Yellow Sponge Cake Recipe

Yellow Sponge Cake

I have been trying (with error) for a very long time to replicate the professional bakery Yellow Cake Recipe.

Finally~ I have achieved SUCCESS!

This is the all time favorite bakery cake that is sought after by millions, yet never replicated until now!

This cake is light, airy, spongy, fine crumb and very delicious!

Wait until the end of this video to see what I mean!  Chris said, “Wow I can sleep on that cake it is so spongy!” LOL

As you can probably tell from the photo here, I did use vanilla paste instead of extract and why there are all those lovely black specks throughout each bite!

In the video I talk about this cake in comparison to the my Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe as they are so very similar but I have learned over the past few years sharing my recipes that everyone has different tastes and needs so be sure to read about What is Cake exactly and then try both recipes to decide for yourself just which one takes the cake! LOL

Get it? “takes the cake”………

5.0 from 9 reviews
Yellow Cake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
All ingredients are to be at room temperature before mixing
Serves: 2- 8" Layers
  • Eggs Large 6 (300g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1¾ cup (350g)
  • Salt ½ teaspoon (3g)
  • Liquid Vegetable Oil ¾ cup (175ml)
  • Whole Milk ½ cup + 2 Tablespoons (133ml)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon (15ml)
  • Butter Flavor *optional 1 teaspoon
  • Cake Flour 2 cups (240g)
  • Baking Powder 1½ teaspoons (7g)
  1. Place the eggs and sugar in a large metal mixing bowl and set it over a double boiler.
  2. Whisk the eggs gently while warming them from the heat from the double boiler. Once they reach about 100° F (no thermometer necessary just slightly hotter than your body temperature) remove the mixing bowl from the heat and transfer to the bowl of the Kitchen Aid mixer with a whip attachment.
  3. On high speed whip the eggs until they reach the ribbon stage.
  4. Add the sifted flour, salt and baking powder to the whipped eggs all at once, and on low -medium speed blend to combine well.
  5. Add the oil / milk & extracts mixture all at once and mix just until combined.
  6. Pour into prepared pans and bake in a preheated 350° F oven Until Its Done
  7. Cupcakes will take about 18 - 22 minutes and cake layers closer to 35 minutes.
This is an Oil based cake so please read What is Cake to understand what this means.

Cool the cake completely before wrapping for Freezer Storage up to 2 months or use immediately to build your cake of choice!
5.0 from 9 reviews
Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2-8" layers
  • Eggs Large 6 (300g)
  • Granulated Sugar 1¾ cup (350g)
  • Salt ½ teaspoon (3g)
  • Liquid Vegetable Oil ¾ cup (175ml)
  • Whole Milk ½ cup + 2 Tablespoons (133ml)
  • Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon (15ml)
  • Butter Flavor *optional 1 teaspoon
  • Cake Flour 1¾ cups (210g)
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder ½ cup (24g)
  • Baking Powder 1½ teaspoons (7g)
  1. Place the eggs and sugar in a large metal mixing bowl and set it over a double boiler.
  2. Whisk the eggs gently while warming them from the heat from the double boiler. Once they reach about 100° F (no thermometer necessary just slightly hotter than your body temperature) remove the mixing bowl from the heat and transfer to the bowl of the Kitchen Aid mixer with a whip attachment.
  3. On high speed whip the eggs until they reach the ribbon stage.
  4. Add the sifted flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder to the whipped eggs all at once, and on low -medium speed blend to combine well.
  5. Add the oil / milk & extracts mixture all at once and mix just until combined.
  6. Pour into prepared pans and bake in a preheated 350° F oven Until Its Done
  7. Cupcakes will take about 18 - 22 minutes and cake layers closer to 35 minutes.



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    1. Hmm, Id say a bit more than an hour? Check it at 40 minutes to be sure- if the top looks to be too brown, you can lower the temp for the rest of the baking

      1. Hi, I’ve been baking this recipe for a while for most of my cakes but they never seem to come out of the oven looking like yours and I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. They rise perfectly then as soon as they have risen or come out of the oven to cool they collaps almost and go wrinkly. I usually just carv them to look normal but I’m having to bale so many layers to get just one cake. Another problem I’ve recentlt started having is every so often my cake will have an almost rubber like centre and I have wasted so many cakes due to this, have you ever had this problem? Or could you please guide me to where I’m going wrong. I love this recipe and I don’t want tp have to use a different one but this is starting to become too unreliable for me.
        Thanks, Amy. 🙂

        1. Hmm, its so odd when this happens since I always say the same thing, if you are mixing it exactly as I show in the video and using all the same ingredients, you should get the same result. So there must be something that is off?
          What you speak of though points to the eggs so CLICK HERE just for a quick Egg Whipping Refresher and then I know you said you have made it time & again, but watch the video ans see if there is something ~ ANYTHING~ that is being done differently?

          1. How do you cool the cake? I have seen a number of recipes that says turn ofg the oven and open the oven door and let it cool 15 minutes or more in the oven to prevent the cake from collapsing.

          1. hello Gretchen I do just as you say but while cooling the cake it sinks in the middle a bit and if I leave it in the tin to cool the sides shrink towards the cake ( like the alphabet A shape) please can you tell me what is wrong? I use only plain flour we don’t have cake flour in UK. could it be that the oil is too much?

          2. It is normal for a sponge cake to shrink in on the sides slightly (not severely, but slightly) If you are finding it is TOO MUCH shrinking you may be overwhipping the batter CLICK HERE

      2. Hello gretchen I accidentally added 1 cup of milk to this recipe will that completely ruin the cake? It was suppose to have 1/2 cup of milk

  1. Hi Gretchen,
    Made d new version of yellow cake( I hv old one too from wb) n no excess oil and no need of syrup either.delicious..thanks

  2. Hi Gretchen!! my question is, what is that spray that you are using for the cake pans? Is it the same as PAM? Hope all is going well with you. Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

  3. Hi Ms. Gretchen! Could I use 3 eggs instead of 6? Or should I stick to 6, cause my house doesn’t have so much eggs.


  4. Hi Gretchen

    When I make this cake I get a very dry flaky top that just wants to crack and fall off. This also happens too me when I make a brownie recipe from the Baking & Pastry cookbook from CIA. I make a large sheet pan, after it comes out, flaky top that just want to crack and fall off. Am I foaming the eggs too much in the yellow cake. Browning do not call for foaming but i get the same result. Thanks Again

  5. Hi Gretchen,
    I would like to stick to dis recipe since it says softbafter refrigerating it too unlike cake Wid butter.well can u suggeste how and in Wat proportions I can mix rum and give Lil orange taste to dis without changing it’s texture. And pls lemme know if I can do dis Wid chocolate cake too. I did experiment Wid both ( with help of Joseph palamar in ur absence) but not happy Wid d result.I adjusted liquid quantities in both cakes so dat I get same qty of liquid wen I use rum n get same results..but d cakes turned out different..gud though but not happy since texture was Lil different.

      1. Hi,
        Orange zest n extract both to yellow sponge n chic buttermilk cake right? One full orange zest in both the recipes? And no infusion of rum in d batter right in this recipes :(. A week back Iconverted yellow sponge to choc cake n den brushed it Wid rum since it was needed who wanted d cake.n thank god ..She just loved it. I brushed 3 tbspns of rum on d layers ( for half measurement of d above recipe).
        Byee tc.

      2. Hi Gretchen,
        Orange zest n extract both to yellow sponge n chic buttermilk cake right? One full orange zest in both the recipes? And no infusion of rum in d batter right in this recipes :(. A week back Iconverted yellow sponge to choc cake n den brushed it Wid rum since it was needed who wanted d cake.n thank god ..She just loved it. I brushed 3 tbspns of rum on d layers ( for half measurement of d above recipe).
        Byee tc.

  6. Hi, I’m from Mexico could you explain me whats the cake flour? it’s a all ready for use flour? like betty croker? or an othee kind.

    love your recepies!

  7. Hi Gretchen

    Need your opinion. My daughter wants a choc cakes with strawberry and banana filling. Was trying to figure out which choc cake would be better with that filling. A choc Vanilla sponge or the moist choc cake recipe you have.

    I know the sponge is a lighter cake which goes very well with the strawberry filling. As for the choc cake buttermilk recipe, would it be to heavy and the filling won’t shine thru as much?



    1. Hi Gretchen
      I’ve been done this recipe for several times but the cake keeps sinking in the bottom like gives darker color than the upper side, although I’ve measured the ingredients by using digital scale and same kitchen aid as yours with exactly same method by adding the dry ingredients all at once after mixing the egg to reach ribbon stage, please guide!

      1. Are you putting too much batter in the pans? that would cause sinking and over browning would be from a bake time that is too long (trying to bake too much batter)

  8. Well, you have done it again…..made me look like a professional baker. I made a triple layer cannoli cake this weekend, iced with stabilized whipped cream covered in toasted slivered almonds (except the top, of course). It was fabulous. I cannot say enough about this new cake recipe. It is absolutely wonderful and unequivocally the best I have ever eaten. It truly does remind me of the cakes I purchased from Ferrara’s bakery in Newark. I cannot thank you enough. I have been looking for a recipe like this FOREVER. One day, I will upload a pic to your facebook page but I am not that computer savvy yet, even though I work on one all day. Ha! ha! Thanks again Gretchen. You are truly the best!!! I cannot wait for new recipes from Florida!

  9. Hi Gretchen, I have watched both the hot milk sponge cake video and this yellow sponge cake video and decided to make the yellow. Despite following your steps I still had the dry and crispy top that others have complained of, I used caster (superfine) sugar and I heated the egg mixture until all of the sugar had dissolved and felt slightly warmer than my body, and I weighed all of my ingredients using a digital scale. once the cake had cooled I was able to pick most of the crust off and the cake underneath was amazing, but could you advise me on how to not get the crust in the first place as I don’t really want to have to do this every time. Thanks in advance and good luck rebuilding the site x

    1. Hmmm, sounds suspect. I am not so sure what the cause could have been if you did everything as you stated (and great job paying attention!) but Im sorry this still happened…Im not quite sure what to attribute it to 🙁

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply, the only things I changed about the recipe was using corn oil, adding lemon zest and using 1/4 tsp of almond extract instead of the vanilla and butter flavours. I baked the entire recipe in one 10 by 3 inch deep round pan for 40 mins at 160c (320f) and 10 mins at 130c (265f) as my oven tends to run very hot, do you think the longer baking time at a lower temperature would have dried out the top of the cake and caused the crispy top?

        1. Well, I suppose anything is possible…but I really doubt it! You did everything right! I would say give it a try one more time and see if it happens again.

  10. Hi from Paris,

    Can I add cocoa powder to this recipe ?

    If so, do I need to replace some of the flower or do the proportions remain the same ?

    Thanks for your help !

  11. Hi Gretchen. I love your vanilla sponge cake recipe. Thank you so much.
    I have a question to ask . I love this cake but it’s a bit too sweet for me , I have already reduced the amount of sugar from 350 grams to 300 grams but it still too sweet. How much more may I reduce the amount of sugar without messing the recipe?
    And another question, how to make the structure of this cake more stronger (for fondant cake) should I replace half portion of cake flour with all purpose flour? Thanks in advance

    1. Hello, I have already reduced the amount of sugar from the original recipe as well.
      SO now you are taking out more, and wish to take out even more.
      The sugar helps create the structure of this foamed cake, so by removing even more, while asking your second question of how to make it more stable….not really a possibility.
      You can use all purpose flour sure, but that does not necessarily mean more stability it actually means more density, toughness if you will……
      As for the strength of a cake under fondant, funny you should ask….CLICK HERE

  12. Hi. Can you tell me if I can reduce the sugar without changing the recipe significantly? I find this a little too sweet. And if so, how much sugar can I take out? Thanks! 🙂

  13. Best recipe ever. I think it’s perfect the way it is. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and recipes. I am glad I found you..

  14. Hi

    Looks like a lovely recipe, can’t wait to try. the Recipe says eggs weight 300 gm. Please tell me if it is weight with shell or without. all eggs are different size and i’m not sure is size is same as in US. please advise how to get correct measure

      1. Dear Gretchen

        made this cake for my sister’s birthday. turned out to be a fab cake. every one loved how soft it was. thanks for great recipe

  15. Hi Gretchen,

    Do you think it will be a good idea to build a pina colada cake from this yellow sponge cake? I plan to replace milk with coconut milk and add some canned crushed pineapple to this. Will use rum as simple syrup. Please suggest a good frosting too.

  16. Hi Gretchen. I wanna try this recipe but i only have small oven. Can the batter wait on the corner while the the other baked? Thanks for your reply

    1. Hey there, this recipe (and any sponge cake in general) rely on the volume of the whipped eggs to get the nice fluffy rise. By letting it sit for 30 minutes or more, you are slowly delfating those eggs and your cakke could end up flat and dense, not the way it was intended.
      Click here for more

  17. Hi Gretchen, congratulations on the new website and youtube channel!

    I’m planning to make a sponge cake for hubby on his birthday and he likes the cooked condensed milk filling and frosting. Which cake is better suited to the sweet frosting: vanilla sponge or yellow sponge?

    I also want to use another flavoring along with the usual vanilla extract. Will almond flavor do? Or lemon flavor?

    For a 6-inch pan (round and square) how much batter do I need for one cake? My oven’s pretty small and I can bake only one pan at a time.

    One last thing, can I use part butter part oil for the yellow sponge? I’m thinking 1/4 cup butter. I don’t have any butter flavoring and I worry the yellow sponge won’t have much flavor.

  18. Hi Gretchen.

    I was wondering if I could make this cake into a caramel sponge? Would I just have to add some caramel sauce to the recipe? Thanks for any input you might have to this question.

    1. I have not tried that so Its tough to say, but experiment away! (add the caramel sauce in place of some of the milk and butter? that would be my first guess)

  19. WOW. I made this cake today and it is very fluffy. I was, however, surprised when I had to scramble to prepare a third pan because I was not comfortable filling only the usual two. After baking was complete, I was happy I made the third cake. I wrapped two layers for the freezer but of course I HAD to eat some of that third cake while it was warm. Mmmmmm. Now, I don’t need to eat that entire cake so I thought I would make cake crumbs for future use. Do you just process the cake pieces or do you toast them and put them in the freezer?

  20. Hi there! I tried making this cake and it tasted awesome, just like the bakery cake here in Australia. Although i did have slight problem when i added the flour into the beaten eggs where the mixture deflated by about half. I want to try making it again but was wondering where i went wrong. Should the eggs be fully cooled when i add the flour or maybe i should try folding the flour in?

  21. Wow. Just wow! I made this one today and I had absolutely no trouble with the batter – it looked pretty much exactly as it looks in your video. Baked up beautifully, smells amazing, and the bits are delicious. The only thing is that, using just pan spray, it stuck like a bitch! I had to carve it out of the pan. I did use a parchment circle to line the pan, so it popped out fine there, but the sides, oof. Will I still get the rise if I butter and flour?

    Thanks again for the fantastic recipe. My first sponge cake! I consider the sticking a glitch. Oh, and if it matters, my pans are Fat Daddio’s anodized aluminum, pro series.

      1. Even for a sponge cake? Awesome. Makes sense if the flour is mixed with the grease – I can see a floured side being an impediment for the sponge cake to rise, but if it’s still slick…Makes sense!

        I kinda want to make another batch and maybe leave the first one as a snacking cake now. Ha!

  22. I tried the recipe and it came out great! Thank you! Oh and I was wondering what makes this version different from the original bakery version?

  23. Hi, I’m doing a Roll cake and i’m looking to use your recipe of sponge cake this time. Its ok to use the same amount noted for this two 8″ pans for a large pan that I can do my roll cake?


  24. Gretchen: I am confused – on the Boston Crème Pie recipe you say 1 yellow sponge cake recipe – then when you click on the highlighted area it says Yellow Cake recipe – and you do have a Sponge Cake recipe on your sight??? Which is best to use.

    1. HI Betty sorry for the confusion the Yellow Cake IS a sponge style cake, I just forgot to add that 1 word in the highlight, thank you for bringing it to my attention I will update it to make sure others do not get confused as well!
      But to answer your question- YES I do have a traditional Hot Milk Vanilla Sponge Cake

  25. HI, I’d like to try the sponge cake but it’s for two 8 inch layers. I was going to make a 10 inch cake. Suggestions on modfying the recipe for that. Actually, the one thing I worry about is modifying recipes for different size pans. waaaa.

  26. Hi Gretchen, what amount of this yellow cake recipe do I need for a 11 x 15 sheet pan and how long would I bake it for. Already tried it for the 2 x 8″ pans and I love it. Thank you..

  27. Hi Gretchen, how long I can store this sponge cake at room temperature? And… what happened to your woodland bakery Thank you

    1. The WBBlog and all business related to that old site has been shut down, legally I cannot share anything from the old business.
      You can store this cake at room temperature UNFILLED for up to a week.
      The filling and icing will determine your storage options though

      1. Sorry to hear that, I love all your recipes, you are an excellent teacher, I have learned so many thins from you, Thank you..

  28. Hello Gretchen. I’ve been visiting your site for a year now and I think you’re awesome! I have a few questions for ya today. Would this new recipe work well for cupcakes? For some reason when I made vanilla cupcakes with the old butter sponge cake recipe they were really heavy and on the dry side. Do you think this new recipe would work in cupcake form or should I just make it in cake form? Also, would this recipe work with cake flour substitute? Would this new recipe hold up well with additives like strawberries mixed in?

    1. HI Thanks! Sponge cakes are not the best for cupcakes, they are naturally on the more dry side since they are meant to be used in layer cakes with s soaking of simple syrup.
      They do not rise and dome nicely like other cakes recipes will.
      I love the White Cake for cupcakes and I have a vanilla cupcakes recipe too
      Not great to add strawberry to this recipe I prefer to use the Strawberry Chiffon cake which is much better for fruit bases

      For more clarity read WHAT IS CAKE

      and last: yes to cake flour

  29. Hi Gretchen! I tried this recipe last night for lemon cupcakes. I love this recipe. The cake was spongy and soft. Do you think I could use buttermilk instead of whole milk and if so would I reduce the amount of baking powder and add baking soda? I am still trying to figure out buttermilk with baking soda and powder. I have a home based business as of April this year. I have been following you for years!!! I’m new to a lot of things. My thing is cupcakes but would like to branch off into cakes at some point.

    1. Great thanks! Yes you can switch to buttermilk and no need to adjust the baking powder and do not add soda, it will be fine the way it is with a straight up sub of buttermilk instead of milk

  30. Hi Gretchen,

    I want to thank you for sharing your recipes. I have made several of them and each one is delicious and comes out perfectly. It is so kind of you to share your talent with others. You have made me a better baker!

    I do have one question. I have to make a Dr. Seuss “gender reveal” cake and was wondering if I could use the yellow sponge cake recipe ( which is absolutely delicious!). It will be a two tier cake covered in fondant.

    God bless you always.

  31. Hi Gretchen, I have read that you said to make Chocolate Sponge Cake from this recipe is take out ½ cup flour and replace with ½ cup cocoa.
    So, I should take out 60 grams of cake flour and add 41 grams of natural cocoa powder, is that correct? Thank you

  32. Hi gretchen, I tried u r yellow cake recipe. It was tooooo good still can feel the softness. Now planing to try your vanilla sponge cake & this is for my friend to give it. I have few questions 1) can I use u r new buttercream under fondant in this cake ? 2)can I use this recipe to do a three tier cake covered with fondant for a birthday party ? 3) how do I store the cake after covered by fondant ? 4)How many days early can I bake this cake & freeze it ? 5) how many minutes should I keep the cake in refrigerator before I cover by fondant ?

    Sorry for tooo many questions. It’s all because if my first time trial with u r vanilla sponge cake was a success then I will get a three tier birthday cake order,so please help me.

    I have tried u r white cake recipe for rainbow cake & to say it hits

    1. #1 yes
      #2 Yes CLICK HERE
      #3 I keep all fondant cakes in the fridge but it depends what brand or homemade fondant you are using the link I provided explains more
      #4 I usually write all storage info in the NOTES section on my recipes- freeze up to a month
      #5 Minutes? its hard to say, all fridges are different as are the rooms people work in which will also determine the time it will take just be sure its cold (bout 15 minutes?)

      1. Thank you so much gretchen. Will reply after baking the cake. Hope I will do it perfectly as other cakes by following u r instructions. By the way I use SATIN ICE brand fondant.

        1. Satin ice is a lovely fondant. Taste great and performs well. I make lots of cake’s in fondant and this is how I do it. I will do Swiss or Italian buttercream on one layer cakes that I can fit in my fridge and so can the person taking it away. Leave it in my fridge till it leaves. However, explain that the fondant will sweat and they are not to touch the cake till it is at room temp.

          Tiered cakes are way different. I do a plain buttercream and add lots of yummy flavours. Once the cake is covered in fondant it seals in the freshness of the cake. I usually frost, stack and fondant my cake day one and box it to keep it clean and safe. If it’s just a matter of one huge flower to finish – you can do it all on the same day. A large cake will never see the fridge once it’s stacked. It’s your fondant that keeps everything safe and fresh. Day two I decorate, finish off and deliver. I also feel that all cakes should be frozen before working on them. It helps with moisture and handling.

  33. Hi Gretchen,

    Welcome back! Oh boy am I glad to see your smile again. Does this cake need a simple syrup? I want to use it with a thin layer of dulce de leche and your fab SMBC, flavored with dulce de leche. Too much?

    Best wishes on your new venture,


      1. Thanks for the quick response. I know I am pushing it by asking one more question( sorry, perfectionist over here…lol). If I do a light brushing of simple syrup, then a layer of dulce de leche and then some SMBC-would it be too much to add some candied walnuts for some crunch?

        1. NO problem, again- the question of “too much” is a personal preference. I think it will be fine, but one never knows until one tries! let me know how it comes out!

  34. This recipe sounds perfect for what I need. (I usually do the vanilla cake for cupcakes) but I need easy and quick. I have to make 120 cupcakes for a charity gala day. I only have so many cake pans so in the past I have made 1/2 recipe so I don’t have the cake mix sitting around. I have wondered again and again about how long a recipe can site out or if it is a case of what sort of cake you are making and maybe some need to see that oven quickly!

    With this many cupcake to do I need a better solution. I do have three trays but now I have the “can I stack and pack” in my oven problem. In the past I have done 1/2 recipe and one 12 hole pan at a time. I make cakes (usually not cupcake) and decorate for family and friend – not making any money make you a bit careful about getting it wrong and starting over LOL.

    I am thinking that maybe with cupcakes that only take 20 mins – it’s OK! However my amazing choc cake that everyone wants is a 1hr beast!!!!! What are your thought on this dilemma.

    Just like to say. When you started on You tube, I was starting to decorate with fondant. However, I was a really crappy baker. My little hobby has taken off and most of the time its more about the cake inside that makes people order from me and I have you to thank. I made two wedding cakes last yr and this year I have 4 and 2 orders for next year. My decorating is getting real good now I have cool tools etc but it’s your teaching that has helped me make a cake I can be proud off. I almost had a panic attack way, way back when you……..parted ways with a camera lady!!!!! Noooooo don’t leave me!!!!! So glad you stuck it out.

      1. If I can’t get the mixed batter/cake all into the oven. Can I leave 1/2 the batter sitting out on the counter while the first half bakes. ie. If I am doing 2 x 10 cake……I only have one pan. I have to bake in shift.

  35. HI Gretchen!

    I loved the texture and flavor of this compared to my usual butter cake recipe. I was wondering if you could help me though. I baked this into 4 6″ cakes, and each one shrunk, and each to a different size. Only 1 turned out pretty well. Am I supposed to grease the sides of the pan? I used a baking spray with flour and oil. Am I over whipping my eggs? And if so, how do I know? Do you think this is a good recipe for stacked cakes (fondant covered)or do you have another recipe I should try? Thank you in advance!

    1. hmm, Im sorry this happened, my first thought when you said they all baked to different sizes, was that maybe your oven has hot spots.
      Yes to greasing the sides too
      Spray should be fine, I use that sometimes too
      It is possible to overwhip the eggs which would cause sever shrinkage, so be sure to just get them to the ribbon stage as I show in the video
      yes to fondant CLICK HERE and you may want to try the Vanilla Sponge as an alternative

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply! My husband loved the cake. He usually turns his nose up to homemade cake because he is used to box mixes. He was asking for the scraps with this one! I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

  36. Hi Gretchen!
    I’ve been following your blog for while and me and my family have really enjoyed the recipes you’ve shared. Thank you so much for sharing and for coming back, again!

    I have noticed some of the recipes have slight changes from your last blog, such as cake flour instead of all purpose flour. Since I can’t get hold of cake flour and have to mix corn flour with all purpose, I was wondering if I can simply use all purpose flour in this and all your recipes as the amount stated? And will it make any significant changes to the recipes?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Thanks! Yes I have included a mix of cake flour in many of my re-uploads here mainly because it does give a much softer and lighter texture in SOME cake recipes (not all)
      The reason I always left it out originally is for the reason you stated here. “I can’t get hold of cake flour and have to mix corn flour with all purpose” I didn’t want to make things difficult for those who couldn’t get it.
      BUT in the interest of sharing the BEST recipes I decided to stay true to the original version (hmmm, common thread in my life LOL)
      So yes you are fine to use AP in place of it.
      Click here for more on The Cake Flour & Self Rising Flour Conundrum

  37. Alright… I have been following for a few years now and would like to say thank you for spending your time and energy by providing us with these great recipes and knowledge.
    It makes my life easier , since I want professional results without the professional back ground.
    I just made this last Sunday for my uncle and moms birthday party ( ugh…throw a party they say, it will be fun they say… Lol)
    I tweaked it as I wanted a spice cake, I left out the butter flavoring( didn’t have any) and added cinnamon nutmeg and cloves to make the worlds best spice cake. Again you made this happen and I thank you for all your help. Keep making magic !!!!!

  38. Hello thank you for such a great recipe. I tried twice on making this cake with outstanding results. The only problem I had with both was the center. It seems to fall inside on the last 3-5 minutes of baking, the center seems very “liquidy”. As for the sides they are just great! What can I do or should I try differently? The only ingredient I did not use was butter flavor. I baked them both for 35min.

    1. I am honestly stumped on this, since others have commented and had this same problem.
      I can only point to your oven? It just doesn’t make sense to me that the center would be raw and the rest of the cake is perfect.
      Are you sure to fill the pan HALF full with batter? 2- 8″ layers?

      1. Mmmm you got me thinking on this one, I fill it up 3 quarters of the way, and it really grows could this be the reason? The top of the cape really gets big and bumpy.

  39. Hi, I like your recipes so much,
    I want to ask if I want to make an organic cake , should I exchange the ingredients with organic ones, but what about the cake flour can I just then use organic all purpose flour, or do u suggest a different recipe, or I will make it a gluten free cake??plz reply as soon as u can and thank you so much

  40. Hi Gretchen,

    I tried your recipe for the first time and I love the flavor, softness and moistness of the cake. I ran into a problem, when i took it out of the oven the top third of the cake shrunk making the sides rounded (not good for stacking as I had to cut the top third of the cake off). The cakes also shrunk away from the sides of the pan, is this normal? (the 8″ cakes ended up being slightly different sizes). What am I doing wrong? I used cooling strips on the side of the pan when baking and baked for 35 minutes. I also live in Canada and used a mixture of AP flour and corn starch to make the cake flour. I would really love to try the recipe again. Thank you so much for posting the great recipes!

    1. sounds to me like you have hot spots in your oven. Unless you mixed it really weird and not like I showed you? the only culprit could be the oven temp (be sure its calibrated) and the positioning in the oven if there are hot spots will cause this uneven loppy baking.
      And baking powder measure really wrong.
      Shouldn’t have trouble with the cornstarch mix, however you never know, so try to use plain flour next time and see if that helps

    2. I had the same issue with shrinkage at the top, HOWEVER this was THE BEST CAKE I’ve ever made AND ever tasted!

      I halved the recipe to make just one cake, and it truly is absolutely amazing. I put the cake into a Victorian sponge cake – filled with homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream, and topped with passionfruit icing…..Superb, thank you Gretchen….

  41. lol sorry I posted on the wrong recipe. I meant to post on this one. Is there a way to make this cake sweeter? should I add powdered sugar to it?

    1. Well, since baking is a science it’s really difficult to just start adding in ingredients and expect it to come out the same (or even correct)
      So I would not want to adjust this recipe with adding in confectioners sugar, you would be able to get away with adding in another 1 cup of sugar though
      and then be sure to use the simple syrup (with honey added for extra sweetness) when building your cake

  42. hi there Gretchen!
    I am after a trusty white spounge recipe to use as a wedding cake recipe. I have seen your videos on both spounge recipes and am unsure as to which one to go with? I am making a 3 tier wedding cake composing of a 12inch, 10inch and8inch cake with 3 layers in each tier. Which spounge would you recommend to suit a naked cake style? also, how would you recommend I adjust the quanitities you have given to achieve even layer thicknesses for all the cake tin sizes?do you have a cake upsizing guide?
    thanks so much for you help!

    1. HI I love this recipe however I LOVE the yellow cake equally! I would probably go with the yellow (only because for all those recipe you are making- I feel like its kinda easier??) At any rate- for wedding I always liked to bake each layer in its own pan (but at the bakery when I had a gazillion pans and a huge oven that was no problemo- but here hmmm…maybe bad direction!) So basically if you use the rule of theumb that the batter has to come HALF way in the pan in order for it to rise the other half of the way to get to the top- you are good!

      I do not have an upsizing scale, but I have been getting this question more than ever lately so it seems I need to MAKE ONE!

      But honestly for every entire recipe that yields 2- 8″ layers you will get:
      2- 12″ layer= recipe 2x- 1 whole recipe in each 12″ pan got it?

      2 -10″ layers= 1½ times the recipe (divide the batter between 2 pans)

  43. Dear Gretchen,

    I found this recipe and vanilla sponge cake recipe pretty similar except for the butter/hot milk and hand folding. I know that there is a method to your madness but would you be so kind to explain the difference of these two to me??

    Thanks Again

    Also, we have progressed a lot mainly due to your helps and instructions., please check out our instagram page: sweetangelbakery

    for this we always feel in debt to you. We wish you could some day to manage to travel to Iran, specially now that the political issues have been resolved.

    1. Great! Congratulations I am happy you are having success!! I will def check you out on instagram!
      And yes these recipes are very similar and you noted the difference, the hot milk in the one recipe.
      It is really just preference for the user/taster. There are tons and tons of recipes out there and many of them are very similar.
      Which do YOU prefer?

  44. Hi Gretchen!! I m dying to try out this recipe of yours. However how would I know that the eggs and sugar mixture has not been over-whisked? Please guide me since I am an amateur baker.

  45. Hi!! Sorry but I have one more question. While using a home-made double boiler do I keep the stove ON while whisking the eggs and sugar mixture? Or do I turn the stove OFF one the water reaches boiling point.

    1. I ask this as a reference. I see that your cakes, when baked, are pretty flush with the tops of the pans. I made the vanilla sponge in an 8 x 3in pans. Your pan does not seem so deep? My finished sponge was still just under 2in. I whisked the last step instead of folding. Does that seem to be where I could have lost my height? How tall should the 8in. Round sponge be…?

      1. HI Yes my recipe here in the video is exactly as written and as I prepared. They baked right up to the top of my 2″ pans
        The 3″ height on your pan will not make a difference, so if you got 2″ heights, thats great- so did I.

  46. Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for sharing your years of baking experience with us and being such a generous, graceful, humble and lovely teacher. To all subscribers, i also thank you because i have learnt from you all as well.
    however, i encountered a few problems with my cake (i halved the recipe to make just 1 cake),:

    #1 The top of my cake was a bit moist but the rest portions came out beautifully well.

    #2 The cake was not as fluffy and soft as the one in the video.

    PLEASE help me as i would love to try this cake again. Thanks in advance.
    Much love from Nigeria.

    1. Thankyou and you are welcome too!
      #1 that is normal, it happens alot with this recipe- try superfine sugar (castor sugar) if possible)
      #2 did you get the eggs to ribbon? Used all the same ingredients as mentioned?

  47. Hi Gretchen!!! I was wandering if you could help me out with something….how many days can a cake covered in fondant, with buttercream icing..(no not your swiss…which by the way is fantastic)… as the glue for the fondant….stay in the fridge….I’m thinking of about 36 hours….do you think it will gather condensation? Thanks …I feel like I’m always asking you something…

    1. It really depends on your refrigerator. I had a fridge at the bakery that was really dry and then one that was really humid. I couldnt leave the fondant cake in the humid one for more than half a day! the dry fridge! DAYS!

      1. Thanks Gretchen…I will go for less to be sure ….just trying to work ahead of myself…do you even sleep…you answer so quick….lol

    1. that is correct! I thick layer cut in 2 (since my layers rose all the way to the top of the 2″ high pans- it was perfect to cut in half for a nice 1″ layer) however for some strange reason, some people have complained that their layers didnt rise nearly as high as mine- so with that being said I would recommend to bake the full recipe here of sponge cake since you never know – just in case you have that same problem, you already have 2 layers to work with

  48. Gretchen,

    Could I use this recipe for Jaffa Cakes — sort of mini sponge/chiffon cakes topped with orange jelly and iced with chocolate.

    Stumbled on your site by accident looking for Red Velvet Cake. Can’t stop viewing. You are AWESOME and so generous with your recipes, tips and techniques THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  49. Hey gretchen… i hav a stupid question in my mind.. i hav always seen u lining ur pan with a butter paper but this time u havnt lined it with a butter paper. Can u plz tell me why? Do yellow cakes not needs to be lined? I kno its a stupid question but curious to get my answer.

  50. Hi Gretchen,

    Could you scale this recipe for 2 X 10″ pans please. Thank you. Looking forward to your Xmas creations.

  51. Hi Gretchen,

    Does this cake require moistening with simple syrup like you did with the vanilla sponge? i’m guessing this yellow sponge is not as dry as the other vanilla sponge cake?

    Also are there any other options to moisten cake? can we use milk? as simple syrup tends to make cake too sweet.

    Lastly I can’t decide which sponge recipe of yours (yellow or vanilla) is best for a layered cake with filling (like ganache/ pastry cream) and buttercream frosting decoration on top.

    Can i use this yellow sponge cake for fondant drape on top? as you said its a very spongy cake i’m wondering if it can handle the weight…thank you for sharing your recipes..the blogs are extremely informative!!

    1. You are correct however you can use simple syrup on both. I dont find it super duper necessary, but it is a nice touch. You can use whatever you like to moisten, milk will cut the shelf life though.
      I kinda LOVE the yellow sponge I find it easier too, but the vanilla Sponge is one of my most popular.
      Yes to fondant CLICK HERE

    1. You can trim it off if it is un-useable
      But its possible the oven temp was too high? Or too much top heat in your oven to cause overbrowning and drying.
      Sometimes people find a crusty top from teh granulated sugar not getting dissolved enough through the eggs, in which case a superfine sugar is desireable

  52. This is the best Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe ever! I’ve googled, tried and baked a lot of vanilla cake recipe using oil but never was satisfied until this one. Out of all the food bloggers in the internet I now know who to go to for best recipes & very clear instructions. More power Ms. Gretchen and thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences to us.

  53. Hi

    love your videos. I made the yellow sponge for the first time tonight and they rose really high in the middle and then fell to pan height. They still have excellent volume. however upon tasting they are very dry. Is that normal? My oven temp is correct according to an oven thermometer. Also they have a coarse texture. I’ve never made this type of sponge before usually I make a chiffon which comes out much more moist with a finer crumb. What did I do wrong? What should I expect from the texture of this cake?

    1. Hi There! No this is not normal, the cakes should only rise to the top of 2- 8″ pans that are 2″ high, no more.
      The cake is not supposed to be dry so are you sure you used all the same ingredients as I have listed here (cake flour?) and also the baking powder? Did you measure correctly? I ask that because sometimes too much baking powder will cause severe inflating but then deflating.

      Although this cake is a sponge cake and will be more dry by nature than a butter cake or a pound cake, it is not so dry that it is un-edible! It is recommended that sponge cakes take simple syrup to help moisten, but honestly the cake should still be quite nice without it. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  54. Hi, I am confused, Is Gretchen the same person who used to share recipes from woodland bakery? I have been trying to find those sights again, to no avail.

  55. Hi Gretchen,

    Generally for sponge cakes is it better to bake the whole recipe in one tin and then slice it into layers …or bake them in different tins? if in one tin, how high should the tin be for this recipe?

    Also is it possible to divide this into 3 layers? how do you evenly divide batter between tins? any easy way?


    1. I have no trouble with sponge cakes and slicing into layers- its the chiffon that gives alot of trouble
      yes you can divide into 3 separate pans before baking, I “eye” everything, but for accurate exact layers you can use a scale (fist weigh the total weight of the batter then divide it by 3)

  56. Hi Gretchen,

    First of all, you are hilarious to watch! I love it when the music came out and you started to sing along ! LOL!

    May I know if I can make this cake into cupcakes instead? How many cupcakes can I get?
    Can I reduce the amount of sugar as my family doesn’t like the cake too sweet. How many grams can I reduce it to so it won’t affect the consistency of the batter?

    Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

    1. haha! thanks! Yes to cupcakes however they will not dome like a cupcake “should” and may even sink slightly. yes to reduce sugar but not by much, maybe ¼ cup as the sugar is needed for moisture and balance in the recipe

  57. Hi Gretchen!

    I see that you can freeze this sponge cake. I tried to freeze the chocolate cake for starters to see how it goes. After a month or so I saw that the cake was completely covered in ice crystals. I had wrapped it airtight. Is this normal?


    1. It really depends on your freezer and how often you open and close it, not to mention how often it goes on defrost cycle. BUT it is #1 Important key factor to wrap the cake ONLY when it is completely cooled, not even slightly warm, or you will create ice crystals that way

    2. Thanks for your reply Gretchen…what is the ideal way of covering cakes for freezing? is cling wrap the best? is cling wrap enough?

      Thanks again!

  58. Hey Gretchen! Made the chocolate cake recipe three times but kept failing! Was wondering how to make this recipe into a chocolate cake because this one turns out perfect no matter what!

      1. Milk has proteins and fat that water (coffee) does not- so it will change the outcome slightly but you can do it.
        Im not quite sure what you mean by the “color” will be off? Why? The color you see here in my video & picture is the exact cake I made

  59. Hi Gretchen, I’ve been enjoying most of your videos lately. I’ve seen your old videos too but I surely enjoy the new you. I also tried your oil base sponge cake and mine deflated after coming out from the oven. Would you mind giving me the idea what the problem is. Thanks alot for the tips and tricks. I learn more from you.

  60. Hi Gretchen. As you are my go to baking Guru, I have just been asked if I can makes cakes with no dairy for a kosher household. So no butter or milk. If recipes call for milk can I substitute soy or almond milk? and if so at same quantity? also can I use stick margarine in cakes instead of butter for those that require creaming method? I know you have recipes that are oil based as well.
    Thanks for your help

  61. hi, I baked this recipe ,taste was so good without any raw egg taste and it was so fluffy and even leveled but
    1- when I cut a slice of the cake , the side of slices are not as even and clean as yours in the picture!!!
    and I guess mine was softer than yours in the picture. should I left the cake more time in the oven to cook more?

    2-also I must immediately upside down to cool otherwise it deflates!!!

    3- I am going to prepare a 3 tiered cake 10, 8,6 inch for my son birthday and use this recipe and your moist buttermilk chocolate cake.
    first tier from yellow cake and second chocolate cake with maybe 1 layer yellow cake .
    would you plz help me with batter amount base on your yellow and chocolate cake recipe for each tier?
    especially for 6 inch tier , should I bake half of yellow cake recipe in 2 pans ?

  62. HI, again thank you for this great delicious and very simple recipe for spong cake I ever seen!!!
    i baked it and had great taste.
    is it ok to bake it in a round pan 26 cm?
    half of this recipe is ok for 2 round pan 6 inch?

  63. Hi Gretchen, i am an your avid follower of your recipes !

    I made a chocolate sponge cake using vanilla essence(for the first time i used vanilla essence). But i noticed that the cake although was perfectly baked, developed black dots/particles inside the cake. Is it due to vanilla essence or whether the oven has turned faulty ?
    I wonder whether the cake is fit for eating or could lead to food poisoning ?
    Please reply asap 🙂

    Thanks !

    1. Hmmm I have never heard of this before- I mean vanilla beans are tiny black specks so that is normal, Im not sure if thats what you are talking about? Or something else?

    2. i mean i used vanilla essence for the first time in cake and my query is if it is normal for the black specks to form when vanilla essence is being used ? or is this something else ?

      1. Ill have to guess it is the vanilla beans which is quite normal..they are tiny though (and why I am confused if you meant there are large black spots??) anyway- vanilla beans (essence) is tiny black specks so yes it is normal

  64. Hi

    I want to say that this cake is impressive . It’s easy to make , the texture and taste is great. I made it once with a pastry cream filling and once with coffee mousse .both were great.
    I would like to make a chocolate version of this cake . Is that possible?
    Thank you for sharing this recipe love it!!

  65. Hi Gretchen,
    I will be making three 9×13 sheet cakes for my sisters wedding. She asked for lemon, I have been hunting for a good recipe. It will have your butter cream, that is a given but I can’t decide this recipe, or white cake, I would add lemon extract to either. Can one recipe make one sheet cake or should I double? I am also looking for how you made the buttercream whiter, I think you whipped it with the whisk longer, slower speed?
    Thank you, thank you thank you for any answers!

    1. You can add lemon zest and extract to this recipe for sure and it would be 1X recipe all the batter into the 9X13 pan.

      But for a stronger lemon flavor I will recommend this cake recipe here (sub lemon juice for key lime) and be sure to double the recipe for 9X13 pan

      I do switch to the paddle attachment and continue to beat on medium-low for another 5 minutes to get it whiter (some people add a drop of violet color to offset any yellow tinge)

  66. Hi Gretchen,

    I need to make a 9″7″5″ tier cake and want to use this sponge recipe. Can you give me an idea as to what to multiply this recipe by to give me the right quantities?
    From down under Australia Xx

  67. Hi Gretchen,
    I accidentally bumped to your website and love it!
    Thank you for sharing your tips etc, I especially love your videos!
    I made a good use of the tip about heating the egg and sugar AND liaison.

    What I am not mastering yet is folding in the floor -.-‘ To afraid of popping the bubble too much…

    And then, I find this recipe, seriously ?! I don’t have to fold by hand to get that beautiful spongy texture?
    Can I really use my kitchen aid with whip attachment and fold in my flour in low-medium (and i notice you actually change the speed to 10 for a while)?
    for the oil mixture, i don’t have to make liaison ?

    Thank you !

  68. Hi Gretchen,

    I absolutely love your vids! I need to make a 8″ and 6″ cake using this sponge cake. How much battery should I make to fill two 6″ pans?

    Thanks Nat

  69. Hi! Thank you so very much for sharing all these amazing recipes! They are all wonderful 😀

    I have a question, I would rather not add butter flavoring if I could, but I do love the flavor of butter. Will it be okay if I melt 175g butter and let it cool to room temperature, and use the room temp melted butter instead of vegetable oil please?

    Thanks again!

  70. I am making a double layer 10 inch round cake. I want one layer chocolate and one layer vanilla/butter.
    Do I need 1 whole recipe per layer?
    Or can I split the batter in half and leave one butter and add cocoa powder to the other for the chocolate layer?
    What do you suggest?

  71. Hi Gretchen I am a fan of your recipes. .They come out just perfect..have to make a coffee flavoured cake can it be done by substituting 1 /2 tsp of cake flour with instant coffee granules dissolved in the milk…Thanks and regards Arunima

  72. Hi and thank you for your amazing recipes that you share to people that love to bake. I want to know if I could put a little sour cream in batter to moisten the cake

  73. Update!
    I made this recipe twice already!
    Super easy, super fast, spongy and yes it’s delicious
    The second time, I didn’t quiet follow the instruction of : ALL AT ONCE for putting in the flour, I sifted it, set the whisk back and got some flour stuck inside the whisk balloon…
    The cake still manage to finish nicely though… so yes, definitely this is the easiest, fluffiest and fail proof cake recipe I have now 😀

    thanks so much!

  74. love your website, blogs, videos!!!
    need help with adding more to the recipe for 2-10″ cake pans
    please and thank you

  75. I made this cake and I loved how spongy and light it was but it tasted too eggy for me-I had omitted the butter flavouring.Can I reduce the quantity of the eggs and if yes,then by how much or does the butter reduce the eggy taste-my entire family loved it by the way-Thankyou.

    1. Because this is a sponge cake and the main portion of the cake is EGSS, you cannot just omit some of the ingredients and expect the same greate result, I will recommend you try a different cake recipe like my BUTTER CAKE

  76. Gretchen I need your help!! (How many times do you hear that?!) LOL I am getting married this coming Saturday, and I am baking my cake. First, I plan on doing it this Wednesday….What do you think of this? I plan on baking and crumb coating it, should I go ahead and put the buttercream on and refrigerate it? I am worried about it being dry if I make it Wed. What do you suggest? Also, I am making the sponge for the bottom layer, but I am using 2 10×3 pans. Should I double the batch? I am in SW Florida, any tips for baking down here? I am used to the higher altitude of the N GA mtns.

    Thanks so much for your HELP!!!!

  77. Hi Gretchen this cake is the same as the vanilla cake, how comes the method is different and can i use this method for the vanilla cake as it’s easier and by the way I only have a hand beater would that be ok. Thanks

  78. Hi Gretchen I baked this it was great but I ended up with 3 layers of cake is this right cause you only had 2 I did use 8″ cake tin.

    1. Its no problem that you divided the cake into 3 pans rather than 2- rule of thumb is to just fill pans half way to allow for proper rising, so if you have more batter thats great, it just means you make the recipe PERFECTLY and got tons of volume to the eggs ! Great job!

  79. Hi Gretchen….thankyou for sharing this recipe, my questions :
    1. 300 gr of eggs –> do you weigh with shell or un-shell ?
    2. I don’t have butter flavor, can I just use unsalted butter or shall I just omit it ?

    Thankyou 🙂

  80. Hi Gretchen, do you think this cake would work using gluten free flour (1 to 1 Baking Flour Red Mill)? If so, would I use the same amount ? Thank you so much

  81. Hi Gretchen, I love all your videos and blogs and you’re such a great help to me like your my fairy god mother in baking 🙂 lol

    Anyways, In Sweden we don’t have cake flour and buttermilk and i have seen some sub for both but my question is for the cake flour, will your recipe that calls for cake flour ingredient will work if i just use an all-purpose flour? Will i get the same outcome if i use a regular flour instead of cake flour? If not, then what will my cake will be?

  82. Hi I’m thinking to bake this sponge this weekend and freeze the sponge. Any suggestions how to freeze and how many days before the event I should thaw and assemble ?

  83. I baked this cake today , it was moist and flavorful . However, I used two larger cake pans. When the cake came out of the oven, it was at the height of the top of the tin.
    I pricked the cake in several places .
    I then noticed the cake began to drop. It actually shrank and became quite small and looked quite shriveled .
    Can you advise what went wrong ?

    1. Hmm, odd that it came to the top of hte height of (a 2″ tall??) pan if you used LARGER pans than the recommended 8″
      So if that is the case, I would suspect perhaps too much baking powder?
      Overwhipped eggs can cause a souffle action then a dropping upon cooling, however the latter is more difficult to do, since people tend to have a problem NOT WHIPPING THE EGGS ENOUGH not usually theother wya around.

  84. I made this cake today, and it was amazing. This is the recipie I have been looking for! Thank you Gretchen! It was light and moist. I am making a 2 tier stacked 10″ and 8″ round cake. And I know everyone will love it!

  85. Hey Grethen are these recipes according to US legal cups or US customary cups since 1 US legal cup is 240 ml so 3/4 would be 180 ml. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  86. Hello! Quick question here. Does the type of milk make a difference in the outcome of the cake? I usually use 1%, so would I have to purchase whole milk for this recipe? Also, approximately how much time would the cake bake if it were in a 9×13 pan?

    Thanks a billion!!

  87. Hello Gretchen,

    I want to try out this recipe of yellow cake but do you know what can be substituted in place of eggs, if I want to make it eggless, here in this recipe. There are so many substitutes for eggs but not sure which one would work best her for this cake. Since I have seen your other vegan recipes, I hope you will be having its eggless version too. Please guide and suggest me

    1. Hi I have not yet been able to work out Aquafaba in my sponge cake recipes yet 🙁
      That is what you would need to make it work, again- I have not done this, I have no guidance yet

  88. Felicidades por tus recetas a mí me encantan. Yo ya hice esta receta y me quedo muy rica y esponjosa, pero quisiera saber si esta receta de yellow sponge cake me sirve para un pastel tres leches . Gracias de antemano

    1. Thanks a lot for teaching the science behind the doming. But to be frank I have been using Betty crocker mix for vanilla cupcakes and cake and your yellow sponge cake with oil for my sponge cakes which I usually soak with simple sugar syrup. But I am very skeptical about using this recipe for regular vanilla cupcakes and vanilla cake because of the eggs. I am worried if it will feel too dry without the syrup. Please guide me to one of your recipes for my vanilla cake and vanilla cupcakes as I only and only rely on your recipes as they are scientifically tested. That’s what I love more about your cakes. Thanks again for all the help.

      1. Hi Thanks and you are welcome too, I do not prefer to use this recipe for cupcakes, but some people do and why I always direct them (you) to the flat topped Doming blog post first, since that can be the 31 issue with this recipe) That being said, you are free to use simply syrup on any cake you like, it’s just that typically (or traditionally) simple syrups were reserved for sponge style cakes like genoise or these sponges here (the yellow oil cake recipe as well)
        For cupcakes I have this recipe specifically called Vanilla Cupcakes OR I love my White Cake recipe the best- I think it the really awesome if you turn it into cupcakes as well

    2. Thanks again. But with the egg whites wouldn’t the cake be too dry?
      Also, somehow I don’t like the butter in cakes which feels very uneasy in my mouth. That was the first reason why I chose ur yellow sponge came vs vanilla sponge cake. Because the first one had oil.
      Do you have a recipe which has oil and not butter.

  89. Hello dear

    I m going to bake this cake today for my anniversary
    I have 1 question dear
    U have mentioned sugar 1 & 3/4 cup is 350g
    N cake flour 2 cups 240g is it right
    Plz let me know as I was going to start making it
    Thanks in advance
    N I like ur recipes a loot
    U make it so ooo easy
    Keep up the good work
    I m in ur fans list
    Take care

  90. Hello! Your recipes are awesome. I have question. Can you please tell me what amount of this recipe I will need for a full sheet cake? I want to make for my son’s birthday .

    1. HI Thanks! If by full sheet cake you mean 24″ x 18″?? be sure to first see if that size pan fits in your oven!
      But for general reference 1 entire recipe will make 1- layer 12 X 18″ (also known as the 1/2 sheet pan) so you will have to double that again for 1 layer full sheet

  91. I always loved your vanilla cake but now this is my new favorite , however when I make the recipe and devied the butter between 2 8 by 2 inch cake pans the cake rised over the rem of the pan when it was baking in the oven , but when it was ready after 30 minutes and I took it out of the oven it was perfect . Is that normal I’m sure I did not over whip my eggs , or is it best to bake it in a 8 by 3 inch cake pan ?

    1. Great! WOW you sure got a lot of volume on your eggs! Always a good idea to fill pans half way to avoid over flow, but yes a 3″ pan would work great for you since you are getting SUPER FANTASTIC VOLUME! LOL

    1. Some people have had trouble with this recipe rising and others have fabulous success, so the only reason i am saying that is because if you dont get a good rise, you will have thin disappointing layers, in which case make it 2X- BUT if you make it perfectly you should only need 1½X the recipe for 2- 10″ layers

  92. Hi Gretchen

    How much of this recipe do I need to make ,for baking 2 -ten inch layers. Also how much pastry cream should I make to generously fill the two 10 inch layers


    1. 1½X pastry cream 1½X cake recipe (fill pans half full) some people have trouble with this cake for some reason and dont get a good rise, Im not sure if you have made this before and what side of the fence you are on with it, but if you DO NOT get a good rise (typically from a weak ribbon stage of the eggs) you should do 2X

  93. Hiya, So I have dug out a copy of this recipe that you published on WLB site in 2014 and came here to check on something as I was typing it up to print out. I notice that the version I have is slightly different to this one. Is one better than the other or are they just different? Nothin wrong with being different :-D, I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t updated/improved the original recipe for some reason? Regards, Pat

  94. Hi Gretchen,

    I’ve made this sponge cake recipe many times with success! very delicious! however i noticed that generally when i double the recipe (other recipes as well) or make it one and half times recipe for that matter, the outcome is different and not as good. Any advise on that please. As you mentioned elsewhere, the cake has become dense and slightly rubbery, when doubling the batch. I had whipped the warm egg sugar mixture to exactly 6 minutes at high speed until ribbon stage, exactly as you had mentioned.


  95. Hi Gretchen,

    Can you suggest alternatives for moistening the cake? i don’t want to use simple syrup as it makes the cake too sweet. Would milk work? or any other suggestion please.


  96. Hi Gretchen,
    I have made your Strawberry Chiffon Cake, Fudge brownies and the latest one was your yellow sponge cake. My friends loved it so much (Sorry for my bad english), and of course with your Swiss Buttercream, yummmyyy..

    I want to make this yellow sponge cake again for 29.5.2016, and I have questions:
    1. I want to make it with a sheet pan (Probably I have round 50 – 70 guests). Would you tell me, should I take this measurement or do you have any idea, how much of ingredients I have to make. Anyway, is yellow sponge cake suitable to make with sheet pan?

    2. How about the Swiss Buttercream, have I to double the measurement of the ingredients?

    3. Can I make the cake and the buttercream on this week and I would put it in the freezer until 27.05.2016, because I want to assemble and decorate the cake, it is ok?

    I thank you very much for your super recipes and tips, love it 🙂 Have a good an blessed day.

    1. Hi! Great! thankyou for the support here and I am so happy you love the recipes! Yes the yellow cake is fine to make in a sheet pan 1 entire recipe of batter will go into a 12″ x 18″ x1″ pan for 1- layer half sheet cake.
      Im not sure if you are filling the cake AND icing it with BC? In which case you will need about 3X recipe.
      I do not recommend to freeze ICED cakes, the condensation when you take it out of the freezer will be a nightmare and make it very difficult to decorate.
      I only freezer cake layers

    2. Oh thank you for the bake tips. But with which one of Buttercreme should I take for this yellow sponge cake? And the filling with strawberry or chocolate Creme maybe? Please help me Thank you very much Gretchen.

  97. Hi Gretchen,

    I’ve baked this cake so many times and is one of my favorite.
    I’m planning to bake using my new 12*12 square pan. By how much do I need to multiply this recipe? 1.5 times or double the recipe? Also, what should be my approximate baking time?

  98. Hi. Can you use this cake when covering it with fondant ? Can it be used for carving and stacking for wedding cakes? thank you.

  99. Hi Gretchen
    I have no idea what went wrong! I made a three tiered cake with this recipe a month ago and it was perfect!!! cake was delicious and there was a lot of it. I just made the same recipe, using same method this weekend and it was off. Wondering what I did wrong. Last time I used Wilton metal round pans. This time I doubled recipe and make two 13×9 rectangles using the same pan for each, which was Rachael Rays carbon steel construction cake pan. I sprayed the bottom but this cake was super oily and one was more oily than the other. The only other difference between the two rectangles was one was filled with your buttercream and the other was your fudge recipe (cheaper one). The fudge half was worse than the other half. Once baked, they seemed fine to me but once served, it was not right. Could it be the pan or a combo of this pan with the spray? I did you the same spray for the huge cake I made a month ago. Thanks for your thoughts!!

    1. Oh no Im sorry to hear this. Often times it can be as simple as a measuring error (which 9 times out of 10 is it) But with this recipe it is the volume of the whipped eggs that makes all the difference.
      I cannot say if it was the pans (it should NOT be the pans honestly) Im assuming though, that you divided the batter from the SAME recipe into 2 different pans? and got a totally different result which would then point to the pans and ONLY the pans! Damn you Rachael Ray! LOL
      But then you go on to talk about the fillings, and how each cake was different again with the fillings. So I am a bit confused as to whether the CAKE RECIPE was to blame or the Fillings are what caused the problem??

    2. Well, I doubled your recipe and mixed it all at once. Used one pan for each 13×9 cake. So baked one, removed it from pan and then baked the second cake with that same pan. The height was pretty even once both were baked. Would the fudge filling cause an oily cake? I filled and decorated Friday and served Sunday. Its odd that one was decent and the other was totally off since it was all mixed together. The batter for the second cake did sit out a while after it was mixed if that is a factor. I don’t think it was a mixing error since each stage seems the same from the last time I made this cake. I’m still going to blame Rachael Ray and her pan! She is not a baker so why is she even selling a cake pan?? I really only use it to roast foods. Thanks for your thoughts, damn you RR!

      1. Hmm, Im surprised it worked by letting the batter sit out while the other one baked CLICK HERE OR MORE ABOUT THAT (But good that it did! Since you said the heights were pretty even! Great!)
        Did you wash the pan between bakings? The residual grease from the first bake could have caused that excessive oily-ness
        I have not had any trouble with the fudge filling, however if it separated for some reason? That could be a possibility.
        LOL about Rachael Ray though hahaha.

    3. Hmm, thanks for the link! I’m going to say leaving the batter out was a big part of the problem! While the cakes were the same height, they were pretty short, but because it was a football field, the height didn’t phase me, but the taste did and I think that, maybe the pan too, played a big role in the different in taste. Oh and for some reason, the “worse” cake baked with a big crater in the center, never saw that happen before! I did wash the pan out and I wouldn’t say there was a separation with the fudge, the fudge was still delicious! For all you Gretchen lovers like myself, listen to every word she says and every recipe will come out perfect! It did for me until I decided to deviate from the process a little.

  100. Hi Gretchen
    How many cupcakes can be made with this recipe?

    I tried making standard sized cupcakes and I got around 36 cupcakes. Is something wrong

    1. I dont really make cupcakes too often with sponge cakes CLICK HERE FOR WHY, but this batter will rise to double so if you filled them half way then 36 sounds about right – they wont done like you want a cupcakes to dome, again click that link I provided for why

    2. Hi Gretchen,

      Thanks for the reply regarding the cupcakes. I took 3 cups of this batter to make one layer 8 inch cake and the rest of the batter for cupcakes and i got 24 cupcakes. Is that OK? the 8 inch layer was too thin though.

      How many cups batter does this recipe make? i thought its 6 cups total and maybe i’m wrong. please help.

      I actually liked the flat domed cupcakes. Its better for decorating isn’t it? please correct me if i’m wrong.


      1. Yes I prefer domed cupcakes too. I dont really do my recipes in cups (sorry) I basically fill pans and cupcakes half to 3/4 full to get nice sized layers or cupcakes

  101. Does this cake work well with stabilized whipped cream icing? Does it dome? Does it need treeming before covering with whipped cream? Any idea to make green whipped cream from natural food colors?

  102. Hi Gretchen…thank you for all the insight you provide through your blog. ? Is there ever a time when I cannot quadruple a cake recipe? For example, when making a 14″ round tier that is 4 cake layers and 3 layers of filling. Can I quadruple your moist chocolate cake recipe and your red velvet cake recipe?

    Thank you!

  103. Hi
    I made this cake yesterday for my friends B’day. The cake was really nice, everyone liked it.

    But I had problem in decorating it with whipped cream. I can’t use gelatine ( as it’s a beef product). I used instant pudding but didn’t work. I hav never used agar agar to stabilise the whipped cream. It would be great if you can share the exact technique of using agar agar or any other option to stabilise the whipped cream. I don’t prfer using butter cream.

    1. You dont have to use the stabilizer, it is optional.
      Whipped Cream – good old fashioned whipped cream is just WHIPPED UP cream, add some sugar for a perfect icing. No need to get fancy or complicate it with the stabilizer if you dont have to

  104. I made this cake for my father in law birthday but I want to use the cool whip for icing the cake since I’m using the fresh fruit inside and outside to decorate do you think it will last for cpl hours?

  105. Hi Gretchen

    I’ve tried this recipe many times and it’s delicious!

    I tried the red velvet recipe and didn’t like the taste as much. Can I just add red color to this sponge cake recipe for red velvet cake layers?

    Thanks !

  106. Hi Gretchen,

    Can i know exactly how to adapt this cake to a red velvet cake? Do i just add the red color? How much amount?

    Also will this sponge cake taste good with cream cheese frosting?


    1. yes good combo, yes just add food color for a red sponge cake (it is not near what a red velvet cake tastes like, so you may not want to call it that, but you can of course make it red)

  107. Hi Gretchen,

    Regarding the chocolate variation for this sponge cake, how dark does it look? does it have a strong chocolate taste? im wondering as we are only adding cocoa powder to it. I like the sponge cake than the chocolate buttermilk cake. So want to know more about the chocolate variation of this sponge cake. will it be nice to use for the German chocolate cake layers?


  108. If I wanted to make a three layer cake, do I double the recipe or how would I get 3 layers? I am a novice baker, so is the recipe suitable?

  109. Hi Gretchen.
    I have a little baking caking business. Ive tried almos all of your recipes. This cake is so moist and spongy. Very good. But im having a bit of a trouble. Cake rises niceley but when i take it out of the oven it sinks alot and looks like crater of the moon i made it at least ten times tried to bake it for longer and so on…. well mine doesnt look nothn like yours on pic. Can it be that when im adding flour and liquids i deflate eggs too much???
    I wonder superb recipe

    1. Hi Great! Congrats on your biz!! 🙂 There are alot of notes attached to this blog post for those who have trouble **sigh** it makes me so sad 🙁
      You guessed it with the eggs though, the entire recipe (its fluffiness, lightness, rise, airness) all rely on the eggs volume, ribbon stage and folding of the other ingredients.

  110. Hi! I was wondering if you have heard of a Korean saeng cream cake (it’s a really light sponge-like cake with lots of whipped cream and fresh fruit), and if you have, do you think this would be a good base for that?

  111. I made this cake over 10 times with great results I just love it , but some times I have a problem with it especially when I dabble the recipe, after I whip the eggs when I add the flour to the mixture it doesn’t combine completely it takes some time and I’m always afraid to over mix, so I add the oil and the milk and mix on medium speed for 1 to 2 minute , but at the end I will always have a very thick butter left at the bottom of my mixing bowl ,some of the flour just sinks to the bottom, and when I bake the cake I will end up with some flour that was not mixed propley that has formed in to small hard balls that sink to the bottom of the baked cake ! I don’t know how to explain it ,I hope it makes sense, my question is after I whip the eggs can I add the dry ingredients alternatively with the oil and milk starting with the flour then half of the milk and oil in 3 patches endings with the flour so I don’t have this problem? Im always afraid of over mixing the butter , and even with this problem I always have great results

    1. HI Im glad you love the cake! I do too! The best thing I can offer is that maybe you can watch the video again? Do it exactly as I show? Since that doesnt happen to me, however you can fold in with a balloon whip to help aerate as you fold.
      But if you find another way to mix it that is your own and it works, by all means go for it

  112. Hi Gretchen.
    How many cupcakes does this recipe make ? Can the cupcakes be frozen in their paper cupcake liners ?

  113. Hi Gretchen!

    I attempted to make this recipe yesterday. I used one 8 x 3 pan instead of using two 8 x 2 pans. I allowed the cake to cool down before I cut it and then I placed it in the fridge with it still attached to the pan. When I cut it in half the top part was moist, soft and excellent. However, the second half of the cake (bottom part) was very hard and I could see the dough. I followed your recipe without any mistakes, I just can’t understand why the bottom half was hard like a rock and was not edible. Also, i did test the cake before removing it from the oven, i just don’t understand how and why it became hard.

    Do you know what potentially caused this from happening?


    1. Hmm, my first thought is that this recipe is meant to be baked into 2- 8″ pans that are 2″ height each pan. The cakes will rise to just about the top of that 2″ height in each pan.
      By piling in all that batter to one pan, at 3″ height, I’m surprised first of all that it didn’t overflow? Since that would be too much batter in 1 pan.
      However the fact that it did not overflow tells me that the batter must have been insufficiently mixed giving it poor volume to start with.
      Which by what you are explaining to me seems to be the case. I know you said you mixed it all perfectly but I always ask the same thing of everyone that has a recipe failure to please re-watch and see if there is anything at all that could have been off about what you did compared to what I did as well as the measurements – which 9 times out of 10 is the reason for recipes flops CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  114. Hi Gretchen, I absolutely love this recipe and use it all the time. Thank you sharing this. I was wondering though, is there any way to make this an espresso cake? I saw your comment on how to make this a mocha flavoured one, but I wanted one with only a coffee flavour (without the chocolate).
    Your recipes and help are truly appreciated!

  115. Gretchen, thanks much for another ‘home run’. I am so grateful to you for sharing all your hard work. I’ve made this recipe twice for customers and it was well received on both occasions. Would this work for the seven layer cake?

    1. excellent! Thanks for hte feedback! and YES to 7Layer but you must be reading my mind because it is on my Short ToDO list!

  116. Great! I have a family event later this month. I have some lemon smb in my freezer and some lemon flavored white choc. chips in the pantry. I thought I’d do a 7 layer with this cake, the smb in the layers and try a lemon ganache on top. Thanks again!

  117. Gretchen, I am making your yellow sponge cake and plan on filling a torted 16×16″ cake with your Italian meringue butter cream. Given the density and weight of this cake, and the lightness of this icing should I make some kind of stiffer buttercream dam to prevent the icing from being squeezed out due to the weight?

  118. Hi Gretchen,

    I love this cake and the method is so very easy. Instead of the other hazelnut cake recipe can you please suggest how to run this yellow sponge into a flavourful hazelnut cake?


  119. Hi Gretchen, I am making a half sheet cake for a baby shower and want to use your yellow sponge recipe (YUMMY). Do I need one or 2 recipes for a cake this size?

  120. Hi Gretchen,

    For the chocolate variation of this sponge, can I add melted baking chocolate along with cocoa powder? if yes how much quantity for the melted chocolate?


  121. Hey Gretchen!

    I’m thinking about trying this recipe for the first time tomorrow. I’m making a cake for my best friend’s birthday (on Tuesday). I need to know if this is a good cake to use with a pineapple filling and a pineapple icing (made with pineapple puree) and covered with fondant. I am concerned about the cake not being dense enough to hold the fondant without collapsing, especially since the filling will be between the layers.

    Please advise!

    Thank you!

      1. Thank you, Gretchen!! That blog was very helpful. I’m not going to use a SMBC, but I am using a simple icing consisting of butter, confectioner’s sugar, pineapple puree, and the juice from 1/2 a lemon.

        May I ask you one more question, please?!?!

        When I build this cake, should my pineapple filling be room temperature or refrigerator-cold? And, whatever your answer turns out to be, will that be consistent across the board with fillings?

        Thank you again!!!

          1. You are absolutely the BEST, Gretchen!!

            I am soooo glad that you have kept going, despite all the struggles you have faced!

            After my initial contact with you about 2 1/2 yrs ago, I went through something personally and was unable to do any baking for a long time. Despite that, I kept stocking my kitchen with tools and equipment that I felt I would use in days ahead, and I kept watching videos and reading books, expanding my knowledge base to all sorts of things, like modeling with rice krispy treats, making and using gumpaste and fondant, etc.

            I am delighted to say that this cake that I am making is marking my return to the baking world!

            And just as you were always right here when I needed you back then, you have been right here when I needed you this time around, too!

            I can honestly say that I don’t think of you as just “a baker”; I think of you as my friend!

            I appreciate you now just as much, if not more, than I did in the beginning!

            God bless you, Gretchen! I love you!


  122. Love love love this cake so light and delicious , i love pistachios and was wandering if i can make a pistachio spong using this recipe , if yes do i take some of the flour out and replace it with fine pistachio ? And how much should I take out ? ☺️

  123. Hi Gretchen, I am wondering if I have to adjust the recipe for a single layer 1/4 sheet pan? As always, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  124. We tried it last night and it didn’t work out. We put half of the yellow then half of the chocolate and repeated that and then swirled. It came out yellow on the top and chocolate on the bottom. The chocolate was pretty dry compared to the yellow. Is it because of how we swirled it? And what should we do to keep the chocolate from being dry?

  125. Hi Gretchen

    For the chocolate variation of this sponge can I add some melted chocolate as well along with the cocoa powder?


  126. Hiya Gretchen, from Pittsburgh PA here. Around here there is a rather well known bakery “Bethel Bakery”. I’ve been getting pretty into cake making over the past year. The majority of my cakes have been butter based. Flavor is awesome to me however there in lies a problem. My favorite yellow cake and almond flavored also a yellow batter at Bethel Bakery I’m not so sure are butter based and yet definitely not a “sponge” cake either. My butter based cakes having awesome flavor are pretty dense yet very moist and awesome. I would like to create a cake like Bethel’s that has the flavor that mine have moist like mine are but not dense. More like the texture of your red velvet cake..can you post a recipe of a comparable trekked cake to what I’m describing that isn’t a sponge cake? That would be so dope. Please and thank you.

    1. Hmm hard to say which one would be best suited, but believe it or not IM going to say to try this new recipe! It is awesome with a great texture and crumb. You can leave out the orange part and keep it all vanilla, they bake up into great cupcakes too.
      Or you can search through my entire file of CAKE RECIPES here

  127. hey, I was just wondering….what do you think about replacing the oil with browned butter? it shouldn’t get that hard in the fridge cause most of the milk solids are removed right? just seems like that nice nutty flavour could be nice here. let me know what you think please!

  128. Hi Gretchen, I have a big problem! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…. I have tried your yellow cake twice and failed both times. I don’t know if maybe my gas oven isn’t maintaining a constant temp or what but the top half of the cake comes out light like it should while the bottom turns out super heavy like a pudding or something. Please help!

    1. I saw the picture you sent me on facebook, its hard to see it exactly but this recipe has not been friendly to some people and Im not sure why (as I explained in the video) I have tried to show it many different ways to avoid failures, but Its hard to say what people are doing differently than me to cause a different result, the best I can say is to watch the video again and try to see if there is anything you are doing differently than me – as for your oven, if you are not having any trouble with any other recipes most likely it is not the oven

  129. Hi Gretchen, I have made this cake with much success! Thank you for sharing with us!
    I now have to make a Gluten Free version for a relative and wonder if you or anyone has ever tried it. I will be using a 1 to 1 flour mixture which should be the same amount as regular or cake flour.
    Any input would help me loads! Thank you!

  130. hi! I really love this recipe, thanks for sharing! How would you go about making this in a 20 liter industrial mixer? I can manage to make a baker’s percentage to upscale it, but I wonder if it would be best made in baches to avoid deflating.

  131. I am getting ready to make this cake for my daughters birthday and I was wondering if I could use all butter and no oil?


      1. Thank-you I will stick with the oil for this recipe, I will be making the swiss meringue buttercream for this cake as well. I am very excited to try it.

        Thanks for the help!

    1. I wouldn’t play around with math on this one, just make the entire recipe, fill the pan slightly more than half full, you will have some batter left (not much) make a few cupcakes or something

  132. I’ve spent the last 2 months trialing different recipes for a sponge cake my daughter wants for her wedding cake (next weekend so I’m in a panic now). My first attempt with your recipe worked perfectly and was hands down the best one of the dozen or more cakes I’ve made so far so I was rather ecstactic! I made a 12 inch cake (using CakeOmeter to scale the recipe). Then I tried making a 6in version for the top tier and it was a disaster, completely sinking in the middle. I hadn’t opened the oven at all. So I was a bit disheartened after that and thought I had better try the stated version with 2x 8 inch pans. Again another disaster with the same result. Maybe I filled the pans too much although the tins looked exactly the same as yours but maybe I should have left some batter out, there would have been a lot left over though? At least I have a 12″ one I can freeze but still need one more layer and the top tier. I know you have had quite a few that didn’t work as well but its so frustrating wasting so many expensive ingredients. Back to the drawing board and the oven 🙂 (and these last 2 weekends have been record breaking heatwaves here) too). Any ideas why they would sink in the oven?

    1. Hi there Im sorry this happened it is very frustrating when recipe that has worked various times fails unexpectedly!
      But you are on the right track with over filling the pans. If there is too much batter in the pans this will definitely happen, no more than half full in whatever pan size you are using

  133. Hi Gretchen,
    I have been using your vanilla sponge cake recipe for a while now and it has been a great success. For a change I am going to try the yellow cake recipe. I was wondering how long it stays fresh as I might have to bake three days before it being served.Thank you in advance!

  134. Hi Gretchen, what exactly is ribbon stage. will you give detail instructions on that. and please tel me why my cake is not flat on top, it always rise and crack from the center of the cake. Thanks

  135. Hi there. I’m thinking about making both the yellow and chocolate cakes but one of them needs to be a 10″ double layer and the other an 8″ double layer as I’m making a two tiered cake for a bridal shower. The top tier will be no issue since it’ll be 8″ but the bottom cake needs to be 10″. Will your recipe work in my 10″ pans and just come out a little thinner(layers) or should I use a different recipe for a 10″ double layer? Thanks!

    1. yes it will work, do 1½X recipe for 2 layers 10″ Just be wary that this recipe is tricky already so to double or increase the amount: Check your math, be sure to get the eggs to full ribbon stage and be careful on the liaison. Check out another perhaps easier cake recipe here Yellow Cake

  136. Hey Gretchen, I wanted to ask that if I am using super-fine sugar(the one that’s almost as fine as confectioner’s), do I still need to warm the eggs and sugar together? Because the sugar is fine enough to just dissolve just bu beating. I have made this recipe, many times, skipping that doubpe boiler step, and the cakes turned out amazing. But does the double boiler step do anything but dissolve the sugar? Should I consider doing it, instead of skipping it?

    P.S. the reason I am using super fine sugar is that the only Sugar available here is large granule sugar, so I just blend it to get super fine sugar.

  137. Hi Gretchen, I need to make a 14″ inch round cake. Is one recipe enough or should I double it for one layer? Thank you 🙂

  138. This is indeed maybe the best, softest yellow cake I have ever made. Thanks for this recipe. 3 things though. First, I replaced the butter extract with a few drops of orange oil; I did not have butter extract. Second, I used a candy thermometer to make sure my egg/sugar mixture reached 100F. Third, I beat the mixture with my Kitchenaid mixture for about 10 minutes until mixture became pale yellow, almost whitish, and had basically tripled in volume. I was never able to reach the ribbon stage if by this it means that when you “lift the whisk over the mixture the batter falls slowly forming a ribbon that will hold it’s shape for a few minutes.” My batter was thick but did not necessarily formed a ribbon that held its shape; and I don’t seem to see this either in your video. I think the main thing is to make sure the batter has maybe tripled and is thick. Also, contrary to other bakers, I did not have a hard crust develop on top of the cake . I think this may happen if the sugar has not properly dissolved in the egg mixture. Some other bakers said that their cakes deflated a bit once baked. Mine did not. The trick is not to take them out quickly of the oven. I let my cakes sit in the oven but with the rack halfway out, for about 5 minutes. I am thinking that sometimes the sudden drop in temperature when taking a cake out of the oven can contribute to the cake deflating.

  139. Hi Gretchen,Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe.I want to make orange cake but with the same light and spongy texture.Any recipes for orange sponge cake please?

  140. HI Gretchen,
    just making your chocolate version and noticed when I put in half a cup of cocoa that it is much more then the 24gm you have converted to on the recipe. I make it about 65gm. I made it the first time and thought it didn’t seem right.
    Thanks for your great recipes. Sarah

  141. Is this a yellow cake recipe, a sponge cake recipe, or a yellow cake recipe that happens to be spongy? Isn’t Chiffon cake oil, not butter, based?

    Is there such a thing as a “yellow sponge cake”?

  142. Hi Gretchen, what is the difference bettwen this recipe and vanilla hot milk recipe. Why this recipe do not need to use liaison method?
    If I make large batch of this recipe, I am afraid that the oil-milk mixture (because it’s heavy) will stay at the bottom of the mixture bowl and do not mix well with the egg-flour mixture and finally the batter won’t rise well?
    Cause after adding oil-milk mixture need to mix longer to well blended.
    Mix longer I am afraid to make the batter flat.
    Is there any solution if I make this in large batch?
    thanks in advance

    1. Correct, it is two different mix methods. Which will yield slightly different results. The hot milk is more of a sponge/genoise style cake (more dry, needs simple syrup) and this one is more of an oil cake, dense, pounc cakes (not really) hard to explain but CLICK HERE FOR MORE

      As for being scared? Dont be. If you mix it just like I show you – you will have a great cake!

  143. Hi Gretchen,

    The cake turned out absolutely divine. Can’t thank you enough for this recipe.

    Can i add lemon extract to this recipe in place to vanilla to make it a lemon flavored cake?

        1. I often add a bit of vanilla even with the lemon, but that is your option you do not have to use it. I doubt it would be too much if you used straight lemon

  144. Hello… Can you substitute buttermilk for the milk and add 1 tsp of baking soda and subtract a half tsp of baking powder to this recipe? Or do you not suggest using buttermilk in sponge cake?

    1. This recipe is already a delicate ratio of ingredients with a tricky mix method (for some people) .
      This kind of cake recipe is known as a hot milk sponge, where the milk is added to the recipe hot- therefore using buttermilk is not a great idea because if you have ever tried to heat buttermilk, it is a disaster. If you are looking for a recipe where you can use buttermilk, CLICK HERE and use buttermilk in place of the milk in the recipe.
      also chocolate cake here

      1. Thank you but really I’m just looking for a white/yellow cake that is not dry by nature like sponge cakes…I want to make your cannoli cake but with a “naturally” moist yellow cake..and one that does not need simple syrup..? (I thought a buttermilk recipe would make it moist)? And not sure the butter cake would be appropriate for cannoli cake. Any other recipe suggestion?

  145. Hi 🙂 I am curios if I can add a layer of raspberry goo 🙂 to the layered cake for extra flavor on top of the buttercream between layers?. This is my plan … a high 5 or 6 layered 10″ base with what ever flavor of buttercream I can convince my 7 year old that she will like. Then another very tall 6″ topper. In past the kids at her bday party dont seem to like my cake so well. What can I do ? Can I add a flavor to the cake? For my daughters 1st bady last month. I added to the cake what was supposed to be one of the best natural raspberry flavoring oil … it was HORRIBLE .. I mean horrible. It tasted so chemical like — it was heartbreaking for me 🙁 I want this to be a hit and not a flop .. please help .. please lol

  146. Hi Gretchen

    I am asked to do a chocolate orange cake, if I use this yellow cake and add orange zest will it work? and what should I use as a filling the cake will be covered with fondant. please can you help?

  147. Love your videos on YouTube and recipies! My question is, why do my cakes (following exact recipe for this cake) have a pointy dome when finished baking?

  148. Hi Gretchen. I want to make this a coconut sponge. Is that possible? I’ve made your other coconut sponge (the vegan versions too) and they were amazing. But this cake looks a lot lighter and spongier. Would it lose it’s sponginess if I turn it into a coconut sponge? And if not, how can I coconutifiy it? Lol!

    1. Hi Sophia, sure you can use this recipe I would use coconut milk instead of milk, coconut oil instead of oil, coconut extract instead of butter extract and also fold in coconut- about 1½ – 2 cups

  149. Hi Gretchen, I love your recipes. Your Hot milk vanilla sponge cake and red velvet cup cakes are my big hits. I just keep reading your tips and looking at your recipes even if am not baking anything. Its like a science lesson that doesnt put me to sleep. 🙂 I usually like to make layer cakes, but the question that i have every time is about how to store the batter. I have only one 9″ tin . Can I bake layers in 2 batches? While the first batch is baking, where should my batter be stored? Will it vary for different ingredients/different mixing methods? Like, The red velvet cup cake recipe calls for immediate baking- if I use it to make layer cake in two batches, will it mess up? . Can you post a tip for this please.

  150. Hi Gretchen, Just one more tip please. I only have a hand mixer with three types of attachments, a single whisk, a double beater and a double curvy hooky thing – could be Dough making aid? Not sure. I am never sure of which one of these to use for what. I usually use the whisk if I am foaming eggs or whipping cream and I use the double attachment beater when I have to cream butter. But that’s all just y assumption, any advice you can give will be very useful. thanks

    1. yep the curvy thing is the dough hook
      Usually the recipe will specify which attachment to use, but for the hand held mixer styles, the beaters are basically used for everything, I am not too familiar with the single whisk or double, But I imagine that the single would be like using the paddle attachment, and the double would be more like using the whip? Im sorry I am not more help!

  151. Hi Gretchen,

    I have tried this recipe a few times now and this has become my go to recipe for a sponge cake. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    If I were to make a half sheet cake, how long do you suggest baking this for?

    1. Hi thank you for a half sheet pan you would double the recipe just make sure that your mixer bowl can accommodate whipping those eggs to the volume needed for successful outcome

    1. no need to adjust the recipe here for just 1″ it won’t make that much difference, you will have “slightly” thinner cake layers.

  152. hi Gretchen…can I use this cake in rainbow layered cake ? if yes then can I make the batter once n bake them by one by one ?what should b the weight of the cake with full recipe ?

    1. this is a tricky cake recipe to begin with, so then to divide the batter, add flavors, mix each bowl separately will sure deflate the delicate egg foam (which is the #1 key to success in this recipe) so I would recommend another more user friendly recipe the WHITE CAKE for all this

  153. hii Gretchen….if I put separate flavours (vanilla,orange,pineapple,strawberry ,mango)for separate layers in rainbow cake n filling with individual flavouved cream n frosted with vanilla whipped cream……will it taste good ?need ur expert opinion …if not then what u ‘ll suggest ??thanks

  154. OK, so I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting this cake to be anywhere near as good as it was. My 3 year old son has requested a strawberry cake for his birthday, so I have been researching hundreds of sites and blogs, and scouring recipe books looking for the perfect basic cake to flavour and decorate. And do you what? This didn’t disappoint. Living in Australia I’m not sure that I know what your standard “bakery cake” is like, but this was perfect. I substituted strawberry essence in place of the butter essence, and did a trial run for the birthday by dividing everything by three (which can produce mixed results), to make one small cake. It was delicious, even despite cooking it too long because I wasn’t paying proper attention 🙂 Big thanks Gretchen!

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