White Cake Recipe

White Cake Recipe

Your quest for the perfect White Cake recipe is over! Yes, you have found it right here.

I love this cake so much.

It is light but dense at the same time if that makes any sense.

White Cake Recipe

Almost like a pound cake but sort of spongy and airy too!

It has great structure to hold up to almost any décor, (yes for under fondant) and for carving cake creations and it’s great for stacking in a wedding cake or for cupcakes!

Quite possibly one of my most versatile recipes!

The whiteness is because we are not adding egg yolks, and with that omission of fat you may think this cake would be dry, NOT SO!

The whole milk and amount of butter in this recipe is a great balance and you will not miss those egg yolks!

Carton egg whites will be fine here (I do it too since I don’t want all those extra yolks sitting around- we have enough already from the Swiss Buttercream recipe ~ I am right?!)

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Moist Fluffy White Cake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
All ingredients must be at room temperature before mixing
Preheat oven to 350° F
Grease 2- 8" Pans with Pan Grease or line 24 cupcakes liners
If you are making cupcakes fill only half way
I will stress how important it is to measure properly for the best results of this cake or any recipe~ Click here for more info on Measuring Properly
Serves: Yield 2- 8" layer OR 24 Standard Cupcakes
  • All Purpose Flour 1½ cup (195g)
  • Cake Flour 1½ cup (180g)
  • Baking Powder 1 Tablespoon (15g)
  • Salt 1 teaspoon (6g)
  • Unsalted Butter 2 sticks (226g)
  • Granulated Sugar 2 cups (400g)
  • Vanilla Extract *use clear if available 2 teaspoons
  • Egg Whites 7 (1 cup) (210g)
  • Whole Milk 1 cup (237ml)
  1. Cream the butter with the sugar until light a fluffy, approximately 5 minutes on high speed.
  2. In a medium bowl combine the egg whites, milk and vanilla extract together and reserve.
  3. Meanwhile in another bowl, sift together the Baking Powder, Salt with the All Purpose and Cake flours.
  4. Once the butter and sugar has been creamed sufficiently, you will add in about ⅓ of the sifted dry ingredients to the creamed butter mixture
  5. Next add milk /egg white mixture slowly while continuing to mix on low speed. Stop the mixer to scrape down the sides of your bowl to ensure you are always incorporating the ingredients evenly.
  6. Once the liquid has been absorbed, you will now go back to your dry ingredients with another addition, repeat with the remaining liquid in the same fashion, and then the last addition of dry ingredients until you have mixed in all the ingredients to a smooth, silky white cake batter.
  7. Pour immediately into prepared pans
  8. Bake in preheated 350° F oven for approximately 30- 40 minutes or until done
This cake can be stored in the freezer for up to a month wrapped well in plastic wrap.

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  1. Is it a way to use whole eggs instead of the egg whites or do we have to use egg whites??? I suck at separation….:-(

      1. Hi.
        I am making these as cupcakes for a baby shower. What is the cooking time for cupcakes? I see you state to fill them 1/2 full. Will they rise to the top? I am planing on dropping the temp 25 degrees and baking them on convection. Do you see any problems?

        Thank You;)

  2. Dear Gretchen,
    What is the difference between all purpose and cake flour? can I use all purpose instead? if not, how can I convert it?


  3. I halved this recipe and made one layer. However it didn’t rise all that well. I beat the butter and sugar in my mixer a full five minutes. I wonder if halving the recipe had something to do with it. I’m in Canada and our flours are a bit different here. Our all purpose flour has more gluten. That might have caused it too, I don’t know. Was quite disappointed.

  4. Hello,

    Trying this recipe for the first time. I’m from the UK so I followed your Flour link and made my own cake flour. Something else I noticed is that your butter is much white than what we have here so it didn’t turn out as white. Next time I will use Lurpack. Lesson learned.

    I used a 10″ round tin as Im looking for a lovely moist recipe for a tiered sponge for a wedding cake. As the tin is larger I increased the baking time to 55 mins.

    Ive just cut into it but noticed that there are areas on the base that don’t seem to be cooked as well as others so Im thinking Ill need to increase the baking time another 5 to 10 mins. Can you advise? it was firm to touch with no finger marks on the top.

    the only thing I did differently to you was wrap damp tea towels around the tin to enable it to rise more evenly. Perhaps I don’t need to do the??

    Kind Regards


    1. I did use grease proof paper around the sides and base of the tin and rubbed the sides of the tin with butter to attach. I’m wondering if the butter was pooling on the grease proof and thats why I have an area that doesn’t look at cooked…….

  5. Hi, I love the look of this recipe but I’m making a gluten-free three tier wedding cake this week – do you think it would work with gf flour? Thank you:)

      1. 🙂 Thank you:) Making it tonight. eek – the cake’ll be fine – it’s the icing that ‘s likely to get chucked at someone….x x x x

        1. Just to say – a million thanks – this is now my absolutely best ever gluten free sponge cake recipe – everyone comments on it and it all went – the whole three tiers at the wedding! With gf flour it’s just gorgeous and some have said the taste is almost biscuity but so soft – it’s lovely – and I don’t ever sift – I make enough mess without sifting on top:) Thank you a million!

  6. Hello Gretchen! Great recipe and nice of you to be back! My question is, every time I bake a cake (or even cupcakes) I always have that dome finish? Where did I go wrong? Thanks and more power!

  7. Hi Gretchen this is my Go to white cake…. But I need your red velvet cupcake recipe and cream cheese icing and your strawberry puree.. If possible to just email them to me.. So sad I should’ve just written them down. I know you’re super busy but it would be Enormously appreciated.. thanks very very much

    1. Strawberry Puree is simply cooking strawberries with a little sugar over a low heat until they break down, get concentrated and then puree
      Cream Cheese Icing
      Red Velvet Cake
      There is a search bar here where you can search for what you are looking for, if I have done it- it will come up, if not then you can go to my Gretchens Bakery facebook page there are so many people who have saved the recipes and can share with you right away! Just ask on the main page! Thanks!

  8. I have been making this cake in three sizes to get the baking times perfect, so I can make a three tiered wedding cake for my daughter. the cakes are 6″, 10″ and 14″ and I’m baking them almost 4″ deep. so far, so good on the smaller two, any tips on the large one…. baking times? a heating cone in the centre?


    Jean in Vancouver, BC

    1. How many cups of batter are you getting out of one recipe? I am considering using it for a wedding cake with tiers of 12″ x 4″ and 9″ x 4″ so if I know how many cups per recipe I can scale up accordingly. Thank you!

  9. This recipe is slightly different from the one you used with the other bakery – is this recipe just as good if not better? Will this recipe fill a 12×18 too?

  10. Can you double and triple and so fourth for big numbers of cakes? say full sheet sizes and more that way o do not have to make it over and over and over lol? im starting out learning new things and this is great,

    1. I think it will make it dense and slightly rubbery- I prefer to use chiffon cakes when adding fruit purees- I have not havd a chance to refilm/ post everything from my old blog biz, but in the meantime if you go to my Gretchens Bakery facebook page I have the strawberry chiffon recipe listed in PHOTOS where I have alot of the most popular recipes and also there are so many people who
      have saved the recipes and can share with you right away! Just ask on the main page! Thanks!

      1. Hi Gretchen! I love your recipes and website! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. I just learned this lesson the hard way. This past weekend, I provided cupcakes for a baby shower. I needed a dozen white and dozen strawberry cupcakes. I thought I could use the white cake recipe above and use the remaining half batter to add the strawberry puree to be more “efficient”. Well, you’re right. The strawberry cakes were flat and rubbery. Why? To be more efficient with my time and remaining batter, should I have added more baking powder or something else?

        1. Please don’t reply. Per your recommendations above, I just went and read your post and recipe for Strawberry Chiffon cake. Now I understand. I guess I need to graduate from What is Cake school. Ha!

  11. Hello Gretchen, I have made this cake twice now however, I noticed that their are hard bits in the baked out cakes. I think they might be ingredients like flour that has been clumped up. However, I have be lining the bottom of my cake pans with parchment paper and greasing the sides could that be what is causing it? Also, how can I adjust this recipe for 6″ baking pans?

    1. HI there, hmm strange that this is happening, are you sifting? and mixing sufficiently after each addition of flour?
      If You are sure that you are, the only thing I would suggest is to pour your final batter through a sifter to catch any of those unwanted bits that are not fully mixed in- and then pour into your pans.
      For 6″ pans (2) I would HALF the recipe

  12. Hi Gretchen, great to see you back! I use your old white cake recipe (more sugar and only plain flour because it’s easier being in the UK). I use 3 inch high tins but I’ve been finding the cakes only rise to about 1.5 inches and then need a little cutting off to remove the crust. Can I multiply the recipe in order to fill my pans more so I can get over 2 inches high cake layers in each tin? Many thanks, Helen

    1. Hi Helen I’m In the UK to and I used to use her old recipie as it easier do you no where I can find it as I really really really need it for my nephews birthday party on Sunday. Look forward to hearing from you .

  13. Hi gretchen, I was wondering if I wanted to substitute the butter for liquid shortening, will it still be the same weight as I would with the butter?

    And also the same with high ratio solid shortening ???

  14. Hi, Gretchen! I want to let you know that I used your recipe to bake cupcakes today, and the cake is delicious. Very light and fluffy. The cupcakes ended up really flat, so perfect for a cake, but not as lovely for a cupcake. I will be trying this recipe as a layer cake soon! Thanks!

  15. Gretchen!

    Thank you for this recipe, it turned out amazing! I only make your swiss buttercream recipe when I make frosting, always amazing!

    Thank you for being so generous and sharing your great recipes!!! = )

  16. Hi, Gretchen.
    I made this recipe a few days ago. It turned out really great. But it wasn’t white like yours. It had a pale yellow colour to it, like a regular vanilla sponge cake. There was ABSOLUTELY no yolk in my whites, not even a trace. I followed the exact same recipe without any changes, I don’t understand what went wrong. :/

  17. Hi! I have tried this recipe twice but always have the same issue, i bake at 350 check out at 35 minutes and it is still soupy them check at 40 it is hard and dark Brown on the top but when i cut it it is not cooked at the center, inside of the cake! I inserted the toothstick and it has only few crumbs on it , any idea what mat be wrong ?

      1. Hi, i tried for third time today and same problem, center is not cooked! i have no problems with others recipe, they bake well, i really want this one to work, it is delicious, yes we only eat the borders as the center is not cooked jaja.

        Which brand of pans do you use? I just switched to magic line, and this is the first recipe i bake in these magic line pans, could this be the issue? I bake at 350 for about 48 minutes, the top surface becomes so hard, i suppose it is because i bake the cakes so long, however the inside at the center is not cooked at all!
        Please please help me out!

        1. I am not familiar with magic line pans- I use fat daddios standard aluminum pans
          I am not really sure how to help, except to say what I say all the time to everyone:

          I am not doing any magic tricks behind the scenes with my recipes, so as long as you mix it the same as I show you and use the EXACT ingredients as listed and make sure you MEASURED CORRECTLY, then it should turn out the exact way as mine does.
          I cannot speak for your oven though, so you have to be sure your oven is properly calibrated and set the pan in the center rack.

          1. Oh wow, you really got me wrong, I never thought you were lying, and apologize for my poor english, i guess i didnt explain myself too well.

            Thanks, God bless you.

          2. Oh no! I didn’t take it at all as if you were saying I was lying- I just find that when I cannot figure out the solution to a particular problem (and not only you) I always just say the same thing: If you did everything the same way as me….etc etc etc…. that’s all!
            SO maybe you can figure out where you possibly went wrong? Or your oven is a culprit? Because I am really not sure what to say!

        2. This was happening to me also but i started turning the oven down to 325 about halfway through! And this foxed the issue for me. Goodluck

          1. Hi Tiffany, hopefully you will see my message, you had the same issue? So you preheat at 350 and bake half time and then you lower to 325? I have tried like crazyyyyy, yesterday i did another try and same thing all cooked but the center undone! I loveee this recipe i really, really want it to work for me! 🙁

        3. I was looking at the magic line cake pans. Ever get the cake to cook evenly with this pan?? Might need a heating core for the center or wrap a damp towel around the pan while the cake is baking. I know the fat daddio sheet pan I just purchased I read the info instructions listed on the paper liner attached when I purchased it and it says that they retain more heat than regular cake pans.

  18. Hi gretchen! I’m a big fan of your cakes. I’m kinda new to baking and I’m just figuring things out. I just wanted to know what your method is for greasing the pans. Some recipes that I’ve seen tell you to add vegetable oil and spread it all over, while others say to also add a layer of flour. But I’ve also heard that using just plain old butter is the best. I was hoping you could clear up my confusion. 🙂

  19. Hi..when baking i usually substitute the eggs with apple sauce since my son is allergic to eggs. Would substituting apple sauce for the eggs work with this recipe? I usually do 1/4C of apple sauce for each egg.


  20. Your cake recipe is excellent! I have been searching for the perfect white cake and I tried yours today. Here in New Orleans wedding cake is white white white with heavy almond flavor. I upped the flavoring a bit and it is excellent. Thank you.

  21. Hi hun! Thank you so much for all your awesome recipes! I really do appreciate the effort you put into all you do.. Your recipes are the best… Honestly! I have a question would this cake recipe be good for making a zebra print cake on the inside? I’m worried about adding food color to a quarter of the batch.. Will it effect the cake in any way?

      1. Thank you Gretchen. I just watched your video and saw at the end you said it was perfect for color… Thank you for answering me even though you already addressed it in your video!

  22. Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been looking for a white cake recipe to make for a baby shower. I’ve been baking for many, many years, including a lot of cakes, but didn’t have a good white cake recipe. After a lot of research, I tried your recipe today and 2 others (including Martha’s) and yours was clearly the best of the 3! One didn’t taste good and the other crumbled when I took it out of the pans. Yours tastes great and light yet is firm enough to probably stand up to decorating and stacking in 3 layers. I’ll definitely save this recipe for future use!

    One question: I need three 9″ layers. I’m thinking I’ll make 2 batches and fill each 9″ pan to about 1/2″ from the top (which is how full the two 8″ layers were). Any other suggestions?

    1. woohoo! awesome! thanks for the feedback! Many people read the comments to see how the recipes fare so this is always a welcome addition so folks know I’m not just making up stories that my recipes are great! LOL
      Yes to filling half way no matter what size pan- but Im thinking you only need 1.5X recipe

  23. Hi i am a fan of your vanilla moist cake!!!!! Love love it!!! i have try so many vanilla cake recipe and didnt find the “one” until i met yours . And will try this white cake recipe this weekend. Can i use lemon extract or juice instead of vanilla to make lemon cake?! If so, how much do you suggest?
    And can i use liquid pasteurized egg whites instead of fresh egg white? Sorry for the whole bunch of questions!! Love you and your cakes!!!!

    1. I was wondering is there any impact to the cake taste and texture if i use whole egg rather then egg white? I understand cake will be yellow cake. Thanks

  24. Hi Gretchen

    I was planning to make the rainbow cake the way you had shown it on woodland bakery blog. Do i need to double this white cake recipe for it? is there any way i could see the video of making rainbow cake once again?

  25. Hi Gretchen! Love your videos and thanks for posting your recipes, they are of great help.

    I have a question, I have tried this white cake recipe and the butter cake recipe, both of them have a very good flavor and texture, however they are too sweet for me. Do you think the texture of the cake would change if I lower the amount of sugar used?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Great you are welcome! Well….here’s the thing baking is science and all the ingredients are there in certain ratios in balance with all the other ingredients. You can play around with taking out some sugar on these recipes just not too much or yes you will throw off the balance and the outcome will not be the same.
      Start with taking out half cup

  26. Hi.
    One more thing i wanted to ask. In india unsalted butter is not easily available. so could I use salted one? and if yes, do i need to eliminate the salt from the recipe?

  27. I made your chocolate buttermilk cake and was wondering if I can use buttermilk instead of whole milk in your white cake recipe since I have leftover buttermilk Thanks again! Cynthia

  28. Hi Gretchen, great website, love and appreciate all the effort you put in to help us all.
    Is there any way I can make your white cake without adding milk ???
    Thanks in advance

  29. hii!!! im just wondering if ucould help me pick a cake! so im thinking of making a checkeboard cake for my brother and idk what cake recipe to use.
    yellow sponge cake, vanilla sponge cake or white cake recipe.
    also idk wat cream i should use
    stabaliZed whiped cream, swiss buttercream or italian meringue?!!! please help me asap

    1. Yes you can, take out about 1/3 of the batter and add 4 tablespoons cocoa powder, whisk smooth and then marble that back into the white batter (you are welcome and thank you too!)

  30. HI! Thanks for the recipe and also for all the videos. You help me get the inspiration I need.
    And hopefully a little help… I’m making a 12″ Scooby Doo cake for a friend’s daughter and she’d love multicoloured layers; so my plan is to make 3 layers, one orange, one purple and one blue. Only have one tin unfortunattely so have to bake each layer after one another. Ho do you suggest to change the recipe for this?
    Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Alex! I am so happy you have been finding success here! You can leave the batter to set aside while the other cake layers bake – this is a very forgiving batter unlike sponge cakes that need to be baked ASAP. Just go fast as possible!

      1. Hi! Thanks for the fast answer. So I guess I’ll just be organized as possible and prepare the batter while the other one is baking. How would you adjust the measurments for a 12″ cake if I make each layer seperately?
        Thanks again!

          1. Thank you! This recipe yields 2 8″ cakes so technically i just put the whole thing into one pan instead of splitting it into two, right? Then just repeat. Sorry for the complications, i just want to make sure it comes out perfect 🙂

  31. Hi Gretchen so here’s my dilemma. In Australia our butter is very yellow and so I have never had any success making a white cake using our butter. I just made a buttermilk white cake which used buttermilk instead of milk and a tsp of baking soda, that was the only difference in that recipe and yours and the cake came out yellow like a butter cake instead of white. I beat the butter until I can get it as pale as possible before I cream it with the sugar but it made no difference, the cake was still yellow. I want to try your recipe but note that it also uses a cup of butter. I know the creaming might be a problem but could a ratio of vegetable oil and something like Crisco work?
    And BTW thanks for all your hard work in making us better bakers 🙂

  32. Hi Gretchen – I was wondering why APF is being used in cake recipes. I have a friend who is in pastry school and told me that they never use APF for cakes, just cake flour. Just wondering.

    Thank you.

  33. HI,

    1. yes this is the recipe
      the Woodland Bakery Blog business has been shut down due to some major business dysfunction since February,
      I know much of the content that you are used to seeing is gone
      But I have been forced to start over again from zero and I am working as hard as possible to get the most popular and most requested videos and recipes done first.

      1. Ok great.., no rush I understand lol. I was just making sure because I used it before and thought I saved it, apparently not. My daughter wants a rainbow cake for her birthday this Sunday. Sorry you have to start over and it’s crazy I moved from Orlando a year ago and now you’re in FL… The odds!

  34. Dear Gretchen,
    I’ve learned so much from you, thank you.
    If I want to put buttercream around a white cake, how can I prevent crumbs to mix with the buttercream? Can I solve this with your simple syrup, or something else?

    greetings from the Netherlands,
    Fleur de Bont

    BTW have you ever made something with dolce di leche? …it’s AMAZING!!!
    I’ve made ROLO cake with it (caramel and brownie based cake, it’s on Pinterest)

  35. I’ve baked this cake in the past with no problems but last night I tired and my centers kept sinking! I used 2, 8in round 2in deep pans. Baked at 350 for 25mins then turned down temp to 325 until no crumbs on toothpick, when I took them out they were very crusty on top but centers caved in and they began to crack. Could not use so anyways. Any ideas on why centers would cave? I thought maybe baking powder but I used the same baking powder the day before to make your sponge and I also made a bannock and the worked fine. I’m lost and I need a white cake for Friday……

    1. Is it possible the centers weren’t all the way baked?
      The crustiness- was that from a sugar top (sometimes the sugar doesn’t get creamed in sufficiently and can rise to the top causing a crusty-sugary top)
      Or was it crusty from overbaking (which would also explain the cracked tops)

      1. Thank you so much, got it now! I baked this time at 350 for 25mins then turned temp down to 300 for another 20mins and it was perfect! Thanks sooooo much!

  36. Hello Gretchen! I’m so happy to have found your website. Your recipes look amazing! I’m looking to try this recipe for my mother’s 80th surprise birthday party this next weekend — and I have a 13×19″x2″ cake pan. Two questions:
    1. Will this recipe fill this pan?
    2. How would I go about making 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white? (I plan to use fondant, so I need a cake that can hold it.)

    thank you!

    1. HI Annette! Great welcome! Yes the entire recipe of batter here for 1- 12″ x 18″ layer is what I do (so the 1″ extra on your pan wont make a great difference)
      I’m not sure what you mean my half chocolate and half white, but I’m assuming you want a 2 layer sheet cake – 1 layer white cake here, and the other layer chocolate cake right?
      Typically a recipe that yields 2- 8″ cakes (which all my cake recipes do) will fill 1- 12″x 18″ pan

      Click here for more on fondant

      1. Thank you! I wanted to put a batter separator in the pan and have the left side white cake, and the other half chocolate. Can I add cocoa to half the batter.. or…?

          1. Hi Gretchen — so in filling the 12 x 18″ pan, I shouldn’t expect it to raise more than an inch or so? If I wanted it to fill the man at 2″ high, should I double the recipe? Or is that a bad idea 🙂 lol Help!

          2. Correct it will only be about an inch (but that is good since my 12x18pans are only an inch tall anyway! But you will want to increase the batter if you have a pan that is 2″ tall yes to double

  37. Hi. I’m trying to do 1/2 n 1/2 choc. /white cupcakes. Yes, same cup. I dont want to marble them though. So i was wondering if this batter comes out thick or runny? i know that my chocolate batter is runny due to the boiling water added at the end. But i wanted to know if you think this will be able to hold up against it in the end?
    Or are the cooking differences too much (choc chops at 350/20-25 min)? What if i did it with a red velvet?

    1. This is a thicker batter, and don’t think the consistencies will make too much difference in the baking (as far as time and temps) just put the thicker batter on the bottom and the thinner batter on top

  38. Hey Gretchen love all your recipes!!! Just a quick question if I wanted to do two 9 inch round cakes would I need to double the recipe so they aren’t too thin layers, I want to be able to stack a nice thick cake. Thanks so much

  39. Hey, Gretchen, would the texture of this cake hold up as a fruit cake base? I only want to add lots of golden raisins and pecans. It’s been a few months since I baked this cake, but it was wonderful .

  40. Gretchen, I need a full sheet pan sized white cake (18 X 26) would we need to double this recipe, or more? AND I need Maroon icing. I think our cafeteria at school did chocolate icing and added red food coloring to make it maroon. Do you think that would work?

    Thank you! My culinary students are using your gingerbread recipe and royal icing to build some great houses!

  41. Hi, Gretchen! I just love your channel. I’m a newbie baker, can I use white cake in bday and wedding cakes? -Karen from Philippines

  42. Hi Gretchen, I love your recipe! THANK YOU. Now I want to experiment by adding Strawberries in the cake. Can you tell me what adjustments need to be made in the recipe? Should the liquid be reduced? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Great thanks! Im not sure what you mean by “strawberries” ? Like fresh whole or chopped strawberries?
      No, not great. Dried would be a better options if you wanted to add something like that, but If you mean like- Make this a Strawberry Cake as in adding puree?? CLICK HERE for chiffon. Not good to add puree to a recipe like this it will give you a dense rubbery cake- stick with chiffons for adding fruits to.

    2. Hi Gretchen! Thanks for your response. I meant fresh chopped strawberries. Sorry that I wasn’t very clear at first.. I’ll try it with the dried strawberries instead. Thank you! 🙂 Also, thanks for the Chiffon cake recipe. I’ll try that also.

  43. Hey Gretchen I love ur all recipes…thanks for sharing it…
    How can add any fruit flavour to this particular recipe…means by adding…flavour extract?

  44. How much batter would I need or how many times should I make recipe for a 14 by 2 round pan? Thank you in advance!

  45. I just want to thank you so much! I have tried at least ten other homemade yellow or white cake recipes and they all taste gross and dry. When I came across this one, I was a little hesitant after what had happened with all the other ones but this is the most delicious, moist cake ever! Thanks! and everyone loved your cookies and cream cake as well!

  46. Hi Gretchen! Thanks for all of your recipes! I had a question about the egg whites. Can I just use egg whites from a carton? Using up 7 eggs would be hard for me to do 🙁


  47. Hi Gretchen

    I’m following you from England and so sometimes have problems identifying ingredients. Can you explain the different flours you use in this white cake. We have plain flour, self raising flour and extra fine sponge flour plus bread flours. Which do I use?

    Many thanks

  48. Hi Gretchen !!! I’m a baker on the journey to success !! My cousin has a wedding coming up in November and has asked me to make her a 3 tier cake and of course it’s a white almond cake ! I want to use pan sizes of 12,8,6 inch but for the life of me I can’t find a homemade recipe ANYWHERE !! I follow your cakes and adore them !! Is there any way possible you can give me an entire recipe to do this cake ?

  49. Hi Ms. Gretchen..I’m one of your followers, may i just ask what if I don’t have cake flour can i double the amount of plain flour in replacement of cake flour? does your recipe for cookies and cream cake possible for cupcakes?


  50. Gretchen,
    I just want you to know how much I love your site!!! Everything I have made from your recipes has been wonderful, and my family and friends now think I am a “pro”. lol My grandson wants me to make a marbled cake for his birthday, which is Saturday. Do you think I could use this recipe, and just use 3-4 whole eggs instead of the egg whites, and add cocoa to part of the batter? I love your recipes so much, that I don’t want to use any other recipe that I have found on the internet. Again, thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes.

  51. Hey!
    I have been following a lot of your recipes lately and I have had success with each one of them!! Even your youtube channel always gets me at the best! But I have one question, If I bake this on a 9×13 glass pan, what adjustments will I need to make? I still want that whiteness and beautiful texture but I am afraid I’d lose it.

  52. Hi Gretchen. Can I use half and half or whipping cream instead of the whole milk? What are your thoughts about substituting them in this recipe and others including box cakes?
    Thanks for all your videos. They are so helpful.

    1. You can do it, although I find that the extreme amount of fat that is added from whipping cream is not really necessary here (Id go half and half if you wanted to alter it)

  53. Hi, I have a three tier wedding cake to make for a friends wedding in April. She is wanting a lemon and passionfruit cake. I was wondering if I could use lemon juice and zest in this cake and put a passionfruit filling in the middle 🙂 Thank you for your help in advance.
    P.S – Im using your chocolate buttermilk cake 😀

  54. i’m making a 4 tier wedding cake (12″, 10″, 8″, 6″) for my cousins wedding. i’m trying to find out how many cups the white cake recipe is and then how many cups the chocolate cake recipe is…….I haven’t looked on here yet, but someone told me about a chart that showed how many cups different pan sizes held, that’s why I was wondering how many cups those recipes were. so I can figure up how many times the recipe I would have to make.. the 12″ will be white, the 10″ will be chocolate, the 8″ will be white, and the 6″ will be chocolate. if anyone could help me out I would REALLY appreciate it!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

    1. I dont really work in cups (I find it to be confusing) so I just guestimate (I suppose all the years in the baking biz has helped me get pretty close all the time, not to mention if there was extra it was fine since we always needed extra!)
      Anyway- all my recipes yield 2=8″ cakes
      So- for 2- 12″ layer you need 2X the recipe
      2-10″ layer 1½X recipe

      As long as you fill the batter half full you are good

    2. Ok thanks SOOOO much Gretchen!!!!! that helps me out a lot!!!! instead of dong 1 1/2X the recipe for the 10″ could I do 2X and use the remainder for my 6″?

  55. I’m doing a 4 tier wedding cake, and she wants white cake and chocolate cake. I was wondering how many cups/lbs the batter was so i would know how many times the recipe I’d have to make. i habe a chart showing how much different pam sizes will hold but it only shows lbs. I know i could make the recipe and weigh the batter but I’m not at my home right now so i can’t make the recipe. Can anyone PLEASE help me out with this? I would REALLY appreciate it!!! Thanks!

  56. Im making this cake for my sons birthday on the 1st of Feb and was wondering would it be bad for the batter to sit while I bake one cake, since i don’t have two cake pans?

  57. hi gretchen, I tried this cake and it’s great so moist just how I wanted but one thing it ‘s too sweet so can I decrease the amount of sugar without affecting the cake ,using 1 and 1/2 cup instead of 2 cups, thank you for sharing and keep going love you :*

  58. I love your videos and recipes! Easy question please. Can you double the recipe in one bowl, or do I need to make two separate batches for my large cake pans? thanks so much for your help!

      1. I’m so curious to know if you tried this, and how it worked?? I have to make a sheet cake for a family party, and I need to make it egg-free.

        1. I have not tried this one with flax eggs, you can try Energy Egg replacer (just follow the directions on the box for replacing the eggs)

  59. Pure vanilla extract is often encouraged in baking for its better quality of flavor. Is the clear version an imitation? Have you tried using Nielsen-Massey’s vanilla powder? Would it work for this? Thanks.

  60. Dear Gretchen,
    first of all I must say that is AWESOME that you recipe is in grams :). For us Europeans, your system of measuring is so tiring and you never know have you done it wright.
    I will definitely try this recipe and let you know how it went 😀

  61. Hi Gretchen,

    I’m planning on making this cake. i want to make 3 10×10 square cake, and I was thinking to multiply the recipe 2 times. Will this be fine?

    I want to use whipped cream frosting and fresh strawberries as filling but buttercream as frosting. since I will be using whipped cream frosting, I will be keeping the cake in fridge, will this be OK? Will the cake become harder as it is butter based?

    Thanks !!

    1. yes the butter cakes will tend be “tighter” (I hate to say harder because they really dont get hard, they just get cold) when you put it in the fridge, but I have made my cookies and cream cake from this recipe and had no ill effects, it was still great even out of the fridge
      2X recipe seems about right

  62. Me again Gretchen,

    If I’m baking a 16″ round, containing 2.5 batters, in a 325F oven for 50 -60 mins, in your expert opinion, will I be happy with the results?

    Can you give me some wise Gretchen advice to make my cake layer fabulous?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hmm, this is a strange question! LOL Perhaps Im not quite getting what you are asking me?
      AS long as you mix the batter correctly by using all the same ingredients as I do and mix it exactly as shown, fill the pan half way, bake UNTIL IT IS DONE– I would say you will LOVE I! (as long as you like the taste of this cake of course, since if you dont, its no matter what size it is! LOL)

    2. OK, I can see where this might be an odd question and I wasn’t particularly clear.

      I do like this white cake recipe, it’s quite tasty. I was looking for some advice about baking large cake layers. I have 16″x 2″ round pan, the batter amount and bake time were just my best guess.

      I have very little experience in baking anything larger than 10-12″ and I know you have to turn the heat down and extend the bake time, I’m just not sure by how much. I was hoping that you may have some helpful tips (since you’re awesome).

      I guess I was looking for a response that looked something like:
      “You will probably need 3 cake batters, bake at 300F and start checking to see if it’s done after about 60 mins.” But even if you don’t have advice that specific, any tips you can offer are welcome. 🙂


      1. Gotcha, I will say closer to 2.5 cake batters as long as it is filling the pan half way you are good to do.
        Start at 350 then lower to 325 or 300 after about 20 minutes and bake until it is done (yes to the 60 min mark- i like that idea)

  63. Hi Gretchen , I m a newbie in baking and will like to try to bake a smaller cake. Is it ok to use 1/2 the recipe amount? Your recipe looks yummy.!!!

    1. Hey there I have not yet had a chance to refilm the video for white chocolate cake, Im sorry- you cannot just really put it into this recipe though without some major changes

  64. Hi, Gretchen! I was wondering which buttercream recipe you would use for this white cake? Chocolate buttercream or chocolate Swiss buttercream?

  65. Hello gretchen, i really love all of your recipes. I have a question, this white cake recipe works for fondant?

  66. Hello!!
    I making a 14×16….would I triple this recipe! And would I make single batches, add them together and then pour? I wonder about letting the 1st and 2ndbatch sit while making the 3rd!
    Thanks so much!
    Lee Ann

    1. Hi LeeAnn, Im not sure if you mean like a cake pan that is 2 or 3″ deep or just a sheet pan (like a cookie sheet/jelly roll pan- like a sheet layer?)
      For the sheet cake layer- all the batter into the 12″X18″ pan makes a perfect layer

  67. Hey. Is the White Chocolate cake on your roster to refilm? I Love White Chocolate and I would love to see a recipe for it.

  68. I need help with baking this recipe. Why do the cake rounds sink? I just tried this afternoon again and, from the same batch of batter, one 8in round was perfect and the other sank slightly! I am perplexed! Thank You!

  69. Awesome Recipe! Tried this for the first time to use with our Easter Cake for the family. Baked perfectly level and what a flavor. I married up this cake with you swiss buttercream and delicious lemon curd as a filling. My new go to White Cake recipe. AS always…Thank you Gretchen

  70. I have been looking for a vanilla cake recipe without an eegy taste and this is by far the best, my search stops here. My customers love it. Thank you very much

  71. Hi Gretchen!
    Can this be baked as cupcakes as well? If yes, is there a difference as for the oven temp and for how long to bake?
    I would like to make your oreo cake but in cupcake form.
    Thanks so much!!

  72. I am a beginner Cake Decorator and learning how to scratch bake at home. Im having the hardest time getting my white cakes to come out right. They all taste like sweet cornbread!! I cant wait to try this recipe!!

  73. Hi Gretchen!

    I love your recipes! I would like to make a 2-9″ layer cake. Would I need to 1 1/2 the recipe.


  74. Looks so yummy!! I’m wondering if the whole milk can be replaced by whipping cream or sour cream or even yogurt? I ask because I usually have all of these on hand and we don’t often drink whole milk. Just curious. Thanks so much

  75. Hi Gretchen
    I tried the white fluffy cake recipe, I used 1 and a half both of flour and cake flour, as outlined in your recipe, however whenever I use cake flour the cake comes out tuff. Any suggestions.

  76. Hi Gretchen,

    Great blog!! I am attempting a three tiered cake for my brothers 40th birthday on the 21st and have only one regular size oven. Do you recommend one pan at a time for baking? If not, will this batter hold until I can get the second pan in the oven? Also, how to I convert the recipe to make 6″ and 10″ cakes?

    Thanks so much! Your stuff looks amazing!

  77. Gretchen, Thank you for your great recipes! I am trying to cut down on the amount of butter I use. I wondered if I could substitute high-ratio shortening for half the butter. What do you think. I have never used it in a cake.

  78. Hi gretchen. Do the cake batter can stay at the counter? My ovens a little small it cant bake two pans at the same time. Thank you! ☺☺

  79. Hi gretchen. Can half of this batter stay in the counter? My oven is a little small can bake one at a time.. Thank you.. ☺☺

  80. Can this recipe be modified for a 1 -ayer sheet cake (either 12″x18″x2″ or 14″x22″x2″) and if so, what are the ratios and baking temp? i’m thinking it is the same? Also,can you use this for almond or champagne flavor cakes? im not professional, but someone asked me to do a sheet cake and id like a flavorful white cake that pairs with a homemade raspberry filling. Thanks

  81. Hi ,I made the cake it’s turn out perfect….do I need to pour sugar syrup ??on under the fondant…

    1. Great! I do not use simple syrup on this cake- I do not feel it needs it, but of course it is your preference (I use simple syrups for sponge cakes only)

  82. Hi gretchen
    A friend said when you sift the cake flour you end up with less
    Of the amount you weight before sifting is this true,thanks for all the lovely recipes you explain very well. Gretchen finding it hard to get shortening in ireland very annoying your so lucky in america you can get anything over there i want to make your american buttercream any ideas

    take care
    patricia obrien

    1. this cake is already moist, but if you must add whole eggs sure go ahead, you will then have a yellow cake not a white cake. Sure you can switch to AP flour, just understand that all these changes will give you a different result than what I intended, its possible you may love it, but I always like to give the recipe a try the way the author wrote it, since you never know you may love it the way it is

  83. Hi! Trying this cake recipe for the first time for my daughters b-day cake. I just took the first came out of the pan & it was falling apart in the pan & is on rack cooling holding together precariously. Can you suggest what may cause a cake to do this? As in….what I may have done wrong? Getting ready to take second out of the oven. Thank you. Loving the site. Also…I used your pan grease recipe. It was sticking to the pan which was causing it to break too. So I’m thinking it’s my technique if you have such success with combination. Thank you

    1. perhaps you flipped it out of the pan too soon? Always best to cool the cake IN THE PAN then allow it cool to cold on a rack (sorry that happened and THANKS!)

    2. It all worked out in the end & the cake, your whipped cream icing with strawberries/whipped cream center layer, sliced strawberries & white shaved chocolate on top came out great. I think I cooked the second cake a little too long, but the cake was dense, yet moist & tasted great. It was the perfect consistency for the strawberry shortcake b-day cake. We loved it.

  84. Lady Gretchen. I’m getting alot of people asking me about gluten free cakes. Are they good? And suggestions?

    1. Hey there, well…. there is a substitute gluten free mix (Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur) where you can substitute in for any recipe that calls for AP flour. Are they good? I think that is a matter of opinion, however I have a few people who frequent my site for my recipes and they change them to gluten free all the time with much great success.

  85. Hi Gretchen,

    I have a friend who is getting married and wants a white cake with buttercream icing. What I want to know is how easy is it to Multiply this recipe for wedding cakes. I have a 12, 10, 8 and 6 inch cakes to make. What is the best way to ratio this recipe (that I love!)
    Thanks in advance,

  86. Hi, have you tried this recipe using only cake flour? Can you tell me if I have to change any other ingredient if using only cake flour. Thank you

  87. Hi Gretchen,

    I must say that I absolutely adore your videos. I have made several of your recipes and they all turned out great. I usually tend to cut out 1/2 cup of sugar (my personal taste) and use half the vanilla (again my personal taste). But there is one thing that I was wondering: I would like to know what is YOUR reason with using a combination of all purpose and cake flours? I’m just curious.

    Keep up the amazing work you are doing 🙂

    1. YAY! thanks!! Many people ask me this (I should save my answer to a word.doc LOL to copy & paste! hehe)
      But basically I started out on youtube several years ago and I adjusted all my recipes to work for the masses in a home environment. This meant changing many of my recipes calling for cake flour to AP flour, since so many people could not get cake flour!
      BUT as I have had to start over and again here with my channels, I began to go back to the original recipes, BUT I also liked the results from some of my recipes with the AP and decided to get the best of both worlds and use BOTH now.
      Many professional bakers will use blends of flours they think is a better balance than just straight up Cake or AP which is essentially what I am doing here.

      There is the LONG answer!

      The short answer related specifically to this white cake, is that AP absorbs more liquids that cake flour, so in a recipe with a high liquid content like this one, I like to use some AP to ensure a stronger matrix – however some people prefer to use all Cake Flour here, and I have also used all AP flour too! Hope that helps!

      Click here for more about FLOUR

  88. Hello Gretchen,

    Would powdered egg whites work in this recipe as well? If so, should the powder be added to the dry ingredients and water to the milk mixture or should the egg whites be reconstituted and then added to the milk mixture?

    Thanks for sharing your cake wisdom!

  89. I used this recipe about a year ago and went to use it again – imagine how upset I was when I couldn’t find the Woodland Bakery Blog! And then how happy I was when I found it was moved to here!

    Only question is regarding the flour – I don’t remember using cake flour when I made it before. Did the old recipe only call for AP flour? And is that the only difference in this recipe and the one from the old website? The cake was a HIT when I made it – I paired it with a strawberry buttercream frosting and drizzled some dark chocolate over the top and it was delicious!

    1. Hi! Im so glad you found me here! welcome back! i get that question about the flour alot: But basically I started out on youtube several years ago and I adjusted all my recipes to work for the masses in a home environment.
      This meant changing many of my recipes calling for cake flour to AP flour, since so many people could not get cake flour!
      BUT as I have had to start over and again here with my channels, I began to go back to the original recipes,
      BUT I also liked the results from some of my recipes with the AP and decided to get the best of both worlds and use BOTH now.
      Many professional bakers will use blends of flours they think is a better balance than just straight up Cake or AP which is essentially what I am doing here.
      There is the LONG answer!
      The short answer related specifically to this white cake, is that AP absorbs more liquids that cake flour, so in a recipe with a high liquid content like this one,
      I like to use some AP to ensure a stronger matrix – however some people prefer to use all Cake Flour here, and I have also used all AP flour too! Hope that helps!

  90. Hi Gretchen,
    I made this cake twice now and both times they came out rubbery and not fluffy at all….what did I do wrong? I made cupcakes and these are good using the same batter.

    1. Hmmm that’s very odd. If your cupcakes came our great but your cakes (from same batter?? or different batch altogether?) came out good? Doesnt make sense right? However if it is a different batch when the cupcakes came out good, I can only wonder if you did something different in the mixing, the measuring for the other 2 fails?

  91. Hi Gretchen! I am making my son a “funfetti” birthday cake and need to feed 20 people. My question is, would a 10×10 cake be large enough and also would i need to use more than a single recipe for that size pan?

  92. Hi, Gretchen! Can I use the egg whites you find in a carton? I’ve asked that question before for angel food cake and I think I was told NOT to do that — does that make sense?

    1. yes you can (especially here) since we are not trying to whip them, I find that carton eggs dont do well for whipping purposes however others find no trouble there

  93. The white cake is yummy, like you said! My sister in law wants white cake for her baby shower cake. The texture is awesome! It just seems too soft to hold up under fondant. I will definitely use this recipe again though and am going to figure out a way to use it for her cake. Thanks so much for sharing! And I am going to whip up some pan grease next!

  94. I was just wondering which measurements did you use when you developed the recipe? I noticed the US measurements (cups) are a little different than the ml and grams. I’ve been weighing everything and it’s been fine, though I did have some trouble with jumbo air holes in the last cake I made. Not sure why since the first one had no air pockets. Got more cakes in the oven. Making the baby looking in the present cake for my sister in laws baby shower.

    1. Hey thanks, yes there are some discrepancies with cups measure as well as the standard for grams (Im finding by like 5 g or so- not a huge difference but still a difference) Air hole will come from the density of the batter (using a flour that is too strong) will cause this as well as too much leavening or an uneven distribution of leavener in the batter

  95. Hi Gretchen,
    I made this cake yesterday for my son’s 1st birthday smash cake. It baked up well and was a great texture, however, it had a very bitter, baking powder taste. I rechecked my measurement and did exactly as the recipe stated. Do you know what could have gone wrong?
    Thank you for all of your videos. I’m a SAHM who would love to learn the art of baking. Your guidance is much appreciated.

    1. Hmmm that’s odd since the first thing I would suggest is an over measure of baking powder, however this too would cause an over risen cause. Im not really sure how to guide here

  96. Hi I’ve made this recipe before to make a rainbow cake it was a hit! I would like to use it now but want to try a small 2 tired cake im looking to do a 3 layer 10″ bottom and a three layer 8″ on top. I’m wanting to create a blue ombre affect by dying each layer a different color on bottom then purple ombre on top tier… but need help how many batches of this recipe should I use and approx how should I divide the batter to color each layer of the 10″ and 8″ differently ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also are straws or any stabilizer needed to hold the top tier ?

  97. Hi, I was wondering if you can tell me how many times to multiply this recipe for a 16x24x3 sheet pan. I am guessing 4? I have mixed 2 recipes at a time before. Will the first 2 be alright until I get the rest of it mixed? Thanks so much!

  98. Well Gretchen, all I can say is that there is no need to bake this, I could eat all the batter with a spoon, its delicious! Thanks for this great recipe.

  99. Hello
    Can I use Rose Levy Beranbaum 2 stage creaming method for this recipe?
    If so, would this be the correct way to do it?
    Mix all the dry ingredients 1st: All Purpose Flour, Cake Flour, Baking Powder, Salt and Sugar
    2nd Add butter and ½ cup of milk.
    3rd Add the remaining milk with the vanilla and egg white.
    Is this the correct way for the 2 stage creaming method? Also if I wanted to add almond to the recipes.. would I add 2tsp of almond extract?

  100. Hi Gretchen I realize how lazy this is going to sound but is it possible to turn your white cake mix into a chocolate cake mix just by adding cocoa or melted chocolate do you have to go through a whole different recipe to get a very good chocolate cake again I know it sounds lazy I’m sorry just trying to save some time thank you very much

  101. I just finished making this recipe and it. is. amazing! the cake is deliciously moist but still light and fluffy, very spongelike. The only issue I ran into was that it stuck to the bottom of the pan, but that was probably a fault on my end (though I did grease and flour it). The cake is perfect and as long as you stick to the directions, it comes out wonderful!

  102. Gretchen,
    I was wondering if I could use this recipe for a white chocolate cake and what would I need to do with the recipe to make it that way? Thank you so much for your assistance once again. You always come to our rescue.

  103. I just wanted to let you know that everyone LOVED the cake! Thank you so much for sharing an especially delicious white cake recipe! I will definitely keep this recipe for future use!!!

  104. I would like to make this cake in a 9″ hemisphere pan (for half of a world cake, only need half other half will be rice crispie treats because i don’t need that much cake) how many times would i make this recipe? Thank you

  105. Hey Gretchen,
    I tried your recipe and the batter came out great. I put it in the oven for 35 min checked it, still wiggly in the middle but was turning brown fast. So I did like you and turned the oven down to 300 for another 15 min or so. The cake was done but seemed very brown. Anyway I frosted it and had my wife take it to work for all her nurses ( my tasting posse..lol). From hearing from my wife and seeing the pics it looked dry around the tops and outer edges. Do you think setting the oven to about 325 and baking about 50 min checking so often might do it? I really want to use this for an up coming wedding cake. Like I said the batter was awesome, just gotta figure the heat and timing out. Thanks for the recipe

    1. Great observations, and while all ovens can run slightly different it does become a matter of adjusting times & temps to your oven for what works beat for you- seems you have it figured out! great job!

  106. hi! this is my 5th tiered cake and i’m a die-hard fan of white cake. however, lazy me has always used the white cake box mix which always results in a cake that crumbles when I apply the crumb coating, sinks a bit under the weight of the fondant, and collapses/crumbles when you are slicing it to serve – [ I usually want to hide under the table at this point]. I’ve read several times in the comments that this cake is delicious and fluffy/moist. However, I’m hoping that each layer is still more sturdy than the box mixes ?

  107. over.the.moon about this recipe. i measured everything and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY. I love white cake but didn’t think I could make from scratch. Also needed something sturdy enough to handle fondant. This is yummy and sturdy! What I did: Baked at 350 with damp towel tied around pan (to keep cake baking up level) for 25 minutes. Then removed towel and turned temp. down to 325 for another 20. Then kept going at 5-10 minute intervals until the “finger press test” worked. THANK YOU!

  108. Hi Gretchen. This is only the 2nd comment I’ve posted. Don’t ask me why, because I’ve made MANY of your cakes, frostings and fillings!! As I said in my Cookies and Cream cake review, I make a cake every Wednesday and send to my husbands work, going on 3 years now. I try not to duplicate any cake exactly. Your recipes, are hands down, the BEST!! I use this white cake recipe as my go to. If followed exactly, they will ALWAYS come out perfectly! Thank you so much Gretchen, if I were there I’d give you a big hug. You are the BEST!!!

    1. YAY! great! thanks for the feedback! It is very helpful for people who are not sure whether my claim to “best recipes” is true! LOL

  109. hi gretchen, I was interested in making this cake with butterfinger bits in the batter. will this work? thanks, Patricia

  110. Hi Gretchen
    Just wondering why you add the egg whites directly into the milk rather than whipping the egg whites up separately and then folding them into the cake batter. Its just that I see so many cake recipes that keep the whites separate and folded in later. Just curious with the different method.



    1. It keeps the cake more dense and like pound cake while still being soft and fluffy, others have whipped them and folded them, you can do either

  111. Hi Gretchen,

    I’m in the UK and the only cake flour I can get is self rising. I usually omit the baking powder from recipes and it works fine, but your recipe uses a mixture of all-purpose and cake flour, so I’m not sure what the best way to adapt it is. Would you use all cake flour and no baking powder or keep it half cake flour and use half the baking powder?

    1. for cupcakes should be fine, Im not sure I would use this recipe for a cake style tres leches, it is more dense like a pound cake and would get a bit “gummy” in my opinion

  112. I’m sure the question has been asked and answered but amount all these comments it’s hard to find it. I get asked about making gluten free cakes alot. This white cake I’m assuming can be done gluten free correct? And will it taste good??

    1. while I do not do much gluten free baking (really none) I have been told by several people who only follow my recipes that GF mix works great in so many of my recipes, so yes I will suspect the same is for this cake recipe

  113. Hi I was wondering, if I use this recipe for a tiered cake of two 8″ and two 6″ rounds do I still need to use dowel rods to support the top tiers or will I be able to omit them due to the higher density of this cake?

  114. Dear Gretchen. I need to make white sponge cake, but I don’t want to use this recipe (I don’t like use recipe for the first time when it is important cake)Do you think useng white food color will change the normal sponge cake batter into white? Thank you. Edyta

      1. Thank you. It didn’t work 🙁 Probably bacuse of crappy food color :-/ I am also dissapointed of Wilton red no taste. Well, not only no taste but no colour neither :-/ Ah well, another drama in my kitchen 😉

  115. I made this. The dough smelled a bit like play dough, but omg the cake is absolutely addicting, not too sweet so it’s great if you’re going long to smother it with frosting. The cake didn’t come out level like I thought it would but it was pretty easy to do my self. The only issue that I had was that these took considerably longer to bake than I expected, it took me about an hour to get them done. 8/10 would make again! Thanks!!

  116. Hi Gretchen! I made this cake and so perfect and tasty!!! I love it so much thank you for sharing this.i just have a few questions, how can I turn the recipe as chocolate? And can i use 6″×3″ round cake pan?what is the temperature and cooking time? Hopefully you can answer my question. It would be helpful cause im making this cake again for my liltle girl smash birthday cake.

  117. Hi! I made this cake before and everyone loved it!Now I have to make a Baileys cake for a birthday. I’d like to make a white cake and use your cream cheese buttercream with some Baileys as frosting. Could I also put some Baileys into the cake mixture for a more intense flavor or would it be better to soak the baked cake with a little bit of Baileys?

  118. What would happen if I replaced the milk with buttermilk (replace 1 tablespoon with white vinegar)? Will it make it more moist or dome slightly with the addition of acid to the leavening? Looking to convert this recipe to cupcakes but achieve a slight dome on top.

  119. Hi Gretchen… I have used this recipe many times now ( either as a white cake or tinted with color) . it has always come out perfect. I however always get curdled batter. It is never as smooth as i see in your video. Is this okay or i should recheck on something?

  120. Hi gretchen.

    If your cake recipe is for 2 eight inch cakes and your batter amount is approx 6 cups, if I try to make a 12 inch layer with one recipe, shouldn’t I need 71/2 cups of batter to make a full layer and do you think the layers with come out thin with just one recipe as you suggested. Thank you for your help.

    1. I would so 2X recipe for 1 layer 12″ cake (fill pans half full with batter no matter what size pan and you cant go wrong)

  121. hi, can I use buttermilk instead? do I need to do something different? and wondering why it didn’t rise as much?

    1. Shouldn’t “have to” do anything different since the recipe works great the way it is written, so I always advise, if you are using the exact ingredients as I did, check your measurements to be sure they are accurate, mix exactly as I show, you should have great results
      (I mean you can use buttermilk if you like, but thats not going to help the rise)

  122. okay thank you for responding back. I saw on line if I substitute the milk i had to put add baking soda, I added I tablespoon. not sure yet how it tasted? but it didn’t rise as much. I actually measured everything with a digital scale. I will let you know how it tasted in a few days. thanks again for responding. you are cool to do so 🙂

  123. I have been baking for over a half-century & this, is by far, the best white cake that I’ve ever made. 5 stars to you, Gretchen & a big thank you for all you do. I’m so glad that I “found” you and equally happy to call myself a “gretchenator”.

  124. What is your best Chocolate Cake that is moist and White Cake Mix? I found your Fluffy moist Vanilla cake I think this would be really good. This is my first time making it from scratch. I am making a sheet cake and 90 cupcakes for open house. My niece wanted chocolate and vanilla for cake choices. I am using your famous buttercream frosting used with Hi Ratio shortening which I need to color. I am using gel instead of liquid to keep from diluting the frosting. Is this right? I have a bunch of Russian Tips I am going to use including the ball tips. I think this would be pretty cool. I am going to use a three color coupling so I can use three colors. She loves Gerber Daiseys so I am going to try my hand at fondant Gerber daisy’s. I got the plunger cutters to make the different sizes for layering.

  125. A client is requesting a naked cake, I dont know which cake recipe to use. The color must be brownish in the sides and would taste best with italian meringue buttercream?

    1. You can use any cake you like for the named style, its just the way you ice it that gives it that look. Of course if the client is requesting “Brownish” that makes me think Carrot Cake or Hazelnut Cake
      As for the buttercream “better” is a matter of opinion, the Italian In wonderful though

  126. Hi Gretchen!! I haven’t gotten to make this cake just yet but, I am looking for the flavor of that brilliant white cake that you would get from a bakery. Could this be what I’ve been searching for for so very long??? And will I use a white buttercream for that bakery flavor? Thanks a million in advance!!

    1. Hi! well I can’t say exactly the taste memory you are after, but I can say this recipe has gotten rave reviews! And yes to the buttercream pairing so I hope you will tryit and let me know if it’s a winner! I’m pretty sure you will agree!

  127. Hi Gretchen. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I will test as written but wanted your suggestions for baking time/temp if I use a 12 x 3 round fat daddio pan. Will 2x recipe be enough to fill the 3″ pan to get a nice size cake and should I use a core to ensure complete baking? Love all your recipes and videos. Thanks for what you do for all us home bakers!

    1. Hi Sorry for the late reply yes to 2X the recipe and I do not use a heating core, but you can if you prefer (and thanks!)

  128. Hi Gretchen,
    This is one of my favorite cake recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Do you think I can make a pineapple version of this cake by adding some small chunks of pineapple and subbing some pineapple juice in place of milk? If not, do you have any other recipe which I can safely convert into pineapple cake? I dont prefer to use pineapple flavoring.

      1. I tried using the keylime cupcake recipe and it worked texture wise but the pineapple flavor is missing. 🙁 Shld I replace all the evaporated milk /milk with pineapple juice?

  129. Hello Gretchen. I just found your recipe and am thinking of trying. Btw…always enjoyed your videos and recipes and your cakes are stunning!
    I have been searching for a white cake recipe (not vanilla) that has your described structure. Not airy, not poundcake. But firm enough. In order to not taste like a vanilla cake, do you think I should add a little almond extract? I have made soooo many white cakes…I am too picky. :-/

    1. Hi! thanks! This cake is exactly what you are looking for and yes it is white cake though! LOL But sure to adding almond extract of course that will throw it off a bit!

  130. Love this recipe

    I was wondering if instead of butter can i use shortening?

    Do i keep the same cup measurement

    Will it still be fluffy if i use shortening

  131. Hi there,

    I’ve been reading through each of the comments – I didn’t see this question (unless I overlooked it) but …

    I’m want to double the recipe for a 12 x 18 x 2″ pan (I’m also making two layers, as well). Would I still bake at the 350 temp for 45-55 mins?

    If I were to use the recipe as is, would the temperature/bake time be roughly the same in a 12 x 18 x 2″ pan?

    Thank you!!

    1. Yes temperature the same but the bake time will most likely be longer, I’d definitely check it at 4o minutes just to see how much longer

  132. Absolutely in love with the batter. I’ve tried almost all of your non-vegan cakes and by far this is the silkiest one. If only I could include pics of the cupcakes while in the oven! They always come up perfectly rounded, almost looks fake! Will stuff my last batch with your cookie-dough icing. And will post pics on your FB. Thanks

  133. Hi Gretchen,

    Hope this finds you well. I tried this recipe before and it didn’t come out white so I figured it was the butter. I made it again yesterday…this time I used white hi ratio shortening and clear vanilla extract…EVERYTHING white. The batter was beautifully white so I had high hopes. However after baking it wasn’t white still had yellow tinge. As I’m in the UK I’m wondering if the reason why this happened is because UK flour isn’t bleached. I was wondering if your cake flour brand is bleached. Just a theory. Or maybe my white cake expectations are too high lol

    By the way it was delicious

    All the best!

    Kerry x

    1. Hi Kerry, it’s possible the flour had something to do with it, but the picture I have here with the recipe is the actual cake after baking, to me it is quite white, especially compared to a yellow cake. If you have facebook Id love to see a pic of your cake CLICKHERE

  134. Hi Ma’am,
    Can butter be substituted with oil to make the cake more moist. If so how and when to accommodate.

  135. I love this recipe and make it all the time! I just wanted to know about adding strawberry purée to this recipe to make strawberry cake or will it mess with the consistency of the cake ?

    1. Its not always great to add fruit purees to cake recipes that are not worked out that way already because the puree can leave it heavy and dense (bordering on rubbery) I would swap it out for about half of the egg whites here if you are going to add it, and maybe half of the milk too.
      I do however have a strawberry cake recipe CLICK HERE

    1. Yes although the milk contains proteins that help bind and lock in other ingredients, so best to stick to the recipe, but water will work. Just had less flavor / body as well

  136. Hello Gretchen
    I live in the UK so struggle to get the exact ingredient for this cake, I followed your tip on creating cake flour by adding corn flour. I use egg whites fro a carton. I used Dr Oetker baking powder I have an oven thermometer. I also used a stand mixer. Have made two attempts at the cake. The first was disaster it rose and then just sank, whilst still in the oven. the second rose and after 2 minutes baking I test it not cook so left it in the oven and sunk a little in the middle. It is cooked and rescuable.both tasted good. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Wondered if you have any thoughts please.
    kind regards

    1. Hmmm, it could have been too much batter in the pan to cause rising then sinking? Just half full for whatever pan size you are using.

  137. Hello,
    I am new to baking and have mastered chocolate cake, but this is a first for white cake. Out of all the white cake reviews, it seems this is the one I want to do. But I have a question. As most cakes, I need my eggs and butter and milk at room temp. Should I also do this for your white cake recipe? Thanks in

    1. Hi! I think you will love this! And yes! You are correct- room temp ingredients is always best in baking unless otherwise specified (I did not note that! But great question!)

  138. I’m sure someone probably asked but I made the cake as per your ingredients and instructions and both cakes have a dome! Why does this happen? What is it that you do differently? What oven do you have?

  139. Gretchen,

    I am not a big poster, I usually use pinterest and ignore the blog part, but this cake recipe is absolutely amazing. I literally could not ignore telling you that. My home town had a bakery that made a white cake that was out of this world and your cakes are just like it. Easy to make, exceptional taste and texture! Thank you!

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