White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse cake is yet another perfect combination of flavors coming at ya!

The highly regarded White Chocolate Cake from my past life has finally made its reappearance here at Gretchen’s Bakery but as always; this time around I do it just a little bit better than before!

Raspberry Mousse filling is hitting the scene for the first time and you are going to just FLIP when you try this cake!

Now as with any building on recipes project, it is just that~ A PROJECT!

But all great things take some time don’t they?

However I always try to show you the best most efficient ways to get to the end and I will do that again here.



You can prepare this White Chocolate Cake recipe in advance since I always freeze my cake layers before assembling anyway.

The raspberry mousse should only be done at the point of assembly since you will see I am doing this as a molded cake (meaning I am building it inside of a ring mold rather than traditional filled layer cake style) Because this type of mousse filling is a Paté Bombe style preparation it is meant for molding; this way it keeps it luxurious texture.

I went for my Buttercream Recipe to ice this cake and made it fabulously White Chocolate Buttercream simply by adding melted white chocolate to it!

You can of course use any recipe you prefer and whipped cream would also be great here!

I wanted to bust out my Russian Piping Tips again and thought what better cake than the White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse cake to do so!?


4.5 from 4 reviews
White Chocolate Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This recipe made 3 thicker 7" Layers which I then torted into 6 thinner layers.
You can bake the batter divided evenly between 2-8" pans if you do not have the 7" pans
Serves: 3- 7" layersor 2- 8" Layers
  • Egg Whites 3 large (120g)
  • Whole Milk ¾ cup (180ml)
  • Vanilla Extract 2 teaspoons
  • Cake Flour 3 cups (360g)
  • Baking Powder 4 teaspoons (20g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1½ cup (300g)
  • Salt ¼ teaspoon
  • Unsalted Butter 9 Tablespoons (126g)
  • Whole Milk ¼ cup (60ml)
  • White Chocolate Couverture 6 ounces (approx 1 cup) (168g)
  1. Combine the cake flour, granulated sugar, baking powder and salt in a large mixer and blend on low speed to combine well.
  2. Add the softened butter and the first measure of milk ¾ cup and mix on low- medium speed.
  3. Once incorporated mix on medium to high speed for 1½ minutes to develop the batter.
  4. Whisk together the eggs, vanilla and first portion of milk (¼cup) add it in 3 additions to the batter while mixing on low-medium speed.
  5. Be sure to scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl to avoid lumps.
  6. Mix just until smooth batter is achieved.
  7. Add the melted white chocolate all at once and mix smooth.
  8. Pour into prepared pans and bake in a preheated 350° F oven Until Its Done
  9. Approximately 25-30 minutes for cake rounds & 18-22 minutes for cupcakes
Raspberry Mousse Recipe
4.5 from 4 reviews
Raspberry Mousse
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 4 cups
  • Heavy Cream 1½ cup (360ml)
  • Gelatin Sheets 4
  • Egg Yolks 3 (54g)
  • Whole Egg 1 (50g)
  • Granulated Sugar 3 Tablespoons (42g)
  • Raspberry Puree 1 cup (240ml)
  1. Bloom the gelatin sheets in cold water
  2. Whip the heavy cream to medium-soft peaks- reserve in the refrigerator until needed
  3. Combine the whole egg, egg yolks & sugar over a double boiler and whip constantly until you reach 180°F
  4. Squeeze the excess water out of the gelatin sheet then add to the hot egg yolks, whip smooth to dissolve the gelatin
  5. Add the warm (approximately 70°F) puree to the egg yolk mixture and whip smooth
  6. You can adjust the color with a touch of red food color if desired
  7. Once the raspberry mixture has cooled to approximately 70°F fold in the whipped cream
  8. Assemble cake immediately as shown in the video

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  1. Hi Gretchen, This cake looks amazing!!! Just a couple of questions. In the raspberry mousse recipe, you mention egg yolks and a whole egg. In the printed recipe, it only lists 4 egg yolks, no whole egg. Is it 4 egg yolks and 1 whole egg? Also, can powdered gelatin be substituted for gelatin sheets? And if so, how much powder? Bloomed in water?


  2. I’m going to make this recipes into cupcakes! Fill the cupcakes with the raspberry mouse and top with the white chocolate frosting. I’ll post a pic on IG when done 🙂

  3. Gretchen, if I fill a layered cake with the raspberry mousse, then cover it in fondant, will the mousse hold for a day (or even two)? My biggest worry is that it will fall and absorb into the cake, leaving a mess when I actually go to serve it. Thanks for your input!

  4. Hi Gretchen,
    My question is where comes actually the whole egg to stay? In the recipe under the ingredients,I see only egg yolks and no egg white or whole egg!
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Sorry about that!! Thanks for letting me know! Updated: Combine the whole egg, egg yolks & sugar over a double boiler and whip constantly until you reach 180°F

  5. Hi Gretchen can’t wait to try this recipe I was wondering if you could do Funfetti birthday cake please. I’ve tried a couple of recipes but I did not like so I was hoping that you can share with me. Thank for all your hard work.

  6. Gretchen, thanks for this great recipe. Is it possible for you to cover a bakers session on mousses in general? I am uncertain as to when to use a pate bombe base for fruit based mousses or just leave it out. I have seen both techniques used and wanted to know how much different in flavor or texture the outcome would be.

    Thank You

  7. Thanks again for another great cake ! My question is can I use oil instead of butter in this recipe ? If yes how much should I use and will it affect the taste of the cake ?

  8. Hi Gretchen! Thanks for all the great recipes you are sharing with us!

    My question is can I use strawberry puree instead of raspberry for the mousse?

  9. Hi Gretchen, Thanks for sharing your recipes. I love the new website look, it easy to look for recipes.
    I would like to bake this cake for my son’s birthday. How much cake batter do I need for 2 9″ x 13″ x 2″ cakes ? Also how much mousse do I need to fill it ?


  10. Gretchen, would this cake be stack-able for a small wedding cake 5, 7, 9 inch tiers? Ive never filled with mouse so not sure that would work. Im looking for a summer flavors cake for my sisterswedding receition. They will be marrying in the Grand Canyon then coming home to Ohio for a late summer reception and she wants summer flavors. I plan on covering in fondant which I saw you approved of. Im open to other ideas also 🙂

  11. Hi Again! I’m going to bake, fill and freeze the three layers for my wedding cake I mentioned earlier. Should I crumb coat them first since I’m covering with fondant? Also how long should they be thawed to be ready to cover.

    1. I do not freeze then after I crumb coat, you will get too much condensation which could cause alot of trouble for the final icing. Just refrigerate

  12. Gretchen I need to clarify my question after re reading it. I know Im going to crumb coat before covering with fondant. What I needed to know is should I crumb coat the cake before freezing or wait till thawed. And then the question about the thaw time is correctly worded.

    1. Oh I see, the CAKE itself, I thaw for just about 15 minutes before building but he time I get to the crumb coat is is already thawing quite fast

      1. Great thanks. Ive been watching your videos and I really appreciate your sense of humor! Thanks for all you are doing!

  13. Gretchen, Two questions on the mouse. 1) you mentioned it sets up really fast. Would it work to fill cupcakes with? Or do you think there would not be enough time to pipe it in the centers since it sets up so fast. 2) Could someone heat up the raspberry puree and use it to add the gelatin packets into? I’m basing this on your quote here regarding use of the packets instead of sheets: “When adding gelatin it is important to do so quickly since it will start to TIGHTEN anything liquid it comes in contact with. It is often advised to add gelatin solutions to a warmed liquid part of the recipe to avoid this instant gelatinazation.”

      1. Awesome, I’m learning so much here. Just came over to Patreon to support you (budget has me starting out small). Thanks for being our personal instructor!

  14. Gretchen its me the pest! Hey I did a trail run on the cake last night and i don’t know what I did wrong! Ive baked a ton of cakes in my life and never had this happen. The top was hard and crusty before the middle was done. What on earth did I do wrong? I finished baking them. They did not burn, and came out of the pan with the tops falling off but the rest of the cake looked ok. I wrapped them in plastic and put in the frig. I’m seeing parfaits in their future 🙁

  15. My son and I are baking this cake for his birthday! It looks so yummy and I’ve never tried a mousse filled cake before. I was wondering, for the icing…. you used a buttercream icing, but I was wondering if this cake would taste just as good or if not better with your swiss meringue buttercream that I found on your site. I was hoping for something a little lighter than a regular American buttercream. What are your thoughts on that? I read your comments on how you should always try the recipe in it’s original recipe given first, but I’m on the fence with the frosting?!?! Sorry!

    1. HI Great! Sure you can use whatever icing you prefer! (Thanks for reading the comments, I should clarify though that I meant a real recipe like flour, sugar, eggs, butter etc etc- not so much a BUILDING ON RECIPES like this cake here. Thats the beauty of a building on recipes project- if you dont like buttercream use whipped cream, if you rather chocolate cake go for it!)

  16. Hi Gretchen
    Could I use the mirror glaze onto of this cake, on top of the buttercream icing? Also do you think the mirror glaze would work on top of Swiss meringue buttercream (as its my favourite). Thanks

  17. Hi there . You are my cake bible and started love baking after watching your videos you’re my inspiration.Very humbled and always there to answer any questions. You should have pastry school. My questin is can use reversed method in baking this cake or not . When should I added the white chocolate if it’s ok .I usually read the comments but Iwanted to make sure it’s ok to cover this cake with fondant .Again thank you very much and have a merry Christmas

    1. It is difficult to work with such small quantities, with out getting errors, so sometimes it is just better to have a bit extra, you can half the recipe sure..just double check your math

  18. I’m trying to make the raspberry mousse but on the double boiler my egg mixture is getting kind of dark and isn’t setting up, not entirely sure what’s going on?

  19. I was commissioned to do a cake for a friend for a friend of his birthday and I decided to do your white chocolate cake with the raspberry mousse filling I did it as a sheet cake and had to do it twice each time I did it the bottom of the cake was wet and underdone so I was wondering because I did it as a sheet cake and double the recipe did I do something wrong please advise

    1. Hey there Im sorry this happened, to make 1 layer 12″ x 18″ cake you would put all the batter in 1 recipe into that sized pan.
      Its odd that you say “the bottom of the cake was wet and underdone” could this mean your oven setting was off? Since my oven (during BAKE mode) has both top and bottom heat, whereas BROIL mode has only top heat.
      Is this a possibility? Sicne I can’t really think of anything else it could be. The recipe is correct and it wouldn’t create a problem just by baking the batter in a different sized pan

  20. Is this the same Raspberry Mousse recipe that you had up about 3 years ago but paired with a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache top? I used that recipe and loved it! Thanks!

  21. Hi I made this recipe but made cupcakes instead of a cake. They came out kind of dry but I followed the recipe, measurements were on point, what could it be? Taste delicious though!

    1. Hmm, Im not sure if it is just the way they should be and if you are used to the more “gummier” cakes? Since I recently made this recipe and made cupcakes too (but subbed in vegn egg for the egg replacer) and while I did not find them to be dry at all they were noticeably less moist than the other cakes recipes, but I wouldnt say they were bad or dry like in a bad way if that makes sense?
      I say this because my boyfriend and I have been on a quest to figure out a VEGAN cake recipe that IS MORE DRY because he is sick of the moist, almost “gummy” cakes of the regular recipes, so he LOVED this one because it was slightly more dry than those other recipes.
      Anyway- I may not be making sense, its 2:30 am LOL
      But at any rate Im sorry that happened if you didnt really like them!

  22. Hi Gretchen, thanks so much for the recipes, I’m 14 years old and I love to make and decorate cakes and watch your videos! All the recipes I’ve tried from you are perfect. I can’t wait to try this one.

  23. Hello Gretchen,
    A really superb combination… White chocolate and raspberry…!!! I am planning on trying out this recipe. Hope it turns out well.. fingers crossed…
    I am planning to travel and hoping to take this cake along with me… Can this cake stand 8 hours of traveling without refrigeration…
    Thanks in advance…!!!

  24. hi… wondering if i can make into a marble of white and dark chocolate cake. i was planning to divide the batter into 2 and add melted white chocolate into one and melted dark chocolate into other before tipping it all into the tin. do you think it would work???

  25. Hi Gretchen, thank you for your lovely recipes ☺
    I have a problem and hope you can help. When making raspberry mousse, eventough it sets up really great and it tastes amazing, it gets discolored. When looking in section i see some of the mousse edges looking a darker shade of pink, if im making any sense. It looks as if it got oxydised. It doesnt look really prefessional What can I do to prevent this? I always cover the mousse with either white or dark chocolate glaze, so its not air exposed.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. If I am understanding your comment I think you mean once the cake is cut it gets oxidized? Try to cover the exposed cut edges with plastic wrap to keep the air out

  26. Hi Gretchen.
    When I made the raspberry moose I blend them in the food processor but didn’t extract the seeds. The moose turn out fantastic but didn’t like the seeds in my mouth. Was I supposed to strain them? Didn’t do it because it wasn’t in the instructions. After that, looked for puree recipes and found out that is better to do it.

  27. Hello from Canada.
    Ive made a lot of your recipes….I didnt get rave reviews for this cake as they all thought the cake was too dry. 🙁 . My ring holds would not fit the size of the cakes so I got inventive, I used a pot and built the layers and low and behold it worked like a charm……i put it in freezer after stacking the layers for a couple hours tapped the pot on the counter and it slid out perfectly.

  28. Hi Gretchen, I came across your website last week and I immediately felt like I was in heaven. What a great site!! I’m a good baker and making a 3 tier cake for the first time, and wanted your opinion on the following:
    1-Type of cake you would recommend (white or yellow is fine).
    2-Also I had a question regarding adjusting the ingredients to fit my pans sizes (square 16, 10, and 8 inches).
    3-Also, to give the cake a citrus flavor, is it ok to replace half the milk quantity with a citrus juice (orange or lemon)?
    Your guidance is greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance

      1. Hi Gretchen, I just wanted to say I couldn’t have done this without your website. My 3 tier cake was amazing! Cake was moist, filling was delicious, and the swiss buttercream was such a success. Thank you!!

  29. Hello Gretchen! Im doing this for my son’s graduation on saturday, bu, what other flavor can we use on this cake he doesn’t like fruits that much but i don’t want to to hide the white chocolate flavor. Only fruits he likes are pineapple or key lime, if that makes any sense or any other option. Thanks a lot!

    1. You can skip the raspberry addition for sure (add white chocolate melted cooled to the buttercream instead if you like!)

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