Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

Vanilla Sponge Cake

Vanilla Sponge Cake or even Hot Milk Sponge Cake is a name you may be more familiar, is a very light and delicate cake that is so very versatile with an array of fillings and icings to chose from.

It is a more dry style cake by nature, which requires a bit of simple syrup on the layers to make it shine at it’s best.

I have tried to simplify the mix method as best as possible, and honestly I have mixed this recipe several different ways and had great results every time!

So that tells me this a a very “friendly” recipe so don’t feel nervous when I say things like “liaison” and ask you to heat the eggs over a double boiler

Give this a go and see for yourself!

The combinations are endless here with this really great, basic cake recipe.

Read about What is Cake? to get a better idea of all the different styles of cake recipes to choose from and how to best pair up fillings and icings!

*Update: Now I hate to make anyone nervous about mixing this recipe since so many have had great success and LOVE this cake so much,  it has now become their “go-to” cake recipe.

But others have had extreme failures here.

I mentioned in the video that this is my 5th time refilming this recipe and I have settled on a method that I found to be most “user friendly” but there are still some points to pay attention to for the best results for a nicely risen, fluffy cake.

The Ribbon Stage: Most important step here for your cake to be fluffy and light versus heavy and dense with no rise (as this is the complaint of most who have had failure)

A Sponge cake relies on foamed eggs to give it is lightness, airiness and most important- RISE.

This recipe has a bit of baking powder in it to help it along but a traditional sponge or genoise style cake will not.

The most important step in the mixing of this cake (well, there are 2) but #1 being that the eggs get foamed to their maximum possible foam-age but not over whipped to the point that they are going to shrink up upon baking and cause a tight crumb due to the overstretching of the egg white proteins.

Yes I know I just got all scientific here but it is important to understand in cake baking and well…CLICK HERE for more on “How to know if I’ve over whipped my eggs.”

That article was written more for egg whites and specifically for meringues and such, but the same scientific rules apply for whole eggs too, since whole eggs have egg whites in them right?

Although it is less apparent when you have over whipped your whole eggs than when you have over whipped your egg whites as I show in that video on that page.

So again I will stress that if you just do exactly what I do in the video (and achieving maximum foam-age in whole eggs is typically 5 – 7 minutes BUT the best way to know is to do the ribbon test.)

One you lift the beaters and the egg/sugar mixture falls back into the bowl forming ribbons that last about 3 seconds before disappearing you are good!

And last #2 Important Key Factor in the success of this cake, is do not over fold in the flour!

Originally I did the flour folding by hand, but I found that too many people were over-folding causing severe deflation of those eggs we just worked so hard to achieve!

So I adjusted the method to the mixer bowl so that on low speed it would incorporate the flour faster and more delicately, but *sigh* I suppose it is all up to the person mixing the recipe and how they perceive certain things. So if you feel like the mixer is going to be too damaging to the mixture by adding the flour that way, please by all means fold it in by hand!

I hope that this updated note will help folks understand just what the heck is happening in this recipe and why we have to be super careful at those 2 key points in the recipe.


4.8 from 54 reviews
Best Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time

The milk / butter mixture should be hot (about 150°f) when adding to the liaison
A stand mixer is not necessary however it is the best at achieving the ribbon stage with the balloon whip attachment, a hand beater can be used but be aware it may take almost 20 minutes to reach ribbon stage
Grease pans with pan grease
Preheat oven to 350°f
Serves: 2 - 8" layers or 24 cupcakes
  • Eggs Large 4 (200g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1 ¾ cup (350g)
  • Whole Milk 1 cup (237ml)
  • Unsalted Butter 1 Stick (8 Tablespoons) (112g)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon (15ml)
  • All Purpose Flour 1 cup (125g)
  • Cake Flour 1 cup (120g)
  • **most asked question: can I use one or the other of the flour? YES
  • Baking Powder 2 teaspoons (10g)
  • Salt ½ teaspoons (3g)
  1. In the bowl of your Kitchen Aid mixer combine the eggs and sugar over a double boiler and whisk with a hand whisk until the sugar has dissolved slightly and the mixture reaches approximately 115°f.
  2. On high speed whip to ribbon stage, thick and pale colored and is almost 5X from original volume
  3. The eggs will take about 5 - 7 minutes to reach the ribbon stage.
  4. In the meantime combine the milk and butter in a microwave safe bowl or on the stove top and melt to just under a boil. Add the vanilla extract
  5. By this time the eggs should be ready, fold in the sifted dry ingredients
  6. Take out about 2 cups of the cake batter into a separate mixing bowl, and with a hand whisk add the hot milk-butter to that. Whisk vigorously
  7. Add the "liaison" back into the remaining batter in the mixer bowl.
  8. Pour batter between the two prepared pans.
  9. Bake in preheated 350°f oven for about 35 minutes or UNTIL IT'S DONE
(Cupcakes may take 20-25 minutes)
For those wanting to make a marble cake divide the entire batter in half and add ½ cup of cocoa powder to one half, then swirl the batters together in each pan before baking

Store this cake wrapped well and freeze layers until ready to assemble your cake. Otherwise use immediately to build a cake.

A Note on Doubling this recipe:
Most recipes are no problem to simply double or triple the ingredients amount and proceed as the recipe states to mix.
However with a recipe such as this one, that requires the eggs reach a certain volume, you may have trouble to double and especially triple the quantities here, because you are severely limiting the amount of room for the eggs to gain volume.
If you have a 7qt Kitchen Aid bowl, you can double the recipes, but I will not advise to triple unless you have a commercial 12Qt or 20Qt Bowl


4.8 from 54 reviews
Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2- 8" Layers
  • Eggs Large 4 (200g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1 ¾ cup (350g)
  • Whole Milk 1 cup (237ml)
  • Unsalted Butter 1 Stick (8 Tablespoons) (112g)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon (15ml)
  • All Purpose Flour ¾ cup (95g)
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder ½ cup (57g)
  • Cake Flour 1 cup (120g)
  • **most asked question: can I use one or the other of the flour? YES
  • Baking Powder 2 teaspoons (10g)
  • Salt ½ teaspoons (3g)
  1. Sift together all of the dry ingredients and reserve aside
  2. In the bowl of your Kitchen Aid mixer combine the eggs and sugar over a double boiler and whisk with a hand whisk until the sugar has dissolved slightly and the mixture reaches approximately 115°f.
  3. On high speed whip to ribbon stage, thick and pale colored and is almost 5X from original volume
  4. The eggs will take about 5 - 7 minutes to reach the ribbon stage.
  5. In the meantime combine the milk and butter in a microwave safe bowl or on the stove top and melt to just under a boil.
  6. Add the vanilla extract
  7. By this time the eggs should be ready, fold in the sifted dry ingredients
  8. Take out about 2 cups of the cake batter into a separate mixing bowl, and with a hand whisk add the hot milk-butter to that.
  9. Add the "liaison" back into the remaining batter in the mixer bowl, folding gently to incorporate
  10. Pour batter between the two prepared pans.
  11. Bake in preheated 350°f oven for about 35 minutes or UNTIL IT'S DONE
(Cupcakes may take 20-25 minutes)

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    1. Hi Gretchen,

      Can I add juice of 1 lemon and lemon zest to make this a lemon sponge cake? And I plan to use real raspberry buttercream

      1. I too would like to know how to get a lemon or orange hint of flavor in this cake without compromising the texture. I’m not sure a brushing of citrus liqueur is quite enough. I apologize if I somehow missed the reply to this question.

          1. Hi Gretchen, Thanks a ton for sharing your recipes. I always fallow your blogs. Can I use strawberry extract and strawberry flavour instead of vanilla. I’ve a request for strawberry cake. Please let me know. Thanks again.

    2. Hello Gretchen,

      Well I tried your sponge and it was a big flop. I managed to find how to make my own cake flour using 3 parts plain flour and 1 part Cornflour, but after following your instructions to a ‘T’ it did not turn out the way you said it should. But I think I know why! In your steps you say to take some of the cake mixture out and mix it with the hot milk butter component, which I did but then all you say to do then is put it back in the cake mixture and fold until combined. However, this step did not work so well, as the cake became very runny at that stage and not like the original cake mix. I think this is why it did not work. It might be better to do this step before folding in the flour as the flour would bring it back to the right consistency, what do you think? John

      1. HI John, I’m sorry you had this trouble! But good for you to backtrack and research into why it could have happened! I do not have any trouble with this cake as it is written, and many others have had great success too… but with that being said there are still many who have had trouble with it, so your idea is definitely worth a try! Let me know how it turns out if you do indeed try again!

      2. Same thing happened with my mixture and I decided to add some more flour to the runny batter. Had to throw out the cake that I bravely attempted for the Holidays. End result was a dense hard cake.

    3. Hi Gretchen. I tried it and came out very well. I want to make it in a 26 cm square pan. How this measurements will be. Please help

    4. HI Gretchen… I love this recipe! I wanted to know when should I add the simple syrup to the cake? And if I always have to add it?

    5. Hello
      I really really love the vanilla sponge cake, but my question is how do I make this cake even more moist? Would adding more oil work or if not which recipe would you suggest for sheet cakes/ cupcakes.

    6. Helloo Ma’am, could you please tell us how to make a Perfect Lemon Meringue?
      Also, Could you tell us how to get Melted Chocolate from the centre of a Chocolate Cookie!
      Thank You!

    7. Hi Gretchen ! I was confused with the line you inserted at the ingredient: “most ask question”
      If I will make that, then I will use each of it ? or just any of it ?

      1. The recipe calls for 1 cup cake flour and 1 cup all purpose flour, most people ask me can they use all- ALL PURPOSE or ALL CAKE FLOUR. SO the answer is yes. Obviously i wrote the recipe with both flours because that is the best way, but for those who do not have both flours, using 1 is fine (total flour in the recipe = 2 cups)

  1. Dear Gretchen,

    Separating two cups of the batter and adding the liquids (ie milk and butter) made is difficult
    to whisk as most of it was on my body and parts of my kitchen wall!
    Is this expected?
    My original batter looked volumnous but after adding the liason, somehow became deflated.
    Could I have just added melter butter only to that batter?

  2. Hi are amazing I dont know from what recipe I should begin..I want to make them all..but since I can find plain flour what can I use instead? ?? Or can I use only all purpose flour? ?? And last is it necessary making this cake using syrup on top???Thank you:)

      1. Hello Gretchen

        Can you please tell me the difference between All purpose flour and cake flour? As an Australian we only have self-raising flour and plain flour?

  3. Please ignore my first comment. This is my second comment.
    very nicely presented. Can I make cup cake with your vanilla sponge cake recipe? Thank you.

  4. Hi Gretchen
    Just wondering. Can I use this recipe to make a fondant cake? What cake recipe can you recommend for fondant cake? At the moment I’m using your moist chocolate cake recipe for the fondant cake I often make but I would really like to try a vanilla cake recipe. Thanks much.

    1. Im not sure I have heard of a ribbon cake? Unless they mean the “ribbon stage” which yes is what we are trying to achieve when making a sponge cake

  5. Hey Gretchen, silly question… Can I put all this batter into a half sheet pan and bake it that way? I have looked at your post about cake pans but can not understand it… If you could clear it up that would be great…

    Ethan 😉
    Glasgow, Scotland

  6. Would like try this receipe , but here in the U K we do not have Cake Flour what can i substitute it with ? Thank You .

  7. Am I able to use a sugar substitute for any of your cake recipes and/or frosting recipes? I am trying to make a birthday cake for a diabetic and I love to use your recipes, but I need a diabetic friendly recipe.

  8. OMG! Gretchen……..This was soooooo good the first time i tried it, so much so that i made it everyday for 2 weeks! This is my go-to recipe now. I don’t even check the recipe anymore……it’s all in my brain now! Lol. Thanks, Gretchen.
    And to say that i’m in Nigeria….

  9. Hi Gretchen:
    Just baked this recipe, I use a 9 x 9 ( 2 inches deep) square pan with exactly the same formula. I anticipated that it should have some leftover since you are using 2 8 inches round pans. To my surprised, it filled the pan just nice! The cake did not rised up to fill up the pan either! What am I doing wrong? I am using hand mixer. I am not quite sure if the batter were in ribbon stage( I watched your video while making the cake) . Please help!


  10. Hello Gretchen! i am a big fan of yours, i’ve been watching you back then and i’m very happy that you are continuously helping people who loves this art of baking!!anyways, i am planning to make a 2 sets of this (double recipe on a 40 x 30 cm sheet pan), will there be any changes on the oven temperature? would you recommend any filling for this? thank you very much!

    1. HI Thanks and you are welcome too! As long as your mixer can accommodate the volume of eggs that will be whipped its fine to do it together, otherwise 2 separate batches is best. Temperature stays same, time will be less since it is a thinner layer in a sheet pan CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  11. hi gretchen,

    i need to know whether we can bake a cake without oven.i mean in a pressure cooker or on stove top.if can then i wish to know the clear way to make it.could u please help me

      1. I baked a cheesecake in my BBQ once lol! When my oven conked out and I was in the middle of it. On 350, just kept checking it to make sure it didn’t burn. Everyone said it was the best cheesecake they’d ever had!

  12. Hello Gretchen. I would like to use xylitol sugar substitute for a diabetic client. The cake will be diabetic friendly right? i love this recipe and will never go back! everybody loves it 🙂

  13. Hey Gretchen! Woah was blown away by this cake and it’s been my go to recipe. However, I read an article on a different sponge cake whereby the proportions are more or less the same, but the baking powder is 2 tsp and the whites are whipped separately and the yolks are whipped together with flour sugar milk and oil. I tried that recipe but the taste couldn’t get compare with this cake even though it was lighter. So do you think I could try that method with this recipe?

  14. Is there a breaking point to how much baking powder you can add? Some recipes call for one tbsp and some recipes call for one tsp per cup of flour. If you could explain it that’d be great

  15. Hi I made this cake and the flavor was really good, but the top was kind of Crunchy Little bit hard and I left this outside overnight and was kind of hard next day.

  16. I made this cake for the first time for my daughters 16th birthday. It was perfect. Everyone loved the cake, I paired it with a manderine layered gelatin, with a mascarpone whipping cream frosting.
    I will definitely make this again.

  17. Hi Gretchen this is my go-to recipe however I have to make a dairy free version and the dairy free alternative to butter is more of a margarine. Would it still work? Thinking I may have to heat the milk and then add the margarine and melt it?

  18. Hi, Gretchen. Can i just add strawberry puree into the batter to get a strawberry variety, or is it not advisable…… And if it is ‘okay’ may i know how much i should add please?? 🙂

  19. Hi Gretchen

    Thanks for the clarifications with the marble cake – they really helped.

    I have another question. What’s the purpose of the “liaison” in the recipe? I guess I understand generally what a liaison does, but I keep wondering if the step is omitted in this recipe, would it make a big difference?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. The liaison is there because if you just added the milk/butter mixture to the batter, it would just fall to the bottom of the bowl and not mix well with the batter due to the differences in viscosity
      SO by whisking it with a small amount of batter it gets the consistency mush closer to the batter you are to mix it into


  20. YES! HI! I have the little box still! with my name on it!! LOVE IT! Coca weighs less than flour soi naturally taking out that amount of flour will be less amount when adding back in the same VOLUME of cocoa

    1. Hi Gretchen…made this cake, and the vanilla cake was fabulous! However, I wanted to make a chocolate one, too, and followed your instructions on the vanilla recipe, where you just add 1/2 c of cocoa to half the batter. Since I was making the whole batch chocolate, took it to mean I could add 1 full cup of cocoa to the batter. Well, not a great idea, I guess. It was very dry. Then I see the recipe for chocolate sponge above, and you actually added 30 grams less flour. As I was mixing this from the adaption in the original recipe, I was kind of wondering if it would be too much dry ingredients, and I guess it was. Wish I had seen the chocolate sponge recipe first, lol. Guess I’ll be adding some simple syrup, maybe add a little Kahlua to it. Yeehaw! LOL

  21. Hi gretchen
    Ive just subscribed to your chanell i was wondering do you have to sift the cake flour first before weighing because its lighter to get an acurate measurment i read that somewhere love your channel great recipes


  22. Hey gretchen ,i just love you and your recipes. I can’t believe whenever i try any of your recipe it comes out perfect. Today i tried vanilla sponge cake and doubled the recipe . Thanks you soo much dear for helping us. GOD BLESS YOU 🙂

  23. I have made this recipe several times over the past few months, and have even doubled it. I have not had a single problem with it. It is delicious, light, fluffy and easy and reliable. Thank you so much for this recipe. It is now my go to sponge cake recipe.

  24. Awesome site! From NJ as well. What recipe (yellow cake) of yours do you most highly recommend for making a three layered caked that will be covered with butter cream and fondant?

  25. Hey Gretchen, quick question. How tall are these cakes supposed to rise? I just made this recipe and the cakes turned out to be aboutb1.5″ in height and yours looks at least twice the height. I followed your recipe to the T . Where could I’ve gone wrong? I also used 8×3″ cake tins so I’m wondering if yours were 8×2 since your batter filled almost to the top. Thanks!!!

      The 1″ more in your pans won’t make a difference in rising, they should have still rose up to 2″ each layer (if you filled the batter divided evenly in the 2 pans.
      Did you read the blog post, where some have had trouble and the key factor here is the eggs, ribbon stage etc?

    2. Hmmm, I whipped it for 5-6minutes and it passed the ribbon test I think. Maybe I’ll beat it a little longer today and yes I read it haha. If my milk wasn’t at 150°F would that affect it? Also the completed batternwas about 1050g so I just put 525g in each tin. So it shouldve been divided evenly

  26. Hi Gretchen !!

    That’s an amazing recipe and has got rave reviews from my clients. I use this cake for my fresh cream and buttercream cakes. Its too moist and soft. Now does this hold under fondant and bear the weight of the ganache and buttercream filling and frosting!?

  27. Gretchen I’m so confused 🙁 I made it again today, whipped on high (10 on kitchen aid) for 5 minutes, did the ribbon test and it passed, I folded the flour in extremely carefully, and it still rose to about 1.25″. Would Pam baking spray affect the cake? Not giving it enough support on the sides of the tin to latch onto and rise? Im just confused why it’s not rising.

    1. Hmmm not really since I have used both the spray and the pan grease in this recipe time & again. I believe that you are doing it correctly, and Im sorry you are not satisfied with the result! How is the cake though (other than the height) is is soft, spongy, fluffy, light??

  28. Cake looks lovely can’t wait to try it! Just wondering instead of a mixture of plain and self raising can you just use self raising? Also how long does the cake last once decorated? X

  29. Hello
    You told that substitute the same quantity ( not having cake flour) substitute with what?
    Can u brief a little
    Thank u

  30. Hi I want to use this recipe to make cupcakes…can I use buttermilk instead of the milk . I want my cupcakes to be moist and last more long…..

  31. Hi Gretchen,

    Good day to you. I have been using this recipe few times in making sheet cake or 8″ round cake and they always turned out gorgeous! Thank you for that!

    Last weekend I used this recipe for making cupcakes and half of the batch turned out gorgeous as always but the other half of the batch turned out to be very dense 🙁

    For your information, my little oven can only fit 12 pcs of cupcakes at one time. So I baked 12 pcs first and left the remaining batter on the kitchen counter first. The first 12 pcs came out perfect. Then when I was scooping for the next batch, I noticed that the batter was heavier and after baked, they are very dense.

    Can you help to advice how to overcome this because I really love this recipe and I hope to use it again when making cupcakes. Is it because the batter was left out on the kitchen counter for so long, it deflates? Or should I have sifted the flour many many many times? Appreciate your input on this Gretchen.

    Thank you,

  32. Hey Gretchen, i have been making this cake and turns out amazing however made cupcakes with the same batter but cupcakes turned out way too soft, extremely light like feathers. although some may think wow thats exactly what you look for in a cake but cupcakes that light is not what everyone likes
    need you expertise on this 🙂

    1. 3X recipe for each 16″ Layer
      2X recipe for each 12″ layer
      (the excess can do for the 3″ cakes) fill pans half full with batter and you will be fine, they typically rise to double

        1. Yes 2X for 1-layer, but just make sure you mixer bowl can accommodate the volume of whipped eggs that is required for this recipe to work!

  33. I found the answer as I read through the thread.
    My cakes are now out of the oven and I am in cake heaven…bestest ever!! light, moist fluffy….oh my goodness! I substituted buttermilk for milk and added extra vanilla bean paste….cake gorgeousness!!!!
    Where can I join your membership club with monthly payments?

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  34. Hi, how do i alter this recipe to make just 12 cupcakes or just one 8″ layer cake? Do i just half the ingredients?

    Please advise. Thanks! 🙂

  35. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for the link! It was very informative 🙂
    I will just go for your Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe next time for cupcakes.


  36. Hi gretchen!
    I want to know that we cannot find cake flour in Australia so i subsituted plain flour mixed with a little corn flour and my cake rise properly than sank after taking out of oven. Is there anything what i can do? Waiting for ur reply. Thanks
    You are an awesome chef and am loving ur recipes.

    1. Hi Thanks! Im sorry that happened to you, is it possible you filled the pans too much, since that would cause a rising and then falling as you explained.
      Otherwise too much baking powder also causes that same effect so be sure you measured correctly

    2. Hi
      There is no cake flour in the uk either. I tried making my own but the cake wasn’t great. However when i used self raising flour in place of cake flour along with the plain flour it was perfect. Have probably made it about 30x now and always great. (I still add the baking powder and salt too)
      Hope that helps!

  37. As cake flour isn’t available in our country, can I use all purpose flour instead, or it can be substituted with 1 cup all p. flour+2 tbs cornflour ?

  38. I made this but used all purpose flour full it’s come out amazing and very soft and light….thanks so much for the recipe.

  39. It looks so nice!! I want to do this for m father on friday but I only have one pan. Can I put all the mixture in 1 pan and bake it? Oh btw my pan is 8 or 9 inch

    1. Its just a matter of doubling and tripling recipes. But if you keep in mind to fill the pans half way full (NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE USING) you are go to go
      1- 10″ = 1½X recipe
      1- 12″ = 2X recipe
      1- 14″ = 2½X recipe etc etc

  40. wow thanks for your fast reply!! i bought all ingredients today and can’t wait to try this recipe out on friday!:) but i just saw that my springform pan isn’t 8 or 9 inches, it’s 10 inches. do i have to double up the ingredients now? or can i still pour everything in one 10 inch round pan and it will come out big? thanks for your answer in advance! 🙂

  41. Hai Gretchen,

    I am from Kerala,I love ur cakes so much.All of them are mouth watering.I try many of

    them. Would you please give your recipe of CARROT CAKE with oil instead of butter?

  42. Hi Gretchen
    im really hoping you can help me out with this. Im making a 2 tier cake for the first time. The bottom tier is 8 inches and the top is 6. If i am using this Vanilla cake recipe should i double the recipe or is 1.5x going to be enough? will that be enough to feed 30 people?
    THank you so much for taking out the time to answer all our questions 🙂

    1. HI! Sure thing, 1½X recipe YES you are exactly correct.
      However Im not so sure that will feed 30 people! The 8 is for about 14-16 (you can squeeze out more if you cut small) the 6″ just about 4-6 people
      I would have an additional 8″ cake just for cutting in the kitchen to cover the guest count

  43. Hai Gretchen,

    I am so happy and inform my gratitude for your fast reply.I will try your carrot recipe today itself.

  44. Love this cake ! I did a few test bakes on the 8″ this week to prep for a my first wedding cake.

    How much batter would I need for a 12″ cake pan? I’m guessing 6 cups. I usually weight everything but could not find weight of batter anywhere.

    What is your opinion on using cake strips around the outside of the pan when it is baking.

    1. Hi! Great! Im so glad you had success (some have had trouble with this recipe!) So Just be sure when you double & triple that the mixer you use can handle the volume of eggs necessary to get to ribbon stage. Also, I do not go by weights on batter, so as long as you are filling the pan half full you are good. For a 12″ Layer you will need 2 X the recipe

  45. Hi Gretchen. This recipe, and the cake, look delicious! i’m trying to come up with a good go-to crumb cake recipe and your vanilla sponge cake seems like a great place to start. Do you think it’ll hold up well to a thick, crumb topping?Thank you.

  46. Hello Grentchen,
    I have tried this recipe and commented before on how satisfied I was. I have a question, now, about whether this recipe would go well to soak with coffee and cover with a whipped cream cheese frosting as a tiramisu cake. Tiramisu is my husband’s favorite dessert and I wanted to turn it into his birthday cake. Also, I do not have mascarpone here, so I have to improvise. Any suggestions will be appreciated!

  47. Hi Gretchen,
    When I made this sponge vanilla cake It comes out with holes at the bottom.
    When I flip the cake over ,after 10 minutes of taking out of the oven the cake has this holes.
    It happens lately a few times; would you please tell what can cause this? Thanks a lot for your time.

    1. a couple factors may play into what is called “tunneling” in cake batters.
      1- overmixing the batter will create a tougher gluten formation which does not allow for the leaveners to rise through the batter as easily as they would otherwise
      2- too much leavener
      3- not sifting flour to distribute the baking powder can cause this also

  48. How do I make a lemon variation of this? And I’m thinking of making a grapefruit buttercream but not sure whether to use a lemon sponge as I’m not sure the flavors go together or if I should just make this vanilla cake and do a grapefruit juice soak. Any suggestions regarding the two flavors I’d like to incorporate in my cake?

  49. I tried this recipe and it is very yummy,my husband liked it so much. Thanks ms. Gretchen for this yummy recipe.

  50. Could you tell me how many times I need to x’s the recipe for a 12×18 sheet cake pan – any graduation cake ideas?

  51. Can I use all purpose flour alone (same quantity) instead of using both self raising and all purpose flour?

    I live in Dubai and I couldn’t find self raising flour here.

  52. hi,hats off to u dear.i never make vanilla sponge cake so perfect like this was delicious and just yum yum yum.luv u for this recipe………..can i use veg oil instead of butter for those who dont like to have butter.if yes…..what will be suitable quantity for that.thanks again.

  53. Hello Gretchen!

    I wanted to bake Blackforest cake so is it suitable to use your chocolate sponge cake recipe?

    Thanks in advance

  54. Hi Gretchen! I’m currently on the hunt for my ‘perfect’ cake recipe, and this one looks like a prime candidate! I’m just wondering, on a scale of 1-10, how buttery is this cake? As in, how strong is the butter flavour. I’m looking for a cake recipe that has a slight butter flavour, not too strong but strong enough for you to notice that it’s there. Thanks in advance for all help, Liz.

  55. Hi Gretchen!

    Just took these out the oven. Made for a bbq party we are having tomorrow. Was a bit sceptical to try coz I didn’t want to be one of those for whom the recipe didn’t work. “Big sigh of relief” They look and smell FAB! Perfectly flat tops and so soft. Can’t wait to dig in 🙂

  56. Gretchen Hello I have a question that relates to cake flour. It is the box (Pillsbury)? That says it takes all purpose flour 3/4 cup flour 1 cup and Cake? those two ingredients is the same? Thank you!

  57. That says it takes all purpose flour 3/4 cup and cake flour 1 cup? Those two ingredients is the same? Thank you!

    1. Gretchen Thank you for your information. I served much help and I want to tell you That your Spanish is good. I’m Puerto Rican and I speak Spanish Hinders me what is the Inglés !!

  58. Gretchen Thank you for your information. I served much help and I want to tell you that your Spanish is good. I’m Puerto Rican and I speak Spanish Hinders me what is the Inglés !!
    Muchas Gracias!!! ; -)

  59. This is a nightmare! What did I do wrong? I’d like to send you the picture. The middle collapsed in both cakes. I didn’t open the oven. I did bake at 325 like always. Help, Gretchen!!!!!

    1. Hi , Im so sorry to hear that. It is really difficult for me to know what you did wrong if I have no information other than a center collapse. BUT a center collapse can be caused by a couple things: too much batter in the pan is the #1 cause since the batter will rise up nicely but once it reaches the top of the pan and has no place to go – but DOWN!
      The best advise I can give it to ask you to re-watch the video and be sure you did everything the same as I did and used all the same ingredients.
      Note from the blog post: Now I hate to make anyone nervous about mixing this recipe since so many have had great success and LOVE this cake so much, it has now become their “go-to” cake recipe.

      But others have had extreme failures here.

      I mentioned in the video that this is my 5th time refilming this recipe and I have settled on a method that I found to be most “user friendly” but there are still some points to pay attention to for the best results

    2. Turns out I screwed up. I did all ingredients 1.5 times EXCEPT THE SUGAR, WHICH I DOUBLED!!!!! Stupid me. It still tastes good. I’m gonna make cake pops out if it. Back to the drawing board! Thanks, Gretchen!

  60. Hello
    I made this cake n it turned out awesome I m very thankful to you for this recipe I have a question that can we use oil instead of butter. Whats the difference between using butter n oil
    Thank you

  61. Hello Gretchen,
    Here I am again. Love this recipe but I need to make a 10 inch cake. Any recommendations?

    Thank you!

  62. Hi Gretchen. I want to use this cake but only subtly infuse lime and grapefruit flavors. Was thinking of adding zest of both fruits and maybe 1 1/2 tablespoon of each fruit’s juice. Do you think it sounds ok?

  63. Thanks Ms Gretchen. I baked the vanilla cake and it was amazing with the perfect flat top and taste is just yum. My son loved it.
    Can u plz show to make chocolate mousse cake too

  64. Hello Gretchen,

    Just had a taste of this cake…It is amazing!!!! Thank you for the recipe!!

    I was wondering if I can use 1 cup of sugar rather than 1 3/4?

    Also would this recipe work if I substitute flour with gluten free flour?


  65. Hi Gretchen, I baked another sponge cake recipe. But my cake’s bottom was soggy, top of may cake was fluffy. Please could you tell me, what was the wrong?.

  66. Hello my name is Sam. I love all of your recipes so much and I decided to try this one for the first time. Although it taste great the top is quite dark do you know how I could prevent that from happening in the future.

    1. HI Sam thanks! It sounds as if your oven temperature may have been a bit too hot (causing the overbrowning of the top) I would lower the temperature half way through baking to avoid this next time

  67. I want to make a sheet cake size (9×12). How do I adjust the quantities or can I simply put the batter in the rectangular pan?

  68. Gretchen… Great recipe!! However, the cake made a pointy top in the middel while baking? How do i avoid that? I also used the fan oven… And the cake Got really Dark. Do you use fan or not?

    Thanks in advance. From Pernille in Denmark 🙂

    1. I do not use the fan setting for this recipe (its possible that is why is got a domes top) also convection ovens run hotter and probably why it got over browned on top

    1. I do not recommend to change this recipe- it is delicate the way it is and changes to it will not work out well
      (You can cut all the ingredients in half for 1 layer if that is what you mean, but not “1 egg” – cake flour is fine if that is all you have)

  69. Hi Gretchen! Love watching your Youtube videos. I think the recipe above for the Cocoa Powder is just a little off – 1 Cup of Cocoa Powder = about 4 ounces which is 113.4 g. So a 1/2 cup as in the Chocolate Sponge recipe above would be about 57 g. I went with a 1/4 cup or about 1 oz or 28 g and the cakes turned out wonderfully. Am I thinking this through correctly?? Thanks

  70. Hi Gretchen, thank you for putting together all your recipes on your blog and on youtube for us! I know how much work it must be and I really appreciate it.

    I have a quick question about the sponge cake – I would like to make a strawberry version. Do I substitute the milk with a puree? Or would you recommend just substituting the vanilla extract with strawberry extract?

    1. Thank you so much Gretchen!! I made this cake (twice, because I only have one pan) and they were both soft and yummy! Although The second time my cake had a thin layer on the bottom which was quite dense/rubbery. Any ideas?

  71. Hello Gretchen, loved the recipe and it worked absolutely perfectly. However, I’m making a friend’s 70th birthday cake (very soon!) The cake will be 9″ square and my question is: How can I adapt the recipe quantities to either make 2 cakes to be sandwiched together, or one cake to be split (I think you say tort in US) into two or maybe three layers? I do hope you can help.

    Have watched several of your videos and have learned so much from you, there’s nothing like this in the UK.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Great! You can divide this batter between 2=9″ cakes no adjustments, they will be thick enough to torte them into 3 layers OR divide into 3 -9″ pans for exactly equal layers

  72. My dearest Gretchen,
    I could kiss you!! I have been baking for over 15 yrs (and old enough to be your gramma lol). and dread the sheet cake orders. I have a 1/2 sheet to do this week and for some reasons I was guided to your site (again) and decided to try the Vanilla Sponge and Chocolate Buttermilk cake. I 1 1/2 timed the Chocolate Buttermilk and is was the perfect amount for my 1/4 sheet pan (magic line 2″); it gave me about 64 oz of batter and I need 63. The vanilla sponge I did the same thing but it was so fluffy I loaded it up half way and still had enough batter left over for a dozen cupcakes. The chocolate cake didn’t sink in the middle and neither did the vanilla. I bake at 335* and I set the timer for 50 min for the chocolate and it was done most likely at 45 but under bake and they sink… time I’ll check at 45. The vanilla took a little longer but baked up perfect. I downloaded your recipe book and look forward to trying some more of your recipes.
    Thank you,
    Colleen Charles
    SweetCakes & CheeseCakes

  73. Hi I wanted to make a doll cake for my daughters 4th birthday .. would this recipe be okai.. asking, as to, can it take the shape of the skirt tin..
    Also what is this cake flour apart from all purpose flour.
    Thank u in advance

  74. hello gretchen i was just wondering if you could give me the mesurements for half of this receipe thank you 🙂

  75. I love this cake! It is definately my go-to vanilla cake recipe. I need to make a 3 tier fondant covered bridal shower cake next month, but I am not sure if this would be a firm enough cake. Would you recommend it? If not, what recipe would you recommend?

    1. I want to make eggless sponge chocolate cake. I have cake gel and egg free concentrate. How can i use them in my batter? And can i use melted chocolate in batter ?

  76. Hi Gretchen,
    Just a quick question. Does this recipe absolutely need the fat of the whole milk or can I substitute it with soy or almond milk?

  77. Hi Gretchen I want to ask we must add both kinds and amount of the flour or one of them ???
    Plz reply u r so helpful

  78. Hi. One question. in my country Iam only find all purpuse flour. Could I use only this kind of flour?

    Thanks for your help.

  79. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you, this recipe sounds great!

    I’m planning to make this for my mother in law’s 70th Birthday.
    I’m planning to use 2 of the 16″ round pans.

    I’m worried about cake not baking properly due to the large size.

    Do you have any tips regarding baking this cake in large pans?

    Thanks so much h

    1. Its not the cake baking that I am worried about with this recipe (if it is your first time?)
      Sadly many have had trouble with this recipe BUT many have had great success as this in one of my most popular recipe here.
      That being said I will like for you to make a test batch first to get the mix method down, see how it goes.
      You will need to DOUBLE the recipe for each 16″ layer and the problem there lies in what I wrote in the blog post about the eggs getting whipped sufficiently to sustain the structure of this cake, or you can end up with a dense heavy cake.
      If your mixer can accommodate DOUBLE all these ingredients for 1 layer=- GREAT! if not, I would not recommend to make this particular recipe it does not like to sit around and wait for you to make another batch 1 at a time

    2. Thanks Gretchen,
      I will be using my friends mixer, which has a big bowl, I will do a test batch first and see how it goes!

      – one other question I have is, this cake is for 55 people, so I’m thinking doing 2 16 ” rounds might be too much? -because I’m also planning to top this cake with Wilton’s giant cupcake as well.
      Please let me know if you think I should perhaps use a 12″ or 14″ pans instead.

      If so, please let me how I should calculate the correct amount of ingredients for each pan.

      Thanks so much,

      1. maybe 14″ is better
        Still make 2X recipe for each 14″ layer- just fill pans slightly more than half way ( you may have extra batter, bake cupcakes or something with it)

  80. Hi Gretchen,

    I have to say that this cake is delicious. I followed the recipe exactly, but I realized that I didn’t liaison properly.

    I have some questions:

    1) I found that my sponge cake rose slightly with a dome, instead of baking flat, but didn’t rise as much as I’d hoped. (It didn’t rise to the top of the pan) I also used 2 9inch pans. What do you think I did wrong?

    Did I over beat the eggs and sugar? Or was it that I poured all the hot milk and butter mixture all at once?

    Thank you!
    I will definitely make this again.

    1. I think you answered your question: “I didn’t do the liaison properly”
      2- 9″ pans will make your cake slightly thinner than the 8″ pans I used, so this may be why you feel they don’t look as tall as mine, however the proper mixing of the eggs and the liaison are the 2 key points in the success of this recipe

  81. Hi!

    Why do you use 1 cup all purpose and 1 cup cake flour? Is there a reason? Does it help the cake rise better?

    Or can I use two cups cake flour?


    1. When I started out on youtube several years ago, I adjusted all my recipes to work for the masses in a home environment.
      This meant changing many of my recipes calling for cake flour to AP flour, since so many people could not get cake flour!
      BUT as I have had to start over 2 times, and the last time here with Gretchens Bakery, I began to go back to the original recipes.

      However I also liked the results from some of my recipes with the AP and decided to get the best of both worlds and so now I use BOTH in some recipes
      Many professional bakers will use blends of flours they think is a better balance than just straight up Cake or AP which is essentially what I am doing here.

      To answer the second part of the question, can you use one or the other? sure~ although it is always best to follow the recipes as written since they are written a certain way for good reasons.
      However I do understnad you may not have accessibility to both kinds in which case
      subbing one for the other will often work.
      BUT some recipes specifically (the white cake recipe) I use AP since it absorbs more liquids that cake flour. In a recipe with a high liquid content like that one,
      I like to use AP to ensure a stronger matrix.

      So, it is not as if I just do this or that for no reason, but many people will still use what they want to although I would love it if they would follow my written recipe!

    1. Hello again,
      I just bought some 2″ deep cake pans, more precisely 6″/8″/10″/12″/14″ diameter!
      Please help me, any chance to find out how much cake batter do i need for them pans? Recipe please?

      1. I dont really calculate my batter in terms of “cups”.
        Most recipes are designed to yield 2-8″ cakes but that doesn’t mean you can ONLY make 2-8″ cakes, if you just fill the pans a touch more than half full you will get perfect layers everytime no matter what the recipe
        You can CLICK HERE for more, but I have found that blog post to confuse some people more than help! I hope you are one that will helped by it! LOL

  82. Well i dont knw how the express the happiness rite now. After failing n trying so many diffrent recipe i thought of trying it one last time n the results were amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely cake recipe.
    Loads of love.

  83. Hi..loved ur tips. I am going to bake cake for first time tom for my daughters cake smash and will use this recipe. But i will ve using the “egg replacer” instead of the eggs as we are vegetarians. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  84. Hi
    Good evening. Want uo make vanilla sponge. But i dont have a double boiler to melt the sugar in eggs. Cant you please tell me what i can in place of the double boiler. Thank you.

  85. Dear Gretchen,
    For chocolate sponge cake, shall I replce milk with Joghurt and hot water? And half oil and half butter? I baked the cake by replacing things but my cake didn’t rise as vanilla spong cake. But tasye was amazing. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    1. You cannot really just replace things in a recipe unwittingly, since baking is essentially science with delicate ratios and balances of ingredients.
      For a cake closer to what you mentioned – I would recommend my Chocolate Buttermilk Cake (and yes you can replce the buttermilk with yogurt- but I write all about that in the blog post)

  86. Hi Gretchen.. In what proportion should I replace quantity of egg with oil.. we are vegeterian so dont use egg

  87. Hey Gretchen I reallyIke your recipies and videos.
    I have subscribed to your channel on youtube and have also left many comments I dnt know where all my comments go, I also emailed you but no reply to that too.. dnt know what went wrong..
    Hope to get reply for this comment.

    1. Hello, I have seen your comments here and on youtube (youtube comments were flagged for spam since you sent the same comment 5+ times) I have replied to you here and on youtube. I try to answer everyone as fast as possible, I get hundreds of emails a day thank you for the support

  88. Made 2 test cakes, they came out absolutely perfect!
    Next, I’m getting ready to make two 14″ round cakes.

    Should I put 2 flower nails per pan, to ensure the larger. Cakes bake evenly?


  89. Hi gretchen
    I think my quest for the best vanilla cake is over!! This was so moist and yummy!! I want to use this recipe for everything now!! Please can you tell me if i can add some pineapple puree into here so it is a pineapple sponge cake? I love a pineapple sponge with coconut frosting but can’t find a good recipe. They are usually for upside down pineapple cakes which i dont like. Pleaseeee advise!! Thank you!!
    Ps pls do a tutorial for a hummingbird cake!!
    Love your blog too btw!!
    Big fan!

  90. hi I love your recipe all of then and I have a question can a double this recipe to do a 9x 13 cake pan to get the 2 inch high because I try it the single its only rise to a inch in this type of pan thanks

  91. Hi Gretchen
    This recipe is enough to fill a 13×18 pan and give the height I need to be able to cut
    it in half and fill

  92. Hey Gretchen good to hear from you.
    I have tried your recipie for ferrero rocher cake and mocha layer cake. It was very delicious me and my family loved it…
    Thank you…

  93. Hi Gretchen,
    Can I put this cake in the freezer and as amble in a week without cake loosing spongy texture?

  94. Hi there!

    So, I want to make 2 circle layers 9″X 1.5″ out of this cake for a small pool party in a few days. It will be for about 10 people (but u didn’t need to know that ).
    I will be layering mint Oreo gelato, cake, gelato, cake, gelato. Do you think that is a bad idea? Also is the quantity of one batch enough for my 2 pans or even too much? (if not ok plz give new measures)

    Thanks, your response will be greatly appreciated,

    A talented kid baker who bakes better that her mom,


    1. I love the ice cream cake idea! Your yield should be perfect with this recipe in 9″ pans to give you exactly 1½” heights, since I used 8″ pans I got perfect 2″ heights, however read the trouble shooting with this recipe since some people have had flopped dense NON risen cakes 🙁 yes I know, its terrible! But others have great success so just be sure to follow exactly as I show you here!

  95. Sorry, I meant 3 tier wedding cake.

    PleaseI would also love it if you forward a nice cream recipe that I can use on my vanilla cakes.

    Thank youuu Gretchen!!

  96. Hi Gretchen,
    Thank you for sharing your recipes. I have practically no experience in cooking, and even less in baking. This is why I would like to apologize if I seem confused.
    I want to try the vanilla sponge cake recipe, but I want to replace the unsalted butter with canola oil. Is that possible?
    Also, I do not have a food processor for the granulated sugar. Would dissolving the sugar be enough to prevent them from rising on the surface of the cake?
    Finally, if I batter the cake manually, how should i move my hand? Is there a specific pattern?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna! Welcome to the world of baking! Yes to oil and no problem for the granulated sugar – you may not have that problem (only some have and I am guessing this could be the cause) but I thank you for reading the entire blog post first!!

  97. Hello Gretchen
    Thank you! Thank you! For your recipe you are a life saver. I was trying to make a sponge cake for a birthday yesterday. I was trying a Japanese recipe for sponge cake first attempt was a complete failure, second attempt was a failure too I followed all the instructions and this cake was just mission impossible. I gave up on the cake and decided I was just going to buy a cake. Until I found your recipe in YouTube. I loved your energy, the way you teach and how you talked about all the issues that people had encounter making a sponge cake. I decided to make your cake and it was delicious the best sponge cake recipe I have ever made in my 5 years baking. Your recipe was so easy to make, so moist and fluffy. Thanks to you I was able to bring a home made cake after I was completely sure I was never going to be able to make a sponge cake. Your cake was a hit!!! It was all gone after 10 minutes and everyone wanted more. I shared your YouTube channel you might see an increase of subscribers all my friends wanted your recipe. Thank you so much for saving my day!

    1. HI! Thankyou so much for this message! It will be so helpful to others who are not sure to try it! I am so happy you had success! (since others have not! bravo!) Great job! Thankyou for sharing me! That is the BEST way to help me ensure I can continue doing what I love! and that is helping everyone become better bakers and sharing my recipes!!

  98. Hello Gretchen,

    After trying few cake recipes which turned into disaster,I found the perfect one here… which turned into great sponge cake. then I tried some recipes from your site in last 4 months . Since then my husband is always asking to make cake.

    Thanks Gretchen for such an easy and yummy cake recipes. These are really helpful for beginners.

  99. What reciepe is best for sheet cakes? I want make a large half sheet cake in vanilla but cant find a reciepe thats moist enough.

  100. Hi Gretchen
    My 2 round tins are 26cm (10″) would I double your recipe to get two nice high level cakes to sandwich together for nice height and what about baking time??? and temperature I presume remains the same.
    thanks in advance

    1. yes typically I do 1½X recipe for 2- 10″ layers, but you can double then fill pans slightly more than half full to ensure you get a good rise to the top of the 2″ pans (use extra batter for a cupcake or two!)

      1. Hello Gretchen! Firstly, thank you for all the resources you have provided us and appreciate the effort you make in providing guidance to our questions.

        With 1.5x recipe for 2-10″ layers, how high would each layer yield approximately after baking? I’m doing a layer cake and trying to work out how many cake layers I would need.

        My oven has 4 racks and I usually bake cakes on the second rack from the bottom. Would you recommend to bake 2-10″ pans at the same time and if yes, which rack should I use? Or should I half the recipe of 1.5x and bake in two batches?

        Also, would baking this be a problem if my oven is forced-fan function only? Can I reduce the oven temperature by 20 Celcius? I recall your comment that this should be baked with non-fan function.

        1. HI Great thanks and you are welcome too
          The layers for me are always about 2″ high (as you see in the video I use 2″ pans and the final layers are almost to the top)
          Always bake the sponge cake batter immediately do not let it sit while you bake 1 pan at a time.
          Yes to reduce temp for forced pan but they will bake nicely with the convection setting. Im not sure I said “it SHOULD be baked non fan” but I do not typically use the fan setting because many people do not have that setting and I try to keep things consistent here

  101. Hi Gretchen!
    Thank you for all that you do! What a generous heart you have, I’m so glad you have shared your knowledge and spirit with the “World”. You’ve been my pastry teacher since your first incarnation on You Tube with the Woodland Bakery. Thanks to you I continue to improve and develop my baking and decorating skills. You are the best!

    Looking to make a vanilla sponge today I found this lovely one, and read through the recipe, instructions and the comments before starting. I foll.owed everything and all went smoothly. The cakes are in the oven now. Thought I would just share this: At the point just after whisking in 2c batter into the milk and butter, I had ‘Pause” moment – when mixing that back into the liason (batter in the mixing bowl) I thought…hmm, should I mix together well? or will that just be too much mixing?, no, it must be even … so very gently I mixed it all together to an even batter. But gently with a hand whisk. Maybe that’s where some people mess up – either they don’t blend it evenly or they too vigorously mix an deflate the batter. Hope this helps someone to success!

    1. Hi Thankyou so much for this kind message and also for your support AND the feedback of your experience with this recipe! Excellent observation and I hope others read first as well!

  102. Hi Gretchen, thanks so much again for sharing your recipes and just being a bubble of joy each time I see you on YouTube ☺

    Anyways, quick question! I tried your vanilla sponge / golden sponge cake recipe a couple of times but I keep getting this problem. There will be part of the batter that sinks to the bottom of the cake that makes in really really dense at the bottom but nice and fluffy at the top. Is there something I might be doing wrong?

    1. Hi Thanks and you are welcome too!
      It sounds like you may not be mixing the liaison part into the rest of the batter well enough, this will create 2 different densities in batter which can cause this trouble, additionally as I mention in the troubleshooting section here, the ribbon stage of the eggs is most important

  103. Hi Gretchen!
    I have made this recipe about 6x in the last 2 weeks! So perfect every time! My go to vanilla recipe now. Thank you so much as i was hunting forever!
    My question is will this recipe work just as well for cupcakes? And which is your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe that you would use?
    Thank you so much!!!
    Big fan!
    Aneesa xxxx

  104. Lovee this cake!! I too like most of us been searching for a nice sponge vNilla cake n this is the best!! Thank you for sharing your recipe.. i cant wait to try your other ones.
    Can i ask, if i want to do this recipe in a 1- 8×8″ pan, is it possible? How long shld i put it in.
    Thank you, you are a life saver!

  105. Hi Gretchen I tried one sponge cake and it turned out rubbery 🙁 i am going to try out your recipe now. I want to bake this in a 9/13 sheet cake pan. Do i need to double this recipe or 1.5x this recipe? If i have to make 2 layers will I need to bake this cake twice? Thank you for your inputs.

    1. Be sure to get the eggs to ribbon stage and also fold in that liaison really well, if it is 2 different consistencies you may experience a rubbery texture.
      1X recipe for 1- 12″ x 18″ pan so if you want 2 layers, yes you need 2x recipe

    2. Thanks Gretchen! A bit lost….I wanted it for the 9/13 sheet cake. And your response is for the 12/18 . Thanks!

  106. If i half this recipe will i get 2 layers for a ccheckerboard cake?? Quick reply plzz i hv to make it!

  107. Good morning, pls I have a problem with my cake recrecipe which is not a sponge cake, the recipe I use is 1kg butter, 1kg all purpose flour, 1kg eggs, 700g sugar, 1tsp baking powder and other spices. The problem is the cake comes out well but turns dry and a bit hard when it gets cold. I use this recipe for baking two 12inches cake coz in my ccountry pple don’t really demand sponge cakes. Pls I neneed ur assistance for a moist and soft cake.

  108. Hello! Can I just ask why the milk and butter have to be hot and will it be sufficient to just melt the butter in the milk?

  109. hey Gretchen! love love your recipes ! i’ve done this recipe a million times and it comes out perfect each and every time,=… so soft moist and fluffy! however when i tried to do the marble version, it comes out dense and not fluffy at all !! i dont know what im doing wrong….the chocolate bits are so dense while the vanilla bits are fluffy! is it because i add the cocoa to the batter at the very end after adding in all the liason? but isnt that what im supposed to do ? its very frustrating ! because the plain vanilla one comes out so fluffly and moist every time ! or maybe i over folded? but i always fold till i see no flour and then stop, it just takes so long to fold because the batter becomes really thick and sticky…which is always the case….maybe i should add the cocoa with half the dry ingredients before mixing in the liason and divide both batters to begin? please help !

  110. Hi Gretchen, followed step by step ur recipe and I think there s too much milk in this recipe, I’m not very happy with the consistency of my cake 🙁 . Can I send you a pic for you to analyse it? The cake is cooked I believe the mass was too liquid before putting it into the oven, result doesn t crumble…

    Sorry to leave you one star but I don t think this recipe is for me, I don t enjoy eating that cake nd trust me I love cake

    1. Hi there, many people have had great success with this recipe (as do I) and they will not use another recipe~ but others have had failures. I do write about it on the blog post (what to look for and the KEY: important steps to ensure success of this recipe) Im sorry it didn’t work out for you it’s unfortunate that I get a low rating though when most likely it was a mixing error or even possibly a measuring error. Take a look again at the mix method (maybe re-watch the video- I tried so hard to explain how important it is to NOT deflate the ribbon stage eggs) and the liaison part is an important step too.

  111. please tell
    is it must to heat eggs in double boiler ??
    if eggs are heated upto 115F in boiler then will not they get damaged ? thanks

  112. when i heat eggs in boiler then beat it when lukewarm, it becomes thick like custard sauce in 2-3 min only. when i beat normal eggs they beat well and foamy, airy in 5-7 mins. my cake didnt rise at all. can i skip egg warming as i use castor sugar not granulated sugar ?

  113. Hi Gretchen

    How long should I leave the cake in the pan after baking? In the past I have baked this cake and although the cake is perfect it has tapered inwards
    from the bottom.
    Yours always have straight sides


  114. Hi Gretchen

    Can I,

    1) use this recipe to make a giant cupcake? (Will this cake be too soft for 3D Wilton giant cupcake)? And I plan to cover it with fondant.

    2) add lemon juice and zest to make a lemon sponge cake?


  115. Hi Gretchen, so glad i chanced upon this recipe. I made it twice within a week and everyone just loved it. Will definitely my go-to recipe for vanilla cakes.
    Thank you so much!

  116. Hi Gretchen,

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear, can I add juice of 2 lemons and lemon zest to make this a lemons sponge cake?
    I will be making a 14″ round cake

    Thanks nilanka

  117. Hi Gretchen,
    I want to make a two layer cake with two 9″ round pans using this recipe.can I use the same measurements or do I need to take 1.5* of the above measurements.can I get around 20 pieces if I do that?

    1. I do not fell that 1″ makes a difference here, sicne this cake will rise to the top of the 8″X2″ pans, you will just get a slightly thinner layer thats all

  118. Thank you for the sponge cake recipe ,I am a huge fan of yours. I have learned a lot from you. . I live in kerala,india. Here in bakeries fresh cream cakes are made of sponge cakes. They soak in sugar syrup. So to my knowlege they use traditional sponge cake recipe. 3 eggs and 90 gm sugar 90 gm flour, little bit of butter. This can be kept in fridge after frosting with whipping cream. Whenever we take out of the fridge it will stay soft. So Please tell can we substitute for fresh cream cakes with this sponge cake. Which will be better for fresh cream cakes. Will it stay soft if kept in fridge. Thank you for the recipe

  119. Hi Gretchen,
    Tried this recipe, I made 12 cupcakes by cutting the recipe in half added some lychee (cut really small) and they came out perfect! Thanks Gretchen
    From St. Catherine, Jamaica

  120. Hi,

    I made this yummy sponge cake and it turned out wonderful. I have a couple of questions though:
    1) The cake was way too sweet for my taste. As you have mentioned, that reducing the sugar will cause the cake to dry out. so is there any way of fixing this?
    2) The cake turned out nice, light and airy, but as i kept it on the wire rack to cool down, the top started becoming soggy. Started sticking to the hands? What could have caused this?
    3) when i cut the cake in half horizontally to add whipped cream, a lot of crumbs came loose. And as i applied the whipped cream, the crumbs kept coming off and mixing with the layer of the whipped cream. How can i avoid this?

    1. HI Great. It is possibly you just may not like sponge cakes though since if you take out some of the sugar yes it will be different and more dry than it is even under normal circumstances. You may like a Butter Cake instead
      Im not sure why it would be soggy especially if you coooled it on a rack
      I always work with frozen cake layers so I avoid excessive crumbs upon building the cake click here for more


  122. Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for your recipe! I’m really excited to use it this weekend! I just had one question though, I know your recipe says it calls for 2 8″ pans, but I have 2 6″ pans instead. Can I still split it evenly among my pans or will that affect the rise? Thanks!

  123. I have a question, you say to melt the butter in the milk to just 115 degrees. Then add vanilla which will cool it off. Then it also says the milk/butter mixture should be hot (150 degrees) when adding to the liaison. So where does it get from 115 to 150?? I did everything you said and then put it in 9″ pans because I don’t have any 8″ and it seems to be raising to the top while baking. I did not have the mix heated to 150 at any time.

    1. HI Janet, the 115°F is in regards to the eggs in the first step over the double boiler.
      The 150°F is in re: to the milk/butter mixture.

      I will be honest I do not ever take the exact temperature of any of these ingredients; since originally when I started sharing this recipe I just said “hot milk & butter” and get the eggs “warmed to the touch”
      But what has happened over time, is that folks seem to need EXACTS as they could not imagine what “warm to the touch & hot” meant.
      So I started implementing exacts.

      This is not something that will be affected if you add vanilla to the mixture, that small amount of vanilla will not change anything.

      if your cake is rising to the top while baking EXCELLENT! It sounds to me like you did it perfectly!

  124. BIG HIT!!!! SUCCESS!!!!!.. Am totally new to ovens and baking itself.. so far i have managed to only make good choco chip cookies and a not so moist or soft blackforest. I came in here to thank you for the clear and easy recipe, but now having looked at the comments i like the fact that you patiently reply to all of us more than your website. GREAT JOB INDEED!!! I used your recipe to make two 9″ sponges and sandwiched them with whipped cream and strawberry jam. You just turned into my baking teacher. Awesome. Thank you.

    1. awesome! I am so happy to hear you had seuccess with this recipe! Some have not! GREAT JOB to you too! 🙂 and thanks!

  125. my cake didnt rise much. thatswhy it was a little sticky also. did ribbon stage. measured everything. i kept eggs in lukewarm water fr 5 min then broke it bcz in boiler i overheat eggs somehow.milk-butter was hot

  126. Hi Gretchen, I have never succeeded at whole egg sponge cakes before but am tempted to try your recipe. I notice when you mix the milk/butter mixture with the batter, and when you mix the liaison back in, you used the ballon whisk instead of the spatula, wouldn’t that deflate the egg mixture too much? I think all my sponge cake attempts failed previously because the moment I start folding in the flour, everything just deflates. Appreciate your advice! Thanks! ANgie

    1. HI Angie for me it is better- but everyone works differently so as I mention in this lengthy blog post you have to find what way works best for you. if the spatula is better by all means…

  127. hello gretchen, it was my first time in baking cake. And i followed your recipe and it was wonderful. i really wanted to thanks because of you i was able to impress my husband. I dind’t find any difficulties during whole process as i have heard about alot of things. thank you

  128. the texture is not very fine like market sponge cake or sponge sheets. there r very tiny same size holes in market cakes. its some other recipe that i tried at home.

  129. Hi. Thank you for the best receipe. I tried this cake and it was light as feather and taste wise very nice. Only one query my cake rises BuT later it falls down. What will be the reason for that? What mistake I am doing? Also my cake had a break on middle top. Why that happened? Also I have baked only one 8 inch cake. Divide all ingredients in half. My batter was creamy and consistency was little thin. Is this fine?

    1. HI Hmm, it’s hard to answer this since it seems so many conflicting things happened all at once?? I can only say what I always say to everyone when they have a recipe trouble: If you mix it exactly as I show you and measure the ingredients correctly you should have no trouble. I always ask that you go back and re-watch the video to see if perhaps you did something differently

  130. Few queries-
    – Approx. How much is the one cake layer height?
    – I understand from your post that 1 cake pan will give 1 layer, so if i want to prepare Birthday cake with fresh cream icing in between, then i have to bake it in 2-8″ pan to get 2 layers – am i getting it right?
    – how much is your 1 cup measurement (250 ml or 200 ml )?

    thankyou 🙂

  131. Hi please advice why when I ice a cake in butter cream. And place into the fridge why does my vanilla sponge gets densed and looks raw . But if I don’t put it into the fridge, it stays fine, like a normal cake. Please advice, I have tried many recipes , the same thing happened

  132. Hi Gretchen,

    I’ve made this many times but of course after never having problem before, I start getting trouble as I’m making it for my own wedding cake!!

    The cakes look fine when they come out of the oven but then they sink, I cut the cakes to start assembling layers and the bottom half of the cake is very dense in the middle and looks raw, the top half isn’t as bad but still dense. The outer inch of the inside is fine.

    I’m using double the recipe and putting it into 2 x 9 inch pans, is that too much batter?

    Or is it just a simple fix of the folding, I timed the whisking of the eggs so I think I can be sure it’s not over whipped eggs.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work

    1. Yikes! Isnt that always the way! But you answered your own question- YES TOO MUCH BATTER! Since 1X recipe is for 2-8″ cakes, you are putting double the amount into a pan that is just 1″ bigger. 1″ here really won’t make a difference or negatively affect the outcome of the layers. 2X recipe is for 10″ or 12″ cake layers! If you are ever unsure, you will only fill batter half way up the sides ofhte pan (this way you wont have to guess no matter what size pan you have…. half way up you are good to go!

  133. Hi Gretchen! Thank you for sharing all your awesome recipes.This is the best vanilla cake! Just made it, super moist ,soft , fluffy and yumm!
    Just had one question, can this be used under fondant? Or your vanilla white cake will be better under fondant for a birthday party?
    Will using all oil give the same result? Or is it better to stick to oil.
    Thanks a lot!

  134. Hi Gretchen! This is the best vanilla cake ever.Just made it and it came out super moist, soft , fluffy and yumm.
    Just wanna check can this be used under a fondant cake?
    How much simple syrup can be added?
    Thanks once again?
    You are the best!

  135. Hi Gretchen

    I want to make this cake in a 12″ roundpan 2 days in advance for an event. What is the best way to store it until Im ready to put BUTTERCREAM and finish assembling cake?
    I heard best to wrap and freeze cakes until ready to assemble. Should I do that with this cake?


  136. Hi Gretchen!

    how can i turn your Vanilla sponge cake recipe to a mocha sponge cake? Please reply as soon as possible!


  137. hi.i want to ask you….many recipes have this 1:1 ratio on flour sugar and butter.when you use little butter and a cup of milk does this make it more moist cake?i usually make it with the 1:1 ratio and the 3-4tbs milk but if i add the will make it rise more?or be more moist than dense?thanks

  138. Hello
    I really really love the vanilla sponge cake, but my question is how do I make this cake even more moist? Would adding more oil work or if not which recipe would you suggest for sheet cakes/ cupcakes.

  139. Hi! I love this recipe! My question now planning on making a rainbow cake using this recipe..should i add food coloring after i mix in the liason or together with it?

  140. Hi Gretchen,

    I tried making this cake. I ended up having enough batter for 2 cakes. I gave them away and I am still getting messages on how great this cake is. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe:)

  141. I tried this cake and it was lovely. My hubby who never eats cake ate about 1/2 of it. I did follow the instructions exactly except I didn’t have whole milk. I subbed with 2% and heavy whipping cream. Love!!!!

  142. It was a lovely recipe. It was by far my best sponge cake. I loved the texture, and it came out almost like the same shown in the video. I just improvised a little as I had to make a rectangular cake 15′ by 11′ and had to make 1.5 times of what has been suggested.

    But I faced some issue with the baking time. First cake came out with dry hard crust on top with a 40 min baking. Next one came out better in that sense, but it rose a little less than the first one with 37 min baking. So, can you suggest something on this?

  143. Hi again Gretchen – as a newbie to the site i am stil trying to come to terms with what you mean using American names for things we refer to differently in the UK – however i think i am getting there.
    In the UK we have a Victoria Sponge – is this essentially the same thing as your Vanilla Sponge. Also we have Madeira Cake is this the same as your yellow cake?

    1. Victoria sponge uses a creaming method and the weight of all ingredients is the same, so it’s not really the same as this sponge cake which refers to the foaming method of cake making. This is much lighter than our victoria sponge here in the uk. Hope that helps!

  144. Hi Gretchen
    I tried the chocolate version and was soft and moist. So glad to find a sponge cake recipe with butter flavour. Most sponge cakes are made with oil. Will try lemon version next. Thanks

  145. Hi Gretchen! I tried this recipe and it turned out nice, thanks for sharing it. Do you have any build-on recipes to really jazz it up though? Looking forward to your next uploads, keep workin’ it! 🙂

  146. Hi Gretchen

    For the first time i tried this recipe , it came out so well. Loved your recipe and you explained it so well.

    I just have a question, what should i do to avoid air pockets in the cake?

  147. Greetings from Indonesia! So in love with this recipe❤ The result came out as a soft, rich in flavour cake and definitely i’ll make it again! but this time, i wonder if i could substitute the flour with ‘ketan’ or ‘sticky rice’ flour (I’m not sure how to say ‘ketan’ in english ). Here in Indonesia, we call it as ‘cake ketan’ or ‘sticky rice cake’. what do you think? Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely recipe. Gonna try your other recipes soon!

    1. Hi Thanks! Since I am not familiar with those things at all, I really couldn’t say! Im sorry! It is always worth a try though since you never know until you try!

  148. Hi Gretchen
    Made this cake soooo many times and its my fave vanilla cake recipe. I need to make a rainbow cake though. Can i use this recipe and half it before the liasion stage, then add 2 different colours to half of the milk, then mix each bit separately? And repeat 2 more times to get 6 different cake colour layers? I have seen your rainbow cake recipe and you mention using the white cake recipe but i really like this one. Please tell me if it’s possible!
    Thank you!!

    1. I prefer the white cake because it is white and the color will take better, also it is more durable meaning it can withstand the time out of the oven while you mix in colors, where this sponge cake can deflate pretty quickly with all that manipulation and extra mixing to get the colors in

  149. Hi Gretchen, absolutely love this recipe, thank you so much for sharing this. My son wants me to make him a pistachio cake, how can I vary this recipe for that? Or should I go for a different recipe all together for best pistachio cake results?

    Many thanks again for all your help

  150. Hi Gretchen. I just made the vanilla sponge (didn’t have vanilla so I substituted with 1.5 tsp rose essence). It came out perfect! So soft! I honestly doubted whether mine would be a success. Great recipe! Thank you!

  151. Dear gretchen

    I was trusted by my church to prepare a pre-Christmas celebration cake and the request was nothing to do with chocolate or cheese. So i came up with a fresh pandan idea. But all my pandan recipe is chiffon style or japanese cotton with the egg white whipping method and considering my idea for the filling later, i need a sturdier cake. Googling pandan cake wasn’t helping at all because I need a cross between butter cake and chiffon and the internet is showing either or. So i found you(thank god) and edited your recipe. I swapped vanilla with fresh pandan and swapped whole milk with half coconut milk. I baked it at 150°c fan forced in a huge 10.5 inches pan for 30 minute exact and it was a total success. Please head over to my instagram page ellie_mak to see the pictures. I’ve mentioned you but i cant find you on instagram.

  152. Querida Gretchen: Agradecerte por tan buena y rica receta, por la simplicidad de dejarte entender, la he preparado y me salio perfecta, deliciosa, la cubri con un mousse de fresas y la adorne con frutas del bosque .Gracias
    Un saludo con gratitud de Perú

  153. Hi gretchen:
    Awonderful sponge cake
    Ihave been doing it for 3 time really iwant to say thank u very much. One question dear how can i make it pistachio sponge cake ?shall i cut cup of flour and added cup of pistachio? Thanks

  154. Hi Gretchen, I used only one tall loaf pan to baked this cake.
    It takes longer time to bake.
    The cake a bit dry.Is it because the temperature is too high (I used 180 celcius).
    Do I need to reduce the oven temperature? Thanks in advance

    1. this cake is not for loaf pans. It is meant to be baked in layers.
      Too much batter for this cake style in a loaf pan it is no wonder it is dry, takes too long to bake and the outside will get dried out.
      Bake in the recommended cake pans and you will have great results

  155. Hi Gretchen,

    I feel like this might be a little too sweet for me… I read your post on editing recipes but I want to make sure- do you think I could add around 250g of sugar instead of 350g?

    Thanks. 🙂

    1. This recipe does not do great without the full amount of sugar, its makes it dry and cornbread like- so I would recommend only to take out 50g

  156. Thank you so much! Today is my birthday, family coming over, so I decided to try this cake. First try and it came out perfect! Will spread with peach mash and decorate with boiled butter cream 🙂

  157. Hi Gretchen,
    I like your website. it is so helpful.
    I am cooking sponge cake and my pan is 12″ , how many of batter i need for 12″ pan?

  158. Hello Gretchen,
    I made this cake again today, and as usual, it tastes and looks amazing! I can’t thank you enough for this recipe. There are thousands of recipes online and I’ve tried quite a few over the years, but nothing comes even close to this one!

  159. Hi Gretchen!

    I made this cake for a friend’s wedding. Added some lemon extract and lemon syrup. It was a hit! I can’t thank you enough for this. Made 1 1/2x this recipe for a 10″ round. Will keep this and will be my to go sponge cake recipe. Thank you all the way from Manila 🙂

    Frogot to rate this a 5 star!

  160. the best cake recipe ever. i dont have a mixer so i had to do it by hand for half an hour omg lol…but it was worth the time…i made two 6 inch cakes with this recipe…awesome. Thanks Gretchen xxx

  161. Hi
    Made this cake yesterday for the first time love love love it now my go to cake recipe
    So glad i came acrossyour you tube channel

  162. Hi Gretchen!

    Can I use Vanilla Essence instead of Vanilla Extract? #StudentBudget

    If so, how much essence should I use?

  163. Hi Gretchen,
    I am a ‘new’ baker and live in Cape Town South Africa and noticed from this recipe that it calls for Cake Flour, as well as All Purpose Flour, which we dont get in this country and I was wondering what I can use in its place? Could I just use cake flour only? Any suggestions would be helpful.

    One other thing….your 8” (20cm here in SA) cakes tins, what depth are the one’s you use.

    Many Thanks

  164. Hi Gretchen,I have tried this cake so many times and it is always a hit.Thank You very much for the wonderful recipe.I want to bake this cake in a sheet pan.So how long should I bake and what should be the temperature.

  165. Hey Gretchen, I’ve made this a few times now with no problems, absolutely delish! Thank you so much i’m about to make this cake again tody and realised i only have semi skimmed milk, will this be ok to use instead of whole milk?

    Thank you as always for all your help

  166. Hi Gretchen!! I love your recipes and had great success with them. This sponge cake was a little tricky but I think I’m figuring it out. 🙂 But one thing I can’t get is for the cake to come out flat and even on top. Mine came out with a little dome. How to you get it to bake flat? Please advise. Thanks!

  167. Hi
    Can I make a quarter sheet (9×13″) with this recipe?
    I just need a 1 layer. Also want to know how long in the oven? Same??

  168. HI there….I needed to make two 9″ round. I’m wondering how do I adjust this recipe to accommodate this cake. Please help…. Charmaine

  169. Hey,

    I saw your blog and I am so pleased, as I am making a three-tiered cake for my sister’s eighteenth birthday this weekend. I only have one question. My sister has an intolerance to gluten, and my family has a flour that works as an exact substitute in most recipes. Will the flour change anything in this recipe? It is a dairy flour, and the brand is Cup4Cup. Thanks,


    1. Hi While I am not an avid Gluten Free baker, many who are have used my recipes with a straight up sub with no trouble!

  170. Love love this recipe. It came out so well the cake was soft and fluffy. I torted the cake made into a strawberry and cream cake by filling fresh strawberries and whipped cream and cream cheese frosting was just yumThanks Gretchen for this wonderful recipe.

    1. All the batter into a 9″ X 13″ pan (just be sure not to fill more than half full for proper baking (You may have a bit extra in that case, make a cupcake or two)

  171. Hi Gretchen. I would love to try this cake but I only have 2 6x3inches round cake pan? Do I need to adjust the recipe? Please help me.

  172. Hello.

    Would this recipe work well for stacked naked wedding cakes?
    I was thinking of using this for a 2×8″ and 2×6″ cake. Would it hold?

    Thank you.

  173. Hi Gretchen, love your channel and blog. Questions about the milk. What percentage fat is the whole milk you use?? What is the lowest amount of milk fat you would use??

  174. Hello,
    I am about to use your recipe and not sure if you have addressed this already. Any suggestions for high altitude above 8000′ (Breckenridge Area) possibly using self-rising flour in place of AP and finally is using one 9″ round in place of 2 8″ ok or should the recipe be cut in half? Thanks for your time!

  175. Hi Gretchen.
    I need your help asap.
    I always make this recipe for my sponge vanilla cake but I just made a batch and my cake deflated . I made twice and the same thing happened.
    What do you think the problem was?
    I always make the same way.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    1. Hmm, it could be a couple things. Typically it is too much batter in the pans. But you said you always make this? Perhaps there was a measuring error? 9 times out of 10 that is the cause for a recipe flop. Did you double check your measurements? Too much leavener will also cause a rapid rise and a severe fall.
      Overwhipping eggs can sometimes do this too CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  176. Good afternoon I am baking a wedding cake and I doubled the recipe it was baked perfectly and when it was cooling it flattens out is this normal

  177. Hi Gretchen,
    Greetings form India!
    Love your recipes and tried this one, It came out perfect! How can I make a chocolate cake in this texture?

  178. Hi Gretchen,

    Can I reduce the sugar to 150 g instead of 350g. Will the texture be the same? I am trying to make a cake for someone who is diabetic.

  179. Hi There are yellow cake and vanilla cake recipes and the yellow one is oil base cake and vanilla one is milk+butter cake.
    I wonder..If I make a birthday cake..Which one is better? How is the difference between yellow and vanilla sponge?
    I like moist and light texture.
    Please let me know so I can decide to make one for special day. Thanks 🙂

    1. They are similar however the milk sponge is more like a genoise style cake in taste and preparation CLICK HERE FOR MORE the yellow cake as I noted was most similar to the one I sold in my bakery more like a (dare I say??) Box Yellow cake?? So as for which is “better? Better is a matter of opinion but I will say the yellow cake is easier to mix (some people have major fails with the sponge recipe)

  180. Hey Gretchen! This is a young Baker posting from India…. Tried your recipe yesterday and it came out soo goood! Everyone loved it! Looking forward to try out more of your amazing recipes 🙂 and I love how you take time to reply to each and every single comment unlike most bloggers! Kudos!

  181. Hi Gretchen …here the weight of eggs mentioned is s with shell or without shell? If i half the recipe then what will be the timing for eggs to reach the ribbon stage in stand mixer.

  182. Hi Gretchen your cake looks really great! I plan to try it this week. Can this cake be covered with fondant? I mean is it firm enough to handle the weight?

  183. Hello
    I have a 2 questions.
    I don’t see any of nut ingredients for vanilla cake. My daughter has a nut allergy. I just want to make sure before I make this cake.
    Also How much better for 1/4sheets cake?
    Double or 1 1/2?
    Please reply. Thanks!

  184. Hi, gretchen, your recipes are wonderful. thanks a lot for these.
    I have tried most of your recipes and they came out great, best cakes i have made.
    I am a baker and also an android developer, would like to know if i can have your permission to put your recipe in my baking app, and would definitely give all credit to you.

  185. Hi Gretchen: Just love your recipes and this is really the most amazing sponge cake. I just want to know if I make the sponge cake and ice it and refrigerate it, how long will it stay fresh?

    1. Great thanks! Yes you can, it depends more on the filling & icing you are using not so much the cake. Once the cake is iced the icing acts as a seal keeping the =cake inside fresh for a week! So just check on the longevity of your filling first! CLICK HERE for an example

  186. Hi Gretchen. Your recipes are wonderfull and this is the best amazing sponge cake. I bake it severaltime for my husband birthday or another events. I am from Iran and live in Germany. Your recipe has been baked in Iran and my family really enjoyed it. thanks you so much. and I have a Question : Can I replace Hazelnut flour with all purpose flour in chocolate version?
    1 cup cake flour and 3/4 cup hazelnut flour, Is it possible?

  187. thank you for sharing all the ingredients and the instructions with us. you also gave us an idea of how much time it will take to be ready to eat. It is really helpful for all of us.

  188. Hi,
    Please advise to keep cake soft even after keeping in refrigerator. Because many times it become little hard after keeping in refrigerator with icing.

  189. Hello Gretchen, This recipe is amazing! It doesnt crack on top 🙂 —my cake always crack on top:(. My daughter likes vanilla cake very much and she asked me to make a vanilla ice cream cake. Can i use this cake to make ice cream cake? Tqvm for the great recipe!❤️

  190. hi gretchens thanks for such amazing recipe….great success for me always
    i wanna make chocolate version of this cake….just curios to know that if by adding coco powder it will get good colour and also richer in taste

  191. Hi Gretchen, Thanks for sharing. I always have problems baking cake because most of the time they do not rise. Even if they do, they will fall back to the same height as the original batter. And sometimes, they concave like a volcano. I am very nervous each time to make cakes. I am suspecting my oven.
    I was taught to whip the whole egg to a very foamy ribbon stage which is more than triple in size. Of course, they all collapsed even in the oven. Yours is very liquid ribbon stage. Does it need to be that much butter and milk? What is the degree to bake at, and is bake mode or convection mode with fan? Appreciate for any help.

      1. thanks for replying and sharing. I have watched your video long time ago. I have no problem in whipping whites. I have tremendous problem getting the whole egg whipped. I tried your recipe and similar recipe. they all turned out 2/3 of bottom to be dense and would not rise. What have i done wrong? Appreciate any help.

  192. Hi Gretchen, Thanks for sharing this recipe. It is a hit among my family and friends. I have tried Vanilla one and everyone loves it. I used 50gm less sugar quantity than mentioned in the recipe as my hubby doesn’t like very sugary cakes. Now I have to bake a cake for a friend who is diabetic. How can I replace sugar with sugar free? What ratio should I be using?


    1. Hi Great! Thanks for the feedback! 50g is about the max you can take out of this recipe before it starts tasting like cornbread!
      You can use Splenda for baking with no trouble I have not tried Stevia though (however I feel it would work) but only sub half the amount if you do, since it could produce a dry result if you sub all of the sugar

  193. Hello Gretchen

    I love this cake recipe. It is a staple for me. The only problem is that the fat falls to the bottom of the cake during baking. the top of the cake is nice and light but the bottom is dense and darker and color. I mix the milk and the butter well before making the liasion so that the butter does not remain on top. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Thank you!!

    1. Hmm It doesn’t really sound like you are doing anything wrong, since clearly you understand the liaison method. Are you sure to get the eggs to a thick ribbon stage? thats the only other factor and then dont over mix once you put the liaison in, then get it to the oven immediately. perhaps raise your oven temp to 375 for the first 15 minutes then lower for the rest of the bake time

  194. Hi Gretchen! Its me again! Sorry for always asking you questions but your recipes are always my go-tos.

    I am building a 2 teir cake for 50pax. According to a cake guide online, the base layer would be a 10inch and the top would be a 6 inch.

    How would you go about double or halving the recipe for 2 – 10inch cakes and 2-6 inch cakes that will be torted to 4 layered cakes individually?

    Thank you!

    Regards, Irsyad from Singapore 🙂

    1. Sure, the recipe for 2-8″ cakes typically will make 1- layer of 10″ when multiplied 1½X but to make your day go more efficiently double the recipe and make the 6″ + 10″ layers at once then make the recipe again for the second layers of 6″ and 10″
      Be sure your mixer bowl can accommodate the doubled recipe of the eggs though or you will not get great results. the ribbon stage and whipping of the eggs is the most important part of this recipe

  195. Hi Gretchen,

    This is my first time attempting your sponge cake recipe and I just had a question about volume. I cut your recipe in half and only baked in one 8 inch pan, but my layer is just about 1 inch thick, not two as it is in your video. I definitely got my eggs to ribbon stage, but don’t feel like they increased by 5x the volume. I gently folded in the flour and didn’t knock out much air. The consistency of the cake is great, but I was expecting a much thicker layer. Did I do something wrong or are the cakes in your video make with more batter? It looked like in the shot where you pressed on the top to see if it was done, it was a much shorter layer than the one you turned out. Just want to make sure I didn’t screw something up. Thanks!

    1. Hey there, sounds like you really did everything right and understand the key points too. I did not add more batter, the recipe I showed in the video is exactly the recipe as written, so– 2 pans after baking, each cake layer rise to 2″ high as that is my pan height.
      Its hard to say where the trouble is for many as I tried to really hit the key points in the video and written instructions as well. Id say try again, and see if you have better luck

      1. I have tried again but with the same results. I have done everything the same as you and used the same ingredients, but they wont rise as much. It looks like I don’t have as much batter as you do when they go into the pans. I took photo/video of each stage but can’t upload them here. Can I get them to you somehow? Thanks for the help!

  196. Hi, I have been using this recipe for a while now and I love it. However the problem is whenever I take the cakes out do the oven and leave it in the pan to cook they shrink away from the sides. Pls what am I doing wrong.

  197. Hi Gretchen, I love this cake it’s delicious!!!! Thank you so much for share your amazing recipes. I have 2 questions, #1 can I double the recipe at once? I need to bake two 10″ cakes. #2 how can I make it a little more moist? When I do all the process necessary to cover it with fondant, it drys a bit or could you please recommend me other recipe for this purpose

  198. Hi Gretchen! Love your fun videos and recipes. I have a question might already be answered somewhere but I’m in a tight schedule hehehe. I have a gas and electric and convection oven. I am going to use the convection oven but wanted to know if it will stay at 350 for baking or does the temperature change?

  199. Hi Gretchen,
    Between this and your yellow sponge cake, which is more moist? I find that all the sponge cake/light cake recipes I’ve tried are always a bit dry- can I substitute oil in this to make it more moist?

  200. Hi, Gretchen. I am going to make this cake for a co-worker’s birthday. I am going to dust the top with confectioners sugar. I just have a question. Instead of using the circular cake pans, I was thinking about using a bundt pan instead. Would the recipe or baking time change? Thanks.

      1. Hi, Gretchen. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your recipe. I baked the cake for my co-workers birthday, and not only did she love it, but my other co-workers along with my boss loved it!!! And it smelled so good. I am sticking with this recipe. I used a candy thermometer to check the temperature for the egg and milk mixtures. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

  201. Hi Gretchen, I love your recipe and have used it many times with great success. Today I baked one recipe in an 8″ square pan and it only rose to 2.5″. I was just wondering if it should have risen a bit more? Thanks.

    1. Hmm, and entire recipe in 1-8″ pan would be alot of batter. Square pans and round pans are quite interchangeable, so I would still have divided the batter into 2 pans or at least just put half the batter into the 1.

  202. hi gretchen i cant wait to try it
    but i had to ask you something i have a lamona single multi fuction fan assisted oven but i dont really know how to use it in the instruction manual for a sponge cake it says put it in the bottom shelf on 200c for 20-25 min so im not sure to follow the manual or what ur recipe says and because its a fan oven iv heard that u have to lower it down by 20c from what the recipy says
    i hope u help me thanks!

  203. This cake recipe is amazing.. i love it just perfect
    Can i use for three milks cakes but in two or three floors ?

  204. I love this recipe ! Definitely my go to cake recipe. I have made this many times now. Generally make it with layered fruits and whip cream topping or good as is !! I’m going to try the chocolate version of this today

  205. Hi Gretchen! First and foremost I would like to say how much I love your site! You have helped me in many areas of baking, and I keep learning every time I open your site! I do have a concern and a question. Concern: whenever I use a creamed butter recipe my cakes rise beautifully, then fall in the last few minutes of baking. What am I doing wrong? New baking powder, checked the oven temp, used purchased and home made cake flour.
    Question: What recipe would work the best for a 4 tier wedding cake, and how do you fcalculate how much batter you will need for the different size cake pans?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Tammy, thanks. Odd for a creamed cake recipe since those are the most forgiving, but maybe you are OVER creaming? Possible? Otherwise too much batter in the pans will cause that too, always fill not much more than half no matter what size pans.
      CLICK HERE for wedding cakes

  206. Hi, I know it’s been a while since you post this.
    I have done this recipe many time, but I always have some issues. if it is in big pan it turns out great but if it is in 6 inch X 3 inch pan it is too thick and not fluffy.
    What do you think the issue.
    when I mix butter and milk. Do I heat them together or the milk is already heated when I add butter. also, In your video you said get caster sugar or superfine sugar or ground granulated sugar in food processor but the written recipe does not say to I am confused here.
    which butter and baking powder do you recommend?

    1. The pan size really shouldnt make a difference, just be sure you are not filling them too much (not more than half full)
      I heat the milk and butter together, superfine (castor) sugar is best (or granulated in a food processor) I used regular cheap butter here and baking powder= rumford

  207. I really do not know what I did wrong. I love the recipe and all your recipes. I want to get same texture when I bake it in small pan.
    When I heat the butter and milk, butter does not melt. I think I overheated it. It formed a layer on the top of the milk. This is why I asked about butter. I thought I should get better one. How I can send you pictures so you know whay I am talking about. I really do not want to try different recipe I love this

  208. I use rumford baking powder also. Swans Down cake flour,Gold medal all purpose flour, Great value whole milk, Great value granulated sugar but I did not do it in food processor since it is not mentioned in the wrriten recipe next time I will try. Does it make a difference. How many minutes should I heat butter and milk.

  209. Hi, Gretchen! Do I need to use the APC and cake flour altogether? Or either APC or cake flour. Planning to bake this on my birthday. Thank you.

  210. Hiya Gretchen! I’m gonna make a rainbow cake and I was wondering when should I put the food coloring in. Thanks!

    1. I wouldn’t recommend using this recipe for the rainbow cake number one you’ll have to do a lot of extra mixing to get the colors in properly dividing the batter into small balls this takes time time will deflate this batter and he will end up with a heavy dense cake that being said if you search for white cake here on my blog in the search bar that would be a very great cake recipe to use for rainbow cake

  211. Hello, I just had the biggest cake failure of my life with this cake, srsly. I made a cake and batch of cupcakes, the cake grew a lot for some minutes, it reached at least twice de size and the it sort of explored and it came down, now even smaller than at the beginning, I guess it’s pretty obvious it turned out with and extra dense, hoody and greasy texture. Pretty much the same happened with the cupcakes, there was literally nothing left in the paper cups and a mess in the oven. I guess I might have done wrong more that one thing, the oven temperature was a bit too high and I noticed when it was too late, also, based on what you mentioned in the post about overbeating the eggs I figured that could be it as well (even though I was really careful with that), another possible explanation could be that I prepared half the recipe, anyhow, it doesn’t sound much reasonable to me. I hope you can give me some advice on this and will be trying again the recipe despite de dissapointment 🙁 . Thank you.

    1. Hi it sounds like there could have been several variables that caused the failure the number one thing that sticks out for me though in your explanation is that you prepared half recipe is it possible you still used the leavening for the full recipe?
      Nine times out of 10 recipe failures are due to improper measuring especially when dividing recipes or multiplying recipes

  212. Dear Gretchen, this cake is absolutely amazing. I am new to this, this is my first ever vanilla sponge cake and it was delicious. Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  213. Hi Gretchen,
    Can I use the chocolate cake version of this to build on Brown derby cake ? I love this sponge cake recipe and made it many times. My family loves this cake.

  214. Dear Gretchen,
    Can I use the chocolate version of this recipe to build on brown derby cake ? My family loves this cake and I’ve made it many times with great result each time.
    Thank you !

  215. i make american sponge cake by seperate egg foaming method from site. sponge is good but its little sticky. when i eat it, it feels that something is sticking in my mouth. I make cake flour then use it. I use castor sugar, fresh eggs. am i overmixing?

    1. Some people have said the top of their cake is sticky as well, I have not had this problem, but I do recommend the castor sugar and heating the eggs to dissolve the sugar will help too.

  216. Hi , Thankyou you for sharing your recipes. This one sounds great. I have few questions :
    1) Can I use this recipe for a two tiered stacked cake?
    2) If yes, please could you give me the quantities for a ten inch and six inch cake ?

    Many thanks

  217. Hi Gretchen, I’m so excited to try this receipe. I’m going to use one of those Number Pans for a special birthday. Its a 14 x 10 x 2 pan shaped like the number 1 – should I double the receipe or 1.5 times it? Should I extend the cooking time ?


    1. Hey there, yes to double, but be sure your mixer can handle that volume of whipped eggs because THAT is the #1 key to this recipe success, be sure to read the entire blog post before you begin

  218. Hi I am planning to make this as 14″ round 2″ high cake pan. Should I double the recipe and what temperature should I bake at

    1. yes double for 1- layer 14″ (bake time will be about 40 minutes? CLICK HERE FOR MORE! )
      be sure your mixer can accommodate the volume of eggs though, since that is the key to success in this recipe (*read entire blog post please, to make sure you get the key points for success here)

  219. Hii Gretchen ….I love ur hotmilk vanilla cake …it’s suoerbit in my family …want to make this recipe for 3 tier birthday cake with blueberry filling n white chocolate ganache frosting with fondant or my son …now my query is will this cake b able to take the weight of white chocolate ganache n fondant ?? Else what s ur suggetion ?One more querry …can I make blueberry compote out of dried blueberries? Regards

    1. Hi Thanks, yes to dried blueberries,but you will have to reconstitute them with more liquid than the recipe states (not sure what recipe you are using, but typically they call for fresh or frozen berries with very little liquid)
      Yes to ganache frosting and fondant CLICK HERE FOR MORE
      While I wrote that blog post years ago, and I was never one to use ganache under my fondant (as you will read) but many people nowadays DO with no trouble

    1. No, it will be too much batter, you have to fill pans only slightly more than half full for proper baking – this recipe is perfect for 2-8″ rounds or 2-9″ rounds for a slightly thinner cake layer, and 9″ cake layer will bake a few minutes less

  220. I’ve made this cake for my work colleagues, family, and friends, at Christmas and for birthdays…now I get requests to make as its SO good. Making my tenth today for visiting family. Walnuts plus sultanas for sure! Thanks, ALL. 🙂

    1. Unless you have 7″ x 3″ pans, yes it will be a bit too much. the 8″ pans I used in the video (as you see) they rose all the way to the top of the 2″ high pan

  221. Hi Gretchen,

    Firstly, your recipes are really inspirational and I use them a lot and everyone is a big fan.

    I’m baking my sister wedding cake (eeeeek)

    Would it be okay to bake the cake in one 8inch pan rather then two? Also does doubling this recipe work? Or would I need to bake two batches?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Thanks! This recipe will make 2- 8″ pans, you would not be bale to fit all the batter into just 1 pan. It’s too much and will overflow in your oven. The cakes rise to almost the top of my 2″ high pan (as you see in the video) so definitely No to that. Doubling the recipe is fine ONLY if your mixer can accommodate a double batch of ingredients, read the blog post where I talk all about the troubleshooting and keys for success in this recipe

  222. The recipe was just awesome – I don’t think you will get tired of hearing it hehe.
    Tried it for the first time and only after keeping all my ingriendents ready realized my thermometer ran out of battery. Still went ahead and observed closely to see the sugar had melted. I used castor sugar (as suggested in your video). The batter was so fluffy and light! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Will be my go-to recipe for all my cakes 🙂

  223. Hi gretchen, if i make this cake a day in advance and dont want to freeze it should I leave it out or put in the fridge(unfrosted)?