Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake


Thanksgiving Day.

The day we celebrate and give thanks for our blessings and abundance with family and loved ones.

The same family and loved ones that we complain about all year long! LOL

Hehehe, just kidding (or am I?)

Well, however you celebrate ~ let’s break out the big guns for this occasion and make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake worthy of taking center stage on the dessert buffet table.

I am so pleased with how my vision came to life with this cake this year.

I did some advanced prep work for the chocolate M&M filled cornucopia and royal icing pine cones.

Fondant pumpkins and fall leaves and flowers.

But overall this cake was really not difficult at all if you get yourself prepared ahead of time like I did, the final cake came together in less than 1 hour.

I like the combination of flavors and recipes I picked here because after all this cake is meant to be the focal point of the Thanksgiving Day spread, so I wanted to be sure it could withstand being out of the refrigerator for hours on end.

My golden vanilla butter cake, mocha & vanilla buttercream and fudge filling all were great choices.

You can of course use whatever recipe you like best, I think I’m just on a Mocha-Fudge kick ever since I made those adorable Stuffed Turkey Cupcakes the other day!

If you are interested in getting the chocolate mold for the cornucopia check out Candyland Crafts, they ship worldwide and they even have the Merckens Chocolate to finish the project!

I used almost every tip and tool that comes in the Gretchen’s Bakery Essentials Cake Decorating Kit so you may want to check to make sure you have all of those things.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake
This is a building on recipes so be sure to get all of your base recipes prepared in advance
I have made a 10" cake to accommodate the chocolate cornucopia and all of the decorations. You can make a smaller cake (or larger) of course.
Serves: 1 - 10" cake
  1. Prepare the Mocha variation as listed on the recipe for Swiss buttercream
  2. Divide the batter for the ButterCaek equally into 2- 10" cake pans that have been greased
  3. Prepare all of your decorations several days in advance as shown in the video
  4. Watch the video tutorial for how to assemble the cake
Additional decor that I used and are completely optional:

Fall Colored Sixlets candy

Buttercream colored with gel paste food coloring in brown, lemon yellow with a dash of orange & then some leaf green

I sprayed my cake with Pearl Shimmer Edible Food Color Mist


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  1. Looks absolutely lovely!! Well done, Gretchen! I love the pine cones especially — maybe I will add some to my yule log next month. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a beauty!! Wish I could have this on my Thanksgiving table!(hint hint)LOL!!!! No really ,this is a really beautiful cake!

  3. I literally bit my tongue, salivating and drooling. Gretchen stop this food porn (LOL). Have a good day.
    **I’m off to daydream**

  4. Hello Madam,
    I view all your delicacies, they are out of the world. The knowledge which you are sharing on tube is just motivating people like me. Its not everyones job to be so passionately involved in baking and at the same time to be so generous in sharing their GOLDEN knowledge.
    God Bless you Gretchen.

  5. Gretchen, I think your doing Christmas stuff next, with trees maybe? I think I’ve caught on to the videos. Most times you leave a hint on the shelves to what you may be doing in upcoming videos. Keep up the fantastic job!

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