thingy that all turkeys have.

(And sometimes if you catch me at the wrong angle I’ve got one too! LOL)

I’m thinking fondant may have been a better choice.

But at any rate these are still adorable and trust me they tasted FANTASTIC!

I hope you make them and share with me on my facebook page or instagram too!

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!

(save a turkey! eat cupcakes!)

Stuffed Turkey Cupcakes
This is a building on recipes project so be sire to have all your recipes prepared in advance
Serves: 12 Cupcakes
  1. Follow along in the video tutorial for how to assemble


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  1. Gretchen these are awesome…I’m definitely going to make these instead of cookies. I think the kids would like plain buttercream instead of the coffee flavor, though. When I was young I didn’t like any coffee flavored desserts so I’m going on my gut feeling… LOL!
    Thanks and Happy Turkey Day to you.

    1. Thanks! They are so much fun and easy too! I agree with you about the coffee, its funny I was thinking wow look at these cute kids cupcakes with adult flavors! LOL

  2. I was looking for something to put with meals I make for those who have to work on Thanksgiving. These look so cute. I think it will put a smile on their face. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’m always telling everyone about you, I’ve followed you from NJ, but lost track of where you went. Thank goodness I found you again, love watching all your videos.

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